Boston Festival of Indie Games : 3D printing boardgame Round Up

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This weekend I attended the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Independent game designers exhibited a huge array of both tabletop and digital games.

Innovative Paper-Based 3D Printer Maker Mcor Technologies Opens New Boston-Area U.S. Headquarters

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office for the fast-growing maker of the world’s most affordable, green and color-capable 3D printers, with the other office in San Jose, California. TAUNTON, Mass.,


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JEC Americas 2014 in Partnership with CATIA – October 28, 29 in Boston

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Dear CATIA Composites Lovers, JEC Americas 2014 will take place in October 28th & 29th in Boston, with the participation of CATIA from Dassault Systèmes.

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TIECON East Brings Together Makers and Shapers

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Hosted by TiE Boston, this once-a-year event provides the platform for innovators, thought leaders and companies to connect and discover ways to make a signature impact on the tech industry at large.

3D Printing Takes Center Stage at AM3D Conference in Boston, USA

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“Born in Boston: Local Innovations Shaping the World”. NEW YORK, July 27, 2015 – Digital manufacturing has found a hub in the greater Boston area, as several makers of high-end 3D printers are getting business from regional companies interested in fabricating products on demand. “We

Leo the Maker Prince – how to engage a generation into 3dprinting

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When asked about the future of Leo the Maker Prince, Carla is excited about where the book will take her. Her next event in the USA will be at ‘Maker Faire and MakerCon’ in California. Leo the Maker Prince is really making inroads in the education of children and 3dprinting.

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Kwambio’s 3D File Platform Officially Launches Today, Offering Hundreds of Beautiful 3D Designs

3D Design 3D Printing Business 3D file customization 3D file platform 3d marketplace 3d printing service 3d printing service bureaus boston Kwambio materialise online streaming service for 3D designers and makers Ukraine Unique One 3D printerKwambio has been on our radar for quite some time as they’ve worked diligently toward today’s launch of their dynamic 3D file platform.

Formlabs trials mass customization in 3D printed razor handles for Gillette

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Gillette, the shaving supply and razor brand of Procter and Gamble, has partnered with Boston 3D printer developer and manufacturer Formlabs. dubbed Razor Maker™: powered by Gillette®, the two businesses are providing consumers with custom 3D printed razor handles.

SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Launches at FAB11

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The knowledge sharing network of educators, technologists, Makers, tinkerers, hackers and researchers prides itself on having the ability to provide the same making experience to people in all parts of the world. By Andrew Wheeler. Did you know that there are over 550 Fab Labs in 55 countries?

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MIT Engineering Exec Joins NVBOTS Ahead of Metal 3D Printing Launch

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Boston-based NVBOTS began the year by announcing some pretty big news for what was thought to be a desktop 3D printing company. The makers of the semi-automated NVPro 3D printer had revealed that they’d been working on a multi-metal 3D printer. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

Onshape and Shapeways in a city near you

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Starting today, Shapeways will be doing a series of meetups and presentations in New York, Boston and Chicago. Shapeways + Onshape Boston – November 18 @ 6PM. Join us for evenings of learning, connecting, and idea sharing with fellow makers! Whether you’re looking to learn about the powerful browser based CAD software to develop your products or samples of professional materials to print them in, you should come and learn.

Onshape + Shapeways Meetups

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We also presented publicly at Onshape’s headquarters in Boston and at Catalyst in Chicago. Folks listening intently during the presentation in Boston. Onshape offers a free plan to makers that gives access to all their professional grade parametric tools.

Will MakerBot and Martha Stewart sell more desktop 3D printers?

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But it’s clear that these 3D printers are primarily designed for use by the maker/hobby user, the student, and the engineer who wants to give his/her children toys/tools that are more educational in nature. MakerBot printers are used by a number of engineers in their preliminary design work.

Robots And 3D Printing

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Roboticists, or robot makers, have been constrained by existing off-the-shelf parts, until recently, can now design and print their own parts and shells with affordable or free design tools and the increasingly affordable 3D printers. The so-called next industrial revolution is alive and well with robot makers. The robots are coming. Of course, you knew that.

August Event Frenzy

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August is about to begin, we hope to meet you in person during one of the following events: August 6 - Formlabs & Shapeways Beer&Pizza Happy Hour as part of FAB11 - Boston, MA, USA. August 29 – 30 - Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire - Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Who’s Winning the 3D-Printed Shoe Race?

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By April, the athletic footwear company expects to start selling this limited edition running shoe, the first of its kind, in its hometown of Boston before releasing it to select stores around the world.

This Week in 3D Printing (Aug 31 – Sept 5)


The Verge covered a story on a group of doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital who used 3D printing to replicate a child’s brain.

$4.1 Billion Industry Forecast In Crazy 3D Printing Stock Market

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Brian Deagon, reporter at Investor’s Business Daily, tweeted: “Beleaguered 3D printer maker Stratasys reports Q2 earns Thursday. The market for 3D printing, more technically called additive manufacturing (AM), grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.2 percent to $4.1

Motorcycle Madness: The Reveal

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And a special thanks to CIC Boston , who let Gabe utilize their laser cutter to create wheel inserts. When Ben’s mother found out she was pregnant, his family was ecstatic.

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2017: What an Experience!

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Our 3D EXPERIENCE Lab opened its second site at our Boston Campus ! Set up in collaboration with MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms , the lab is connected to over 1000 other maker spaces through the Fab Foundation network. 2017 was another busy year here at Dassault Systèmes.

Learn By Doing: The Adrian Niles Story

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When Adrian brought his people mover to the White House Maker Faire in 2014, he continued to attract attention for his achievements. Learn By Doing: The Adrian Niles Story Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 10:50 When Adrian Niles was 8 years old, he found himself captivated by Legos.

Managing the Long Life of Industrial Equipment

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You may have very little documentation, or everything necessary—even a 3D product model,” says Justin Rose , Chicago-based partner at the Boston Consulting Group. By Catherine Bolgar. Industrial equipment lasts a long time —the average age of current equipment in the U.S.

Carnegie Mellon University: 3-DIY – Printing Your Own Bioprinter

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And not only does the LVE cut down on cost, it also allows users to print artificial human tissue on a larger scale and at higher resolution, opening doors for researchers, makers, and professionals to experiment with 3-D printing biomaterials and fluids.

Why it’s now cheaper to produce some goods in the South…

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Keer Group , a Chinese yarn-maker, is investing $218 million in a factory in South Carolina. The changes are happening in other industries and locations, as well: Chinese auto glass maker Fuyao is investing in a $230 million production facility in Ohio, and Chinese acquirers are expanding manufacturing capacity at Cirrus Aviation in Minnesota and Nexteer Automotive in Michigan. an hour, according to figures from the Boston Consulting Group.

U.S. Executives Remain Bullish on American Manufacturing…

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Executives Remain Bullish on American Manufacturing, Study Finds” By The Boston Consulting Group. Decision Makers at Large Manufacturers Expect the U.S. “U.S. Share of Their Production to Rise an Average of 7 Percent in Five Years; Half Expect to Boost U.S.

Is Reshoring Increasing or Declining?

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Kearney and one by the Boston Consulting Group. Kearney report states that reshoring may be “over before it began”, and the Boston Consulting Group report states that it is increasing. Kearney or even the Boston Consulting Group can quantify because it isn’t a whole product.

The Cube Road Show Coming to YOU!

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Recently, 3D Systems, the maker of the Cube 3D Printer, announced on the web site that they are taking the Cube on the road in, what else, a Nissan Cube!

The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing

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Sirkin, Michael Zinser, and Justin Rose, The Boston Consulting Group. We hope that this report will encourage policy makers in developed and developing economies alike to identify growing areas of strength and weakness and take action to shore up their manufacturing competitiveness.

Manufacturing moving from China to US: survey

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Washington (AFP) – Large manufacturers are increasingly moving production back to the United States from China, according to a new report by The Boston Consulting Group released Thursday. By Veronica Smith, Yahoo News.

Some offshored manufacturing jobs return to US

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By Megan Woolhouse, Boston Globe. Four years after moving manufacturing to India in 2008, Cambridge robotics maker Energid Technologies Corp.

The things we’ve seen, in 2019

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Among the highlights: We again held our Age of Experience events: Design in the Age of Experience in Milan in April, Manufacturing in the Age of Experience in Shanghai in September and Science in the Age of Experience in Boston in October.

[Podcast] How the User Forum Changed the Course of SOLIDWORKS Software

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But learned how to become a tool and die maker. So I became a Journeyman Tool and die maker from there, I started my own company for a few years. What do you picture when I say “starting a movement?”

Wal-Mart’s pledge bolsters US manufacturing

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So as a maker of nothing, as a manufacturer of nothing, if Wal-Mart can accelerate this resurgence and play a role in bringing any American jobs back, we’re going to do that.” If achieved, it could create 1 million jobs, the Boston Consulting Group has said. “It is about the pendulum swinging,” said Harold Sirkin, a senior partner at Boston Consulting. By

Manufacturers: You Can Go Home Again

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produces about 60 percent more university graduates than it needs, and many fewer tool makers, precision machinists, and welders than it needs. Groups like the Boston Consulting Group are among those saying that the U.S. By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch,

EASTEC-Skilled Labor Facts and Trends

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7] “Siemens offers $660 million to help narrow skills gap,” Boston Globe, April 16, 2014. [8] American manufacturers are increasingly finding that prospective workers do not have the skill set required to perform necessary job functions, such as basic math and computer abilities.

Detroit’s Automakers, Sensing A Threat, Embrace Mobility

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million now, according to Boston Consulting Group. GM bought software maker Electronic Data Systems Inc. Chrysler owned airplane-maker Gulfstream in the mid-1980s. By Dee-Ann Durbin, DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) AP) — For Detroit, the days of simply making cars are over. Automakers are facing multiple threats to their business from nimble tech firms like Apple and Uber.

Companies Tiptoe Back Toward ‘Made in the U.S.A.’

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has the potential, with investments in automation, to retrieve a share of such imported household products as TVs, vacuum cleaners and toasters, said Hal Sirkin, a Chicago-based senior partner at Boston Consulting Group. K’Nex Brands LP, a family owned toy maker in Hatfield, Pa.,

China 68

Special report: Automation puts jobs in peril

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Although they only perform 10% of tasks in manufacturing today, they will perform 25% by 2025, according to a study by Boston Consulting Group. By Nathan Bomey, USA Today. Automation is the greatest threat to the economy, but may also be its biggest opportunity. Part 1.

Futuristic Factories

RPM Tools

Boston and throughout Arizona. a leading home appliance maker, are bringing innovation to their processes,helping them create smarter products, while increasing productivity. The production-innovation connection also proves a crucial difference-maker as companies seek to make the next blockbuster drug or fighter jet  or to develop more efficient large-scale methods to manufacture products ranging from razor blades to diapers.

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The long, rough ride ahead for ‘Made in America’

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Mini motorcycle and go-kart maker Monster Moto made a big bet on U.S. “We’re going to see more automation in this country because it makes good sense economically for every company,” said Hal Sirkin, a managing director at the Boston Consulting Group. By Nick Carey, Reuters. manufacturing by moving assembly to this Louisiana town in 2016 from China. But it will be a long ride before it can stamp its products “Made in USA.”

formnext Covers the Process Chain from a Product Idea Through to Production of the Final Product

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We will have exhibitors from different fields, such as design, materials, and standardized component construction, alongside machine manufacturers and, of course, tool makers, as well as numerous companies from the additive manufacturing technology sector.

The Reshoring Challenge: Why and How CEOs are Moving…

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Bollman struggled to manage the factory profitably and ultimately sold it to a Chinese hat maker, but that arrangement fell apart and the idea to simply move the equipment to central Pennsylvania was born. Walmart created its strategy working with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which estimates that by the end of the 10-year period, the retail giant will have created 250,000 direct manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Will 3D Printing Change The World?

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All you need is a binding agent. My Doh Face My personal interest was piqued years ago when I met with Jesse Waites, a fellow entrepreneur living in Boston , and he started rattling off the merits of 3D printing. Will 3D Printing Change The World?