Knowledge Based Machining using SOLIDWORKS MBD and SOLIDWORKS CAM

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As of SOLIDWORKS 2018 there is another benefit to add to the list : Works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS CAM and Knowledge Based Machining. SOLIDWORKS CAM. How does SOLIDWORKS CAM fit into the equation? What exactly is SOLIDWORKS CAM?

SOLIDWORKS Next Top Modeler Previews SOLIDWORKS 2018

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For the final act of SOLIDWORKS World 2017 General Session, the Product Introduction Team delivered the highly anticipated Technology Preview to show off some of the new functionality our developers are working hard to deliver in the SOLIDWORKS 2018 release.

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Thinking about the future of your design process with the new technologies available today, we have greatly enhanced our software since SOLIDWORKS 2014 to allow you to complete your entire ideation, product development, manufacturing and visualization workflow all in one integrated platform.

SOLIDWORKS Technology Day for the Canadian Government

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On Wednesday June 7th , Javelin is joining forces with the SOLIDWORKS Technical Management team to host a special event that is reserved for the Canadian Government sector. SOLIDWORKS Technology Day. Why Attend a SOLIDWORKS Technology Day.

Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

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Can SOLIDWORKS handle Architectural Design? Yes, SOLIDWORKS has tools that can be applied to an architectural design process, and will give you more control over your architectural model: 2D-3D conversion. The post Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

See a Live SOLIDWORKS Presentation at the Global Petroleum Show

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Javelin is pleased to host a SOLIDWORKS presentation at the Knowledge Bar in the Digital Oilfield Zone : Productivity Gains with SOLIDWORKS for Oil and Gas. Oil & Gas design with SOLIDWORKS. Don’t forget to visit Javelin & SOLIDWORKS 3D design experts at booth 2117.

SOLIDWORKS Meets Star Wars

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What happens when SOLIDWORKS Meets Star Wars? Let’s help usher them in, SOLIDWORKS style. I’ve been watching and reading your posts and comments where SOLIDWORKS meets Star Wars, and I picked a few of my favorites to share with you today.

Autodesk releasing HSMWorks 2016 for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS 2016 is here for the design. The new setup control “ Z-Axis and X-Axis” within the Job Setup has replaced the need for using the SOLIDWORKS coordinate system to set directions. HSMWorks Autodesk CAM CNC SolidworksTime to strengthen up your CNC toolkit.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Icon Colours

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 gives us a splash of colour ! SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduced a new vector based icon design and colour scheme designed for 4k monitors. DS SOLIDWORKS listened and now provides us with a splash of colour to give that familiar feel to the UI. SOLIDWORKS 2017 Icons.

Previewing SOLIDWORKS 2017

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Each year at SOLIDWORKS WORLD, the Product Introduction Team delivers a Technology Preview to show off some of the new functionality that is under development for SOLIDWORKS Desktop products. Adding manufacturing options to the Thread Feature introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2016.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Peter Hildebrandt

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Join us here for a Q&A highlighting how one of your peers uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize in their daily workflow. They are images and animations created in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. I’ve since transitioned to using SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

How SOLIDWORKS Make Can Help Improve Your Sales

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SOLIDWORKS is such a great product used by companies worldwide to design almost anything, from a piece of furniture to eyewear, jewelry or refrigerators, but why stop there? Enter SOLIDWORKS Make. SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS Make Brands customization personalization


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SOLIDWORKS 2017 is Here

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 is the 24th annual release of CAD (MCAD, ECAD), simulation, data management and collaboration tools that delivers the power our users need to drive innovation. There are over 100 enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Electrical alone. SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS 2017

SOLIDWORKS PDM Cleaner Service

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When files are DESTROYED (this is different to being deleted and likely only the admin has permission), they aren’t removed from the vault archive until the SOLIDWORKS PDM Cleaner Service has been run. Changing the schedule for SOLIDWORKS PDM Cleaner Service.

SOLIDWORKS MBD How-To Video Series (Part 1)

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Would you like to show off some 3D models with annotations to your friends who don’t have SOLIDWORKS installed? Check out several cool 3D PDF samples of a miter saw assembly and a housing assembly published by SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition.

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Unveiling the SOLIDWORKS Path to the Future of Design

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In 2016, SOLIDWORKS delivered 12 percent revenue growth, well above the PLM industry average. In the same year, SOLIDWORKS represented around 20 percent of Dassault Systèmes’ total revenues. Author information Gian Paolo Bassi Gian Paolo is CEO of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS.

The Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

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So what is SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost, you ask? Enter SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost to the rescue. Download the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost Justification Sheet to help make your case. UPGRADE TO SOLIDWORKS VISUALIZE PROFESSIONAL for an enhanced 3D visualization experience.

The Growing SOLIDWORKS Nation

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Something about attending SOLIDWORKS events always struck me as being different from those put on by other CAD vendors. SOLIDWORKS employees are passionate about our users. Daily we see the amazingly innovative products our customers are creating with SOLIDWORKS tools.

Localized Tutorials for SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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Put down your coffee and hold onto something…because all 16 SOLIDWORKS Visualize tutorials have been localized into all 14 languages! WATCH TWO WEBINARS on SOLIDWORKS Visualize and its benefits by SOLIDWORKS Visualize Product Manager Brian Hillner.

SOLIDWORKS Short: SOLIDWORKS MBD and Engineering 4.0

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SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) software is an integrated drawingless manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS. To learn more about SOLIDWORKS MBD, please visit the product page , or discuss with me at Twitter ( @OboeWu ) or LinkedIn ( OboeWu ).

Good Things Come in Threes: SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium

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That “good, better, best” concept applies to SOLIDWORKS CAD , which is offered in Standard, Professional, and Premium configurations. An easy way to think of it is SOLIDWORKS Standard is built on core capabilities for the casual user.

What do YOU want from SOLIDWORKS 2018 & beyond! – SOLIDWORKS Top Ten #SOLIDWORKS #sww17

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For many years the Wednesday General Session at SOLIDWORKS World has had a significant focused on what is happening with the SOLIDWORKS software! Anyone who has been to a SOLIDWORKS […]. SolidWorks SOLIDWORKS Top Ten SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 #SWW17 solidworks solidworks world

How Does Home Licensing for SOLIDWORKS Work?

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SOLIDWORKS users have long enjoyed the ability to use their software from both their home/mobile and work offices. Standalone licenses are intended for an individual user of SOLIDWORKS or related product. This concludes our blog series about licensing with SOLIDWORKS.

See the Newest SOLIDWORKS-Inspired Products in the SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase

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The SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase is the place to be in L.A. to see and get your hands on the coolest new products that all share one thing in common—they were all designed in SOLIDWORKS. How They Use SOLIDWORKS : VRX simulators are designed, modified, and developed in SOLIDWORKS.

New SOLIDWORKS Ecosystems Help Accelerate Innovation, Improve Bottom Lines

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At SOLIDWORKS, not only do we focus on creating great products, but we invest significant time understanding and nurturing engineering and product ecosystems. SOLIDWORKS Costing brings manufacturing thinking upfront into the design cycle.

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial now available through MySolidWorks

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Interested in a SOLIDWORKS Free Trial ? Now, for the first time, you can try SOLIDWORKS Online Premium Edition (with Model-Based Definition and Visualize Professional) anywhere, anytime, on any device through MySolidWorks (no download or installation required!). Want to buy SOLIDWORKS?

5 Productive SolidWorks Tips (REV-20)

5 SolidWorks Tips that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day. SolidWorks automatically converts the value to the default units. Productive SolidWorks Tips Solidworks Tips

Did you miss SOLIDWORKS World 2017?

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Written by: Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager Here we are, just a couple weeks removed from SOLIDWORKS World 2017.

Red Bull Soapbox Team Uses SOLIDWORKS to Quench its Need for Speed

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One of the teams (shown in image above) competing in the Red Bull Soapbox event in Valkenburg, The Netherlands, on August 19th is a team sponsored by SOLIDWORKS value-added reseller CAD2M. Will SOLIDWORKS be the team’s secret to success? Community SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Essential SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts

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I will however try and walk the centerline, and tell you about some of the time saving SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts that everyone should be able to appreciate. The post Essential SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts appeared first on SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin.

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017

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Curious to know what the SOLIDWORKS Visualize R&D team has been cooking up in their lab since we launched Visualize back in February? Heard about the new SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost and PowerBoost features and wonder what they heck they are? SOLIDWORKS CAD Camera Navigation.

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition 2015-2016 – The Innovation Revolution

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The SOLIDWORKS Education Edition 2015 – 2016 has ignited a new Innovation revolution in the world of engineering and design education. Inspiring innovation, the SOLIDWORKS Education Edition focuses on design not modeling.

Celebrating the Solar Eclipse with SOLIDWORKS

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To witness this … Continue reading → Opinions national optical astronomy observatory solar eclipse solidworks solidworks eclipse solidworks solarFor the first time in 38 years, on August 21, 2017, the United States of America will host a full solar eclipse!

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2017 Enhancements

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Following enhancements have been implemented in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2017: Ability to lock balloons to prevent renumbering. Manual ballooning of inspection drawings in SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in. SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources.


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If you are thinking about 3D Printing and wondering which 3D design platform to use then look no further — SOLIDWORKS is the way to go! Besides being the industry leader, the SOLIDWORKS Print 3D tool is geared towards optimizing parts for 3D printing in order to save you time and money.

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SOLIDWORKS Weldment is not just for Weldments!

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You’ve likely heard about the great SOLIDWORKS Weldment functionality. SOLIDWORKS Weldment functions just as well for any part where you need to assign specific profiles to either 2D or 3D sketches ; welded or not! SOLIDWORKS Weldment. SOLIDWORKS Weldment Cut List Table.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Rollout

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Senate in Boston to get a first-hand look at some of the new stuff coming out in SOLIDWORKS 2016. (A The post SOLIDWORKS 2016 Rollout appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. Software Review SolidWorks Community Breadcrumbs SolidWorks SOLIDWORKS 2016 UI

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Session Preview: For SOLIDWORKS Veterans

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SOLIDWORKS World 2016 will feature 224 tech-savvy, breakout sessions for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user. In these sessions you’ll learn new techniques from SOLIDWORKS experts that will help you take your design skills to the next level.

Javelin and SOLIDWORKS Celebrate Women in Engineering

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SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering. DS SOLIDWORKS runs a great Women in Engineering Program (WIE) which was created to help recognize the outstanding achievements that women are accomplishing day to day in the engineering field and community around the world!