Bits from Bytes RepRap now in Subversion

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As many of you will know, Ian''s company Bits from Bytes sells a lasercut version of RepRap: We have now put all the lasercutter DXF files in the RepRap subversion repository (under the GPL like the rest of RepRap) so that anyone with a lasercutter can make one.

2013: A New Year and a New Focus

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From the start, my interest has been on seeing the realization of low cost 3D printing beyond the realm of the hobbyists looking for the "build experience". Makerbot and Bits from Bytes are probably the best known. I hope to have some print samples from Lulzbot soon. And, of course, these are not the only players that we will be following in 2013. It''s been almost five years since the first entry in this blog.

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Bed Level Adjustment - Using the Test Duck

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We''ll use the test duck that you can download from Bit From Bytes. They''ve been around a bit. NOT good, as you can see from the third test. Of course, this prompted me to come up with a better way to level the entire bed before going on to the next test.

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RepRap: Blog: Rewriting history

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Erik, of course, has done a superb job of estimating the World population of RepRaps together with RepRap-derived machines like MakerBots and 3D-Systems/BfBs. I, of course, replied that - like the other 7 billion of you - I didnt have a clue. Darwin parts to Ian Adkins of Bits from Bytes, who created silicone moulds from. It looks like our "doubling time" is 3-4 months then, extrapolating dangerously from a small data set while feeling unwell.