Cheap 3D Printers

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Low-cost, desktop 3D printers are becoming amazingly inexpensive and they continue to decline in price. All three are material extrusion “FDM clone” 3D printers. Some desktop 3D printers offer surprisingly good quality, considering the price.

Six Axis Delta 3D printer from ZHAW

DIY 3D Printing

Oliver Tolar and Denis Herrmann, students from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) developed a six axis Delta 3d printer with movable build plate., 6 axis delta 3d printer Switzerland

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Sli3DR 3d printer by RichRap

DIY 3D Printing

Sli3DR (pronounced Slider) is a new DIY open source 3d printer developed by famous RichRap. new diy 3d printer open source 3d printer reprap richrap It has unique moment mechanics configuration that uses Spectra line.

Printrbot Play 3D printer

DIY 3D Printing

Printrbot just announced their new Printrbot Play 3D printer which is aiming towards low cost market but has full metal body and aluminum platform. low cost new diy 3d printer Printrbot

SmartCore low cost wooden box 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

SmartCore is a new 3d printer developed by SmartFriendz who gave us SmartRap. Since I''m a huge fan of wooden frame 3d printers I really like this design and will follow the project closely! You can even build your 3d printer in a milk bottle box !

3D Printer Review: MakerBot Replicator+

It never ceases to amaze me all things that 3D printing is capable of creating and just how far the industry has come over the past several years. I recently wrote about how easy-to-use 3D modeling. 3D Printer Reviews 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printer 3d printer review 3d printer reviews 3d printing makerbot makerbot replicator MakerBot Replicator desktop 3D printer makerbot wifi MinFill product review replicator smart extruder thingiverse Tough PLA

Pentarod 5 Axis 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

Øyvind Kallevik Grutle developed his own 5 axis 3d printer based on RepRap Ormerod where he added additional A and C axis. The printer is a modified RepRap Ormerod, with two added axis (A and C). 5 axis new diy 3d printer reprappro

Formlabs Fuse 1 Desktop SLS 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

Formlabs just released their Fuse 1 3D printer which is a desktop selective laser sintering machine priced at 9,999 USD. This is a small revolution on the market and a big step forward in 3d printing availability and affordability!!!

OverLord multicolor Delta 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

OverLord is a new multicolor Delta 3d printer made by DreamMaker. There were many 3d printer producers and Kickstarters that promised full color 3d printing, but results were disappointing or not delivered. china delta 3d printer kickstarter new diy 3d printer

This 3D Printer Creates Real Bones Using Synthetic Material

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A new 3D printer created by an engineer from the University of Waterloo is capable of printing 3D joints and implants that are made from the same material as the human bone. One of the most prominent ways is 3D printing.

Velleman Vertex K8400 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

Velleman is European DIY giant and had a very successful run with their K8200 3d printer (3Drag). Here is the successor: the Vertex K8400 dual head 3d printer. id=417866 Here is video of it in action: europe k8200 new diy 3d printer velleman

IcePick Delta 3d printer made with no linear rods or bearings

DIY 3D Printing

IcePick Delta 3d printer is a design without linear rods or bearings and with sturdy wooden frame. From project description: Icepick Delta is a open source 3d printer that was inspired by the Firepick Delta.

2016 3D Printer Buying Guide

So you want to buy a 3D printer, but you don’t know where to start. I don’t blame you, there are a lot of 3D printers out there from a lot of manufacturers with names that you’ve never heard of, it. View the entire article via our website.

Retro designed 3d printer in post-WW2 table saw frame

DIY 3D Printing

I LOVE the design of this 3d printer made by Chad Bridgewater ! This custom combines modern technology and vintage design as he developed his 3d printer based on a frame of old p ost-WWII Craftsman table saw. Here is his NOS 3d printer in old table saw: Kudos Chad!

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Mille 3D Printer Unveiled – Turns Shipping Containers into Large 3D Printers, Shredders & Extruders

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D printed cars andy tran big 3d printer large 3d printer large format 3d printers mille 3d printer mobile 3d printer shipping container 3d printer swfl3dA few months ago, I had an opportunity to take the one hour drive from my home in Cape Coral, Florida, down I-75 to Naples, where I met a man named Andy Tran.

Foam 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

Is this a 3d printer? so it IS a 3d printer! 3d printerFoam cloud shaper? What is it :-)? It looks cool. It additively produces an object in three dimensions. Floating foam. lighter than air.

Metal 3D Printer: Manufacturers and Models of 2017


Which 3D printers are used for metal 3D Printing? The post Metal 3D Printer: Manufacturers and Models of 2017 appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D News metal 3D printer metal 3D printing

You-SLS open source desktop SLS 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

German student Lukas Hoppe wants do develop cheapest SLS 3D printer which should be very affordable since it would be open sourced. indiegogo low cost new diy 3d printer open sls open source 3d printer selective laser sintering sls

RepRapPro Fisher Delta 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

RepRapPro launched their new 3D printer and it is a low cost Delta! VAT Printer description: The latest 3D printer from RepRapPro. delta 3d printer low cost new diy 3d printer reprappro

Low cost plywood DIY 3d printer by Kalle Lüütsepp

DIY 3D Printing

Kalle Lüütsepp made this simple and low cost wood based small 3d printer. Here is video of it in action: Here is a photograph of it: low cost new diy 3d printer plywood wood frame 3d printer

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Proton and Neutron Open Source 3D Printers

DIY 3D Printing

Layer One, creators of Atom3D printer, have released two open source RepRap 3d printer. Proton assembly video: Proton Thingiverse page: [link] Neutron is a delta configuration 3d printer.

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BuzzBox universal 3d printer enclosure

DIY 3D Printing

3D printing is in fast expansion, so the accessories makers are emerging to give your 3d printer new upgrades. BuzzBox is a 3d printer enclosure that will increase print quality and decrease harmful side-effects like fumes and noise.

Cheapest, Best & Most Reliable Desktop 3D Printers — 3DPrint’s 2015 Buyers Guide

It’s rather crazy how many emails we receive on a daily basis asking us to suggest a 3D printer for a particular use. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business Editorials / Opinions 3D printer cost 3d printer prices 3d printer review best 3d printers buy 3d printer cheap 3d printer cheapest 3d printer most reliable 3d printer top 10 3d printers

ImproTable 1000 large 3d printer with multifeed mixing nozzle and Twin 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

ImproTable 1000 is a big custom made DIY 3d printer developed by James Chang. asia china diy extruder large printer mix multi color new diy 3d printer It has 1m x 1m printing surface and unique mixing extruder with five filament input ports.

3D Systems ProX DMP 320 Metal 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

3D Systems released a new industrial metal laser sintering printer: the ProX DMP 320. 3d systems industrial 3d printer metal 3d printing new diy 3d printer titanium

Mark One first carbon fiber 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

Carbon fiber 3d printing was the technology many people were waiting for. Designed to overcome the strength limitations of other 3D printed materials, the MarkForged Mark One 3D printer is the worlds first 3D printer designed to print composite materials.

Mcor ARKe Full Color Desktop 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

Mcor just presented their Arke printer and it is amazing! It is a small revolution in 3d printing industry since it brings low machine cost, low material cost, full color and speed on your desktop. Print any colour, anytime on your 3D model, including text.


BlackBelt 3D Printer Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goal in 15 Minutes

It didn’t take BlackBelt 3D long to smash through its Kickstarter funding goal. We’ve been anticipating the launch of the company’s novel industrial 3D printer since we first. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D printer crowdfunding 3d printer kickstarter Blackbelt 3D BV BlackBelt 3D printer conveyor belt kickstarter solidworks

Tower Simple XL 200 USD DIY 3D printer

DIY 3D Printing

It has laser cut plywood frame and acrylic structural parts, it has no 3D printed parts. acrylic diy instructables low cost new diy 3d printer plywood wood frame 3d printerHere is a new simple and low cost machine project by Almus Yang.

Leapfrog Officially Launches New Industrial Bolt Pro 3D Printer, With Independent Dual Extruders and Office-Friendly Features

3D printer manufacturer Leapfrog was founded over five years ago, and has been busy ever since, coming out with 3D printers for both professional and industrial uses. The company first turned heads. View the entire article via our website.

ShapingBits 3FXtrud 3D Printers

DIY 3D Printing

Here are some new 3d printers by Shaping Bits, 3FXtrud Uno is priced at $848 while the 3FXtrud Duo pricing starts at $1,399: KS campaign: Company web page: [link].

Tiko3D Unveils Sleek $179 Delta 3D Printer

Last year was the year in which desktop 3D printers saw staggering price declines. Spurred on by the open source community, we saw printer after printer emerge on crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing cheap 3d printer delta 3d printer sxsw tiko tiko 3d printer tiko3d tiko3d printer

Fabcore Open Source 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

If you are still interested in new FDM 3d printer development projects here is Fabcore from France. France new diy 3d printer open source 3d printerIt is open sourced and still under development.

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Buying a 3D Printer? — What You Need to Know

With the number of desktop 3D printers sold annually expected to see grow by a staggering 750% by 2019, and with the number of different machines on the market mushrooming over the last two... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing Editorials / Opinions 3d printer advice 3d printer reviews buy 3d printer buying a 3d printer purchase a 3d printer

Steampunk style DIY 3d printer based on Printrbot GO

DIY 3D Printing

John Davis made this beautiful steampunk themed 3d printer based on Printrbot Go. I''m a huge fan of wood frame 3d printers and this is work of a true craftsman.

The Top 10 3D Printers Under $2,500

3D Printing Industry

While price is an important factor when purchasing a desktop 3D printer, an even more important factor is quality. Consider this, then, a list of printers that get the most bang out of your buck, the top 10 3D printers below $2,500. 3D Printers Lists

Shapeways receives the first HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer!

Shapeways Blog

We have installed the new HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer at our factory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Back in 2014 we learned from Hewlett Packard, a company that holds true to a long history of deep innovation, that they were working on a new 3D printer. 3D Printer

DIY 3d printers controlled with Raspberry Pi ONLY

DIY 3D Printing

I will get a Raspberrry Pi soon so I wanted to see what can bt done with it beside using it as a server, so I found that you could use a Pi and its GPIOs to directly control the stepper drivers, fan, heater and other aspect of a 3d printer without any additional processing electronics.

Behold, The Easy Cheese 3D Printer!

One area within the 3D printing space which may be a bit slow to catch on, is that of food printing. 3D Printers 3D Printing cheese 3d printer cheese printer easy cheese easy cheese 3d printer food 3d printer Maxfield-Parish reddi-wip Companies like Natural Machines have unveiled systems which will enable anyone to print... View the entire article via our website.

TwinTeeth home manufacturing PCB factory mulitool with 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

It is a multitool reversed Delta machine mainly orientated towards PCB manufacturing but it can serve as 3d printer also. Plotting circuits with a permanent pen-maker 3D printing knobs, casings, front-panels, even print circuits with conductive filament, or make circuits supports.