Researchers develop guidelines for 3D printing miniature soft robots in high resolution

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Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and Zhejiang University (ZJU) have collaborated on the development of process flow guides for 3D printing miniature soft robotic actuators.

Researchers Use Robotic Arm 3D Printing Process for Mold Fabrication

3D Printing Robotics Science & Technology 3d printed molds 3d printing molds automated fiber placement composites research paper robotic 3d printing Robotic Additive Manufacturing robotic arm Singapore University of Technology and Design workflowMany objects that we call 3D printed, from crayons and chess pieces to turbines and dental aligners, and were actually created using 3D printed molds, rather than being fully printed themselves.

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Ashley Furniture Uses 3D Printing & Robotics in Manufacturing Processes

3D Printing 3D printing and automation 3d printing and robotics Ashley Furniture Formlabs Form 2 3D printer industrial 3d printingFounded in 2005, Wisconsin-headquartered Ashley Furniture is a company known globally, beginning in 1970 with 35 employees, and growing now to over 900 stores. Ashley facilities manufacture over. View the entire article via our website.

Podcast: From Fighting robots to helpful robots with Mark DeVidts

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In this podcast, we talk with Marc DeVidts, the CFO and co-founder of Double Robotics. He then started building robots, which eventually took him to the BIG stage at BattleBots, but what he really wanted was to start his own robotics business, which he has now done. Huge robot.

OpenHand 3d printable open source robotic hand is a strong and flexible gripper for you robot

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3d printed robots are not toys anymore and very serious open source projects are emerging like strong DIY 3d printable robotic arm or small DIY robotic production cell. If you want to develop your own project you can use this robotic hand developed at Yale.

Thor Open Source Robotic Arm from Spain

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Thor is an Open Source and 3D printable robotic arm with six degrees of freedom developed by Ángel Larrañaga Muro from Madrid, Spain. Its configuration (yaw-roll-roll-yaw-roll-yaw) is the same one that is used on most manipulator robots that currently exist in the market.

Spain 208

Hydraulic 3D Printed Insectoid Robot

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Researchers at MIT CSAIL developed a 3d printing process named "printable hydraulics" where you can 3d print with soft and hard materials at the same time. They demonstrated it by 3d printing an insectoid robot that moves when motor and battery is added.

New Robotic Needling Process Enables Additive Manufacturing with Wool


3D printed wool? Source: SolidSmack]. As mankind’s ever-growing desire to. Read the whole entry. » » materials

Double Robotics Doubles Down on Telepresence with SOLIDWORKS PCB

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I was very interested in learning more about Telepresence for remote meetings and was excited to visit one of our SOLIDWORKS customers – Double Robotics – and meet one of its founders Mark DeVidts. For years, Double Robotics has been designing cutting-edge Telepresence products.

Process flow for high-res 3D printing of mini soft robotic actuators

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Researchers have proposed process flow guides for 3D printing of miniature soft pneumatic actuators. Integrating the prints into a robotic system offers potential applications in jet-engine maintenance and minimally invasive surgery

Norwegian Robotics Team Designs 3D Printed, Self-Learning Robots

A research team at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems laboratory at the University of Oslo’s Department of Informatics is in the process of designing and programming 3D printed robots that can solve complex tasks... View the entire article via our website.

NASA 3D prints PUFFER robot and develops monitoring process for in-situ additive manufacturing

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NASA has utilized 3D printing to create an "origami-inspired robot" that could assist future space exploration missions. The small device can fold itself to navigate. Aerospace 3D printing space in-situ additive manufacturing Nasa NASA 3D printing PUFFER

Cornell presents foundations of collaborative human-robot 3D printing

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will be led by cyber-physical systems (CPS) integrating computation, networking, and manual processes. To this end, factories will rely more an more on collaboration between human employees and robots. In a recent interview Sören Papsdorf, Head of Manufacturing Engineering at KUKA, said that he believed human-robot collaboration is “the […]. The next industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)

Carnegie Mellon researchers develop interactive platform for build-your-own 3D printed robots

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Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an interactive design platform to create 3D printed robots. The interactive tool guides the design process of robotics with. Design 3d printed robot build a robot Carnegie Mellon University robo-calligrapher robotics Ruta Desai Stelian Coros Ye Yuan

Fraunhofer ILT Debuting New Process that Combines Welding, 3D Printing, and Robotics

How often do you combine welding, 3D printing, and robotics? 3D Printing Robotics Science & Technology 3d printed connectors 3d printing and robotics Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT germany KUKA kuka lbr iiwa KUKA Robotics laser scanner LaserTAB lightweight robot (LBR) Selective Laser Melting (SLM) SLM 3D printing welding

A Robot Respite While building

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Web Site Review: MY ROBOT NATION Creating the Robots I love to find things to do and places to go that make me a hero to my granddaughters. And, My Robot Nation fits that description to a tee. Over the weekend, my two granddaughters each designed a robot.

Automatic Design of 3D Printable Robots by Disney

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Disney Research released their software demonstration which shows how it is possible to automatically design 3d printable robots that can move with different cinematic and motion systems. You basically just input what you want a robot to do and algorithms calculate the 3d printable design.


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In the future, your local public works department might use a small, wheeled robot to repair potholes on city streets—assuming this recent Harvard graduate’s idea gets funded. All the storage for material, all the chemical processing could be done on board the Addibot,” he says.

Powerful 3d printable robot arm for your future home manufacturing robotic cell

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If you thought that 3d printed robots are just toys, think again! Here is a strong and powerful 3d printed robotic arm with gripper that is based on well-known (I''m not sure which :-)) industrial version. Here is a video playlist that goes trough development process stages:

“Don’t be scared of robots” How Preceyes Surgical Robotics Define Medicine’s New Frontiers

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3D printed parts meet traditionally manufactured parts in Preceyes’ first-of-its-kind surgical robot. “The stability and precision, plus the smoothness of using a robot really contribute to the abilities of the surgeon.” “The robot makes weird movements.

Researchers Use A Fiery Robot To 3D Print Glass

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Glass printing is, as you can imagine, a pretty heady process. A cute little robotic arm moves the tile around to create layer after layer of shapes.

Glass 130

Shifting Workforce in Agriculture is Propelling the Growth of Drones and Robots in the Industry

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With the initiation of drones and robots in the agriculture industry, it is expected that a number of processes can be automated with high precision and limited intervention. DeepField Robotics, EcoRobotix, Abundant Robotics, Naio Technologies, and Boumatic Robotics.

The Benefits of Making Your Robotics With 3D Printing

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Brainstorming, designing and ultimately creating robots is a thrilling process. A lot goes into making the perfect final product, and the process leading up to that can be quite lengthy. Thankfully, creating robots has never been simpler and more efficient thanks to the benefits of 3D printing. One of the best reasons to use 3D printing to create your robots is because of how cost effective it is. Prototyping is vital to creating a great robot.

The Robotics Mom: Shelly Gruenig’s Passion for Working with Young People

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However, it wasn’t until homeschooling her son brought her into contact with the world of middle and high school competitive robotics that she fully kindled her passion for working with young people. With a Ph.D.

219 Design brings 3Dp, robotics and VR together

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A robotic arm made by the wonderful rapid prototyping process sounds truly next generation. 3DP Applications 219 design HTC Vive robotic arm vrTo produce amazing VR applications through the collision of virtual and.

List of Manufacturing Processes

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The products that we see and use every day go through highly complex manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes require people with a wide range of skills and knowledge. They need to have expertise on the wide variety of tools, equipment, computers, automation, robots (increasingly significant), and software. Different products call for different types of manufacturing processes. Each manufacturing process has its advantages and disadvantages.

Siemens is Building a Swarm of 3D Printing Spider Robots With a Hive Mind

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Meet SiSpis, a new army of robots spiderlings being developed by Siemens. These little robots come equipped with a hive mind mentality and a 3D printing nozzle, allowing them to establish colonies and build things on the go. 3D Modeling Future 3D Printing 3D robots Siemens SiSpis

KUKA robotic arm turned into six axis 3d printer produces self supporting floating structures

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There have been even robotic arms hacked to print in all axis even with metal like MX3D Metal. Still I find this robot to be more aesthetic and organic in operation. It is based on KUKA industrial robotic arm and it is developed inside "Digital Future" project.

Minibuilders - coordinated small robots 3d printing big buildings

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The objective was to develop a family of small scale construction robots, all mobile and capable of constructing objects far larger than the robot itself. Sensors mounted inside the robot control direction, following a predefined path. 3d printed buildings concrete house robot

Poppy, the 3D printed open source robot


Poppy was born from the desires of groups like INRIA (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) and Génération Robots to democratize and popularize robotics research by developing a fully open source robot. 3D Printing Stories Open Source poppy robot

Evolution of 3d printed robots from Yoshimi to Sells with help of conductive filament

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Adrian Bowyer posted interesting overview of how 3d printed robot model developed trough time and how the technology advances. The process was slow and messy, electric connections were unreliable. Yoshimi 3d printed robot. Sells 3d printed robot.

Swarmscapers 3d printable robots that create structures with sawdust and binding agent

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Swarmscapers are 3d printable robotic project that works on development of swarm robots that can work in hostile enviroments and create structures. At this stage of project the robots work on sawdust which they shape by deposing a binding agent.

Researchers 3D Print Robotic Exoskeleton to Rehab Injured Fingers

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When serious injury is inflicted upon the human finger, rehabilitation can sometimes be a lengthy and trying process. But researchers out of the Australian-based Curtin University have created a 3D printed robotic exoskeleton in order to aid the process in an efficient and affordable way.

Arc Bicycle 3D Printed with MX3D Robotic Arm

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Arc Bicycle is made from a metal lattice frame 3D printed with MX3D robotic arm. The Arc Bicycle is the first ever 3D printed metal bicycle to be produced using a welding process. It looks very cool, both futuristic and organic.

How to remove support material from complex 3d printed part - video of the process

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Richard Gain recorded a video to show tricky process of removing the support material from complex 3d printed object which also shows the tools needed. The object is 3d printed chassis for micro battle robot. The chassis went into this micro fight robot.

Video 163

Mobile Robots Market to Grow at a CAGR of 19.67% from 2018-2023

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The introduction of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed several sectors, including the robotics and UAV industry. Mobile robots are robots that are capable of locomotion i.e. can move around in the environment and are not fixed to one position.

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Product Showcase Preview: Robotics

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Interested in robotics? In one case, we have the anti-robot you’re looking for. Here’s a preview of some of the cool robotic products you can experience at the Product Showcase. Motiv Robotics : RoboSimian/Motiv Lightweight Arm (MLA). National Robotics League.

DIY 3D Printing: 4d printing creepy crawling robots

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4d printing creepy crawling robots. From the researchers who brought us Inchworm here comes new self-folding small robotic beast. As always, I welcome our new robotic overlord. Vector PLA 3d printer by J Group Robotics from Ind. 4d printing creepy crawling robots.

All Axis Robotics uses MakerBot METHOD

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MakerBot revealed that All Axis Robotics is implementing the MakerBot METHOD manufacturing workstation into its automation processes to produce custom tooling parts for its legacy machines as well as customers

Plantscrapers and Robotic Bees: Is This the Future of Food?

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Our software was an essential tool during the design and engineering process of the Leafy Green Machine , allowing the team to rapidly move from the concept phase, through rapid prototyping and design validation. Rural robots boost farm yields. Drones, autonomous robots and machine-learning: not the sort of thing you associate with your standard stroll through the countryside. Best of all, autonomous robots never complain of a sore back.

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Take a Seat on the Robotically 3D Printed Percy Stool

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Pennings found a way to amalgamate the two processes for his final project in the RMIT design program, a series of 3D printed stools named the Percy Stools. … The original post Take a Seat on the Robotically 3D Printed Percy Stool appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

The Robots Are Coming, but Not the Way You Imagined

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Industrial robots are driving improvements in productivity, quality, and flexibility that are helping U.S. The robots are coming—that much is true. It’s not that robots don’t excel in performing many tasks formerly done by people. A Growing Worldwide Market for Industrial Robots.

Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator tackles automated manufacturing

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When you combine the freedom of motion of a robot with a 3D printing extrusion nozzle, you can build amazing objects. Over the years, researchers have combined robots and 3D printing extrusion nozzles to build houses, bridges, furniture, even automobiles.