Volumental is cloud platform for 3d scanning with your Kinect

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Volumental is web based 3d scanning platform that scans with help of Kinect sensor. Here is Volumentals sales pitch: Volumental is the world''s first cloud-based 3D scanning service. Volumental''s online service lets anyone create 3D models of people, objects and rooms.

Volumental and Their 3D Scanning Technology is Bringing Custom Fit Shoes to the US


You may not have yet heard of Volumental, but you will soon be hearing a lot about their technology. 3D Scanners 3D Software Business 3d scan shoes 3d scanning custom clothing custom eyewear custom fitting custom shoes customized shoes eyewear intel realsense Mykita Nordstrom sweden VACKER VANDRA volumentalThe Stockholm-based startup is using 3D scanning and Intel’s RealSense technology to help create. View the entire article via our website.

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