Healthcare Robotics Market – Exploring the Untapped Opportunities for Key Players in the Market

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To significantly reduce the cases of adverse effects of medical treatment, medical industry required technological advancements which could assist physicians in diagnostics, monitoring and conducting surgeries to reduce errors, thus, resulting in the advent of robotics systems in healthcare.

Telepresence Robots – The Ideal Solution for Virtual Meetings

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Over the last decade the rise of technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning has resulted in the massive transformation of the robotics industry. A fusion of video collaboration solutions and robotics technology formed the telepresence robots.

Some very cool industrial robots and machinery!

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industrial robot robots

How do robots make robotic babies?

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A team of scientists at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam demonstrated how robots can evolve and reproduce. The first robot baby is a big step towards robotic ecosystems that can evolve in challenging environments. 3d printed robot Netherlands robot robots wifi

Dexter High Precision DIY Robot

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Dexter is a high precision 3d printable robot that can be trained by the human operator. Hackaday summary video: Detailed videos showcasing the robot's features: Hackaday project homepage: [link] Project description: Dexter is an open source, 5+ axis robotic arm.

SAM Robotic Brick Layer

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SAM is a robotic bricklayer that uses standard masonry bricks. Video description: Meet the Semi-Automated Mason or SAM, a robot that is so good at building walls it could take over the construction industry. Construction Robotics created SAM to solve that problem.

Pleurobot Robotic Salamander

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Pleurobot is a robotic salamander with 3d printed skeleton that was developed on the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. 3d printed robot animal Switzerland

3D Printed Robotic Mesh Structures Controlled by Magnetic Fields

Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a new kind of robot – one that floats on water and can be controlled with applied magnetic fields. 3D Printing Robotics 3d printed soft robotics magnetic north carolina state university soft roboticsThese 3D printed flexible mesh. View the entire article via our website.

Robogami 3D Printable Robots from MITCSAIL

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3d printed robot MITProject research paper: [link].

OpenHand 3d printable open source robotic hand is a strong and flexible gripper for you robot

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3d printed robots are not toys anymore and very serious open source projects are emerging like strong DIY 3d printable robotic arm or small DIY robotic production cell. If you want to develop your own project you can use this robotic hand developed at Yale.

Makerarm Robotic Multitool

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It is a robotic arm with many tool attachments for 3d printing, milling, drawing foam cutting, PCB manufacturing and other. It still looks like hobby or entry-level system but we are slowly moving towards prosumer home production robots.

Mechanical Engineer Makes 95% 3D Printed Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower

3D Printing Robotics 3d printed lawn mower 3D printing DIY projects Arduino autonomous lawn mower maker maker community robot thingiverseWhile I do know how to mow my lawn, that’s a job my husband normally takes care of. We like to divide and conquer when it comes to household chores – I do the laundry, he mows the lawn, I. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printed Robot Mimics Human Emotions

What do you think of when you hear the word “robot?” Human beings are described as robotic if they lack emotion. Robotic and human seem polar. 3D Printing Robotics 3d printed robot 3d printed robots KIST Korea Institute of Science and Technology robot robots” You probably don’t think of emotions. View the entire article via our website.

BoxBotix Open Source Robotics Platform

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BoxBotix is an open source robotics platform that uses 3d printed modules to create several different types of robots. 3d printed robot 3d printed uav drone open source quadcopter

OctaWorm Octahedron Robot

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OctaWorm is a deformable octahedron burrowing robot that is currently powered by air pressure. 3d printed robot airIt is developed by Juan Cristobal Zagal and has many 3d printed parts. The design enables it to move in very confined spaces.

Norwegian Robotics Team Designs 3D Printed, Self-Learning Robots

A research team at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems laboratory at the University of Oslo’s Department of Informatics is in the process of designing and programming 3D printed robots that can solve complex tasks... View the entire article via our website.

Researchers Use Robotic Arm 3D Printing Process for Mold Fabrication

3D Printing Robotics Science & Technology 3d printed molds 3d printing molds automated fiber placement composites research paper robotic 3d printing Robotic Additive Manufacturing robotic arm Singapore University of Technology and Design workflowMany objects that we call 3D printed, from crayons and chess pieces to turbines and dental aligners, and were actually created using 3D printed molds, rather than being fully printed themselves.

Youbionic Combines 3D Printed Bionic Arms with SpotMini the Nightmare Robotic Dog by Boston Dynamics

Ever since 2014, Italy-based Youbionic, which was founded by Federico Ciccarese and specializes in robotics and bionics, has been working on its 3D printed, robot-controlled, bionic prosthetic hand. 3D Printing Robotics 3D printed YouBionic hand Boston Dynamics robotic devices robotics and 3D printing SpotMini youbionic Youbionic One

Open Surgery 3D Printed Robot

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Frank Kolkman developed a DIY surgical robot made with some off-the shelf electronics and 3d printed parts. Robot moving: Here is a Dezeen interview: Project homepage: [link] Frank's homepage: [link]. 3d printed robot medical applications of 3d printing Netherlands surgery

Creatz3D Case Study Shows How 3D Printing Improved Design of Multi-Axis Suction EOAT Robot

3D Printing Robotics 3d printing and robotics case study Creatz3D EOAT Fortus 450mc polycarbonate Stratasys FDM 3D printing stratasys fortus 450mc tooling Universal Robots3D printing solutions provider Creatz3D, which operates in Singapore and Vietnam, was founded in 2012 and works to bring awareness to the fact that 3D printing adoption needs to be accelerated in. View the entire article via our website.

Thor Open Source Robotic Arm from Spain

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Thor is an Open Source and 3D printable robotic arm with six degrees of freedom developed by Ángel Larrañaga Muro from Madrid, Spain. Its configuration (yaw-roll-roll-yaw-roll-yaw) is the same one that is used on most manipulator robots that currently exist in the market.

Spain 208

Weeklong Camp Introduces Girls to 3D Printing, Robotics and More

3D Printing Education Robotics girls in STEM Hamburg University of Technology robotics camp STEM educationAlthough progress is being made, there is still a disparity between the number of men and women in STEM fields. So it’s always encouraging to hear about initiatives that are encouraging girls. View the entire article via our website.

Single Actuator Wave-like 3D Printed Robot

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SAW is a 3d printed robot that can crawl, swim and climb using wave motions with only one motor. From project description: SAW (single actuator wave-like robot) is the first robot that produces a pure wave-like motion with a single motor. 3d printed robot robot

Hydraulic 3D Printed Insectoid Robot

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They demonstrated it by 3d printing an insectoid robot that moves when motor and battery is added. Other robotic accessories such as hydraulic grippers can also be 3d printed. 3d printed robot flexible insects MIT

B-Robot fully 3d printable self balancing robot

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Fully 3d printable self balancing robot powered by with Arduino, controlled by smartphone via Wifi. 3d printed robot arduino diy mobile robot video wifi Designed and made by Jose Julio.

Robotics is MEGA-Trending

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All around the world there is a huge interest in robotics. Schools everywhere and at every level are involved in some type of robotics competition. I did take his advice, although not in the traditional sense as I decided to study robotics. The Wave of Robotics Adoption.

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Neuron Robotics Unveils BowlerStudio — Design, Simulate & 3D Print Advanced Robots

While we’ve covered numerous applications for 3D printing involving robotics, it’s the future of the two converging technologies that really gets us excited. Not only does 3D printing enable rapid iterations of newly designed robots,... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3d print robotics 3d printed robots articulated robots bowlerstudio neuron robotics

3D Printed Robotic Shielding with TangoBlack+

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Researchers at MITs CSAIL devloped a method that uses standard 3d printer with advanced programmable viscoelastic materials like TangoBlack+ to make shock absorbing skin for robots.

Greek Robotics Club 3D Prints Incredibly Fast Line Following Robots

The technologies of robotics and 3D printing continue to converge. While in essence, a 3D printer is a robot itself, it’s the robots that are able to be fabricated via 3D printing which are becoming the real story.... 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed robots greece Istanbul ITU Robot Olympics 2015 line following robots robot olympics University of Patras

Low Cost 3D Printable Robotic Rover

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"Slime Eel" published the robotic rover he developed and which is mostly 3d printable. 3d printed robot arduino instructables low costAll the instructions and files needed to make it: [link].

Slant Concepts Launches 3D Printed Robotic Arm for STEM Education

There have been many instances where 3D printing technology has stepped up to give a hand to the manufacturing of robotic arms (pun slightly intended). Whether that robotic device was designed to. 3D Printing Robotics 3D printed educational products 3d printed robotic arm 3d printed robotic arm kit 3d printed robotics 3d printed robotics kit Arduino Arduino Uno LittleArm robotics education robotics startup Slant Concepts STEM education

Simple DIY 3d printable insectoid robot powered by Arduino

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Here is a simple robotic walker that you can make yourself. It looks like ideal project for school or beginner robotics learning. It is powered by 9v battery and Arduino Uno controlled. The project is developed by Instructables user Bit-Boy. Kudos Bit! You will need lots of screws.

3D printed transformable all-terrain robotic wheel

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Carter Hurd is robotics enthusiast who developed this transformable 3d printed wheel that can go across different terrains and surface textures. Here is a video of earlier prototype: Project homepage with many more cool robotics projects: [link]. 3d printed robot concept robot

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competition Teaches STEM Students in Dayton About Teamwork, Robots, and 3D Printing

3D Printing Education Exclusive Interviews Robotics 3d print robotics 3d printing and robotics 3d printing solution Dayton Mini Maker Faire educational programs educational robot project FIRST FIRST Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge kids programs laser cutter monoprice 3d printer robotics competition STEM education STEM learning

DS Doll Presents Prototype of 3D Printed Sex Robot

Robots are capable of doing all sorts of amazing things. Tiny micro-robots may be able to perform tasks like personalized drug delivery, while giant robots are being used to build houses. Robots are. 3D Design 3D Printing Robotics 3d printed robots 3d printed sex dolls DS DollView the entire article via our website.

3d printed RC Mars rover robot

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Josef Vladik designed and 3d printed a remotely controlled Mars robotic rover. 3d printed robot 3d printed vehicles arduino space toy It is all wheel powered and controlled with Arduino Mega.

Ubercool Codename Colossus walking robot toy

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Here is a seriously cool 3d printed toy robot! 3d printed robot 3d printed toysMachination studio homepage: [link] Source: [link].