Piranha Fx All-in-one 3D Printer/Laser Engraver/CNC Machine Launches on Kickstarter


3D Printers 3D Printing all-in-one cnc desktop 3d printing digitizer engrave kickstarter laser Next Wave Automation Piranha Fx raster Vectric There are two technological trends that seem to compete in cycles: combining everything in one place for convenience, or splitting everything up for focused high quality. The new Piranha Fx is an all-in-one machine... View the entire article via our website.

TRAK A.G.E. 2 Postprocessor


The post processors should work for all Vectric programs, like Cut2D, V Carve Pro and Aspire. My I wrote a couple post processor files for the Southwest Industries TRAK AGE3 CNC controller for my Bridgeport mill. The

The Delta Router + 4th Axis


I did have Vectric V Carve that does have a wrapped rotary feature. Overview. Every year I make a new thing for ORD Camp. This year I made a delta router. The The ORD contraptions I make, have one primary function; to spark conversation.