3D printing hair is as easy as using a hot glue gun

3D Printing Review

The technique is surprisingly simple: the printer squeezes out a small dollop of molten plastic and then pulls away, stretching the material into a long strand — much like the sticky strings that hot glue guns leave behind.

Design-2-Part Shows Sets Annual Attendance Record

Design 2 Part News

Exhibiting companies showcase their design-through-manufacturing services, featuring more than 300 product categories for the metal, plastics, rubber, and electronics industries.

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Artist Robert Lazzarini Discusses CubePro in the Arts

3D Systems

I was recently in Charlotte, NC, as a Knight Foundation Artist in Residence at McColl Center for Art and Innovation. I used the ABS plastic for its durability and spray my models with a gray sandable primer, which on the ABS, finished nicely.

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DIY 3D Printing: Solanyl 3d printing filament made from potato waste

DIY 3D Printing

Solanyl® is special tailored for various converting methods and is a renewable substitute for various petroleum-based plastic applications like e.g. PP and HDPE, LDPE. There he got help from Fab Lab Breda’s Charlotte Jansen. DIY 3D Printing.