SOLIDWORKS PDM Reference Tree Selection Controls

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Navigating large assembly reference trees within SOLIDWORKS PDM can be difficult, especially when Checking a file In/Out, performing a Copy Tree function, or Changing States. The Show All Levels/Top Level Only dropdown above allows you to expand/collapse your reference tree in the dialog box.

Siemens to Present Virtual Reference Factory at Formnext Connect with EOS and DyeMansion

NX software Powerfuse S siemens industrial automation Virtual Reference Factory workflow optimization


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SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 Displaying Derived Part References

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In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 , the way Derived Part References are displayed, has been improved. As long as the link is not broken, the Derived Part will reference the original part. The post SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 Displaying Derived Part References appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

Create SOLIDWORKS Reference Sketches from 2D DXF/DWG Files

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These files can be great for SOLIDWORKS users to use a reference when trying to design parts in SOLIDWORKS. With this in mind, we can now create reference sketches from 2D DXF/DWG files in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Import as reference Option. Toggle Between Reference & Edit Sketch.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind with SOLIDWORKS Reference Geometry

DASI Solutions

Written by Daniel Soltero, Application Engineer When designing in SOLIDWORKS it is good practice to use reference geometry. Reference geometry can be any one of planes, axis, edges, or faces that are used to help establish restraints on edges, faces, … Continue reading → SOLIDWORKS 2019 Tips & Tricks geometry reference geometry reference planes references

Setting SOLIDWORKS PDM External References Search Paths

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SOLIDWORKS PDM will normally handle references, between components. If these references do not exist, then PDM will use search criteria used by the respective application, such as SOLIDWORKS. Through the SOLIDWORKS PDM External References tab, additional folders to be searched, can be specified. Set External References in the Settings node of SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration: SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin.

10 Best Reference Headphones

3D Printing Hub

Are you an audio professional or enthusiast that’s looking for the best reference headphones? We have searched the marketplace to find the best reference headphones across 3 price categories. We have added a buying factors section to help those of you that have never bought reference headphones before. Reference headphones focus on delivering a flat and accurate sound that is considered to be accurate audio reproduction. Reference Headphones Comparison Table.

Repair All Missing References for Fillets with SOLIDWORKS 2020

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When was the last time that you made a minor change to your model which caused a fillets to have a “missing edge reference” even though the edges are exactly where they used to be? The Fillet Repair tool now has the ability to “Repair All Missing References” which results in any new edges getting filleted if they replace an old filleted edge. The Fillet tool Missing Edge References after a change. Have you ever had a Fillet Error?

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Dynamic Reference Visualization Redesign

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In SOLIDWORKS 2017 the Dynamic Reference Visualization has been redesigned! Dynamic reference arrows have been redesigned to improve clarity in the FeatureManager Design Tree. The arrows are really useful in identifying parent child references in a long FeatureManager Design Tree. The post SOLIDWORKS 2017 Dynamic Reference Visualization Redesign appeared first on SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Dynamic Reference Visualization

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The dynamic reference visualization has been enhanced in SOLIDWORKS 2016 with the ability to now also show child feature dependency in parts. When you select a feature in the FeatureManager design tree SOLIDWORKS will now point to related parent references in blue and child references in red. You can even choose to display both reference types or just one of these options. Dynamic Child Reference. Advantages of Dynamic Reference Visualization.

Mate to Reference Geometry in SOLIDWORKS 2020 Large Design Review

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New in SOLIDWORKS 2020 , you can create mates that use reference geometry as their reference in the Large Design Review mode. In Large Design Review mode you can create mates using the following reference geometries: Standard planes. Reference planes. Reference points.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 SpeedPak enhanced to now include reference geometry

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In SOLIDWORKS 2017 you can now include reference geometry and curves in a SpeedPak. Unlike previous versions in SOLIDWORKS 2017, an extra field is available in the PropertyManager to include sketches, reference geometry, and curves. The following image demonstrates the result of including reference geometry in the SpeedPak, they are now visible/selectable. Reference Geometries and Sketches can be included in SpeedPak.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Child Reference State Conditions

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In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 we have the ability to define child reference state conditions, to prevent parent files from being transitioned before all the requirements are met. How to define Child Reference State Conditions. Conditions > <Click here to add a condition> Variable = Child Reference Current State. sldprt” to limit this condition to just part files, but for this example we’ll leave it blank to apply to all child reference files.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 Web2 Download with References

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When you want to download any PDM data, a new Download with References page provides options to help ensure you’re downloading exactly what you need. In the large screen layout, the Download with References dialog box displays the collapsible Settings option and the list of files to download. Download with References. In the small screen layout, the Download with References dialog box displays the list of files to download in one column.

Sneak Peek 2016: Reuse Absorbed Reference Curves

The Solidworks Blog

Reusing Absorbed Reference Curves. You can select and reuse all reference curves in a model. Previously, you could only use absorbed reference curves in the feature for which they were created. Projected curves, composite curves, curves through XYZ points, curves through reference points, helixes, and spirals cannot be absorbed by a feature. Twitter LinkedIn The post Sneak Peek 2016: Reuse Absorbed Reference Curves appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 Supports Non-SOLIDWORKS CAD File References

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New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 is support for the 3D Interconnect functionality; the PDM vault will now manage references between SOLIDWORKS files and non-SOLIDWORKS CAD files. Note: The non-SOLIDWORKS CAD files must be added to the vault before being added to the assembly, to save the references to PDM. When the assembly is checked in, all the references will be written to the database and managed from there.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cross References are jumping off the page?

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cross References are used to indicate associations between symbols in our schematics. If for example a complex electrical component has multiple symbols across a number of drawings, cross references can be used to show association between these symbols. In some cases, you may notice that the cross reference information seems to jump way off the page to the right or the left as shown in the figure below: Cross References Jumping to the right of the Sheet.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Combobox Styles Reference

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The post SOLIDWORKS PDM Combobox Styles Reference appeared first on The Javelin Blog. Within the SOLIDWORKS PDM (Data) Card Editor, there are four different Combobox Styles to list data; Combobox Dropdown , Combobox Simple , Combobox Droplist , and a Listbox : Combobox Styles. I find that I’m always forgetting the difference between them, and it’s not clear from within the editor to see the difference.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Install Quick Reference Guide

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This article aims to describe the steps to install SOLIDWORKS PDM in a client machine in a simplified way, as a quick reference. For detailed instructions, please refer to the SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation Guide on the SOLIDWORKS website. The post SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Install Quick Reference Guide appeared first on The Javelin Blog. Overview. SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Installation Steps.

New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Dynamic Reference Visualization [VIDEO]

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Another excellent feature that has been added to this 2015 release of SOLIDWORKS is Dynamic Reference Visualization ; this is the ability to dynamically see the parent / child relationships between features within the FeatureManager. This new graphical reference tool makes it easy to determine feature dependencies in parts and assemblies and helps you understand the possible effects of any design changes upfront, saving time and effort.

How to prevent broken references being checked into a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

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It usually means there’s a broken reference… Broken reference. When dragged into the vault, no reference are evaluated. When the files are checked into the vault the references are written to the database. If everything is accounted for at this point then the vault will do its magic and maintain the file references as they are moved or renamed within the vault. SOLIDWORKS PDM SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips SOLIDWORKS External References

SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad for Changing View Orientation [VIDEO]

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The SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad in the lower left corner of your graphics window is very useful to determine the orientation of your model, as you rotate the view it moves with the model. SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad. The SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad is more useful than just a reference. SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad Arrows can be Selected. SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad SOLIDWORKS Video SOLIDWORKS View Orientation

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Is your SOLIDWORKS Update/Reference dialog dismissed too quickly before you can take action!

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SOLIDWORKS goes through a search routine when opening files with references. If a reference is not found, a SOLIDWORKS unable to locate file dialog box appears (if it has not been dismissed) offering you the option to either search for a replacement file, suppress the component or suppress all missing components. The post Is your SOLIDWORKS Update/Reference dialog dismissed too quickly before you can take action! SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips dismiss dialog references

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019: Managing External References

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Written by: Greg Dawes, Application Engineer Viewing and managing external references in a top-down assembly design environment has been streamlined in SOLIDWORKS 2019. The dialog that used to be called “List External Refs…” is now just called “External References…” and … Continue reading → New Features SOLIDWORKS 2019 external references featuremanager solidworks solidworks 2019 top-down assembly What's new

How to prevent transition actions from selecting all child references in SOLIDWORKS PDM – Updated

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Reference Dialog > Check ‘ Do not mark referenced files when changing state ‘ > Ok. With the 2019 release and later versions; this option has changed; Select child references during state change.

EPDM – Exploring Reference Dialog

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Many important settings are controlled by Reference Dialog, but many do not know where to find it, or what options are controlled in this area. The Reference Dialog is accessed by right clicking on the User node and selecting settings (settings can also be changed for individual users or groups). In the settings dialogue box, select Reference Dialog. If a file contains references, the latest version of these files will also be cached.

SOLIDWORKS Reference Plane Normal to View Position [VIDEO]

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As the following video will show, we now have the ability to create a SOLIDWORKS reference plane, NORMAL to view at a given reference point. To demonstrate this new functionality, I’ve asked our minion friend Kevin to assist me… The post SOLIDWORKS Reference Plane Normal to View Position [VIDEO] appeared first on SolidWorks Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin. Tech Tips 2015 direction normal plane reference SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS 2015 view What's new

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How to Replace SOLIDWORKS References

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There are many different ways to replace SOLIDWORKS references: In SOLIDWORKS Explorer references can be replaced without having to open the file. While a SOLIDWORKS file is being opened , the References button in the ‘Open’ dialog provides access to a list of reference files with the option to replace them. Replacing a Reference in a Drawing.

Reduce SOLIDWORKS assembly open times by specifying external reference search locations

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If there is one topic that repeatedly sends our customers to sleep, it’s file references. It is squarely located within the “External References” section of the SOLIDWORKS 2017 options dialog, found under Tools > Options > System Options > External References. Typical External References. Typical External References. But what if I could tell you that could save time whenever you open an assembly?

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Hide All Types of Reference Geometry in the Heads-up Toolbar

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The screen display can get cluttered when you have lots of annotations, sketches and reference geometry visible. The post SOLIDWORKS 2017 Hide All Types of Reference Geometry in the Heads-up Toolbar appeared first on SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin. SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips SOLIDWORKS 2017 SOLIDWORKS Reference Geometry SW2017SOLIDWORKS 2017 gives you the ability to Hide All Types via the Heads-up Toolbar!

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HP Scaling Its 3D Printing Business with Global Reseller Program, Service Bureau Installations, Reference and Experience Centers, Open Materials Ecosystem Expansion

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab 3d printer resellers 3d printing partnerships 3D Printing Reference and Experience Centers 3d printing service bureaus forecast 3D forecast3d Henkel hp hp inc. At last year’s RAPID event, excitement surrounded the long-anticipated unveiling of HP Inc.‘s ‘s first 3D printing system as the company publicly introduced for the first time its Multi Jet.

My SOLIDWORKS Drawing still references a file that has been removed from view?

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When SOLIDWORKS users report that a drawing file references a model that is not included in any of its drawing views, it usually turns out to be a model view has been deleted from the drawing, but the reference to the model remains in the View Palette. Drawing reference files are displayed in File > Find References. In this example, the SOLIDWORKS drawing references a part called ‘Weldment_1.sldprt’ that is no longer shown in the drawing.

Dynamic Reference Visualization - Turn Off Those Arrows in the SOLIDWORKS 2015 Feature Manager


SOLIDWORKS 2015 added a nice new function called “Dynamic Reference Visualization” Dynamic Reference Visualization is a Great New Feature in SOLIDWORKS 2015.That Not Everyone Wants. SOLIDWORKS 2015''s new Dynamic Reference Visualization function allows you to see which features a particular feature is dependent upon. Simply right clicking at the top of the feature manager shows a menu, where you can unselect “Dynamic Reference Visualization.”

How to add Spool References to a SOLIDWORKS Routing BOM

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SOLIDWORKS Routing Spool References are defined in a Route Assembly and can be referenced in the Route Assembly BOM. By double-clicking a BOM column, the Route Property, Spool Reference, can be linked to that column. SOLIDWORKS Routing Spool References. A Spool is a reference shared between a selected number of components that are part of a Route Assembly. The post How to add Spool References to a SOLIDWORKS Routing BOM appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

How to use SOLIDWORKS Surfaces as Reference Geometry for Mates

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Dummy/reference surfaces can be utilized for various design situations in SOLIDWORKS. Surfaces are useful as reference geometry and can then be hidden from view. In this blog as describe an example of using dummy surfaces as reference geometry for a mate in an assembly. SOLIDWORKS Surface Reference Mate Example. The post How to use SOLIDWORKS Surfaces as Reference Geometry for Mates appeared first on SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 Rollback Enhanced to include References

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The Rollback feature in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 has been enhanced to allow a parent file to be rolled back with its child references and files indicated as sub-parents (such as drawing files) to a previous version, state and revision. Now the assembly and it’s references will be returned to the selected previous version, including state and revision; Rollback Complete.

My Drawing Pack and Go has an Extra File Reference!?

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Drawing Pack and Go Extra reference. By default it only references models contained in the drawing views. However if you had other files open in the background and accidentally changed the drop-down reference to another component, it keeps this reference with this drawing. Or if you clicked the “…” button beside the drop-down, you can reference another file in the View Palette but may not have added a view to the drawing.

Sneak Peek: 15 Features coming in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Up to Reference Pattern

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Up to Reference is a new option in the linear pattern feature that is similar to the equal spacing option in the circular pattern and allows for creation of intelligent patterns. The “Up to Reference” option allows you to select an edge, vertex or face as a reference to control how many instances will be created at a given spacing. An offset from that reference is available to maintain proper spacing from the end.

EPDM – Do not Show File References in BOM

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Check-out the parent file that contains the references. Click on the Custom References icon. Clear the file references you don’t want in the BOM. The post EPDM – Do not Show File References in BOM appeared first on SolidWorks Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin. In the Local Vault View, click on the Contains tab. Tech Tips EPDM SOLIDWORKS EPDM

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CATI Tech Notes: Shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS: Mate References

CATI Tech Notes

Shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS: Mate References. Creating mate references in parts used frequently is a great way to speed up the assembly process.  First, the mate reference command can be found at Insert/Reference Geometry/Mate Reference or under Reference Geometry on the Features tab of a part file Command Manager or on the Assembly tab of an assembly file Command Manager. CATI Tech Notes. Archives. Subscribe. CATI Search.

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The ToolChanger - Part 1 - E3D Reference design of a multi-tool 3D Printer


Greg Holloway, the designer of the E3D BigBox machine has brought life to a mechanical, electrical and tool-chain reference design platform they call the ‘ToolChanger’ – There is a really important statement here – it’s a reference design – NOT a finished 3D printer / machine or intended to be a 'final' system. Bottom plate - this is not a light reference machine, but it is solid, stiff and should print really, really fast if required.

Tools 76

Changing Reference Configuration in Inserted Parts and Mirrored or Patterned Instances

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As for any other component, the SOLIDWORKS Reference Configuration of a patterned or mirrored instance can be changed using the Quick Configurations toolbar or Component Properties. Changing a SOLIDWORKS Reference Configuration. Changing SOLIDWORKS Reference configuration of an inserted part. The post Changing Reference Configuration in Inserted Parts and Mirrored or Patterned Instances appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

How SOLIDWORKS PDM Reference/Revision Control aids project management

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Have you ever spent a lot of time working on a SOLIDWORKS project only to come back later to find out that it has broken or missing file references? A very common issue that users have when working on projects with a team is reference and revision control. Watch the video below to see exactly how SOLIDWORKS PDM Reference and Revision control will help eliminate the risk of using an incorrect file. SOLIDWORKS PDM Reference Vaulted System.

Data 43