Digitrax3D MH5 3d printing copy machine with five extruders

DIY 3D Printing

Digitrax technical specifications from manufacturer page: The first 3D printer with 5 adjustable (in position and temperature) heads Product 5 times faster Rigid aluminum frame with A6063-T5 quality Precision: 100? 3d copy asia new diy 3d printer octo extruder vietnam

ITAMCO Wins Contract with US Air Force to Develop 3D-Printed Runway Mat

Additive Manufacturing

The portable runway surface most used today is made with an aluminum plank matting called AM-2. AM-2 matting has served the United States military well since the Vietnam War, but the materials and technology in the ITAMCO-led research project will offer many benefits over AM-2 matting.

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Right-Shoring: Where Is The Optimum Place To Manufacture?

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A job producing something in Vietnam does not equate to one fewer job here in the US. Vietnam in particular, eager to follow the Chinese economic growth model, has jumped on the lower links of the value chain and is steadily inching its way upward.

Trump hypes jobs relocating back to the US. Are they?

Design 2 Part News

But by the early 21st century, the writing was on the wall — the factory closed down and production was shifted mostly to China, as well as Vietnam and Indonesia. By Jason Margolis , Public Radio International (PRI).

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