Good News!: 3D Printing Is Beginning to Really Influence the Ceramic Arts World, as Shapeways Has Seen

You may not realize it, but it’s highly likely that you are surrounded by ceramic materials right now. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d print porcelain 3d printed ceramics 3d printed porcelain ceramic 3d printing ceramics clay extrusion clay fab lab fdm mold making National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts NCECA powde-based ceramic printing shapeways shapeways porcelain printing method shapeways porcelain team shoji satake

Announcing a New Evolution for Porcelain

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At Shapeways, we’re always innovating in the materials and processes we use to bring your products to life. Innovation and experimentation go hand in hand, and that’s why every material offering is a work in progress. Our Porcelain is food, dishwasher, and oven safe.

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Porcelain, 3D Printing, & Why You Might Move to Taiwan (Part 4)

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Those porcelain statues are manufactured by a company called Franz Collection Inc., Actually, they were made by Franz, before the Precious Memories brand went elsewhere, but the Taiwanese company remains one of the largest sources for porcelain manufacturing for a number of OEM companies.…

Shapeways Releases Their 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 2016 Holiday Gift Guide 3D animal models 3d printed holiday gifts 3D printed pendants 3d printed porcelain bacon mobius strip earrings games gift guide jewelry Mobius strip pendants rings shapeways Shapeways 2015 Gift GuideWhile the weather has been unseasonably warm this fall in the Northeast, things are heating up at Shapeways. In preparation for the upcoming holidays, the hard working team at Shapeways has been.

WASP to Attend Argillà 2016 with Demos of DeltaWASP 3MT & 4070 3D Printers

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printed art 3d printed bottles 3d printed ceramics 3d printed porcelain 3d printing concrete Argillà 2016 DeltaWASP 3MT 3D printer DeltaWASP 4070 Faenza Shamballa wasp 3d printersHere at, I think I speak for all of us when I say we perk up when WASP is making news. Part of it is probably due to the sheer size of their printing ambitions, but also due to the range. View the entire article via our website.

Our 8 Favorite 3D-Printed Sculptures


It’s a technology with almost limitless design possibilities – and that leads to some pretty fantastic art. This resulted in a series of pop art collages. Korean architect Se Yoon Park created a stunning art installation made up of 3D-printed trees.

3D Print Your Own Lithophanes: Stratasys Education Series Class Project

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These unique molded pieces of art are most often created in porcelain in such a way that to see the real beauty, you need to hold them up to the light. Porcelain not your thing? Lithophanes have been around for centuries.

In Less Than a Year, 3D Print Start-Up Toyze Secured a Major Client and Reached Over 100 Million Users: Toyze Explains Its Ambitious Growth Plan


Toyze figurines are made from a smooth, durable 3D printed material that is exclusive to i.materialise. The material prints in color, and photographs similarly to hard silicone and some types of cold-castpolymer resin.

Designer Spotlight: Trish Rudolphsen & Nick Rudemiller

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We are Trish, a fashion designer and Nick, an industrial/UX designer both graduates from University of Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning. I never thought I would be able to make a porcelain product, especially without a kiln.

Danny van Ryswyk’s Dark Wonderland: Master Artist Shares How He Hand-Paints Polyamide 3D Prints


In my case, I use a modern approach because my sculptures are 3D printed in polyamide , a material which requires different painting methods. You know… I do not consider it important that it is made of polymer, clay or porcelain. This is how I make my art.

Behind the Product: Glass Vase Mold

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Well, the glass piece is a graduate research project in material research from Hexagram at Concordia so I’ll try not to be too wordy. I went to see an exhibition on ancient Roman glass at the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York this spring. 3D Modeling Art

Glass 83

3D Print Start-Up Toyze Secures a Major Backer and Explains Its Ambitious Growth Plan


Toyze figurines are made from a smooth, durable 3D printed material that is exclusive to i.materialise. The material prints in color, and photographs similarly to hard silicone and some types of cold-castpolymer resin. 3D Printing Art and Design

Designer Spotlight: Joaquin Baldwin

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As a long-time member of the Shapeways Community, Joaquin Baldwin has not only mastered the art of optimizing his designs for different materials, he has also managed to flawlessly photograph his creations. . With two amazing collections specifically designed for Porcelain, Joaquin shared more with us on how he makes his creations shine by amplifying the strongest attributes of this material while taking advantage of the color spectrum. His Porcelain planters.

The Week in 3D Printing: Waste in Space, the Mother of All 3D Printers, and a Win-Win Arms Race

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While most of us might not think of porcelain as a particularly strong material, researchers at HRL Laboratories beg to differ. The work they’ll do for NASA builds on their research into converting preceramic resins into heat-resistant ceramic materials.

Is consumer 3D printing overhyped?

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Not only in Plastics, but in Metal, Precious Metals, and very recently Porcelain. The difference is that we can offer customers access to state of the art, industrial 3D printers and it is exactly there where just over the last year very exciting news has emerged.

World Maker Faire 2016 New York Round up!

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Our booth was filled with displays showcasing the jewelry designs and works of art from our own maker community. Visitors also were blown away by the porcelain step candle holders. These precious jewelry items by 3Different were the perfect showcase for our new interlocking metal material. It’s the time of year to kick-start your making — a sentiment that was entirely evident at New York’s World Maker Faire 2016!

Looking back on 2015

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Below are just a few of the highlights from this year: New Materials Come to Life. Continuing to add to our portfolio of materials, this year we introduced Porcelain to our marketplace. Other new materials we’re excited about?