Design choices–an interview with Roland 3D printer developer

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Roland is also a developer of 3D printers. Recently Roland interviewed Keigo Okusa, manager of 3D product development at the company about the design choices made when developing this printer. Additive Manufacturing Consumer Products Leslie''s blog Personal 3D printers Rapid Prototyping Vat Photopolymerization Roland DGA The company’s most recent 3D printer is the monoFab ARM-10, which uses a layered projection system and resin material.

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Roland’s Not-So-Secret Ceramic 3D Printer


Roland's prototype ceramic 3D printer. When you think of “Roland” with respect to. Read the whole entry. » » printer

Roland DGA’s New Dental Brand: DGSHAPE


Japan-based Roland has introduced a new dental 3D. The DGSHAPE DWP-80S dental 3D printer. Read the whole entry. » » printer

Roland’s monoFab Prototyping Solution


We had a look at Roland’s new twin machine prototyping solution they call “monoFab”. This is apparently Roland’s very first 3D printer, but they tell us to expect more in the future. Via Roland. It’s a series of two different rapid prototyping machines. The ARM-10 provides desktop 3D printing capability, while the SRM-20 provides desktop milling functionality. The two machines together can provide a serious prototyping capability for any small workshop.

Special pricing on desktop 3D printers and milling machines

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So, for all of you who are looking for a price break, check out the limited-time 3D product promotion from Roland DGA. From now until Nov 30, 2015, you can receive 10% instant rebates on the purchase of any cutting-edge Roland MDX series or monoFab™ series milling machine , and a 20% instant rebate on the purchase of the company’s monoFab™ ARM-10 3D printer.

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Customization is Key -- A Few Questions For: Leopoly

Featured Stories A Few Questions For accelerator Budapest customization Hungary Leopoly Leopoly app River Accelerator Roland Mányai san franciscoOne of the aspects of 3D technologies that often appeals to new adopters is its ease of customization; 3D design templates allow for incredible freedom in creating one-off or low-volume customized. View the entire article via our website.

ExOne, 3Dealise & Bruil Create Enormous, Complex 3D Printed Concrete Forms

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printed 3d printed architectural materials 3dealise Bruil concrete 3d printing ExOne S-Max printer GEVEL 2015 large concrete form printer Roland Stapper It’s an enormous 3D printer which can create an object the size of a phone booth. With a build volume of 1800 x 1000 x 700 mm, the ExOne S-Max printer can, within 24... View the entire article via our website.

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German Paralympian Cyclist Hopes to Race Using 3D Printed Prosthesis in 2016 Rio Games

3D Design 3D Printing Health 3D Printing 2016 Paralympics 3d printed prosthesis 3d printed prosthetic device autodesk autodesk pier 9 Autodesk Within Denise Schindler Fusion 360 German Chancellor Angela Merkel Hannover Messe 2016 president barack obama Roland ZellesWhen the Paralympics come to Rio de Janeiro this September, German silver medal winning cyclist Denise Schindler is hoping to be the first to race in the games using a 3D printed prosthetic device.

Mission: Possible. Purple Platypus: Unstoppable

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The main showroom also includes new displays for our Roland Precision Milling Machines and Spaceclaim 3D Modeling Software. The new Roland display features impressive samples which contain intricate details and the monoFab SRM-20 , a well-packaged desktop CNC machine which includes Roland’s acclaimed simple programming interface. Blog Connex3 260 Eden 260VS Grand Re-Opening Irvine Chamber of Commerce Mark Swart monoFab SRM-20 mosaic 3d art Purple Porcupine Roland SpaceClaim

The 3Doodler Awards 2015 Winners Have Been Announced!

3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing @aplastigrapher @connie_doodles @mishmoshy #3DoodlerAwards 3d art 3d printed game of thrones 3doodler 3doodler art 3Doodler Awards 2015 3doodler designs carrie michael eduardo pires erica gray esra oguz game of thrones janjan85 jose manuel diaz Julian Masson marcel barrientos martukart rachel goldsmith roland san jose yudi marton

Supporting Monarch Inc.’s Grand Opening with 3D Printing and Milling Solutions

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Ridgecrest 3D printing Roland MDX-540 Stratasys Fortus 400 On November 25, 2014, Purple Platypus supported Monarch Inc.‘s ‘s grand opening of their new headquarters located at 1519 N. Norma St. Ridgecrest, CA 93555. Monarch, Inc. formerly known as Cal UAS) specializes in aircraft, software, and exclusive services including crop analysis, land survey and mapping, and 3D terrain and accident mapping. In addition to their new […]. Blog Cal UAS Eileen Shibley Monarch Inc.

Manufacturing Day: Inspire. Create. Participate.

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Each tour ran for 45 minutes, which also included a presentation on Stratasys 3D Printers , Roland Milling Machines , SpaceClaim 3D Modeling Software and Purple Porcupine 3D Printing services. Check out a recap of our MFG Day event at the Purple Platypus: Blog manufacturing day movement manufacturing tour mfg day MFG Day Event national manufacturing day Roland milling SpaceClaim software Stratasys 3D printers

Color Printing: A Useful Post-Printing Feature for 3D Print Services?


A golf ball with curved surface showing precise color prints by Roland. While wandering. Read the whole entry. » » ideas

Technical University of Munich, Oerlikon, GE Additive and Linde to Establish Additive Manufacturing Cluster in Bavaria

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The project is an excellent example of close collaboration between industry, academia and politics to innovate and industrialize a technology like additive manufacturing,” commented Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO of the Oerlikon Group. “AM Featured News additive manufacturing cluster Christian Bruch GE Additive Jason Oliver Linde Michael Suess Munich Technology Conference (MTC3) Oerlikon Roland Fischer The Technical University of Munich Thomas Hofmann TUM

EPMA – World PM2016 Congress & Exhibition Will Cover All Areas of Powder Metallurgy

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Ing Roland Käppner, Head of Business Development & Sales Thyssen Krupp Industrial Solutions AG, Germany. Ing Roland Käppner Dr. Oliver Schauerte ERAMET GROUP Inc. World PM2016 Congress & Exhibition: Do not miss this opportunity to join this year’s event, at the Advanced Delegate Rate, which boasts over 400 technical papers and will feature a packed 4-day programme and covers all areas of powder metallurgy.

Safran, Oerlikon, CNRS and the University of Limoges Create a Joint Research Lab and Technology Platform for Surface Treatment in Southwest France

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We are excited to enter into this strategic partnership with Safran, CNRS and The University of Limoges,” said Oerlikon CEO, Dr. Roland Fischer. “We Education Featured News Uncategorized Alain Celerier CNRS Dr. Roland Fischer IRCER Jean-Luc Moullet Oerlikon PROTHEIS REACH Safran Stéphane Cueille surface treatment capabilities TRL1 to TRL6* University of Limoges

RUAG Deepens Cooperation With Oerlikon to Achieve Serial Production of 3D Printed Components for Space

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Through our ongoing collaboration with RUAG Space, we have identified opportunities to fine-tune the qualification and certification processes, which are crucial in ensuring consistent quality in production,” said Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO, Oerlikon Group. “We Featured News Additive Manufacturing AM bracket Dr. Roland Fischer Farnborough Airshow Memorandum of Understanding OERL Oerlikon Oerlikon AM payload fairing Peter Guggenbach RUAG Space

Oerlikon and Lufthansa Technik to Jointly Accelerate Additive Manufacturing Processes and Standards

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We are confident that Oerlikon’s extensive expertise in additive manufacturing and the aerospace industry, combined with our proven ability to integrate solutions throughout the manufacturing value chain on a global scale will bring great benefits to Lufthansa Technik,” said Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO, Oerlikon Group. “We

Oerlikon Gains Unique Technology and Process Expertise in Advanced Materials

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Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO of the Oerlikon Group, said: “The expertise and team from Scoperta adds great value and complements well with Oerlikon’s existing strong materials heritage and competence. Featured News Additive Manufacturing ceramic materials Dr. Roland Fischer metal-based materials nanomaterials Oerlikon Scoperta Inc. Pfäffikon Schwyz, Switzerland – May 3, 2017 – Oerlikon announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Scoperta Inc. ,

Oerlikon and Boeing to Create Standard Processes for 3D-Printed Structural Titanium Aerospace Parts

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This program will drive the faster adoption of additive manufacturing in the rapidly growing aerospace, space and defence markets,” said Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO Oerlikon Group. Featured News 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing AM Boeing Dr. Roland Fischer Leo Christodoulou Oerlikon serial manufacturingFive-year agreement supports creation of standard titanium additive manufacturing processes. Boeing has 50,000+ 3D-printed parts on commercial, space and defense products flying today.

Oerlikon Acquires citim GmbH – A Leader in Production Technologies for Additive Manufacturing

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Oerlikon CEO Dr. Roland Fischer said: “The competencies and team from citim will serve to consolidate our position in the additive manufacturing business, marking the acquisition as an important move for us to drive the industrialization of additive manufacturing and to become an independent service provider for the production of additively manufactured components. Featured News citim GmbH Dr. Roland Fischer OC Oerlikon Corporation AG Oerlikon

Oerlikon and GE Additive Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Additive Manufacturing

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Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO of the Oerlikon Group, said: “Developing innovative technology is key to our growth strategy and a distinct advantage Oerlikon brings to customers. Featured News Additive Manufacturing AM Arcam AB Concept Laser Dr. Roland Fischer GE Additive International Paris Air Show Memorandum of Understanding Mohammad Ehteshami MoU OerlikonPartnership to advance additive manufacturing.

Oerlikon to Build Advanced Materials Manufacturing Facility in Michigan, USA

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Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO of the Oerlikon Group, said: “We intend to take a leading position in the industrialization of additive manufacturing and are convinced that the facility in Plymouth Township will ignite this ambition. Featured News Dr. Roland Fischer OC Oerlikon Corporation AG Oerlikon Oerlikon Metco Pfäffikon VIGA technologyAdditive manufacturing materials.

Oerlikon Signed Two Research Partnerships – With TU Munich and Skoltech – to Advance the Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing

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The agreement with TU Munich was signed by Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO of Oerlikon, and Prof. Featured News Additive Manufacturing Dr. Alexander Kuleshov Dr. Michael Süss Dr. Roland Fischer Ilse Aigner OC Oerlikon Corporation AG Oerlikon Prof.

Oerlikon Expands Additive Manufacturing R&D and Production Capacity in the US

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Dr. Roland Fischer, CEO of the Oerlikon Group, said: “Innovation is a strategic driver of growth at Oerlikon. Featured News Additive Manufacturing Atlanta Barleben citim Dr. Roland Fischer Metal Additive Manufacturing OC Oerlikon Corporation AG Oerlikon Pfäffikon Plymouth Township

Insight from a Different Technology

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The iModela from Roland. First, I want to say that Roland has been making desktop milling machines for many years. Based on my experience with the MDX-15, it is very apparent that Roland has upped their game on an already good product. And, Roland should be credited for clearly showing potential users what they have to do to create those more complex objects. And, while I KNOW that the Roland is perfectly capable of creating some of those useful things.

Building on Making Learning Irresistible -in D&T

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3D Systems for providing the Cube 3D printer, Roland DG for providing the vinyl cutters, VEX Robotics for the loan of the VEX IQ Clawbot. On Friday I was given the opportunity to run a workshop for the North Somerset Learning Exchange… A primary school conference called Building on Making Learning Irresistible. My workshop was primarily to look at the implications of the new national curriculum for Design and Technology.

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J55 Use Case: Pruner Prototype

Purple Platypus

Purple Platypus, located in Orange County Southern California, is the preferred dealer for Stratasys 3D printers, Desktop Metal 3D printers, eviXscan 3D scanners, ProtoMAX waterjets, Roland benchtop milling machines, and SpaceClaim 3D direct modeling software. Customer Profile.

DIMENSIONEXT: Baby Heart Patient Saved by 3D Printing


Rolands surgeon Dr. Erle Austin said that he had anticipated that the surgery would be tricky and thus sought a model that offered more detail than traditional 2D scans. The 14-month old, Roland, the son of Par Tha Sung and Sang Ceu Lian of Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.A., Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT. Baby Heart Patient Saved by 3D Printing. Baby Heart Patient Saved by 3D Printing.

Fortus 450mc: Interview With A Senior Sales Engineer

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In 2017, Mark flew back to the Purple nest and is happy to be representing the most advanced technologies on the market, from Stratasys, Roland, Desktop Metal, and eviXscan. From functional prototypes with exacting tolerances, to manufacturing tools that perform under pressure, the Fortus 450mc 3D production system sets a high bar for speed, performance, and accuracy. In this blog post, learn why Mark Dewey, Senior Sales Engineer, would recommend a customer to invest in the Fortus 450.

J750: Interview With A Senior Sales Engineer

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In 2017, Mark flew back to the Purple nest and is happy to be representing the most advanced technologies on the market, from Stratasys, Roland, Desktop Metal, and eviXscan. As the world’s only full color multi-material high resolution 3D printer, the J750 gives users the opportunity to create prototypes that look, feel, and operate like finished products. Our team interviewed one of our Senior Sales Engineers, to give insight into when and how the J750 works best. Meet Mark Dewey.

Roland DG Australia unveils its first DLP 3D printer


Australia company Roland DG has announced the release of the monoFab series, including the company''s first 3D printer, the ARM-10, and a new 3D subtractive prototyping and manufacturing machine, the SRM-20. This article Roland DG Australia unveils its first DLP 3D printer is first published at

The Week in 3D Printing

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Braille” by Roland DG Mid Europe Italia, licensed under CC BY 2.0. This week in 3D printing, we went from the bottom of prehistoric oceans to the remote villages of Appalachia, picking up some precious metals — and helping the blind to read — along the way. Printing money. Fortune (appropriately) brought us the story of Desktop Metals , a company that has the likes of Alphabet, BMW, and Lowe’s ponying up $45 million in investment in the hopes of bringing down the cost of 3D metal printing.

The World Stage for Aerospace Innovation

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Roland Gerhards, Managing Director ZAL Tech Center Research & development. Paris Air Show goers came prepared for more than just scorching hot weather. They arrived with an open mind, or as the French say, esprit ouvert, to be inspired by all the innovation the Paris Air Show delivers to the world.

Roland DG releases first dental 3D printer, the DWP-80S, under DGSHAPE brand


Major dental device manufacturer Roland DG has just announced the release of its first ever dental 3D printer, the DWP-80S. The impressive new printer, which will assist in the production of dentures, is significant for more than just its technological components. 3D Printers

Spotlight on Morphosis Architects’ Kerenza Harris: Teaching the Value of Parametrics from Concept to Fabrication

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Photo credit: Roland Halbe. Founded in 1972, Morphosis took its name from the Greek word meaning “to form or be in formation.” While the name alludes to the firm’s “dynamic and evolving practice,” today it might also apply to its innovative use of parametric design tools. Since joining the firm in 2008, Kerenza Harris has been a key part of Morphosis’ development and integration of these new technologies into design work.

Technology Trend Setters and Innovators in Aerospace: What Do They Have in Common?

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Roland Gerhards, the Managing Director and CEO of the Center for Applied Aviation Research in Hamburg states, “Imagine this technology center as a sandbox where all of the partners can play together.” As the growth of the aerospace and defense industry continues, the number of non-traditional players also seems to be growing. Legacy and newcomers alike see innovation as the means to get ahead.

SWUGN Group Leader Spotlight: James Adkins

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A friend, Roland Flego had several years of SOLIDWORKS experience, mentioned that he would like to see a local user group get started. One thing led to another and I found my first user group and Roland became the coleader. While I still lead that group, due to a job change, I now have plans in place to transfer it to Roland.

The World Stage for Aerospace Innovation, the 2017 Paris Air Show

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Roland Gerhards, Managing Director ZAL Tech Center Research & development. Paris Air Show goers came prepared for more than just scorching hot weather. They arrived with an open mind, or as the French say, esprit ouvert, to be inspired by the aerospace innovation the Paris Air Show delivers to the world.

What Will 2015 Bring to 3D Printing?


In 2014 we saw machines come from Roland, Dremel and others. After our 2014 wrap up , we thought we’d put down some crazy ideas for what might happen in 2015. The world of 3D printing has grown significantly in the past three or four years, more and faster than ever before. There is no reason to expect this to slow in 2015. Aside from the obvious, “things will get bigger, faster, etc.”, we had a few ideas on what may transpire.

The purmundus challenge Recognises Stand-out Achievements in 3D and 4D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Our Compass cannot be manufactured in other than additive manufacturing due to 1 step combination of models with high level textures and colour with the latest materials of Stratasys and Roland UV printing.

AeroDef Manufacturing with Composites Manufacturing Event Features Best Strategic Thinkers in the Industry

Additive Manufacturing

Roland Dutton, Air Force Research Laboratory. Aerospace and defense conference and exhibition returns to Long Beach in February 2016. LONG BEACH, Calif.) – SME ’s AeroDef Manufacturing with Composites Manufacturing will bring together the leading companies and executives from aerospace and defense manufacturing to highlight the latest technology options and trends Feb. 8 to 10 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

DIMENSIONEXT: New Post Processing for 3DP


Roland Schmitt, Owner of Schmitt Ultraschalltechnik and a Technical Designer defines the problem that the company isolated: “ the fast production of 3D prints is impressive, the availability of the final product is instead often delayed due to time consuming and often manual removal of the support material" and Schmitt Ultraschalltechniks solution: "The better alternative is our fast, efficient and economical removal utilising our system which we specifically developed for this purpose.