Consumable Strategies

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Industrial additive manufacturing (AM) machines that process plastics are typically closed consumable systems. Note: The following was authored by Tim Caffrey, senior consultant at Wohlers Associates. The classic example of the “closed” consumable model is the Gillette razor.

Selerant’s Strategy for Process Industry PLM

Tech Clarity

Selerant is a long-term play in the PLM industry, providing Product Lifecycle Management and compliance solutions the formula-based process industries including food & beverage, specialty chemicals, and personal care.

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Product Development Strategy: Launching Your Idea

3D Innovations

The First Steps of Your Product Development Strategy. You can bounce your product development strategy ideas off them and ask for advice when faced with obstacles. The post Product Development Strategy: Launching Your Idea appeared first on 3D Innovations.

New design strategies to inspire sustainable living

3D Perspectives

When it comes to changing perspective, design crafts possibilities consistent with all aspects of our world, imagines futures, disrupts and re-arranges systems, and, in the process, improves living. For a sensitive and sustainable world.

Developing a UK Strategy for Additive Manufacturing: Help needed

Capturing the Value

On March 10th, the first workshop to be run as part of the process to develop a UK Strategy for Additive Manufacturing (AM) was held at the MTC in Coventry. The workshop was an important step in a year-long process of working with the AM community to help coordinate the development, diffusion and adoption of AM technology to support the UK’s industrial competitiveness.

Intellectual Property Strategies for Hardware Startups

3D Innovations

Having a strong intellectual property strategy or having the patent process started, is a great way to attract or solidify partnerships and funding. Below are four considerations for your startup’s intellectual property strategy.

Supplier Strategies to Win more Business

Tech Clarity

The post Supplier Strategies to Win more Business appeared first on Tech-Clarity. Jim Brown presents on this Industry Week and Aviation Week webcast sharing insights into the new levers of competition for suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries.

Stratasys’ New Strategy


We listened to CEO David Reis at Stratasys’ press conference this week as he outlined a new corporate strategy. No, they talked a little bit about their new machines - which by the way are quite interesting - but most of their time was spent talking about their new strategy.

5G Vision 2025: Unlocking Strategies for Stakeholders with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Marios Nicolaou

BIS Research

The process of the evolution of communication networks has proven to be an essential part of the network technology ecosystem. Learn Winning Business Strategies for 5G Deployment Across Stakeholders.

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To Create Next-Level Designs, Architects Turn to Adaptive Tools and Strategies

3D Perspectives

That innovation can be found in a number of areas, from the rough initial design idea to throughout the design process, as the idea evolves and becomes more sophisticated and better defined. For Morphosis Architects in Los Angeles, the flexibility to innovate is at the heart of their work.

Think a Zero RFI Goal Is Impossible? Consider These Strategies for Improving Project Coordination

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One way to do this is to get all team members on the same page early in the design process. applied BLM processes and technologies for its One Island East tower in Hong Kong. BLM Processes Reduce RFIs.

Are your Manufacturing Processes at Maximum Efficiency?

3D Perspectives

Do you have traceability throughout the product’s development process from start to finish? If you’ve answered YES to all these questions, your manufacturing process is perfect and you have nothing to do here! There are lots of solutions to improve and optimize this ETO process.

Why an Engineering Software Strategy Makes a Lot of Sense


With a good software strategy , there are huge amounts of time that can be saved and productivity gains that can be accomplished by simply taking a look at the way that your departments interact and communicate with each other. If all departments aren’t working in parallel with each other, you should to start to develop an engineering software strategy to determine what your needs are, and where you can streamline your internal processes better.

PostProcess Announces Major Milestones with $20M Series B Round and European Strategy Expansion

Additive Manufacturing

Jeff Mize, CEO at PostProcess Technologies, stated, “our automated solutions have proven mission-critical at over 100 companies and transformed the third step in the additive process.

New strategy for enabling Li-metal anodes in high capacity batteries; trapping Li in microcages

Researchers in China are proposing a new strategy to retard dendrite formation on Li metal anodes in high-capacity Li-ion batteries. As one of the most efficient strategies, regulating Li deposition with an elegant structure was proven to be effective.

How an Industrial Mindset Helps SHoP Speed Its Design Process

3D Perspectives

ArchiFuture 2015 is the largest and most influential BIM strategy and technology event in Japan. Since moving its design process to the 3DExperience platform, New York-based architecture firm SHoP has adopted an “industrial” attitude toward buildings. An evolving process.

3D Printing News Briefs: September 1, 2017

For this month’s first edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we’ll be discussing a little business news, then moving to materials, and finishing with something fun to get your weekend. View the entire article via our website.

How a leading Furniture company can implement design-for-cost strategies and launch products faster?

3D Perspectives

Dassault Systèmes’ industry solution experience helps our technical departments, personnel, partners and suppliers better communicate and monitor and detect issues early in the development process to optimize product quality.

Stratasys’ Launches New Software Strategy Powered by GrabCAD Print to Change the Way We 3D Print

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The typical process that takes you from concept to 3D printed model can be complex and cumbersome. Now Stratasys is poised to change all that with a new software strategy designed to make 3D printing a lot easier , more intuitive and more accessible.

Focusing on Process Over Product: A New Approach to Construction Productivity

3D Perspectives

Click to Tweet: “Focusing on Process Over Product. While processes exist to optimize construction, one of the biggest challenges in overcoming this inefficiency is the fact that few AEC companies see their own inefficiency. These types of strategies can greatly eliminate waste.

Sales, Art, Science, Craft?

3D Printing Hub

” These people tend to focus on the efficiency of the sales process and work efforts of sales people. The customer is secondary in their approach, their focus is how we move the customer through the process to maximize the efficiency of our sales people.

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Challenges in the Civil Design Process: A Global Perspective

3D Perspectives

Process: A Global Perspective | @Dassault3DS” GLOBAL TRENDS. China’s strategy in developing civil design and construction practices is to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to fuel the industrialization process. . This is the country’s ongoing strategy.

How Traditional AEC Processes and BIM Level 2 Reinforce Silos

3D Perspectives

Processes and #BIM Level 2 Reinforce Silos” Siloed Collaboration with BIM Level 2. The inherent handoffs and rework processes prevent integration among the teams and lock value within silos: Traditional Design, Construction, and Operations Process. processes, #BIM Level 2 benefits are locked in silos” Siloed Collaboration: Weaknesses of a Broken Process. No Process Simulation.

Linde Introduces Two Portfolios for Quality Powder Metal Processes

Additive Manufacturing

Texas, Linde LLC will showcase two new portfolios for improving the quality of powder metal (PM) sintering, Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and additive manufacturing (AM) processes. The ADDvance ® AM technology for improving quality before, during and after AM processing.

NCDMM to Host Elite Students from the National Defense University’s Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security & Resource Strategy for Week-long Program Focused on Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing

Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, formerly known as the Industrial College for the Armed Forces (ICAF), on April 2 – 6, 2018. The curriculum focuses on industry studies with emphasis on advanced manufacturing, material acquisition, and joint logistics, and how these critical areas integrate into national security strategy. “We Eisenhower School Students to Visit America Makes and Its Membership Community. Blairsville, Pa. March 27, 2018.

How Tellart Uses 3D Printing in Its Design Process

Shapeways Blog

We spoke with Tellart’s head of strategy, Andrew Haarsager, about how 3D printing has found its way to the studio’s design process as well as the things it makes. So, our design process revolves creating the best experience using a wide array of tools.

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3D printing growth: the most relevant studies to build your strategy


Fortunately, there are numerous studies to help you integrate 3D printing in to your strategy, obtain the best benefits and ensure your competitive edge. The value this study brings to the table lies in its practical value toward helping to build an effective 3D printing strategy.

Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA): Manufacturing Process to Improve Building Delivery

3D Perspectives

Click to Tweet: #DfMA: Manufacturing Process to Improve. It has as its goal the efficient production of a high-quality, cost-effective facility that, despite its mass production of certain processes, still provides the variety the client desires.

TRUMPF Presents Process Chain for Industrial 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

What’s more, with the TruPrint 3000, TRUMPF is putting the spotlight on the complete process chain for additive manufacturing. The first link in the process chain is preparing the data for the 3D design and production program.

Dubai Announces Plans for 3D Printed Residential Building While Future Accelerators Program Gets into Full Swing

Dubai has already inaugurated the world’s first fully 3D printed office building, and is in the process of developing the world’s first fully 3D printed laboratory, so the fact that the. Featured Stories 3d printed buildings 3D Printing Strategy Dubai dubai dubai 3d printing dubai future accelerators Dubai Future Foundation Dubai Industrial City Emirates NBD uae UAE 3d printing united arab emirates United Arab Emirates 3d printing

Innovation and Patent Protection for Startups

3D Innovations

However, we have compiled a list of resources below to get you started as you begin looking into the process of patent protection. Intellectual Property Strategies for Hardware Startups.

Stratasys Launches Bold 3D Printing Software Strategy and Universal Design-to-3D Print Application, GrabCAD Print

Additive Manufacturing

Nasdaq:SSYS), the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, today unveiled a bold, new software strategy designed to make 3D printing significantly easier, more intuitive and highly accessible.

Oerlikon Gains Unique Technology and Process Expertise in Advanced Materials

Additive Manufacturing

With the acquisition, Oerlikon gains for its Surface Solutions Segment unique and proprietary process technology and expertise in rapidly designing and developing materials using computational software, which enables a fast identification of disruptive material solutions.

HI-AM Network – At the Forefront of Tangible Breakthroughs in AM Capabilities and Processes

Additive Manufacturing

Furthermore, new enhanced modeling and design optimization tools will help maximizing the repeatability of AM processes and decreasing their development costs and time.

BAE Systems Air Selects Simufact Additive for the Simulation of Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing

BAE Systems opened back in 2015 a new Product and Process Development Centre, where they have conducted trials of the market leading packages for the simulation of metal AM processes.

3DP-RDM Dissemination and Scoping Workshops

Capturing the Value

The format of this workshop will follow that of the first we ran on 30th January 2015, building on the results of the feasibility studies, the results from the first scoping workshop (reported here and here ), and the findings from the AM National Strategy development process. More details on this process will be communicated at the scoping workshop.

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Schneider Electric’s ‘Factory of the Future’ Strategy Incorporates Stratasys 3D Printing to Improve Manufacturing Efficiencies and Accelerate Time to Market

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing now is delivering time and cost reductions of up to 90 percent, throughout the Schneider Electric manufacturing process, including injection molds, manufacturing tool prototypes and product prototypes.

PyroGenesis signs exclusive additive manufacturing powder production deal with Aubert & Duval

3D Printing Industry

Canadian plasma specialist PyroGenesis and French metal processing specialist Albert & Duval have agreed on terms to establish the production of powdered titanium 3D printer feedstock. In a multi-step strategy outlined by the two parties at the beginning of January 2019, the companies have reached a mutually exclusive deal aiming to impact the additive manufacturing market in […]. Peter Pascali plasma atomization plasma atomization process PyroGenesis

Granta and Senvol Team Up On Selection of Additive Manufacturing Processes and Materials

Additive Manufacturing

They can identify and compare AM machines based on supported processes, manufacturer, required part size, cost, or compatible materials (and their properties). New solution to be previewed at RAPID 3D event and demonstrated in web seminar. Cambridge, UK – May 17, 2016.

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Oerlikon and Boeing to Create Standard Processes for 3D-Printed Structural Titanium Aerospace Parts

Additive Manufacturing

Five-year agreement supports creation of standard titanium additive manufacturing processes. Additive manufacturing, popularly known as 3D printing, is a controlled process in which material is joined or solidified to create a three-dimensional part.

formnext Covers the Process Chain from a Product Idea Through to Production of the Final Product

Additive Manufacturing

And many companies will also present solutions for integrating additive technologies into existing production processes. Here, the use of basic materials for both conventional production and additive manufacturing processes will be presented.

OPEN MIND Technologies To Highlight ADDITIVE Manufacturing Capability for hyperMILL® CAM Software at RAPID & TCT 2020

Additive Manufacturing

hyper MILL ® together with ADDITIVE Manufacturing also provides efficient hybrid processing with simultaneous additive and subtractive processing on one machine. Additive process on aerospace nozzle (Photo courtesy of OPEN MIND Technologies). NEEDHAM, MA U.S.A.

Aaron Pullen @ Additive Manufacturing Consultant of Fishers, IN achieves Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification through the Management and Strategy Institute

3D Rapid Pro

com Additive Manufacturing Consultant of Fishers, IN achieves Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification through the Management and Strategy Institute Fishers, Indiana – Aaron Pullen of Aaron works directly with business leadership to ensure their processes in implementations of Additive Manufacturing solutions are optimized for the greatest return on investment and output. “It FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 27, 2015 Aaron Pullen @