MakerBot Signs Distecna to Distribute Product Line in South America

Distecna, with their local presence in South America and expertise in vertical markets like education,... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business 3d printed swimsuit 3d printer distribution 3d printer resellers 3d printing partnership argentina Distecna distribution partnership makerbot MakerBot 3D Ecosystem Paraguay Peru south america

MakerBot Makes Way into South America with 3D Printing Distribution Agreement

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Mark Schulze, general manager of the Americas and Emerging Markets for MakerBot, said of the deal, “We believe that Distecna will help expand MakerBot’s business in South America with a strong local presence and logistics capabilities across borders.…

In South America, an event brought together experts and ideas for 3D printing in healthcare

3D Printing 3D Printing Events Medical 3D Printing 3D Print Week (Si3d) argentina Inclode Jorge Leporati Rodrigo Salazar Gamarra Stratasys Latin America Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) Trideo3D Print Week (Si3d) at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), Argentina, brought together local experienced 3D printing and additive manufacturing professionals. From entrepreneurs to. View the entire article via our website.

Sculpteo is proudly printing orders in the USA for North & South America


The post Sculpteo is proudly printing orders in the USA for North & South America appeared first on Sculpteo Blog - 3D Printing News and Trends. We are now manufacturing & shipping orders for Nort […]. & More 3D Printing california Factory San leandro USA

Inside 3D Printing Sambas to Brazil Next Week

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Of course, I’m talking about the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, which is heading to South America’s biggest country with South America’s largest 3D printing event for the second time. 3D Printing Events News South America

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Interacción 3D Show Unites Major Players for 3D Printing in Argentina

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So, I might not have noticed a LinkedIn post on Interacción 3D, the first 3D print show in Argentina, if I had not planned on visiting Argentina and South America next year.… 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Scanners 3D Scanning Events South AmericaBy Davide Sher.

How 3D Printing and FabLabs are Ushering in Changes Within the Brazilian Economy

South America’s giant, Brazil, is the world’s seventh-largest economy with a population of almost 200... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business Exclusive Interviews brazil diy Eduardo Lopes fab labs fablab FabLabSP Garagem FabLab maker labs Paulo Fonseca de Campos south america What do you know about FabLabs? Do you know anything about the stage of 3D printing in the developing countries?

3D printed plastic satellites in space, seriously…

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Aerospace Satellite south america sport sports ThermoplasticThe QB50 project is about to launch 3D printed plastic satellites into the thermosphere. It's part of the most comprehensive study ever produced of the solar.

Athlete’s Family Develops 3D Printed Gloves

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3D Printing 3DP Applications bodyTop athlete glove paralympics racing south america wheelchairIn a library in Nicholasville, the Jones family are making history. They are creating custom made gloves for their athlete daughter, record-holding wheelchair racer, Aerelle.

Constructora Conconcreto Finishes Colombia's First 3D Printed House

3D Design 3D Printing 3d print latin america 3d printed construction 3d printed house 3d printed houses Central America Colombia construction 3d printing Constructora Conconcreto EIA University latin america south america SUMICOL3D printed construction is springing up all over the world. Dubai has famously proclaimed that it plans to have a significant percentage of its homes 3D printed in the near future, and has already.

OpenBiomedical’s Low Cost Medical Prototypes Are Ready to Deploy

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3D Printing Africa Europe Medical & Dental Open source South AmericaBy Davide Editing.

Printalot, 100% Pure Argentinian 3D Printing Filament Ready for Export

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Another company I really wanted to meet with while in Buenos Aires is Printalot, possibly the largest 3D printing filament manufacturer in Argentina and Spanish-speaking South America. FDM/FFF Materials South AmericaBy Davide Sher.

100% Recycled PET Filament Is Ready, SLS Powder Coming Soon

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3D Printing FDM/FFF Materials News SLS South AmericaBy Davide Sher. We had anticipated it a few months ago, but, now, the 100% fully recycled filament from B-Pet is a commercially available reality and the Argentinian startup behind it does not intend to stop there.

Shining Light in the Developing World with 3D Printed Solar Lights

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3D Printing Charities Consumers Crowd Funding Design Indiegogo South AmericaBy Michael Molitch-Hou. billion people in the world lack access to electricity.

3D Printing Low-Cost Tools for Organic Farmers in the Developing World

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3D Printing 3DP Applications Africa Asia Food News Research South America By Michael Molitch-Hou. The lab of Michigan Tech’s Dr. Joshua Pearce is one of the most admirable 3D printing-related research outfits that I’m familiar with.

Vibrant 3D Hubs Community Grows by 20% in Post-Holiday Period

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3D Content 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software Africa Asia Consumers Europe Industry Insights Makers News North America Open source Prototyping South America By Davide Sher.

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Engineer Creates a Unique 3D Metal Printer for Just $2 — Prints in Gold, Platinum, Iron & More

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d metal printer 3d print metal 3d printer argentina electroplating electroplating 3d printer metal 3d printer south america It isn’t often that you come across new 3D printers that utilize an entirely new concept which hasn’t been seen within this industry as of yet. With today’s technology, we are able to 3D print objects... View the entire article via our website.

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Metal 3D Printing Discussion Will Highlight in São Paulo — A Few Questions For: EOS

With Inside 3D Printing São Paulo coming up very quickly, excitement is starting to build: this will be the largest 3D printing event in South America. The buzz is building, and the agenda is. View the entire article via our website.

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INTI Leads Argentina’s Leapfrog in Industrial Technology through 3D Printing

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3D Printing Chemistry Design Education Industrial PolyJet Prototyping South AmericaBy Davide Sher. In the center of Buenos Aires, there is a huge, beautiful park – about as large as Central Park in Manhattan – that is entirely covered by free wi-fi.

3D Insumos Takes Buenos Aires Makerspaces Online with Nube3D

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3D Printers 3D Printing 3DP Accessories FabLab FDM/FFF South AmericaBy Davide Sher. The fourth appointment on my Argentinian visit was with David Cimino, founder and CEO at 3D Insumos.

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On the Trimaker 3D Printing Roller Coaster, from Open DLP to Consumer FFF

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3D Printers DLP FDM/FFF South AmericaBy Davide Sher. When I visited Replikat, one of Argentina’s leading 3D printer manufacturers, I was surprised to find out they have been making their own 3D printers since 2012.

Buenos Aires Startup Trideo 3D Prints Across Continental Borders

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3D Printers FDM/FFF News South AmericaBy Davide Sher.

From the Replicator to the Replikat, “Todo El Mundo Es Pais”

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3D Printers 3D Printing FDM/FFF Industrial Retail South AmericaBy Davide Sher. Over the past two years, I often exchanged opinions with Guido Palazzo, from INTI (the Argentinian Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial).

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Very Metal: KPMG provide insights into 3D printing metal market

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3DP Applications Aerospace Business Insights 3D metal printing 3d printer review 3D Systems alcoa AP&C arcam arconic dethklok energy Exone KPMG PyroGenesis Report Reports sandvik osprey south america Stratasys SurveyTwo reports issued by KPMG provide useful insights into the manufacturing industry and how 3D printing companies may benefit from opportunities in this area.

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Injured Costa Rican Toucan Saved with 3D Printed Prothetic Beak

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News Medical & Dental Design 3D Printing Challenge South America Environment Crowd Funding Indiegogo Animals ProstheticsBy Tyler Koslow.

Colibrì Presents Its New, Easy to Use 3D Modeling Constructor Software

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3D Software Consumers Design North America South AmericaBy Davide Sher. InterLatin, the Mexican manufacturer of the Colibri 3D printers, has been making waves recently following the announcement of an ultra low-cost consumer 3D printer. The company is now expanding its 3D modeling software range. To further support its push to widen the 3D printer market, the company now offers the Constructor software, available in free and paid versions.

Colibri3D’s New $300 3D Printer Opens Up Consumer Market in Mexico

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3D Printers Consumers FDM/FFF North America South AmericaBy Davide Sher. Our recent list of the the most affordable 3D printers on the market will soon have a new entry. Colibri3D, the first Mexican 3D printer manufacturer, is about to launch the Colibri Home, a 10x10x10 cm build volume, low-cost 3D printer, which will be the Mexican Company’s second 3D printer, after the Colibri Pro.

Sculpteo’s New Manufacturing and Shipping Facility in California Will Get 3D Printed Goods to Canada, Mexico & the US Sooner

3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printing facility Backbone manufacturing Quentin Bowden sculpteo sculpteo 3d printing cloud engine shipping south america TunuvaSculpteo is an online source for all of your 3D printing needs. Just as its three-step graphic explains on the first page of its website, the process is straightforward. You upload your design, View the entire article via our website.

Drone 3D Scans Brazil’s 38-Meter-Tall “Christ the Redeemer”

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3D Content 3D Scanning Art & Sculpture News South America By Michael Molitch-Hou. Rio de Janeiro’s 38-meter-tall “Christ the Redeemer” is one of the most iconic statues in the world, but, up until now, the famous figure has yet to be fully captured as an accurate replica. Without the proper technology when the statue was constructed in the 1920’s and due its location atop Corcovado Mountain, 3D scanning of the Redeemer was previously not possible.

The Mobile 3&D 3D Printing Bot: the Proof Is in a Cycle of Inspiration

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3D Printers 3D Printing Industry news South America By Andrew Wheeler. As far as prototypes and proof-of-concept machinery goes in the 3D printing industry, it’s best to be a little weary. A proof of concept may be have quite a dip on its product roadmap ocean floor, and everyone can think of a time when they saw a new machine surrounded by a lot of jargon, waiting for it to eventually disappoint.

Software-Born Kikai Labs Launches New M11 3D Printer with Filament Detection

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3D Printers 3D Printing Design FDM/FFF Makers South AmericaBy Davide Sher. Unlike other companies that entered the desktop 3D printer arena from some areas of the manufacturing business, Buenos Aires-based Kikai Labs began as a software company.

3DPOD Episode 23: COVID-19 and 3D Printing; What can be printed? What should be printed?

Max had gone from New York to Boston, I’m stuck in South America but Davide was in the most precarious. This was a highly personal podcast for all of us. The post 3DPOD Episode 23: COVID-19. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Featured Stories podcast podcasts

Burgeoning Brazil: 3DBlento Designer 3D Prints Intricate Architectural & Engineering Designs, Creates Animation & More

As one of the top five emerging markets, Brazil is a giant in South America regarding size, economy, rich natural resources–and a sophisticated and diverse population. In a country that’s. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed architecture 3d printing services 3DBlento blender brazil

3D printing holds the key to Zika virus?

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This cruel epidemic has devastated families throughout South America and there is a real chance it could spread, but 3D printing and Johns Hopkins University might have the answer. By Nick Hall. The Zika virus hit the news in a big way this last year.

Messer’s New Atmosphere Control Solutions Featured at PowderMet 2019

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Messer provides a range of industrial gases, delivery and control systems and process consulting across the powder-metal manufacturing chain,” said Chris Ebeling, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Messer North America. “We’re Bridgewater, N.J.,

Italy’s LIUC University Opens the First MakerBot Innovation Center in Europe

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While it is true that MakerBot has laid of part of its staff and closed shops in the US, it is equally true that the Stratasys-owned, Brooklyn-based company has been expanding significantly overseas, in Asia, South America, and particularly in Europe. By Davide Sher.

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Cross Lab Network XLN Is Going Global to Become a “CrossFit” for Makers

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By Davide Sher. Almost 10.000 locations worldwide; that is how many CrossFit affiliates there are today. The franchise gym network opened up fitness to the masses, offering an alternative – not a replacement – for other more consolidated gym business models.

Metal 3D Printing and EBM Technology at São Paulo — A Few Questions For: Arcam

With Inside 3D Printing São Paulo taking place just last week, the excitement lingers over everything that was shown at South America’s largest 3D printing event. We were certainly looking. View the entire article via our website.

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Materialise Around the World: Materialise Colombia


We’ve already given you a behind the scenes of our offices on many continents: Asia, Europe and North America. Now it’s time we show you an office in South America. They also design patient-specific cranial implants for Latin America, Colombia and Chile.

Messer – Scaling Up AM Production Requires Repeatable Quality

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On March 1, 2019, Messer Group and CVC Capital Partners (CVC) acquired most of the North American gases business of Linde AG, as well as certain Linde business activities in South America.

Essentium 3D Reusable Face Masks Help Keep Essential Business Operating

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a leading provider of 3D printing technology for additive manufacturing, today announced that the Houston Service Center, the headquarters of the rotating equipment services division of Sulzer in the Americas (SWX:SUN), has ordered 6,000 Essentium 3D printed protective face mask kits.

T.Black DLP 3D printer by Trimaker made in Argentina

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South America is also developing more 3d printers. Here is T.Black DLP printer by Trimaker from Argentina. Specifications: Build volume: 180 x 235 x 180 mm Positioning precision: 250 microns Print speed: 20mm ~25mm / hour depending on the dye and the material.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) – An Environment Friendly and Non-Toxic 3D Printing Plastic Material

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The PLA market is segmented into five major segments, such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. In 2017, the region of North America dominated the global PLA market in terms of revenue.