SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Features to New Studies

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Running multiple SOLIDWORKS Simulation studies on a model typically have similar features. You can duplicate a study to make a new copy and then make your modifications. Right-click on the existing study tab and Copy Study. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Study.

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My Highlights of SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: the New Toplogy Study

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 introduces a new study type, the Topology Study, which enables designers and engineers to develop innovative minimum mass components. Let’s dig into this new study by considering a simple example that I carried out recently.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Topology Study Intermediate Results

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 now allows Topology Studies to be stopped during intermediate iterations and keep its results. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Topology Solver Dialog. Here is an example of a Topology study with fixtures on two faces and a force on the opposite end.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Topology Study Constraints

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Topology studies in SOLIDWORKS Simulation give you insight to help determine the best design for a set of constraints (included in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Premium packages). SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Topology Frequency Constraint.

Design for Additive Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Study

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Widespread adoption of the materials and geometric freedom provided by additive manufacturing pushes the boundaries of traditional simulation validation processes. Topology Study produces organic geometry that is optimized for its intended application.

Simulation Study: Empowering Innovation

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How do leading companies empower design engineers with simulation? We are conducting new research on simulation and exploring questions such as how does simulation help design engineers? What are the best ways to help design engineers adopt simulation tools?

How to define a Thermostat in a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study

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Did you know you can set up a thermostat directly in your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Transient Study which will turn the heat power on/off based on the temperature? You can also access this command from the menu bar Simulation > Loads/Fixtures > Heat Power.

Study 52

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Accuracy Report by AFNOR

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Need to know how accurate SOLIDWORKS Simulation really is? This report compares 101 results given by SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 with examples provided by AFNOR. To get the full validation report of SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 by AFNOR, click here.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020

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SOLIDWORKS® Simulation 2020 is all about ease of use and performance! SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 took a big leap forward by changing the Bonded Contact setup default from Compatible mesh to Incompatible mesh. Ever wonder if you have set up your simulation study correctly?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 Email Notifications for Completed Studies

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 now includes the ability to automatically send notification emails to track the status of your studies. The email setup can be found under Simulation > Options > System Options tab > Email Notification settings.

Reduce Costs with Optimization Studies in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional , designers and engineers can take advantage of Simulation Optimization Design Studies, which allow us to use the results of linear-static studies to parametrically optimize specific dimensions of our choosing.

Will Drafting Help a Road Cyclist? A Flow Simulation Study

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Analyst by profession and heart, I decided to check myself so I jumped on one of the Simulation tools that I use, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. I can also simulate multiple cyclists to check the effect of drafting. The Simulation process remains same, except that we use two cycles.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 Import Study Features from Parts/Sub-assemblies into Upper Level Assemblies

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 introduces an option to import existing Simulation study properties in a part or sub-assembly to a new Static study in an upper level assembly. The following Simulation features can be imported: Materials and Element types (solid, shell, beam).

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 Mass Properties of Simulation Studies

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With SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 you now have the ability to calculate the Mass Properties of your Simulation studies. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mass Properties. Included in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mass Properties. How to access SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mass Properties.

Stabilize SOLIDWORKS Simulation Studies with Soft Spring and Inertial Relief

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation offers two techniques for stabilizing self-equilibrated models: Soft Springs or Inertial Relief. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Inertial Relief applies body load acceleration to the model to offset any unbalanced forces. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Self-equilibrated Models

How to convert a Static Study to a Nonlinear or Linear Dynamic Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 introduces the ability to take an existing Static Simulation study and convert it to a Nonlinear or Linear Dynamic study. Any valid loads and boundary conditions will be copied to the new study. Copy Study.

Study 72

Case Study: Senior Flexonics Saves 95% on New Heat Exchanger Design with ANSYS 3D Simulation Software

3D Printing 3D Software Metal 3D Printing 3D printing cooling devices 3d printing simulation software 3d simulation ANSYS case study heat conduction heat exchangers industrial applications prototyping Senior Flexonics stainless steel stainless steel 3d printingIn order to remain competitive on the market, businesses need to be able to develop innovative products, while keeping costs low and efficiency high. Illinois-based Senior Flexonics recently worked.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer: A Customer’s Perspective from HYDAC

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In 2018, we invited some SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium users to try our newest simulation offering: SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer (SSE) , a powerful cloud-based structural simulation solution powered by Abaqus , the best finite element analysis (FEA) solver on the market.

New in SIMULATION 2015 – Run Specified Studies

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SolidWorks Simulation 2015 has introduced a new option to Run Specified Studies within a file so you have an option to choose what you want to run. Previously you could run the active study or all studies in the model.

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New SOLIDWORKS Simulation Expert Exam Now Available

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A new SOLIDWORKS Simulation Expert exam is now available! This exam was developed for seasoned analysis users who have a good understanding of the entire suite of analysis tools available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Simulation (CSWP-S). ?

Display Settings Options for Reading Simulation Results

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In any simulation project, setting up the correct boundary condition and interpreting the results are the most challenging phases, regardless of the simulation software being used. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 3D CAD

Why you should run Interference Detection before a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study

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Before running any SOLIDWORKS simulation study, you need to make sure there is no interference between different components of a multibody part or an assembly. If any volumetric interference is found within the model, it needs to be fixed prior to creating your simulation study.

New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015 – Run Specified Studies

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015 has introduced a new option to Run Specified Studies within a file so you have an option to choose what you want to run. Previously you could run the active study or all studies in the model. Run Specified Studies.

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Excluding Components from your Simulation Studies [VIDEO]

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There are a couple options forexcluding components from your SolidWorks Simulation studies, but they behave differently. The first method is directly in an existing study. You But it will still be in the tree greyed out so you can include it back into the study if needed.

InSilixa Uses Advanced FEA to Study Real-World Gasket Behavior

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In 2018, we invited some SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium users to try our newest simulation offering: SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer (SSE), a powerful and realistic cloud-based structural simulation solution.

Study 99


3D Perspectives

The following article is excerpted from SIMULATION IN ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION. Abaqus simulation software helped SXDA locate regions where additional reinforcements were needed and where reinforcement could be reduced.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Collapse Tree Folders

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation study trees can become long and harder to navigate when you start into more complex studies. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study Tree Expanded. New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 is the ability to right-click on or beside a folder or sub-folder (i.e.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Reports

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides an automatic way to export your results to a Word document. The document is based on a Word template that extracts a large amount of data from your study. After the study is completed, you can use the Report tools from the CommandManager.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: Designer to Analyst

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Today, simulation has become a tool used throughout the product development process. Well, simulation became accessible to those without PhDs and computers grew more powerful. The designer knows the real-world behavior they want to study.

Research Duo Uses Simulation and PLA to Make Lightweight 3D Printed Antenna Prototype

While most 3D printed antennas are made with metal, two researchers from Turkey’s Yasar University recently completed a study about using PLA material to make a 3D printed conical corrugated. 3D Printing 3d print antennas 3d printed antenna 3d printed antennas antennas fdm 3d printing pla prototype research paper satellite simulation study Turkey ultimaker 2

Simulate Efficiently with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Load Case Manager

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Getting valid, informative, and useful results is the goal of any design validation and verification activity, whether it be through simulation or physical testing. Simulating with the Load Case Manager allows you to add all relevant loads and fixtures to a single SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Network License Selection

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation is available with various levels of licensing , providing access to specific study types: SOLIDWORKS Premium license gives you access to Linear Static and Motion studies. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard license includes Linear Static, Motion and Fatigue.

Un-boxing SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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There are four essentials that I want to point at today: (1) Quick Start Guide (“Introduction to Simulation”). (2) 3) Tutorials (“SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials”). (4) Just go to “Help>SOLIDWORKS Simulation>Tutorial” to find the “SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials.”

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: Factor of Safety Plot for Nonlinear Static Studies

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 includes the ability to define a factor of safety (FoS) plot for Nonlinear Static studies. Herein, the factor of safety plot is extended to nonlinear static studies.

Which SOLIDWORKS Simulation Package is best for me?

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Similar to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation is offered in Standard , Professional , and Premium packages, giving you a choice of analysis modules, allowing you to get the best value for your software investment. “Which Simulation Package is best for me?”

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 Helps You Make Better Decisions for Superior Performance

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What if ordinary designers and engineers at your company could quickly simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to the success of your design? Porous media are treated in Flow Simulation as distributed resistances to fluid flow. and plastics simulation.

Offloaded Simulation allows you to solve your SOLIDWORKS Studies on another computer

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 introduces SOLIDWORKS Offloaded Simulation where you can solve a study on another computer to free up resources on your machine for parallel tasks. Available for SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium licenses with static and nonlinear studies.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 Display Simulation Results in the Graphics Area

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 now gives you the ability to display the results of a Simulation plot in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area. This is useful for demonstration purposes if the Simulation study has been simplified by excluding components. Simulation Results Displayed.

Structural Simulation Packages Updated!

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Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer Read below for a summary of the the structural simulation packages available in with SOLIDWORKS.

Case study: How SOLIDWORKS Laid a Solid Base for Baser

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It’s a program that offers a full free year’s subscription to SOLIDWORKS CAD, visualization and simulation, not to mention training to use it all effectively. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

Experience What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018

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Whether you need to test for structural integrity, fluid dynamics, or plastics manufacturability, the SOLIDWORKS Simulation suite provides an easy-to-use portfolio of analysis tools for predicting a product’s real-world physical behavior by virtually testing your CAD models.

Save Time with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 can’t create more time (I wish), but it will save you a ton of time on repetitive tasks and simulations! In addition, previous setups can be adapted to create a new study. Drag and drop studies. What would you do with more time?

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019: Topology Study – Constraints

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Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer The Topology Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation now allows users to enter Frequency and Stress/FOS constraints. For example, if you want your first vibration mode of your optimized design to be greater than 100Hz, simply turn on … Continue reading → New Features SOLIDWORKS 2019 factor of safety frequency constraint solidworks simulation stress constraint topology study What's new what's new 2019

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