New 3D Printing for Prototyping and Production Course Overview and Sponsor Details

Achieve your 3D print design goals this Fall with our upcoming 3D Printing for Prototyping and Production course! 3D Design 3D Printing Business Education 3D design course 3d printing class 3d printing classes 3d printing course 3d printing courses 3D Printing for Prototyping and Production 3d printing online classes AutoDesk Fusion 360 direct digital manufacturing online course

There's Still Time to Register at a Discounted Rate for's Online Beginner and Advanced 3D Design Courses!

3D Design 3D Printing Education 3D design course 3d design education 3d printing class 3d printing course 3d printing courses 3d printing education Advanced Design for 3D Printing autodesk Beginner Design for 3D Printing formlabs Frustum nTopology online course online education Rhino Robert McNeel and Associates TinkercadA lot of our readers are experienced in 3D design and printing, whether at the professional or hobbyist level.

Software Developer Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Help Provide 3D Design Courses to Beginners

3D Design 3D Printing 3d design 3D design course 3D design curriculum 3d design education 3d printing education 3d printing kickstarter campaigns AutoDesk Fusion 360 Bill Tran blender crowdfunding education kickstarter learn 3d printing online course stem STEM education udemyAs the number of real life applications that involve the use of 3D design and 3D printing continues to increase, so does the need to educate the world—particularly the younger generations—on the ins.

SolidProfessor Announces Two New 3D Printing Courses for Beginners and MakerBot Users

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printing courses 3d printing education 3d printing teaching software 3d printing training autodesk Jason Wright learn 3d printing makerbot solidprofessor solidworks3D printing education is really taking off these days as the technology complements the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum quite well. Even if this is the case, there. View the entire article via our website.

HoneyPoint3D Offers Instructional Toolkit on Meshmixer 3D CAD and Full Online Course

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printing classes 3d printing instruction autodesk autodesk classes Autodesk Meshmixer honeypoint3d kickstarter meshmixerHoneyPoint3D, co-founded by husband and wife team Nick and Liza Kloski, began with the opening of a retail 3D printing store in Oakland, California. The pair taught classes, sold 3D printers and supplies, and... View the entire article via our website.

PrintLab and Free_D 3D printing courses up-skill disadvantaged women in India

3D Printing Industry

Education 3d modeling 3d modelling 3D printers Autodesk 123D CAD charity Free_D India Makerbot organization PrintLab Sia Mahdavi STEAM STEM Tinkercad and MeshmixerPrintLab, a global distributor of 3D printed products for education, has teamed up with Free_D, a social enterprise supporting disadvantaged women in India with access to.

India 87

Open House: Additive Manufacturing Evolution is On Track at BeAM Machines Inc.

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software Business Metal 3D Printing 3D metal powder 3d printed aerospace applications 3d printer reseller 3d printing course 3d printing curriculum 3d printing for engineers 3d printing metal powder 3d printing training 5 axis 3d printer 5-axis AFRL autodesk BeAM beam 3d printers BeAM Machines Inc. We’ve been eagerly following the progress of BeAM Machines SAS, founded in France, since 2015.

3 Programs You Need as CAD User

And of course, I would love to hear your opinion! Design and Manufacturing Autodesk CATIA Fusion 360 HSM HSMWorks Inventor PTC SolidworksA CAD users workstation is what a good racecar is for a formula one driver.

PTC 195

learnbylayers partners with the National STEM Learning Centre to bring more 3D printing to schools

3D Printing Industry

As part of the partnership, the STEM Learning Centre will be running a free two day course this summer on “Using 3D printers creatively in KS3 and KS4,” preparing primary and secondary […]. Education autodesk Autodesk Fusion 360 CLEAPSS Dave Parry Learnbylayers Makerbot National STEM Learning Centre Philip Cotton PrintLab University of York

CAASE 2018 highlights design and simulation software for Additive Manufacturing

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The Conference on Advancing Analysis and Simulation in Engineering (CAASE) took place June 5th-7th with more than 500 industry professionals assembling in Cleveland for technical presentations, workshops, training courses, and an exhibit. 3D Software Alphastar ansys autodesk CAASE CogniCAD Digimat-AM Genoa 3DP MSC Software oak ridge ParaMatters Senvol Stratasys

PLM411 Eating Acronym Soup Gag / ERP-PLM Roles Interview with NetSuite

Tech Clarity

Of course not. Slideshow Tech-Clarity TV Acronym Soup Acronyms Autodesk PLM 360 Case Study Enterprise Systems ERP Funny Gavin Davidson Infomercial Integration Interview NetSuite PLM PLM411 Roles Spoof TLADoes ingesting a three letter acronym like ERP, CRM, or PLM improve business?

Essential Maya Modeling Tips and Tricks: Russ’s Tutorial on How to Design Samurai Helmets


After having presented two stunning 3D models of Japanese samurai helmets last months, Russ Ogi will now show us how he designed them in Autodesk Maya in this tutorial. I am an Autodesk Maya NURBS modeler.

Maya 74

3D printing for “proof of concept”

3D Printed Education

Of course the set has to be easy to assemble, take down and transport, so she has investigated using lightweight materials and a bespoke system for assembling a framework. One of our A Level students has a very interesting project for her coursework.

CubeX 197

HI-AM Network – At the Forefront of Tangible Breakthroughs in AM Capabilities and Processes

Additive Manufacturing

It is expected that know-hows, state-of-the-art facilities and competencies formed during the course of this Network will be of great importance to our industrial partners to de-risk the adoption of AM processes to their products and production lines.

Announcing 3 Winners of the Drone Challenge!


Pascals drone depicting the internationally-recognized biohazard symbol was designed on Autodesks Maya software with a noble mission: to access disaster-affected areas and assist with humanitarian aid. Challenges Autodesk challenge Drone Drone Challenge flexbot hexacopter

Maya 79

SME RAPID 2015-Day 3 Highlights and Notables

Additive Manufacturing

And of course, the AMazing team is on the ground at RAPID. From the exhibit floor: AutoDesk has released the Print Studio Ember design file. Featured News AMazing® Autodesk Cincinnati Incorporated Concept Laser Cosine Additive DDM Systems FARO LPW Technology M.C.

3D Printing With Meshmixer: A Beginner-friendly Introduction to 3D Sculpting and Combining Meshes


Meshmixer is a free 3D sculpting-based CAD (Computer Assisted Design) program created by Autodesk as part of their “123D” software line. And of course, this tutorial will be a quite useful one if you’re joining our Meshmixer Mix-a-Monster Challenge !

DIMENSIONEXT: 3D Prints From 2D Photos Of A Moving Subject


When Mark Dahmke found that Autodesk’s otherwise excellent 2D-to-3D app 123D Catch was limited outside of his needs to digitally capture a moving subject – his cute cats – he decided to pursue his own solution to the problem. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH.

Project Ignite to Spark Curiosity in STEAM Students & Educators

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In response to the White House’s fabrication initiative, called the National Week of Making, Autodesk, Inc. is announcing Autodesk Project Ignite According to the company Project Ignite is “a free and open learning platform that builds the skill and confidence of young learners through creative, hands-on design experiences focused on the latest technology trends like 3D printing and electronics.” By Andrew Wheeler.

Most Read Articles from Last Week – February 22

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Autodesk Ember 3D Printer Opens Up for Public Purchase Tomorrow. Through a holography course at CalArts, I learned of t… Need 3D Printing Experience?… By 3D Printing Industry.

MakerCon Expands NY World Maker Faire Activities

3D Printer

It’s a veritable “who’s who” in the Maker world, including of course, Dale Dougherty, who started it all for many makers. This year’s New York World Maker Faire will be preceded by MakerCon, a cool conference “By and For Makers” on September 17-18.

Makers 257

3D Veterans Bootcamp

Wohlers Talk

Among the current partners and sponsors are America Makes, Autodesk, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The veterans completed the program with new skills in using Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAD software, which was used for most of the design work. An interesting program for U.S.

Mattel Is Making a $300 3D Printing Toy Studio For Kids

3D Printer

Toyland reports : Mattel partnered with software company Autodesk to make sure that the app was fast, easy to navigate and wouldn’t crash like so many other poorly made toy apps. Mattel has created an awesome new toy for children that will allow them to 3D printer their own toys.

3D Printing Goes Mainstream When Tech Giants Like HP Enter the Market

3D Printer

This, of course, is not a consumer machine. HP has seen the challenge involved in such a R&D project and have collaborated with strategic partners, including Nike, BMW, Autodesk, Jabil, Johnson & Johnson, Materialise, Proto Labs, Shapeways and Siemens.

Formlabs Gathering of 3DPrinting Thought Leaders At MIT Media Lab Explores The Digital Factory

3D Printer

Funding from Autodesk and Foundry Group will allow the Somerville, MA company to scale its operations to meet increased international customer demand, increase R&D efforts on new materials and products, and extend Formlabs’ reach, especially in the manufacturing ecosystem. Design and software is of course where all digital manufacturing begins, and new directions are challenging our very basic concepts about how ideas are transformed into things.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Training now available on MySolidWorks

Javelin Tech Tips

You can import SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Alias®, Rhino®, SketchUp® and many other CAD formats to create compelling scenes and ultimately the most realistic content possible. The course content is listed below for your reference. Start the Course. SOLIDWORKS Visualize in MySolidWorks.

Learn 3D CAD the easy way with this Kickstarter: 20+ Hours of Meshmixer online training by HoneyPoint3D

Shapeways Blog

In the spirit of education, today we want to tell you about a new campaign from HoneyPoint3D that is offering to help more people learn 3D CAD modeling through their online courses. Taking the course will save designers time and money.

REAL 2016: There’s More to 3D Printing than Just 3D Printing

3D Printing Industry

In fact, 3D printing is heavily intertwined with and dependent on an ecosystem that Autodesk calls “Reality Computing”, coined by the software developer to address an umbrella of 3D (and other related technologies) in general. By Tyler Koslow.

3D Printing is “Cool” Tech in the PLTW Classroom


He teaches Design & Modeling and Automation & Robotics courses, incorporating 3D printing into each. Of course, there’s an art to 3D printing, but it was pretty quick. Then they use AutoDesk to recreate it, convert it to an STL file, and 3D print it.

3dprinting story run by published 8th and 9th December over two days

Philip Cotton

However, there are many free courses available where teachers can learn about the basics of 3DCAD and then pass this onto students and with Autodesk making their software free to all teachers and students this will greatly help with this issue.

Building a Speaker Cart Using 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering


The secondary problem was a bit easier to tackle than the primary problem so, of course, I went after that first. I used Meshmixer ( from Autodesk, a free utility, to import the STL and clean up the uneven surfaces caused by the wear and tear on the handle.

How Generative Design Leads to Better Parts

3E Rapid Prototyping

Some of the computer-generated permutations will be less desirable than others, of course, but the generation of multiple options massively reduces the creative burden on the engineer. When creating a part or a product, the first step is often the hardest.

NX 56

SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Star Wars Lightsaber Edition

Javelin Tech Tips

Contact us to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Javelin’s comprehensive training course. The release date for the new Star Wars feature film “ Star Wars:The Last Jedi ” is just around the corner.

Cache Makers teaches 3D printing to adults, hoping to inspire future STEM educators

3D Printing Review

Similar to Carpenter, a few of the adults enrolled in the 3D printing class already had a passion for 3D printing and had enrolled in a few courses prior with Cache Makers, so they had no trouble grasping the dimension concepts as children often do.

Makers 130

The ‘Redneck Rocket’ Flies 300 Feet in the Air, Combining 3D Printing with Pringles Cans

3D Printing Review

Of course you have. He could use that very can of potato chips to create his own rocket (of course after eating all the chips inside). He also needed to calculate the center of gravity and the center of pressure, but thankfully Autodesk Inventor does a very good job of doing this.

Course 130

DigiFabCon Explores how tools like 3DPrinting are changing the world!

3D Printer

Andreas Bastian, of Autodesk, sharing design challenges in the Enable Community Foundation 3D Printed prosthetic hand project. This year, a pre-conference short course has been added.

Tools 138

Top 10 3D Sculpting Programs – The Best Software for Creating Digital Sculptures for 3D Printing


ZBrush’s biggest competitor is Mudbox , which was developed in 2007 and acquired by Autodesk. By: Autodesk. Meshmixer is one of the free 3D-sculpting-based CAD programs created by Autodesk – and it is also one of their simpler, more beginner-friendly programs. By: Autodesk.

Maya 65