PLASTICS TECH TIP: Configuration Integration (with video)


SOLIDWORKS Plastics gives you a little more flexibility than our other simulation tools with respect to simulation model management. This is a handy way to manage multiple Plastics analyses but you only have to manage one CAD file. If there''s no match, the Plastics tree is blank.

Find Venting Issues Earlier with SOLIDWORKS Plastics!


So, you have a plastic part and you keep seeing small black marks on the surface. Is the plastic too thin somehow in that one area? If, in the design process, SOLIDWORKS Plastics was used, you would have been able to predict this issue and fix it before steel was even cut.

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Project Seafood: Putting Plastic Trash Into an Ultimaker 3D Printer–Rather Than the Sea

While recycling is a way of life for many, there is still of course an. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d print recycled plastic 3D printed plastics 3d printed recycling 3D printed trash 3d printer filament from recycled plastic Noztek extruder Project Seafood recycle plastic to filament recycled filament recycling program ultimaker Ultimaker Original 3D Printer

Determine Part Warpage and Cooling Effects Accurately with SW Plastics


The setup for this process is easy and intuitive using SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium. SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2-Day Training Course. SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Are you using the Top 10 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2015? [VIDEO]

Javelin Tech Tips

There were literally hundreds of enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2015, have you managed to give the top features a try yet? Here is a reminder of the top 10 features in SOLIDWORKS 2015 and their associated benefits: 1. Do you want to adopt the SOLIDWORKS 2015 skills?

A CES 2015 Technology Recap

3D Innovations

CES 2015 came to an end on Friday but the buzz surrounding the event lives on. We have rounded up a few of our favorite news articles from the event to share with you (with an emphasis on 3D printing technology of course)… Enjoy! CES 2015: The final word – CNET “Drones and 3D printers are continuing to evolve rapidly. 3D printers, which are moving beyond plastic filaments with such materials as metal, wood and stone — not to mention chocolate.

Find Shot Size, Fill & Pack Time, and More with SOLIDWORKS Plastics!


Whether you are a plastics Engineer or Designer, Mold Processing Engineer or a Mold Tool designer, the more information you have about your part/mold, the easier your job is. The better way to do things is to run SOLIDWORKS Plastics. Learn About SOLIDWORKS Plastics Training Courses!

New 60µm layer thickness available for every plastic 3D print


Until now, we were offering a standard 100-150µm printing resolution on our plastic material. We’re making the 60µm layer thickness available to everyone for every single plastic 3D print you need.

The 2015 Boston Printathon


Of course, all entries must stick with the secret theme announced at the commencement of the event. Interesting restriction: the organizers are not allowing anyone to print using ABS plastic, due to the potentially toxic fumes released.

Top 12 Posts of 2015: 3D Printing Flies Higher, Drives Manufacturing Innovation and Shapes Lives

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

As 2015 draws to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the incredible 3D printing stories and videos that we have featured on the Stratasys Blog this year. Pring received an Iron Man-themed (and custom-fit, of course) 3D printed prosthetic from Limbitless.

Concept Laser Founder and CEO Frank Herzog Named Finalist of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis (German Future Prize) 2015

Additive Manufacturing

” The project with the title “3D Printing in Civil Aircraft Manufacturing – a Production Revolution is Taking Off” convinced the jury of the German Future Prize 2015 with regard to its degree of innovation and economic implementation.

Afinia H480 Review – Get Results Without Worrying About Technology

3D Printing for Beginners

BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic sheet that provides an optimal printing surface for 3D objects to adhere to while being printed. Of course, the testing of the Afinia H480 did not stop at the Make probes.

formnext Covers the Process Chain from a Product Idea Through to Production of the Final Product

Additive Manufacturing

formnext 2015 powered by tct. 17-20 November, 2015. The products and services are already “ready to market” and are being presented by the young enterprises in the “Start-up” area of the formnext 2015 exhibition.

SolidWorks 2015 Launch Event – Twitter’s Favorite Enhancements

Rants and Raves Without Rhyme or Reason

The SolidWorks 2015 Launch Event took place last week and Dassault Systemes’ headquarters in Waltham, MA, and as a “user advocate” I was happy to be invited. Plastics Simulation Results in eDrawings. You can learn more about SolidWorks 2015 here: [link].


3D Printing Review

Not the 21st century, and certainly not Trove, a brand new platform that launched Thursday which allows you to customize and 3D-print jewelry in materials like bronze, silver, and of course gold. After all, people tend not to get super excited over plastic jewelry.

Groundbreaking 3D printing training center to open at leading research facility

3D Printing Review

” Of course, this isn’t a new technology — it’s more than 30 years old. It’s set to open in fall 2015. The AMCC will have a three-tier course structure, according to Simin Zhou, VP of digital manufacturing technologies at UL.

Virtual Surgical Planning Assists with Full Face Transplant

3D Systems

Virtual Surgical Planning Assists with Full Face Transplant Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 15:45 In September of 2001, first responder Patrick Hardison was gravely injured in the line of duty as a volunteer firefighter in Senatobia, Mississippi.

3D printing your own clothes just became (kinda) a reality

3D Printing Review

Essentially, the Electroloom is a plastic box that can hold a thin metal template, for instance a crudely crafted tank top. Of course, given the various ethical and environmental issues that surround fashion providers, on-the-go clothes manufacturing seems like an easy win.

Formlabs’ new 3D printer uses a Blu-ray laser to cut objects out of resin

3D Printing Review

Whereas most 3D printers mold filament layer by layer, building from the ground up to produce a plastic object, the Form 2 operates on a different 3D-printing process called stereolithography that uses an ultraviolet laser to harden layers of sticky resin until the object is fully built.

What’s New in SolidWorks 2015 – Chapter 10: eDrawings

Rants and Raves Without Rhyme or Reason

Support for SolidWorks Plastics Results. You can export certain Plastics Simulation results from SolidWorks Plastics as eDrawings files. Of course, the first thing you’ll have noticed about the new version of eDrawings is that it looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

How companies will convince you to buy a 3D printer

3D Printing Review

Of course, that hasn’t happened… yet. The Tiko 3D printer has an internal plastic filament spool from which it prints. According to Schell, the final retail price once the MODt goes into mass production in late 2015 will still be below $400.

A 3D Print for Every Room

Shapeways Blog

Of course, Porcelain isn’t the only material that can take home decor to the next level. From plastics to metals, there is something for every room you can think of. Holiday 2015 holiday decor home decor porcelainWith the launch of Porcelain , we’re seeing more and more amazing home decor products in our marketplace. Whether it’s a coffee mug, planter or book holder there is so much you can do to decorate your home with this beautiful material.

Programmable DNA ‘smart glue’ could speed 3D-printed organ research

3D Printing Review

Where DNA:DNA interactions can have an advantage over the regular chemical bonds between molecules in a conventional printing plastic is that DNA can be programmed. Of course, there are potential problems.

How Pitsco’s 3D printing curriculum is changing the way STEM is taught in the classroom

3D Printing Review

They watched her print them one by one, and even fought over the little plastic remnants left over after the medals were finished printing. Both of these are three-week courses, so they can easily be incorporated into any STEM curriculum.

3D printer survival kit: a comprehensive set of 3D printer tools and tips.


Survival kit: tools for the 3D printers This post started as early as September 2013, and it eventually ends here, may 2015! Of course there are no 0/5 in my box as I want only a (comfortable) survival kit in the end.

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KiloPrint: A large scale, multi-format 3D printer

Open 3DP

In addition, KiloPrint is also mobile and can print in multiple materials… we have plans to retrofit it with the ability to print in plastic as well. Over the course of the current school year, the KiloPrint team has been busy with their studies.

What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how can it help me?

Javelin Tech Tips

To gain a better understanding of how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help your business I recommend you take a new Introduction to Simulation video training course available in MySolidWorks. The course includes the following video lessons: Discover the SOLIDWORKS Simulation product suite.

Fendi Project : Sculpteo makes the difference


In this sense, a hollowed-out plastic part will always cost less than a full piece. No problems with assembly, and of course : the team chose our plastic, an ideal material for the assembly of mechanical parts or prototyping.

How Does 3D Printing Work? These Videos Hold the Answer.


In an FDM printer, a long plastic filament is fed by a spool to a nozzle where the material is liquefied. Of course there are still more, related 3D printing technologies. So how does 3D printing really work?

Video 104

The ultimate finish: From 3D printed to final product look


ABS plastic using a professional FDM printer, 178 μm layers. Of course this was nothing else than our fault but perhaps with only 5 extra minutes the result would have been perfect.

Top 3 Challenges Buying a Consumer 3D Printer for Commercial Use


Depending on your perspective, waking up to see how your print did overnight and finding a bird’s nest of plastic instead of your 3D printed design can either be disappointing or exciting. You are, of course!

Empowering Mass Customization: How ‘Digital Forming’ Is Creating Unique Products with 3D Printing


Customizable Products: 3D Printed Plastic Items. Of course the same idea is applicable for bigger home décor items printed in plastic. Beyond Plastics: 3D Printing in Steel and Ceramics.

Move Over Titanium, 3D Printed Bone Implants are Here

3D Printing Industry

Of course, other solutions could involve cutting bone from the patient and repositioning it where required. But as far as external implants are concerned, only alloplastic or non-biological materials – say metal, ceramics or plastics – had been successfully tried and tested.

Find the hackerspace close to you with the Makermap


plastic. and of course 3D Printing ! Beyond summer beaches and music festivals what about visiting an hackesrspace and being inspired by making stuff? The Makermap charts the hackerspaces and the maker resources around the world.

Q&A: CEO Gian Paolo Bassi and Former CEO Bertrand Sicot

The Solidworks Blog

For example, we grew the community by 1+ million users and now at the start of 2015 we have 2.8 Of course seeing the impact our customers are having on the world is especially memorable. New SOLIDWORKS CEO, Gian Paolo Bassi.

Best Practices for Medical Device Design

The Solidworks Blog

This, of course, goes without saying, but there’s also a wealth of resources available from the FDA, The European Commission, and others that will get you started down the right path to successful product development that leads to a successful commercial product launch.

Make beautiful 3D prints: understanding the layer thickness


The objective is to show you what causes 3D printing’s “staircase effect” when printing in plastic with Sculpteo, as well as provide you with a few suggestions to improve the outcome. Sculpteo’s standard printing uses 100µ plastic layers.

Gianormous 3D Printed Rolex for the Giant in Your Life

3D Printing Industry

It doesn’t matter if it’s made of plastic and a quartz clock movement. Of course, it wouldn’t be hard to model a quick Rolex logo onto the clock face, but the design is so iconic that you really don’t even need it in order for anyone to figure out what “brand” your clock is.…

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U.S. Manufacturing is Building up a Head of Steam

Design 2 Part News

Woods said “The momentum we saw in manufacturing toward the end of 2014 is fueling optimism for 2015, with many major manufacturers saying they plan to hire more and invest more throughout the coming months.”. percent in 2015. and Vanguard Plastics, in Southington, Conn.,

CADD Edge Helps SOLIDWORKS with 3D Printed TV Remote Control Fixture


Of course we said, “Yes we’d love to help!”. We used our Stratasys Dimension 1200es, an FDM printer with engineering-grade ABS plastic, which is perfect for an application like jigs and fixtures!

Designer Spotlight: Florian Bendl

Shapeways Blog

Beginning of 2014 I finally got myself started by attending a 3-day course for Rhino. The Stong & Flexible Plastic and Acrylic were exactly what I was looking for in prototyping my models. This week we are highlighting Florian Bendl, designer behind Math_Art_Nature.

Concept Laser Has Helped Shape “Additive Manufacturing” for 15 Years

Additive Manufacturing

The existing plastic sintering technology led to development of the LaserCUSING method in 1998. As far as Frank Herzog was concerned, what worked for plastics must also work with metals. In 2015, Concept Laser also premiered 3D mapping in real time. 14 – 18, 2015. 1, 2015.

4 Ways to Accelerate Your Engineering Career


For more information and to find a training course near you, click here. Maybe you’re unfamiliar with how plastic parts are designed in SW? In the engineering world, performance is the key to progress in your engineering career.