Industry 4.0 and Natural Resources: Those Who Lead Will Win

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Key findings from the report are of interest to Natural Resources companies such as mining, forestry, water and oil and gas. Author information Mark Industry Marketing Director at Dassault Systèmes Mark Bese is the Industry Marketing Director for Natural Resources at Dassault Systèmes.

Sustaining Employee Productivity in the Highly Mobile Natural Resources Industry

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Natural Resources industries such as mining and oil and gas have highly mobile workforces. Whether working in a natural resources industry or not, everyone has experienced some of the chaos that occurs when joining a new organization. On the web:

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Free SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition Learning Resources

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Lastly, without going into too much detail, we have developed more resources to support your MBD journey as listed below. I hope you find these resources relevant and useful. Model-based definition (MBD) is a process shift.

Underwriters Laboratories offers a resource for 3D printing info needs

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Underwriters Laboratories is working to address the short-term and long-term performance and safety concerns of 3D printers and additive manufacturing systems. Recently, UL initiated a number of initiatives that will help designers confidently harness the benefits of 3D printing in a way that’s relevant to their business needs. I had a conversation with Simin Zhou, Vice President of UL’s Digital Manufacturing Technologies, about these developments that you can listen to here.

How to disable SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications

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However it can be a bit over bearing when it comes to system notifications, especially with SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications. Choose which SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor Notifications to receive. SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips SOLIDWORKS Resouce SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor

3DP4E Releases Second Edition of Free 3D Print Resource eBook

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printing books 3D Printing for Everyone 3d printing teaching materials 3DP4E Digital Fabrication Resource Guide eBook learn 3d printing Resource GuideOne of the most enjoyable aspects of 3D printing culture is the devotion to the free flow of information. Whether through releasing STL files on Instructables or creating open source software and equipment, makers... View the entire article via our website.

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Natural Resources Mega Projects: Ensuring Investor Buy-in and Community Approval in the Digital Age

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With more competition for investment dollars and communities wanting greater assurances of the impact on them, executives they must be able to communicate that the data used to quantify a resource, make financial return estimates, and its lifecycle is accurate.

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Planetary Resources Shows Off First Object 3D Printed from Asteroid Metal

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And asteroid mining company Planetary Resources is ready to show the world just what’s possible when the new space industry takes off. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

Chicken and Egg: The Resources vs. Revenue Dilemma in 3D Printing

You can’t have the resources until you get the revenue. Capturing revenue without resources is incredibly difficult. Chicken meets egg. It’s a problem I’ve been solving most of my. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business 3d systems 3dlt Boston Ceramics LLC eos FIT AG Morf3D revenue Sigma Labs stratasys tangible solutions

The Best Solution Should Come with the Best Resource: Unlock MySolidWorks Professional When You Purchase SOLIDWORKS

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You can also unlock the best resource to help you design faster, and smarter with a free one-year subscription to MySolidWorks Professional (a $360 value). The latest SOLIDWORKS community news and resources – keeping you up to date.

A Great Resource to Learn Simulation in SolidWorks - Typepad

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A Great Resource to Learn Simulation in SolidWorks.      Rarely if ever, do I get excited about finding an educational resource that has some free lessons to entice you to enroll into the full suite of lessons.  Richards SolidWorks Blog. Richard Williams.

Metalysis to explore materials for 3D printed magnets with rare minerals researcher Mkango Resources

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Metal and alloy materials producer Metalysis, based in South Yorkshire, UK, has entered into an understanding with Canada's Mkango Resources (LON:MKA) to develop a medium for 3D printed magnets. Materials 3D printed magnets Dr. Kartik Rao Kartik Rao magnets Metalysis Mkango Mkango Resources Oak Ridge National Laboratory tantalum TU Wien William Dawes

BBC micro:bit Even More Accessible for Schools with Free CAD Resources

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The newly designed CAD resources were developed by Kitronik using Autodesk Inventor Professional, making it possible for these students to create their own CAD model of the micro:bit device personalized for their specific needs and functions.… By Tyler Koslow.

Looking for SOLIDWORKS Learning Resources? #SOLIDWORKS

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Welcome to the New Year and Twenty-Seventeen! There have been a few things happening, over the past month, in and around the SOLIDWORKS community. With a busy build up to […]. SOLID Professor SolidWorks SOLIDWORKS. Learn SolidWorks swugn

Aniwaa, the Best Kept Secret in Online 3D Printing Resources is Out with New 3D Printer Guide

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… The original post Aniwaa, the Best Kept Secret in Online 3D Printing Resources is Out with New 3D Printer Guide appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Davide Editing.

Planetary Resources 3D prints with real asteroid sourced metal

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Planetary Resources is one of the companies who want to mine asteroids for metals and work in the asteroid belt. You can watch an interview with Chris Lewicki, president and CEO of Planetary Resources here: [link].

An Invaluable Resource for All: 3D Hubs Releases Definitive Guide to 3D Printing

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of 3D Hubs and all of their reports. Always well thought out and entertaining, I mainly look forward to seeing their data reports on monthly industry trends which. View the entire article via our website.

Planetary Resources Shows Off 3D Printing with Extra-Terrestrial Dust at CES 2016

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 2016 ces 3d printed regolith asteroid CES 2016 CES Las Vegas meteorite planetary resources space age space mining3D printing is already some of the coolest technology around and it is hard to imagine how it could be combined with a material that could make its near magical ability to create form from nothing. View the entire article via our website.

SOLIDWORKS low resources - What's holding my RAM hostage?

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Ever wonder why you don't have that many things open but you still get an out of resources warning? Let's look at the Resources…. Let's open the Resource Monitor that will tell us! In this example I am in by no means running out of resources. Not this ram!! This RAM!!

ZMorph Announces ASEAN Distribution Agreement with ImageTransforms: Singapore’s 3D Printing Prime Resource

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ZMorph, the company responsible for the revolutionary ZMorph 2.0

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10 Incredible Mining Facts

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Visit for stories about innovation in the mining industry and to watch a story with NASA about the near-future of Asteroid mining. His scope within Natural Resources encompasses mining, upstream oil and gas, water, and agriculture and forestry.

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Creative Design Platform Gantri Offers Free Resources and 3D Printing, So Designers Can Quickly Bring Products to Market

If you’re interested in designing unique products and easily selling them online, but aren’t sure where to start, look no further than Gantri, a new, free platform for designers to create. View the entire article via our website.

Technical innovations in natural resources

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Natural resources companies, like those in many sectors, are adapting technological innovations developed for other uses. Here are some examples of how natural resources companies have adapted innovations from other sectors: Autonomous vehicles. By Catherine Bolgar.

Free Resources from Kitronik: Students Learn How to 3D Print Covers for USB Memory Sticks

3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed memory stick cover 3D printing educational projects 3d printing lessons 3D printing online resources BBC micro:bit kitronikThe student mindset has changed somewhat since many of us were learning the three R’s and worrying about crucial items like lunch, whether we’d see our crush in history class, and where we put that. View the entire article via our website.

Sculpteo Compiles Resources for Child- and Beginner-Friendly 3D Printing Education

In my decades-long teaching career, I have some experience teaching science and math concepts, though I preferred teaching literature and grammar. But now that Science, Technology, Engineering, and. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printing education autodesk autodesk project ignite emily mcnab sculpteo STEM education Tinkercad

Thoughts on Making Mining Lean

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This blog is a highlights from a Recent Mining Magazine article “Making Mining Lean” ,by Dassault Systèmes’ José Santos , Natural Resources Solution Director, and Nicolas Jeannée , Natural Resources Mining Solution Director. – – – – – – – – – – – –.

Now published: additive manufacturing and sustainability article

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3d printing additive manufacturing sustainability 3D printing business model industrial sustainability material life cycle Mélanie Despeisse product life cycle resource efficiency Simon Ford value chain reconfiguration

Bionic Aircraft Collaborative Research Project Works to Increase the Efficiency of Aviation Resources through Additive Manufacturing

3D printing and 3D scanning technologies have been making major headway into aviation recently, and these uses are only set to expand. We have seen 3D printed airplanes before, used in the military, View the entire article via our website.

MakerBot Presents New Grant Resource Guide for Educators Looking to Add 3D Printing Technology to the Classroom

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: teachers work really hard every single day for their students, to foster a learning environment that is safe, interesting, and educational. View the entire article via our website.

How can technology protect natural resources?

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In recent years, due to growth in places like China and India and increasing urbanization, demand for natural resources has dramatically increased. Environment Communities Future Realities Marni Rabasso natural resources oil & gas

Sustainable Innovation for Business and the Planet

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With an increasing population comes ever greater demand for the planet’s finite resources, such as minerals, water, agriculture, forestry, and oil and gas. Will increased competition lead to clashes over water resources, or can we find a way to manage them more effectively?

Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things

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″ Natural Resources excellence IIoT industrial internet Internet of Things metals minerals mining performanceMining is not a single process but a sequence of processes managed across the supply chain, from geology studies to commodity shipment.

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Hollow Prints Save Money and Resources, i.materialise Reminds Us

Ever since I started writing about 3D printing over a year ago, I find that one of the developments I get most excited about in the 3D printing space is the ability to move... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printing costs Autodesk 123Design hollowing i.materialise materialise meshmixer sketchup

Abstract submission to Cleaner Production conference

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By creating products layer-by-layer it mimics biological processes and is inherently more resource efficient than traditional subtractive methods of production. A growing number of examples can be found of products that are being redesigned for AM to become more resource efficient. The Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference is currently accepting submissions of abstracts until 29th May.

Taking the lid off at Dundee Precious Metals

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– – – – – – – – – – – – Follow Dassault Systèmes Natural Resources Industry on Twitter: @3DSNR. On the web:

A More Dynamic Annual Planning Process

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– – – – – – – – – – – – Follow Dassault Systèmes Natural Resources Industry on Twitter: @3DSNR. On the web: Natural Resources metals minerals mining Planning

The Near Zero Effort Approach to More Robust Mine Plans

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Follow Dassault Systèmes Natural Resources Industry on Twitter: @3DSNR. On the web: Natural ResourcesIt seems like there is never enough time to be fully confident that the plans you develop are economically robust and realistically executable.

Can Platform-based Mining Simulation Address the Industry’s Megatrends?

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Written by Mark Bese, Dassault Systèmes, Natural Resources Industry. productivity; resource depletion; extended enterprise sustainability; and education and training for the new generation. Follow Dassault Systèmes Natural Resources Industry on Twitter: @3DSNR.

Is a Holistic Approach Needed to Address Falling Mining Productivity?

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Follow Dassault Systèmes Natural Resources Industry on Twitter: @3DSNR. On the web: Natural Resources data metals minerals mining productivityIn a recent podcast , McKinsey’s Chris Mulligan and Mukani Moyo discuss the state of the mining industry.

Management of Multiple Quarry Sites

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Follow Dassault Systèmes Natural Resources Industry on Twitter: @3DSNR. On the web: Natural Resources geology minerals mining Planning quarry

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