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For businesses, these benefits open a completely new way of imaging product designs, expanding product offerings and streamlining the manufacturing process. billion in 2024.

Lithium Mining and Electric Vehicles: Powering Innovation and a Greener Future

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billion to $77 billion in 2024. Collaborative design is a critical element at Tesla , where it is paving the way for market acceptance of electric vehicles while revolutionizing the automotive industry with its vehicle and its approach.

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3D printed electronics for the Internet of Things

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Here is a guest blog from my colleague, Lee Teschler, Executive Editor, Design World magazine. If exponential growth continues, the year 2034 could see plastic printed circuits performing at levels equaling that of silicon circuits minted 10 years before in 2024.

Beats Deals You Can Still Get

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2024). They are designed not to fall out of your ears when you are working out and they are sweat and water resistant. It was widely expected that Beats would end their Cyber Monday sale yesterday. It looks like the company has decided to keep their sale on for now.

Manufacturing Technologies Growth Trends and Forecasts

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Innovations in CNC machining, additive manufacturing and casting technologies are giving companies, prosumers and consumers an unprecedented level of design options. billion in 2024.

4 Technologies That Will Revolutionize Healthcare

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For instance, Xenex is a robot that has been designed to thoroughly disinfect healthcare facilities by using high-intensity UV light. billion by 2024. Authored By : Annabelle Lopez.

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has committed to extend its support of the International Space Station until 2024. NASA scientists based the design of the plastic meteorite on detailed measurements and stereo images taken by Opportunitys panoramic camera, or PanCam. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH.