Students and Teachers Enjoy 3D Printing at BVS


Rod Batschelet is the Technology Specialist at Benson Village School in Vermont. In his role, Batschelet instructs teachers how to integrate new technology, such as 3D printing, into the classroom. Introducing 3D Printing at Benson Village School. Benson Village welcomed the Afinia 3D printer into their school system three years ago. 3D Printing for Preschool Through 8th Grade. A preschool student’s final 3D print, designed in ThingMaker.

Heading to Inside 3D Printing - New York

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

As I write this, I am jostling my way to New York, on the Amtrak Vermonter, for the Inside 3D Printing conference where I will be taking part in a panel discussion about 3D printing and education. But, today I hope to have my first real look at the new Cube 3 printer and all of the new printers announced a few months ago at CES. As mentioned previously, this blog will be expanded to include all of 3D System''s 3D printers in the under $10K category.

Integrating 3D Printing into K-8th Grade at CHUSD


The Entry to 3D Printing. Our district has had the Afinia 3D printer for about 2 years. It’s been our tried-and-true 3D printer,” explains Cacciatore. One of the many reasons she praises the Afinia 3D printer is “it always stays calibrated, even though it travels from school to school!”. The Afinia 3D printer has also been easy for Cacciatore to use, even without previous 3D printing experience. 3D Printing Makes a Difference.

MakerBot: The Oregon Pint Runneth Over

Additive Manufacturing

So the North Drinkware team combined 3D technologies with the old-school craft of glassblowing to make a physical proof of concept. They took 3D data of Mount Hood, the state’s highest peak, from the United States Geological Survey, and mocked up a digital model of it in the base of a pint glass that they had designed themselves. Then they 3D printed the completed glass design on a MakerBot Replicator to develop the plaster molds that shaped the first glasses. “By

Non-Profit Design that Matters Prints 3D Models that Communicate Across Cultures

The Solidworks Blog

SOLIDWORKS enables us to easily make prototypes of our ideas using our Makerbot 3D Printer. During our visit in Haiti, we were lucky to be hosted by Dr. Jack Long and Dr. Delight Wing; pediatricians who spend half the year working in Haiti with Partners in Health, and the other half in Vermont. In kicking off the Pelican pulse oximeter project, we made our earliest ideas tangible by sketching in SOLIDWORKS and then building models with our Makerbot 3D printer.

Haiti 64