3D Printed Battle-Armor for Cats

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If so, look no further than the stylish and durable new battle armor that was uploaded by Print That Thing on the Thingverse. Photo credit: Thingverse / Boing Boing. 3D Modeling 3D Scanning 3D Printing battle armor cat armor Thingverse

Now You Can 3D Print This Awesome Penny Propelled Toy

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Photo Credit: Thingverse (top 2), Cybernetic Zoo (bottom). This awesome toy was originally the brainchild of John J. Jameson, who invented the walking gyroscope in 1981.

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College Kid Develops 3D Printed Wind-Powered USB Charger

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” You can download Dorsa’s design at Thingverse and 3DPrint.com has even opened up a forum where you can help the young maker perfect his green design. Photo Credit: Thingverse. It is not quite perfected yet.

The Vexing Issue of FDM Edge Accuracy

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This means that printing things like gears requires a lot of sandpaper work  I printed a small planetary gear system from Thingverse and it took me 5 hours to make it even fit. I opened my email this morning to find this plea from a Cube owner. "

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