5 Awesome Beginner’s 3D Design Programs

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TinkerCAD : Learn the Basics of 3D Design Right In Your Browser. TinkerCAD offers simple step-by-step lessons to get you started in 3D! TinkerCAD is one of the easiest and most accessible programs out there.

Design 108

Day 107 - SEGA Sonic cartridge sleeves


Designed in Tinkercad with some help from Inkscape and the internet (specifically, the nice.svg images on Wikipedia here and here ). In this case there was an outline around the letters that needed to be deleted before exporting for Tinkercad.

Stacking 3D Models for Bulk Printing

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Looping multiple copies together with Tinkercad. In the case of Versitile Plastic this means an 0.5mm clearance between pieces: One of the simplest tools for doing simple design manipulations like duplicating and looping parts is the free in-browser modeling software Tinkercad.

CAD vs. Modeling: Which 3D Software to Choose?

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CAD programs take these 2D drawings and digitally translate them into 3D rendered “objects.” Tinkercad : great for beginners. One of the most common questions we get from those who are new to digital manufacturing is “If I want to design something, which software should I learn?”.

List of the best 3D modeling software programs

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TinkerCAD : TinkerCAD is a free 3D modeling software optimized towards beginners and designers/non-designers who are completely new to 3D modeling. TinkerCAD is probably not the software that a designer will use on a long term basis. TinkerCAD works on a web browser in any OS. Sketchup : Great for making renders and animations for free. 3D modeling is the representation of an object in software form.

Tutorial Tuesday 2: Full-Color Printing and Character Models

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This week we got technical, but next week we’ll go back to the basics and explore how to create 3D designs with one of the most easy-to-use 3D design programs, Tinkercad , so stay tuned. Welcome to the second Tutorial Tuesday!

An Expert in Growing Plants – and Business – with Help from 3D Printing


Being able to show prospective dealers a physical replica of the product they could hold in their hand and test, rather than a 2D sketch or computer rendering, was a huge benefit.” I also use TinkerCad online.

Day 96 - Customizable Coin Traps


Here is a picture of the US coins, each in their own trap: STL files: [link] Tinkercad link: https://tinkercad.com/things/1rOL6U6owk6-day-96-us-coin-traps Thingiverse link: [link] Settings: MakerWare.2mm/standard settings with a Replicator 2.

Great Software for 3D Printers

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But the real power of Inkscape as a 3D drawing tool comes when you install the support plug-in for 3D extrusion to an OpenSCAD file (described later) that can be rendered and exported as an STL file for the printer to use. The They show up as a mass of dots and triangles, and I havent found a way to render the surfaces as nicely as you can from models made in Sketchup in the first place.

Day 314 - Designing a Penny Trap with OpenSCAD


Tinkercad is a fantastic way to get started with 3D modeling, but when you''re ready to move to the next level I suggest learning OpenSCAD. Let''s convert the rounded-cube code above into a module and a "render" that calls the module and makes the object.

MakerHome: Day 174 - MAA icosahedron


Technical notes: We printed hollow icosahedra on Day 32 and Day 100 , but used a Community Shape Script file from Tinkercad that needed rotating to print on a flat face. MakerHome. One 3D print every day from home, for a year. Welcome to MakerHome.

Review : which software for 3D printers?


With time or need though, I would go back to blender (a real and free 3D beast for modeling and rendering), or even try again sketchup a bit more seriously, since so many people use it.