Obz Medical Case Study

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We have used the software for technical communication – sharing renderings of the device and 3D-printed mock-ups made from SOLIDWORKS models during user research in Nicaragua. SOLIDWORKS has been a tremendous tool for us in this process,” Fox said.

Case Study: How SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE is Driving World-class Innovation

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It’s a process that GBO Innovation Makers have nailed down tightly – with a little help from SOLIDWORKS’ 3DEXPERIENCE® along the way. It’s a process where clear and consistent communication between both parties is absolutely essential. [link]. Working to a brief.

Shifting Design Process: The Cassiopeia Camera Experience

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In an effort to further understand these emerging hybrid teams of designers, managers and engineers, companies are going as far as studying the trend of co-creation to optimize for social ideation and more collaboration. Understanding the needs of multidisciplinary creative teams.

A Free Study Guide for the Part 107 Knowledge Test

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The process of getting a Part 107 drone license is not exactly complicated. To contribute to this effort, we have compiled below a list of the topics, facts, and figures into a comprehensive and easy to understand study guide.

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard vs Professional

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Instantly boost productivity and performance with integrated Render QUEUE and render farms that easily scale to meet even the most demanding schedules. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Accelerated Rendering. Hybrid Render Mode. and Motion Studies.

3D Printing Replaces Multi-step Process to Create Museum Quality Dryosaurus

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Traditional methods of making dinosaur models are a multi-step process involving clay sculpting, silicone rubber molds, and casting the bones in resin. “This was a benchmark to prove that we could produce a museum-quality dinosaur on a uPrint SE Plus 3D Printer.” – Kirk Brown, GoEngineer.

CATI Tech Notes: SolidWorks Task Scheduler - Part 4

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In this blog article, we will cover the last four sections: Render and Animation, Convert Workgroup PDM Files, Print Workgroup PDM Files, and Export Workgroup PDM Files.   Render and Animation. Render and Animation manages rendering and animation tasks. In the SolidWorks Task Scheduler dialog box, if you click on Render and Animation , the Help topic pops up. Scheduling PhotoView Renderings. This is also found on Render Tools toolbar).

Accelerate your SOLIDWORKS Workflows with HP and NVIDIA

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This tool takes full advantage of the fast photorealism of NVIDIA® Iray®, the physically based rendering engine at the heart of Visualize, and the power of Quadro-equipped HP Z Desktop and Mobile Workstations. Plenty of enhancements and new functionality has been lined up for SOLIDWORKS 2017.

3D Printing in Archeology: Preserving our Heritage

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These civilizations have long perished but they are still remembered and studied in present times with the help of the structures they built. Using crowdsourced images of the work, they utilized photogrammetry to render the 3D model of the statue.

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A big thank you to the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Community at SOLIDWORKS World

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We had users of all types, from experienced to brand new, witness how easy and powerful SOLIDWORKS Visualize can be and had a lot of fun in the process. Unleashing Your Renders SOLIDWORKS Visualize Session.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Design and beyond for Industry 4.0

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Conduct thermal and flow simulation studies to monitor heat transfer and keep your devices running cool. Bring your hardware designs to life with a fully rendered image of the PCB in it’s mechanical chassis using SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Exploded model rendered in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Watch the video below to discover even more ways SOLIDWORKS PCB can streamline your electronics design process.

Free SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition Learning Resources

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Model-based definition (MBD) is a process shift. published an independent study on MBD value metrics: Testing the Digital Thread in Support of Model-Based Manufacturing and Inspection. 3D PDF samples and rendered models with 3D callouts to provide you some quick examples.

Attend an upcoming webinar and you could WIN a SOLIDWORKS Visualize Training Course

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Everyone involved in a product’s design, marketing, and sales expects to see accurate, impressive graphics during the process. Visualize accurately simulates real-world lighting and advanced materials and surfaces, while scaling rendering performance.

Designer Spotlight: Jin Kyeom – VITAMIN-IMAGINATION

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When I was a child, I wanted to be a paleontologist (a scientist who studies fossils) because I thought dinosaurs were absolutely incredible. In addition, since extinct dinosaurs are steadily studied, I review the latest academic information.

What is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?

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And it’s understandable why platforms are on everyone’s minds—it is widely studied that switching between different tasks and tools costs us as much as 40 percent of our productivity. You can also explore how the 3D EXPERIENCE platform can help you streamline your product development process.

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KiloPrint: A large scale, multi-format 3D printer

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Rendering of the overall design concept}. We went through the entire process of redesigning, building, and testing a new KiloPrint.” Over the course of the current school year, the KiloPrint team has been busy with their studies.

A Breakthrough in Better Anatomical Models


Traditional anatomical models made from foam or cadavers are expensive to obtain and not always an accurate representation of the patient’s anatomical part being studied.

Simulation in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

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How can we include product, nature and life in the design processes for civil structures? Tweet: How can we include product, nature & life in the design processes for civil structures? Also, the transportation of these parts and the final assembly processes need to be considered.

NVision Scans Rare Prehistoric Fossils for Texas Museum

Additive Manufacturing

The detailed scan data will enable the paleontology museum to 3D-print exact replicas of the fossil for further study and education. The vast age and paleontological value of the skeleton — discovered in a rare death pose — made copying it for further study and display a priority.

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Defining Your Own Sense of Fulfillment in Engineering

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I decided to quit my day job after progressing from a Process Engineer to an Engineering Manager. Without being too much of a spoiler here: I think these photo renderings displayed at Inertia Engineering capture Ray’s interest in the automotive space quite well.

Headkayse Improves Cyclist Safety with Folding Helmet

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Thanks to its rendering in SOLIDWORKS, the team were able to build a revolutionary helmet that had no need for any fancy mechanisms, and felt comfortable to wear. Having the ability to guide through the design process in 3D gave the team an extra edge in creating a world-first design.

How Intelligent Energy Turned London’s Black Cabs Green

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The team employed the use of SOLIDWORKS to engineer the final design of the product, offering far greater clarity to its designers and customers, due to the program’s ability to render crystal clear 3D blueprints. SOLIDWORKS has now rendered that cumbersome process almost obsolete.

The World at Your Fingertips: Ola Shekhtman’s Cityscape Ring Collection

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Inspiration and Process. Says Shekhtman, “ The process of 3D modeling the Edinburgh ring absorbed me for 3 weeks. Once she has her design fully rendered in 3D modeling software, she submits an order to Shapeways, and two weeks later she is able to try on her new design.

Danny van Ryswyk’s Dark Wonderland: Master Artist Shares How He Hand-Paints Polyamide 3D Prints


His sculptures and two-dimensional render-based paintings join childlike fantasy with the macabre and fantastical world of nightmares. I have considered muliticolor sandstone material, but the colors used in this printing process are based on dye inks that are sensitive to UV-light.

Design in the Age of Experience, days 4 & 5: focus on the art of living

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He shared the creative process and design challenges behind building an anthropomorphic car and his vision of both functional and emotional design. Design in the Age of Experience has drawn to a close. Our final two days focused on how design advocates for social change. (If

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SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Product Showcase Preview: Robotics

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These tasks include initial concept and feasibility studies using high-quality renders of a proposed finished product to convey the engineering story of how a task could be accomplished. SOLIDWORKS is used throughout the design process to model and analyze mechanical components.

The One About the Bioengineer, SOLIDWORKS, and Super Mario Bros.

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He asked his professor if she needed someone to learn how to use MATLAB for future projects related to their studies. 121 rendered images, stitched together to give the viewer an impression of movement about the course. Parts of this process had to feel tedious, right?

Theoretical Physicist 3D Prints a Ring Based on the Topography of the Planet Mars


Dr. Handmer has been pushing the boundaries of 3D Printing since he was studying at Caltech , in Pasadena. An early render of a prototype of the ring The Curiosity Mars rover (in the light) and the Mars Pathfinder in shade Xanthe and Margaritifer are visible from this angle.

Beyond BIM Symposium – Innovations in Geometry and Collaboration

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Current practice in architectural and engineering design involves workflow methods that can have many stages and steps that challenge the efficacy and quality of the design and construction process. Beyond BIM Symposium and case studies on workflow methods in architectural design, engineering and fabrication. With Live Rendering, designers can also create photo-realistic renderings of their projects for marketing and design review sessions.

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Designer Spotlight: Jeremie Brunet

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I did studies in mechanical engineering (manufacturing processes, materials, structures…) and I work in the enterprise software industry. Using 3D fractal rendering programs and various other tools.

Q&A: Jade Crompton’s New Approach to 3D Printing

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Recently, Crompton took time away from her artwork and Master’s studies at Liverpool Hope University to talk about how she uses SOLIDWORKS in her art. Part one of this two-part Q&A will cover her 3D printing process and how SOLIDWORKS factors into the equation.

What If da Vinci Had a 3D Printer? Take the Challenge!

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You will need to think through the design process and consider the ways in which 3D printing differs from Renaissance-era fabrication technologies – and then adjust your designs accordingly. Renderings. We hope you enjoy the challenge and the process itself!

Construction Excellence through Virtual Construction

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With the 3D EXPERIENCE platform, users can quickly analyze, plan, and reorganize product, process, and resource information and integrate new technologies such as virtual reality, networked computing, rapid prototyping, databases, and multimedia.

Walters & Wolf Engages 3Diligent to Manufacture Exterior Wall Components That Contribute to Unique Look of Seattle’s Upcoming Rainier Square Tower

Additive Manufacturing

NBBJ rendering by Atchain. After experimenting with a variety of manufacturing processes and having some vendors say they couldn’t complete the work, Walters & Wolf turned to 3Diligent.

Your First Shapeways Print: Tips and Tricks for Success

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Even with my deep understanding of the process of 3D printing, I had no experience with printing in steel, but I studied the material guidelines and learned how to be deliberate with my tolerances, thicknesses, and sizes. A render of the final, approved steel design.

Investing a Desirable Future for Cities

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We can even think of nature as a giant laboratory, studying its strategies to adapt to disruption. The research teams at Dassault Systèmes use biomimicry as an innovation process to develop new approaches to urban planning through two problem-solving models: Physarum and Swarms.

Mummies! Cheetahs! 3D Printing! Oh My!


Though mummification and taxidermy processes aim at maintaining an organisms state for as long as possible, conservators like JP have to face the reality that their carefully preserved items slowly deteriorate over time. Check out some case studies on our website.

The Last Degree North: Dixie Dansercoer Takes His Custom-Made SEIKO Xchanger Sunglasses to the North Pole


During one of the keynotes my wife and I give, we discovered the product, we saw what you do, what a world-player Materialise is and then during the conversations we thought it might be interesting to take the sunglasses as a case study of far-fetched research and development.

Polylactic Acid (PLA): The Environment-friendly Plastic

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By using lactide as a raw material and through the process of ring-opening polymerization, a high-density version of PLA was finally developed. In the industrial scale production of lactic acid, the carbohydrate source of choice can be corn starch, cassava roots, or sugarcane, making the process sustainable and renewable. However, this process usually results in the less-desired low-density PLA. The process by which PLA Is made is also more environment-friendly.

Jack Meyer Tells us How He Teaches Students to Design and Print Award Winning 3D Printed Metal Jewelry


Several years of studying and two apprenticeships later, I found myself working for a multinational fashion jeweller in California. Now the entry level for bespoke jewellery is as low as 2000, and changes during the development process are so easy, customers now take them for granted.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Hardware Recommendations

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The rebuild process in SOLIDWORKS is inherently linear (parent/child relationship of features) and therefore can only use a single core. However larger models and simulation studies may require more memory. Here is an overview of our current recommended SOLIDWORKS 2020 hardware.

Tutorial: 3D Printing with Strata Design 3D


The pill bottle project was originally developed for a design study and for high quality renderings, and so parts of the object weren’t modeled since they wouldn’t be visible, such as the inside (the wall thickness) and the bottom of the mesh.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 What’s New Top 10 Features

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Plus the new Graphics Acceleration for Drawings improves frame rates when panning and zooming within drawings with hardware-accelerated rendering. Making mistakes is part of the design process but using the undo button too liberally may result in lost work.