University of Minnesota researchers create 3D printed bionic eye prototype

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The McAlpine Research Group from the University of Minnesota (UMN) has successfully 3D printed optoelectronic devices using polymer photodetectors on hemispherical surfaces.

UK research collaborative uncovers 4D printed potential of cellulose

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New research published in Materials & Design journal applies natural materials to 4D printing for truly bioinspired objects. The research is inspired by the natural behavior of pine cones, […]. Research 4d printing Annela M.Seddon cellulose Manu C. In this development, a team from the University of Bristol and University of Bath, creates a 3D printed ink that harnesses cellulose fibers to transform in response to water.

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3D printed eyes: The latest research improvements


The post 3D printed eyes: The latest research improvements appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo One of the industries that benefits the most fro […].

KADK researchers create novel, lightweight, concrete 3D printing method

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Researchers from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) and the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) have developed a new approach to 3D printing in construction. Introduced as the Sparse Concrete Reinforcement In Meshworks (SCRIM) concept, researchers have combined robot-based concrete 3D printing and textile reinforcement meshes to produce lightweight […].

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New 2.5D inkjet printing method guides precise medical research

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Due to its drop on demand precision, inkjet based 3D printing presents researchers with the stimulating prospect of creating microscopic and complex devices for use in medical and chemical research. Research circuits Electronics F. Microfluidics and lab on a chip devices, used to study the effects substances and stimuli, are an emerging method cutting down lab space to conduct […].

KIT researchers create novel 3D printed prosthetic hand

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Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have developed a novel five-finger 3D printed hand prosthesis which uses sensors, an embedded control system, and an RGB camera in the base of the palm to autonomously grasp objects. According to the research paper “The KIT Prosthetic Hand: Design and Control,” standard myoelectric prosthetic […].

Security drOwned by University researchers

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A paper has been released supporting the claims that a team of researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), the University of South Alabama, bodyTop Research 3D Printing Ben-Gurion University of the Negev BGU drone drones drowned security Singapore University of Technology and Design University of South Alabama

CityU researchers create novel ink for 4D printed ceramics

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Researchers from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have developed a novel ink for creating 4D printed ceramics. Leading the research Professor Jian Lu, Vice-President (Research and Technology) and Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, believes that this ink […]. Research 4d printing Ceramic ink City University of Hong Kong CityU Ge Wu Guo Liu Jian Lu Yan Zhao

UK Researchers Develop Responsive Cellulose-Based Ink for 4D Printing

We’ve seen the results of 3D printing research about responsive materials, but what about with 4D printing, where 3D printed objects can move and change shape of their own volition? 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 4d printing cellulosic hydrogel composite material journal article Prusa i3MK2 research paper shape memory university of bath university of bristol

Military Researchers Present Work on Recycled 3D Printing Material

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printing in the military Army Research Laboratory military 3d printing recycled 3d printer filament recycled plasticThe US military has made no secret of its enthusiasm for 3D printing, and lately has taken a creative, eco-friendly approach to the technology, looking into the recycling of water bottles for 3D. View the entire article via our website.

Harvard researchers develop method for 3D printing with soundwaves

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Researchers from Harvard University’s John A Paulsen School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) in Massachusetts, have created an acoustophoretic 3D printing technique which uses sound waves to form drops of a wide range of viscous fluids into additively manufactured structures.

Where is All This 3D Printing Research Coming From?

3D printing is a field ripe for research and exploration. 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d printing research 3D printing studies 3d printing study Nanyang Technological UniversityStudies have been done on all things related to the technology, from 3D printed food to bioprinting and everything in between. There is an. View the entire article via our website.

Researchers Develop New Method of 3D Printing Living Bio-Tissues for Cancer Research

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan campus is a research hub located in the middle of British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, and ranked among the world’s top 20 public. View the entire article via our website.

Additive Manufacturing Research Shares Monthly Insights & Analysis: Metal, Polymer, Medical

Featured Stories 3d printing market reports 3d printing market research 3d printing research 3d printing research report additive manufacturing research AMR Lawrence Gasman Scott Dunham smartech smartech publishingWe now live in a world where information is at our fingertips at all times, with the latest headlines rarely farther away than the smartphones in our pockets. With this glut of information always. View the entire article via our website.

Researchers from S2A Lab Experimenting with Remote 3D Printing Control

Late last year, we learned that researchers with the Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Lab (S2A Lab) at the University of Michigan College of Engineering had been working to develop an. View the entire article via our website.

New research evaluates environmental impact of 3D printing

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French researchers from Grenoble Alpes University have evaluated the environmental impact of 3D printing with a case study focused on the production of orthotic insoles. Research 3D printed insoles 3D printed LCA environmental impact Grenoble Alpes University insoles Kléber Da Silva Barros Life cycle assessment orthotic insoles orthotics Peggy Zwolinski research Wiivv

US Army Research Lab Scientists Creating Atomic-Level 3D Reconstructions of Specimens

The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is responsible for plenty of innovative 3D printing research over the years, such as 3D printing drones and working with recycled 3D printing material. Now, View the entire article via our website.

NTU Singapore Researchers Develop Mobile 3D Printing Concrete Collaborative Robots

3D Printing Featured Stories Robotics Science & Technology 3d printed structures concrete 3d printing construction 3d printing construction robot journal article large-scale 3d printing mobile robot multidisciplinary Nanyang Technological University NTU Singapore proof of concept research paper Singapore Centre for 3D Printing

NASA Awards a $127,000 STTR Research Grant to PADT and ASU for Advanced Research in 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

The purpose of the grant is to accelerate biomimicry research, the study of 3D printing objects that resemble strong and light structures found in nature such as honeycombs or bamboo.

CELLINK partners with CTI BIOTECH for 3D bioprinted cancer research

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Swedish 3D bioprinter provider CELLINK has released details of a partnership with French regenerative medicine research and development company CTI BIOTECH. Medical & Dental 3D Bioprinting BIO X bioprinting cancer cancer research CELLINK Colin McGuckin CTI BIOTECH CTIBIOTECH Erik Gatenholm Horizon 2020 INKREDIBLE Professor Colin McGuckin

Researchers Use Biomimicry and 3D Printing to Develop Robotic Fish

3D Printing Robotics Science & Technology 3D printed autonomous bots 3d printed fish 3d printed prototype 3d printed robotic fish Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUV biomimetic fish journal article mechatronics research paper solidworks University of Firat voxelizer3D printed robotic fish have all sorts of applications, from underwater data acquisition and detecting toxins in the water to studying and saving real fish, or just adding a new pet to the family.

Research Tests 3D Printed Electronic Components for Space Flight

In a three-year experiment, the COSMIAC Research Center at the University of New Mexico has been researching and testing electronics that have been embedded into 3D printed systems. 3D Printing Aerospace 3D Printing 3d printed circuit boards 3d printed electronics 3D printed satellites COSMIAC Research Center University of New Mexico

voestalpine opens research center for 3D printing

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The voestalpine Group is expanding from traditional steel manufacturer to innovator, with the opening of a new research and development facility in Düsseldorf. Research voestalpineThe voestalpine Additive Manufacturing.

Multimaterial 3D printed cell “scaffolds” strengthen research into regenerative medicine

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A study produced by four research institutions in Brazil combines two 3D printable polymers into structures ideal for cell-growth. Research Brazil Daniela Burguez Daniela Pereira Douglas Gamba Frederico Pereira Jorge Silva Natasha Maurmann Patricia Pranke. Paulo Inforcatti Neto PCL PLGA regenerative medicine Rodrigo Rezende scaffold scaffolding scaffolds stem cell research stem cells

Russia: Researchers Examine Porosity Issue in 3D Printing

3D Printing 3d printing analysis 3D printing porosity 3d printing research Picaso 250 Designer Pro Russian Academy of Sciences3D printing opens up infinite new realms of creativity to innovators around the world, whether they are bioprinting or making surgical implants, cars, rocket engine components, or running shoes. View the entire article via our website.

Russian Academy of Sciences leads unprecedented high-resolution 3D printing research

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Valuable to the fields of medical research, i.e. devices for drug delivery, tissue regeneration, chemical & material synthesis, the technology warrants deeper development to help expand the possibilities of the technology and lower the cost. Research 3D Bioprinting Alexander G. Khaydukov materials research photolithography RAS Russian Academy of Sciences tissue regeneration two-photon lithography Vasilina V.

Russian Researchers Learn How to 3D Print Bullets

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A collaboration between Russia's Foundation for Advanced Research Projects and the Central Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering known as TSNIITOCHMASH has produced. 3D Printing Central Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering Foundation for Advanced Research Projects Professor Vladimir Chuvildeeva TSNIITOCHMASH

Researchers Create Portable Bioprinter for Deep Skin Wound Repair

But an innovative team of researchers from the University of. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Medical 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d bioprinter 3d bioprinting 3d bioprinting 3d print tissue 3d print skin 3d printed skin 3D printing bioink 3d printing tissue 3d skin printer bioink Bioink for 3D printing biomaterials Canada handheld 3d printer journal article lab on a chip portable 3d printer research paper skin University of Toronto wound care

German materials researchers explore zero gravity metal 3D printing

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Researchers at the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and TU Clausthal are working on a project titled “Powder-based additive manufacturing in zero gravity.” Aerospace 3D printing in space BAM DLR Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing German Aerospace Centre Made in Space microgravity Nasa Parabolic flight Professor Jens Günster Space TU Clausthal zero gravity ZERO-G Airbus A310

Air Force Research Laboratory creates 3D printed solar cells

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The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has published research into 3D printed solar cells. Materials 3D printing solar Aerosol Jet AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory Colorfabb colorfabb solar Dr. Santanu Bag optomec perovskite perovskite solar Santanu Bag solar solar cellsUsing Optomec's aerosol jet technology, the AFRL intend to develop a.

Kansas State University researchers develop AI system for 3D printing process monitoring

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Researchers from Kansas State University’s Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) have developed a new quality monitoring system for the 3D printing process. With integrated supervised machine learning, a camera, and image processing software, the researchers created a production quality monitoring system for assessing 3D printed parts in real-time. IMSE researchers Ugandhar Delli […].

Russian Researchers Develop Biocompatible 3D Polymeric Materials for Tissue Repair

Many researchers and scientists have turned to 3D printing for applications in tissue engineering, and a team from the Polymer Materials for Tissue Engineering and Transplantology Laboratory of Peter. Petersburg Polytechnic University polymer materials polymeric materials research paper Russian Academy of Sciences tissue engineering

KAIST Research Team Develops Innovative 3D Sketching Workflow

3D Design 3D Printing 3D sketching algorithms conference Human-Computer Interaction conference KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology research paper scaffolding south korea tabletWhen you want to illustrate an object in finer detail, you use writing instruments, like pens. But a lot of the time, people will use their hands when they’re trying to describe an object. View the entire article via our website.

Kirigami Paper Folding Inspires Advanced 3D Nanofabrication Research

When it comes to 3D printed folding research, we hear most often about projects inspired by origami. But as new research coming out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows, we shouldn’t. 3D Printing Featured Stories Science & Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences folding folk art journal article kirigami nanofabrication Nanofilm nanoscale proof of concept research paper Science Advances

The Georgia research lab patching children’s hearts with 3D printing

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The Children’s Heart Research and Outcomes Center, aptly abbreviated as HeRO, is at the cutting edge of tissue engineering. Medical & Dental Aline Nachlas children Children’s Heart Research and Outcomes Center Emory University Georgia Tech hearts HeRO Michael DavisA part of Georgia Tech and Emory University, HeRO is developing therapies that can change children’s lives and, unsurprisingly, 3D printing is playing its role in that plan.

New Zealand researchers reinvent the heat exchanger with 3D printing

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Research Air Liquide Conflux Technology Dr Tim Huber heat heat exchangers New Zealand Professor Conan Fee temperature management University of CanterburyWith the potential to shakeup the design of everything from air planes to refrigerators, Dr Tim Huber and Professor Conan Fee have developed a new metal 3D printing methodology for making high-performance heat exchangers.

3D printing meets lasers in latest stem cell research.

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New research from Vilnius University in Lithuania combines laser. Medical & Dental 3D Bioprinting bioprinting cell sort-out cells laser lasers Lithuania research sorting out stem cell research Vilnius UniversitySince their invention by Theodore H. Maiman in 1960, lasers have driven many advances in manufacturing.

Researchers develop infill algorithm for stronger, faster FDM 3D prints

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Researchers at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Southeast University, China, have developed an algorithm for stronger, more efficient, 3D printed objects. Research FDM Infill Junqing Zhang Min Dai Southeast University Yubo Hu Zhisheng ZhangThe study focuses on the.

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University of Minnesota researchers create 3D printed implant that restores function in spinal cord

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Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a prototype for a 3D-printed scaffold with living cells that could help restore some function to patients with spinal cord injuries. 3D printed scaffolds In a report titled “3D Printed Stem-Cell Derived Neural Progenitors Generate Spinal Cord Scaffolds”, the researchers demonstrate the process and benefits of a bioprinted […]. Research Ann Parr Conquer Paralysis Now Michael McAlpine university of minnesota