AFRL Researchers Push Limits in High-Temperature, Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

By Marisa Alia-Novobilski | Corporate Communications | Air Force Research Laboratory. Researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory have demonstrated the ability to additively manufacture high temperature polymer composites for use in extreme environments.

Researchers Develop New Method of 3D Printing Living Bio-Tissues for Cancer Research

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan campus is a research hub located in the middle of British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, and ranked among the world’s top 20 public. View the entire article via our website.

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Aurora Labs signs $100,000 3D printing research deal with CSIRO

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Australian 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs has announced a research agreement with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) as part of a joint project to advance and commercialize 3D printing. As part of the deal, Aurora Labs will supply CSIRO, a public scientific research organization, with a small-format Aurora Labs metal 3D printer […].

Transforming education and research through La Fondation

3D Perspectives

Dassault Systèmes so firmly believes in this that in 2015 we founded La Fondation Dassault Systèmes to transform the future of education and research by harnessing the powerful learning and discovery capabilities of 3D technology and virtual universes.

How to research 3d printing patents

DIY 3D Printing

After a guide on how to copyright your 3d printed work here are few sources that shows you all the steps needed for patent research if you want to apply for your patent or protect your work from being patented by someone else (like a big corporation).

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MIT – Researchers Design One of the Strongest, Lightest Materials Known

Additive Manufacturing

But researchers until now have had a hard time translating that two-dimensional strength into useful three-dimensional materials. The mathematical descriptions derived by this group could facilitate the development of a variety of applications, the researchers say. By David L.

New research evaluates environmental impact of 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

French researchers from Grenoble Alpes University have evaluated the environmental impact of 3D printing with a case study focused on the production of orthotic insoles. Research 3D printed insoles 3D printed LCA environmental impact Grenoble Alpes University insoles Kléber Da Silva Barros Life cycle assessment orthotic insoles orthotics Peggy Zwolinski research Wiivv

Additive Manufacturing Research Shares Monthly Insights & Analysis: Metal, Polymer, Medical

Featured Stories 3d printing market reports 3d printing market research 3d printing research 3d printing research report additive manufacturing research AMR Lawrence Gasman Scott Dunham smartech smartech publishingWe now live in a world where information is at our fingertips at all times, with the latest headlines rarely farther away than the smartphones in our pockets. With this glut of information always. View the entire article via our website.

CELLINK partners with CTI BIOTECH for 3D bioprinted cancer research

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Swedish 3D bioprinter provider CELLINK has released details of a partnership with French regenerative medicine research and development company CTI BIOTECH. Medical & Dental 3D Bioprinting BIO X bioprinting cancer cancer research CELLINK Colin McGuckin CTI BIOTECH CTIBIOTECH Erik Gatenholm Horizon 2020 INKREDIBLE Professor Colin McGuckin

US Military Researches Water Bottle Recycling for 3D Printing in the Field

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology army 3d printing Army Research Laboratory marine corps 3d printing marines PET recycled filament recycled plastic Thermo Fisher Scientific United States Marines Corps US army US Army Research LaboratoryEvery branch of the US military has been exploring 3D printing for a number of applications, finding it to be a useful technology for everything from day to day uses to battlefield operations.

German materials researchers explore zero gravity metal 3D printing

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Researchers at the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and TU Clausthal are working on a project titled “Powder-based additive manufacturing in zero gravity.” Aerospace 3D printing in space BAM DLR Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing German Aerospace Centre Made in Space microgravity Nasa Parabolic flight Professor Jens Günster Space TU Clausthal zero gravity ZERO-G Airbus A310

New Zealand researchers reinvent the heat exchanger with 3D printing

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Research Air Liquide Conflux Technology Dr Tim Huber heat heat exchangers New Zealand Professor Conan Fee temperature management University of CanterburyWith the potential to shakeup the design of everything from air planes to refrigerators, Dr Tim Huber and Professor Conan Fee have developed a new metal 3D printing methodology for making high-performance heat exchangers.

Air Force Research Laboratory creates 3D printed solar cells

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The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has published research into 3D printed solar cells. Materials 3D printing solar Aerosol Jet AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory Colorfabb colorfabb solar Dr. Santanu Bag optomec perovskite perovskite solar Santanu Bag solar solar cellsUsing Optomec's aerosol jet technology, the AFRL intend to develop a.

Multimaterial 3D printed cell “scaffolds” strengthen research into regenerative medicine

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A study produced by four research institutions in Brazil combines two 3D printable polymers into structures ideal for cell-growth. Research Brazil Daniela Burguez Daniela Pereira Douglas Gamba Frederico Pereira Jorge Silva Natasha Maurmann Patricia Pranke. Paulo Inforcatti Neto PCL PLGA regenerative medicine Rodrigo Rezende scaffold scaffolding scaffolds stem cell research stem cells

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Miami University Researchers Work Together to 3D Print Better Bones

3D Printing Medical 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d printed bone 3d printing research Amy Yousef bioplotter bone scaffolds EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter System Jing Zhang medical 3d printing Paul James University of MiamiWith the development and adoption of medical technology like x-rays, anaesthesia and antisepsis in the mid to late 1800’s that allowed doctors to treat broken bones surgically, the science of fixing. View the entire article via our website.

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Senvol Developing Additive Manufacturing Software for Office of Naval Research

3D Printing 3D Software Business additive manufacturing software machine learning navy Office of Naval Research senvol Senvol API Senvol Database Senvol IndexesSenvol is known for helping companies to implement additive manufacturing through its virtual resources: the Senvol Indexes, the Senvol API and the Senvol Database. Now it is working to develop. View the entire article via our website.

Russian Researchers Learn How to 3D Print Bullets

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A collaboration between Russia's Foundation for Advanced Research Projects and the Central Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering known as TSNIITOCHMASH has produced. 3D Printing Central Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering Foundation for Advanced Research Projects Professor Vladimir Chuvildeeva TSNIITOCHMASH

$30 million NIHR research center to open with 3D printed art installation

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A multi-media art installation consisting of 3D printed heart models and medical soundscapes will be displayed at the Bristol Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) of National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), to mark its opening on 1 February. Medical & Dental Berlin Heart Giovanni Biglino Great Ormond Street Hospital Jules Maxwell Making the Invisible Visible NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Sofie Layton

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Strategic Technology & Innovation Management Research Day – 2nd June, Cambridge

Capturing the Value

The Centre for Technology Management at the Institute for Manufacturing in Cambridge is holding a free to attend Research Day with industry in order to generate research insights into the following six strategic technology and innovation management topics: Keeping roadmapping alive. In each session, the lead researcher will introduce their current research activity in the area and frame a discussion within the topic.

MIT CSAIL Researchers Develop 3D Printable Structures That Fold Themselves

But researchers from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have. Frequently, when we hear about self-folding 3D printable structures, they’re based on origami. View the entire article via our website.

3d printed fish robots for behavior research

DIY 3D Printing

Motherboard has an interesting video on how scientist led by Mauricio Porfiri use 3d printed fish-robots for animal behavior experiments. I welcome our aquatic robotic overlords. 3d printed robot animal science water

Researchers develop infill algorithm for stronger, faster FDM 3D prints

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Researchers at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Southeast University, China, have developed an algorithm for stronger, more efficient, 3D printed objects. Research FDM Infill Junqing Zhang Min Dai Southeast University Yubo Hu Zhisheng ZhangThe study focuses on the.

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voestalpine opens research center for 3D printing

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The voestalpine Group is expanding from traditional steel manufacturer to innovator, with the opening of a new research and development facility in Düsseldorf. Research voestalpineThe voestalpine Additive Manufacturing.

3D printing meets lasers in latest stem cell research.

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New research from Vilnius University in Lithuania combines laser. Medical & Dental 3D Bioprinting bioprinting cell sort-out cells laser lasers Lithuania research sorting out stem cell research Vilnius UniversitySince their invention by Theodore H. Maiman in 1960, lasers have driven many advances in manufacturing.

Disney Research uses 3D printing to bring animations into the real world

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Disney Research has developed a method to bring animated characters into the physical world. The researchers used 3D printing to create a number objects which were animated by mechanized cables and joints. To demonstrate the technique, the research created a puppet-like character, an animatronic hand and a gripper. Research Disney Disney Research ETH Zurich Markus Gross MIT University of Toronto

Aberdeen Research: Seven Reasons to Provide Virtual Prototyping to Your Designers

The Solidworks Blog

Aberdeen Research recently conducted a study, “Virtual Prototyping vs. Traditional Product Development Methods” that shows how best-in-class companies are turning to virtual prototyping during the design process to understand exactly how designs will behave in the real world.

New research shows promise of high strength FDM 3D prints

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Researchers from Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University have collaborated with 3D printing company Essentium Materials. Research Blake Teipel electric welding Essentium Essentium Materials FDM FDM welding Flash Fuse Fuse Box Micah J. The study shows how an FDM 3D printer coupled with. Green Texas A&M University Texas Tech University welding

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Researchers evaluate the value of 3D bioprinting to create in vitro cancer cells

3D Printing Industry

Two separate groups have published studies looking at how 3D printing can be used for cancer research. Belgian researchers have evaluated the use of 3D printing. Research bioprinting bioprinting cancer cells cancer cancer cells cancer research in vivo Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad KU Leuven

DNV GL launches offshore & marine 3D printing research center at Singapore’s NAMIC

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Singapore’s National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) has received a boost with the launch of a new research center and the construction of a nanofabrication facility for multi-disciplinary research. Global quality assurance and risk management company DNV GL has established a Global Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in the cluster. Furthermore, a new nanofabrication facility under […].

Researchers print hyperelastic bones

3D Printing Industry

A superhuman development has been made at Northwestern University – the ability not only to print porous and flexible bone structures, but also a mix. Medical & Dental 3D Printing bones hyperelastic Northwestern University

Research uses 3D printer to create shape-shifting tensegrity structures

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Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology have used 3D printers to create tensegrity objects which can change shape. Research 3D print tensegrity 3D printing tensegrity Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Tech Glaucio Paulino Jerry Qi Kurilpa Bridge tensegrity tensile tensile strength tensional integrityThe 3D printed structures are capable of.

Researchers Develop Unusual 3D Printing Technique


TU Delft researchers have combined two 3D printing techniques together. » researchAutomatically twisting 3D printed DNA shape. Read the whole entry. »

Research embeds textiles in 3D printing for functional, flexible parts

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Research published by Carnegie Mellon and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has explored the use of a 3D printer to create stronger and more functional. Research 3D printing fabrics 3D printing textiles Carnegie Mellon Carnegie Mellon University embedded textiles fabrics RIT Rochester Institute of Technology textiles

Researchers Use A Fiery Robot To 3D Print Glass

3D Printing Review

Researchers at Virginia Tech and the Rhode Island School of Design have created a system and lab for research into glass printing. Glass printing is, as you can imagine, a pretty heady process.

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Researchers Use 3D Mapping to Measure Growth and Folding Patterns in Pre-Term Babies' Brains

A collaborative research team. 3D Scanning Medical 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d mapping 3D scanning and measurements baby brain brain research folding Imperial College London journal article King's College London medical 3d imaging MRI research paper Washington University in St. 3D printing has been used often in pediatric surgeries, but it’s also been put to work in difficult medical cases where a baby hasn’t even been born yet.

MIT researchers create advanced 3D printed material mimicking a conch shell

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Researchers at MIT have used 3D printing to replicate the innate toughness of a conch shell. The research found a 3D printed structure was up to 85%. Research 3D printed conch shell Advanced Materials Conch conch shell drop tower Grace Gu impact testing Mahdi Takaffoli Markus Buehler MIT MIT research

New Research & Consulting Service Provides Expert Insights into the AM Field -- A Few Questions For: Additive Manufacturing Research

Featured Stories 3d printing market research 3d printing research 3d printing research report 3dr holdings A Few Questions For Additive Manufacturing Resesarch alan meckler AMR exclusive interview john meckler Lawrence Gasman Scott Dunham smartech smartech publishingAdditive manufacturing offers immense opportunity to those in a variety of fields and associated verticals; while this is becoming increasingly indisputable, questions often remain for companies.