List of the best 3D modeling software programs

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TinkerCAD : TinkerCAD is a free 3D modeling software optimized towards beginners and designers/non-designers who are completely new to 3D modeling. TinkerCAD is probably not the software that a designer will use on a long term basis. TinkerCAD works on a web browser in any OS. You can 3D design real-life objects, simulate robot movements, modify your design by changing the parameters of the old design, and even sketch 2D shapes.

Designer Spotlight: Latte A.L.

Shapeways Blog

I used Photoshop, the free Netfabb, and Tinkercad for the first few designs that I listed on Shapeways. Shapeways also links to several easy-to-learn software applications to get started: Tinkercad, 123D Design…. Evelyn of Latte A.L.,

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Chicken VR at the Maker Faire

Tales of a 3D Printer

It's a first person chicken simulator in virtual reality. We searched the Internet and was momentarily crushed to discover that a Oculus Rift Chicken Simulator already existed! We used TinkerCAD to create the wings out of simple shapes.

A Beginner’s Guide to Jewellery 3D Printing Methods

3E Rapid Prototyping

Aside from the usual suspects like TinkerCAD, there are a number of software that can be useful for printing various jewelry mold patterns, even if the original software was not intended for jewelry crafting and designing purposes.