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In fact, this is the year for a plethora of new designs for 3D printers. The design of the Bukobot is a bit different than previous kit 3D Printers in that it makes use of extruded metal frames rather than rods. The important thing that the BukoBot teaches us is that we have not finished exploring all the possible designs for a 3D printer. Here is a Flickr Photo Stream with a number of images of various models and their design studio.

5 Best 3D Printers for Jewelry

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In addition, producing prototypes to make sure you got the design and measurements right will also become faster and more cost-effective, which is great whether or not you are creating custom jewelry for business. With the aid of 3D printing software, you can create jewelry with sophisticated designs, including wedding rings. From there, the spruce is cut off and the now-metal jewelry is subjected to a series of metal finishing to make it prettier. B9Creations B9Creator v1.2.