SpacesX Launches First-ever Turkmenistan Satellite into Orbit, Bears 3D Printed Strut

The true generosity of Turkmenistan toward their people in terms of launching a new satellite system for ‘helping’ with entertainment and news is rather dubious, coming from a draconian isolationist government that rules with repression. 3D Printing 3d print space 3d printed aerospace components 3d printed antennas 3d printed satellite parts 3d printed space space spacex Thales Alenia Space Turkmenistan

12,141 km from London to Bishkek: Materialise Colleagues Do the Mongol Rally for Charity


The team was getting behind schedule, so as soon as the engine was fixed, Joris and Petro drove on to Turkmenistan. Car art and signatures A view on the milky way The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan. Materialise colleagues Joris Aerts and Petro Khaselev hatched the ambitious and slightly deranged plan to join the Mongol Rally this summer. What is the Mongol Rally?