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Javelin sponsors students dedicated to changing the future of transportation

Javelin Tech Tips

University of Waterloo Hyperloop team will unveil their latest prototype on July 21, at the University of Waterloo. Register for the event ». Toronto Hyperloop Rendering. Imagine working in Toronto and deciding to zip to Montreal for poutine on your lunch break. Sound crazy?

The Huge Opportunity For Color In 3D Printing

I think there is tremendous opportunity for color in 3D printing. Here’s why. “For digital (2D) printing, the big tipping point was affordable color. I think the same will be true for 3D. View the entire article via our website. Featured Stories 3D color printing color 3d print color 3d printer color 3d printing hp mimaki engineering Mimaki USA

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The Wonder of Flight

Wohlers Talk

Note: The following was authored by Joseph Kowen, associate consultant at Wohlers Associates. I have always loved to fly. As far back as I can remember, I was always looking upward at the first sound of a plane. I can still feel the excitement of a trip to the airport as a child.

FDM Thermoform Tooling: What It Is and Why It Works

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

There’s a good chance you interact with multiple thermoformed products on a daily basis, whether that be in your grocery store, your car, or probably even your fridge. But what does it mean if something is thermoformed?

Celebrating the Solar Eclipse with SOLIDWORKS

DASI Solutions

For the first time in 38 years, on August 21, 2017, the United States of America will host a full solar eclipse! People from all over the globe will be traveling here to witness this awe-inspiring sight.

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How Additive Manufacturing will Change the Way We Think About Design

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

As 3D printing has become more and more mainstream, the traditional resource and skills barriers for manufacturing are all but vanishing. This trend is changing the very face of design.

Gartner releases 2017 3D printing Hype Cycle

3D Printing Industry

The 2017 3D printing Gartner hype cycle is now available. Hype, or the general interest around a new technology, is tracked by the U.S. research. Industry Insights Gartner Hype Cycle Nils Bohr

Aperia Technology: Transform an Industry Problem Into a Business Solution

The Solidworks Blog

Some of the best designs come from problems we see every day while we’re working. Many SOLIDWORKS users find it their mission to solve these everyday problems and create better designs to not only improve their workflows, but industry workflows as a whole.

Finding PLM to Fit Mid-Sized High-Tech Companies

Tech Clarity

Tiny 3D Printed Devices May Have Big Effect on Water Quality Everywhere

There are few things more important in this world than water, and access to it – particularly clean, safe water. Unfortunately, there are few things that are harder to come by in many parts of. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Science & Technology 3D printed water monitoring device 3D printed water technology Mina Hoorfar UBC Okanagan university of british columbia University of British Columbia Okanagan water water testing

BIM and the G20 Meeting Hall

3D Perspectives

When the 2016 G20 summit was planned to be held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center, Zhejiang YASHA Co., took on the major project for the core meeting area. LU ZHI-HONG, YASHA. Article by LU ZHI-HONG , General Manager, Zhejiang YASHA Decoration Co.,

Clinical trial finds 3D printed dentures are preferred to conventional cast metal dentures

3D Printing Industry

Research has been conducted into the viability of 3D printed removable partial dentures (RPD) in comparison to conventionally cast metal RPDs. The outcome of the month-long. Medical & Dental 3D printed denture 3D printed dentures 3D printing teeth 3Series 3Shape clinical trial Dental Wings Dentistry denture Dentures King Saud University McGill Phenix Systems PM100T Dental removable partial dentures University of Rio Grande do Sul

How 3D printing impacts the medical industry


The singularity of the Healthcare industry is that it h […]. The post How 3D printing impacts the medical industry appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D Printing Stories

Tour an (Unbuilt) Dream Home: 3D Visualization in Architecture and Interior Design

Shapeways Blog

Architects, developers, brokers, and interior designers often have to help their clients and prospective buyers envision a space that doesn’t exist yet. The traditional way to do this involved drawings made on drafting tables and hand-crafted models.

3D Printing Spotlight On: Ilaria Guicciardini, Marketing Director, Roboze

Roboze is a manufacturer of boundary-breaking 3D printers, founded and headquartered in Italy, but also with offices in New York. Their Marketing Director, Ilaria Guicciardini, has a strong. View the entire article via our website.

Sunday is British Grand Prix Day

Rapid Prototyping News UK

This weekend is the highlight of the British Autosport Calendar, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Sitting half way through the season the legendary British Grand Prix, is a place where reputations are made.

Boeing president – 3D printing now standard for production

3D Printing Industry

Boeing has given more details about how 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing techniques are changing the dynamics of satellite production. Boeing Satellite Systems International President. Aerospace 3D printing satellite Boeing Boeing 3D printing Boeing satellite Boeing Satellite Systems Boeing Satellite Systems International GEO satellites Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Mark Spiwak Satellite SES SES-15

Prototyping Ophthalmological Diagnostic Equipment & Lenses with 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Nidek Technologies , a producer of high tech ophthalmological diagnostic systems, recently needed to find a more efficient way of optimizing their prototyping process for the simple reason that it would help them bring their devices to market faster. Entering a device into a clinical trial is typically a very lengthy process that 3D printing can potentially accelerate and allow for innovation and greater efficiencies overall.

Historicon 2017: How 3D Printing Is Changing the Hobby of Wargaming

Shapeways Blog

Last week, Shapeways joined the historical wargaming community in Fredricksburg, VA to show off 3D printing at Historicon 2017 , a convention centered around historically accurate wargaming.


3D Printing Patent Landscape

The field of 3D printing has been growing rapidly for years. It has applications in many areas of life and the economy, such as healthcare, aerospace, and parts replacement. 3D printing also. View the entire article via our website.

Le Tour et Fini – The Tour De France is (almost!) over

Rapid Prototyping News UK

Le Tour is almost over and the winner will have battled with his team against mountains, cobbles, rain, seering sunshine and his own self doubt to win the right to wear the winner’s jersey.

WAVE3D launching large volume SLA 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

Toronto based industrial 3D printer manufacturer WAVE3D is set to launch the Wave3D Pro SLA machine. Aiming to be the "world’s most financially accessible" industrial 3D. 3D Printers Ajay Deshmukh finder guitar SLA stereolithography Wave3D Wave3D Pro Wave3Dpro

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard: Creating a New Vault

Javelin Tech Tips

After installing SOLIDWORKS PDM server and Client , you can now create your SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Vault, through the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool.

Announcing the Winner of the SMK Design Contest

Shapeways Blog

In May we announced an exciting new design contest in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK). SMK curators selected six of the works in their collection and invited the Shapeways design community to create new jewelry based on those works.

“3D Printing” - What’s in a Name?

I devoted a section of the first chapter of my book, , to what I call “The Name Game.” ” My premise: “3D printing” is the best name for layered manufacturing. As I explained, View the entire article via our website.

How service providers can meet your low-volume 3D printing needs

Leslie's Blog

To prototype a design, or even to handle short-run production, you would probably need: –one or more subtractive machines (such as a mill, lathe, drill press, stamping press, etc.). –at least one or more injection molding machines.


3D Printing News Sliced: BigRep, Höganäs, Russian Institute of Aviation Materials

3D Printing Industry

In this edition of Sliced 3D printing news, we feature: BigRep, Griffith University, Höganäs, the Russian Institute of Aviation Materials, Manufacturing Technology Centre, and HP. BigRep names Moshe. 3D Printing BigRep digital metal gold coast Griffith University Höganäs HP Institute of Aviation Materials MAKS Manufacturing Technology Centre Moshe Aknin the Russian Institute of Aviation Materials VIAM


Javelin Tech Tips

Do your sub-assemblies need to know where the other sub-assemblies are? Do they need to know where they fit in to the greater plan? Well, there is a process by which you can know these things without the need to open your top-level assembly every time.

Stereo Summer: 10% Gray Resin Discount


Stereo Summer has begun! Over the next weeks, we will talk about new discounts, enhancements, and surprises in the world of Stereolithography. First in line is our Gray Resin. You can now save 10% on all Gray Resin 3D prints for two weeks!

A Closer Look at Sonova's 3D Printed Titanium Hearing Aids

Most industries have been touched by 3D printing in one way or another, but few have been affected as much as the hearing aid manufacturing industry. The entire industry turned to 3D printing several. View the entire article via our website.

Where is 3D printing development now?

Leslie's Blog

The Gartner group is a frequent resource for tracking technical developments. Its Hype Cycle curve being one of the more referenced graphics for analysis. Of course, hype refers to the amount of attention a subject is getting as it relates to development.

3D printed shrimp proves to be a better home for human tissue

3D Printing Industry

Today, cells grown in a lab can be transplanted into a patient to help heal skin injuries, and provide therapeutic treatment to internal tissue. One day, Research Annalisa Bianchera Carlo Bergonzi chitosan Cinzia Marchi Francesca Zimetti Franco Bernini hydrogel hydrogels Lisa Elviri Marco Silvestri regenerative medicine Ruben Foresti Ruggero Bettini SUPSI University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland University of Parma

SOLIDWORKS PDM STANDARD: Configuring the Vault

Javelin Tech Tips

In this article, we will review the main components, of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool. Understanding the use of this tool is important, in order to manage and Configure SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Vault effectively.

Aberdeen Research: Seven Reasons to Provide Virtual Prototyping to Your Designers

The Solidworks Blog

Like most companies, you’re probably fighting to differentiate your products and beat competitors to market. This means shortened cycles, intense stress, and even higher stakes.