2018 TCT Hall of Fame Inductees and 3D Printing Award Winners Announced


This year’s TCT Show, held in Birmingham as usual, ended earlier this week, and yielded many announcements about new 3D printing materials, software, and of course, 3D printers and their. View the entire article via our website.

Underwriters Laboratories offers a resource for 3D printing info needs

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For training, UL has an initial course, the Foundations of 3D printing, available online through the eLearning modules. Geared to those who are new to or have an interest in this technology, Foundations of 3D Printing is an interactive four-module course that presents comprehensive introductory knowledge of the 3D printing industry.

AMUG 2016—a unique opportunity to learn and connect

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Plus, UL offers courses that can benefit users. And, of course, the AMUG Conference is a great place to get hands-on education about a specific 3DP/AM technology; attendees can attend specific afternoon sessions to get more information.

Exclusive with Hugo da Silva, VP of Additive Manufacturing, Royal DSM

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We are also planning to translate our engineer plastics portfolio into AM portfolio in the near future using FFF, SLS, MJF, Ink Jet and Binder Jet as platforms, while exploring the boundaries of SLA and DLP.

Where is 3D printing development now?

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Of course, hype refers to the amount of attention a subject is getting as it relates to development. –Binder Jetting. –Material Jetting. The Gartner group is a frequent resource for tracking technical developments.

ExOne Announces Exerial™ 3D Printing System Designed for Industrial Series Production

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When the Exerial system rolls out this year, ExOne will have addressed the industrial-level solution, further separating binder-jetting as a more cost effective technology than other 3D printing solutions,” said S.

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6 Best Publicly-Listed 3D Printing Companies

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They have also worked together with HP to produce the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 technology and to create customized 3D printed shoe insoles. The company uses the proprietary Binder Jetting technology to manufacture complex engineering parts using a unique heatless technology to bind together industrial-grade materials such as metals and ceramics. It developed the Multi Jet Fusion technology which has enjoyed mainstream acceptance.

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Why Technology Could Change the Way You Manufacture…

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Based on a new approach to metal 3D printing called Single Pass Jetting (SPJ), the DM Production System™ is said to build metal parts in a matter of minutes, instead of hours. They zeroed in on inkjet, a technology originally designed for 2D printing, rather than 3D binder jetting.

Suitable File Sizes for Sculpteo


You can of course add several 50MB zips to the mix. SLS, SLA or Binder Jetting won’t have the same printing resolution. As for other more traditional services, the size of the data you’re using comes into play. At Sculpteo, we’ve based our whole process on two rules: the files you’re using needs to weigh a maximum of 50MB and each single 3D file shoudn’t excess 1 million polygons.