Can a 3D Printed Model Improve the Outcome of Complex Tibial Plateau Fracture Surgery?

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Webinar on ‘Robotics Simulators: An Emerging Frontier in the Era of Healthcare Robotics’ with Mr. Jeffrey Berkley, CEO, Mimic Technologies, Inc.

BIS Research

Germany, France, Japan, and China, among others. Virtual reality (VR) surgical simulators are one of the disruptive technologies which hold the massive potential to aid in the battle against surgical errors. Why Robotics Simulators are an Emerging Frontier?

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How Medical Professionals are Using Digital Manufacturing to Create Next-gen Anatomical Models

3E Rapid Prototyping

Of the many medical applications of digital manufacturing, one particular area coming on leaps and bounds is the creation of anatomical models — physical replicas of organs, bones and other body parts that can be used by medical professionals to train doctors or prepare for surgery on patients.

Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Brings Information-Based Approach to Civil Engineering Projects

3D Perspectives

brings info-based approach to #CivilEngineering” Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group has implemented “advanced construction process simulation methods” with the Optimized Planning Industry Process Experience. Click to Tweet: “Comparing construction #simulation to.

An interactive manufacturing learning expedition in Shanghai

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Guillaume Vendroux, the CEO of our DELMIA brand, welcomed our attendees and pointed out to the global audience that the host country, China, is helping to invent the future of Manufacturing through innovations such as electric vehicles and clean energy. Automation Simulation.

Agility + Efficiency = Optimal Manufacturing Outcomes

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Modeling in the 3D EXPERIENCE twin makes continuous improvement and innovation possible for product design, manufacturing processes and customer satisfaction.

Stratasys Introduces BioMimics – Highly Realistic, 3D Printed Models of Human Anatomy for Physician Training and Medical Device Testing

Additive Manufacturing

Engineered in conjunction with top researchers and manufacturers, service initially includes fully-functional bone and heart models – with vascular structures expected in early 2018. True-to-life anatomical structures: A pedicle screw driven into 3D printed model of a patient’s spine.

New LPW Technology – Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair Created to Mine, Process and Alloy Data, and to Model Novel Alloys for Optimising the Additive Manufacturing Process

Additive Manufacturing

As this technology is poised to disrupt the established techniques for fabricating metal components so collecting data, and simulating new compositions and microstructures, promises to transform the approach to generating novel high-performance alloys for applications in critical industries.

2019 customer story highlights

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With the 3D EXPERIENCE platform, you can reduce or even avoid physical prototypes because you can virtually test and validate models and processes. France-based Spark Racing Technologies digitally designs and simulates an electric-powered racing car.

Manufacturing in the Age of Experience Spotlights Sustainable Manufacturing

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Orchestrating the value network —modelling collaboration, transparency and efficiency to serve a fast changing, ever more complex market. Sustainable manufacturing can create and support new business models,” says Ke Wang. Focusing on China.

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Stratasys Groundbreaking Mult-Color, Multi-Material 3D Printing Now Available for Larger Dental Labs Who Need Increased Throughput, Productivity

Additive Manufacturing

Larger platform Objet500 Dental Selection offers increased throughput and productivity, with t riple-jetting capability to enable life-like color models and multiple applications to be 3D printed in a single run. Accurately Simulates Look and Feel of Teeth and Gums. Greater China.

Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering – On Board with New Metallic Alloy Compositions for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing

Since we have a limited budget and a short time period to conduct our research, we need to develop good models, perform rigorous experiments and calibrate our model-predictions accordingly, using as few iterations as possible.

Surgeons Use 3D Printing for Two-Year-Old’s Life-Saving Kidney Transplant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Additive Manufacturing

3D models of patients’ anatomies determined the feasibility of the transplant. Most notably, it is the first Trust in the world to use 3D printed models to pre-plan the successful transplantation of an adult kidney into a small child with anatomical complexities.

ORNL – Early Research on Existing Drug Compounds via Supercomputing Could Combat Coronavirus

Additive Manufacturing

The two researchers performed simulations on Summit of more than 8,000 compounds to screen for those that are most likely to bind to the main “spike” protein of the coronavirus, rendering it unable to infect host cells. By Sara Shoemaker | ORNL Science Writer |

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Benefits of Virtual Design and Construction to Civil Construction Projects

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While 3D simulation is widely used in the design phase of infrastructure projects, it is still gaining momentum in the construction phase. More construction project sites now use virtual design and construction simulation. Click to Tweet: Simulating onsite work helps in step-by-step.

Ice World Project Complex Façade Design Made Easier with BIM

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China’s Ice World is poised to be the biggest indoor ice- and water-themed park in the world, putting entertainment, sightseeing, and hospitality all in one place. It wholly owns East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,

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Developing tomorrow’s talent

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Dassault Systèmes is partnering with Base 11 by providing its 3D design and simulation solutions, and is giving all student team members the chance to gain SOLIDWORKS and CATIA certification free of charge. The future of multi-scale modeling.

AEC Industry Trends: Driving Toward Connection, Digitization, Transformation

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Model of the Botswana Innovation Hub. CTCE models the process, not the product. The same model is then used for work instruction. The CTCE team realizes they aren’t modeling just an end product, but a process for the entire project.

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German University Hospital Mainz Pioneers Surgical Planning for Life-Saving Vascular Surgeries With 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Surgeons treat 53yr old woman turned down by several other hospitals due to illness complexity, with surgical 3D printed models integral to understanding the cause of the issue and best determining the type of treatment required to successfully operate. . Asia Pacific and Greater China.

How Digital Twin Tech Is Helping Drive Industry

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Digital twin technology centers on highly detailed models of complex real-world objects recreated in virtual 3D environments. Digital twins provide highly accurate simulations that can be studied, adjusted and reconfigured with ease. By Cameron Wilson and Jason Compton.

The Insider’s Guide to Historicon

Shapeways Blog

DAK and Dragons is THE historical simulation that answers the age old question, can a Panzer III take on a dragon? Dunn, History professor at Valdosta State University teaches one of the most infamous generals during China’s era of the Junfa. We’ve built the terrain.

Civil Design Case Study: Yanggao South Road Tunnel

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The platform adopts the Cloud platform and the structure model of the central server to unify the database of the project. Ease of Simulation. This gave great convenience to the latter-stage quantitative surveying and simulated implementation. Cross-Model Clash Detection.

3D Printing in the Sports Industry

3E Rapid Prototyping

One of the great advantages of modern 3D printing and modeling technologies is the ability for customization and personalization. Their business model is also worth noting. 3ERP is one of the best 3D prototyping provider in China.

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Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles: Podcast Part II

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So for example, multi model-based systems engineering tools, but also the ability to account for all the different physics that are happening and all the different things that are happening within the car. So adding hundreds of cells together makes for very big models.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could 3D Print in Cast Metals

Shapeways Blog

Fun fact: The pattern on the arm that you see so often on 3D printed objects is called the Voronoi pattern, and while I could not explain the mathematical concept to you, 3D modeling programs such as Autodesk Fusion 360 have made it simple for you to apply it to your own designs.

The Industry Of Tomorrow

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This simulation allows manufacturers to virtually implement and test equipment and processes before implementing them in reality. DELMIA delivers solutions to model, execute and optimize global operations. China Is Leading The Renaissance.

Altium: Designing for the Internet of Things

The Solidworks Blog

Figure 1 PCB model in SOLIDWORKS. Founded in 1985, Altium has headquarters in Shanghai, China; sales offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan; and resellers in all other major markets.

MIT Students Take Innovative New Product from Dorm Room to Market in Record Time

The Solidworks Blog

To prevent that from happening, the two unleashed the power of SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation software to simulate the plastic flow into the plastic molds that would be used to create the plastic casing for the device’s battery.

Create a Photo-realistic Rendering in only 5 Minutes with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Javelin Tech Tips

Now you are packing up, ready to go home, when you hear a voice… it’s your boss calling out to you: “Alen, just got word from our friends in China and they want to see how this product is going to look when it hits the shelves?”. Apply Appearances to your model through Paint.

Second International Conference on Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing EBAM 2018

Additive Manufacturing

Modeling and simulation. Feng Lin – Tsinghua University, China. The second International Conference on Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing EBAM 2018 will take place from 11 – 13 April 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. EBAM 2018. 11 – 13 April 2018.

Nanoscribe – Fly-over Video Highlights Design Freedom on the Nano- and Microscale

Additive Manufacturing

A straightforward 3D printing workflow paves the way from CAD model import to the final micro part. Once the printing parameters are set, a preview of the design is available in 3D, users can even simulate the printing process in 3D. Nanoscribe 3D printers open up versatile opportunities in 3D Microfabrication Additive processes are more and more changing the world of manufacturing.

Stratasys Expands Multi-Material Functionality and Versatility for Advanced Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Applications

Additive Manufacturing

Models produced with Agilus30 can stand up to repeated flexing and bending, with features that accurately simulate the look, feel and function of seals, gaskets, living hinges, soft-touch parts, over molds and other flexible parts and rubber-like elements.

Doctor from Brigham and Women’s Hospital Discussed Impact of Stratasys 3D Printing in Facial Transplants

Additive Manufacturing

During the RSNA press conference, Dr. Rybicki illustrated the potential of Stratasys 3D models form pre- and post-op situations. Greater China. Minneapolis & Rehovot, Israel – Dec. 1, 2014 – Stratasys Ltd.


Design 2 Part News

The emergence of localization and regionalization as a preferred business model is good news for the reshoring trend. Structural tailwinds for reshoring include: ongoing wage increases in China and Vietnam; automation; and increasing consumer preference for Made in USA. About 60 percent of all reshoring cases are from China. Most of the reshoring in Europe is from Eastern Europe, which fills much of the role that Mexico and China do for the U.S. Simulation.

How to win the global manufacturing race

Design 2 Part News

Council on Competitiveness and Deloitte, suggests there is much more at play here, predicting that the United States will unseat China as the most competitive manufacturing nation by 2020. While China holds the top spot according to the index, the U.S. By Deborah L.

Life-Threatening Heart Condition of 5-Year-Old Mia Gonzalez Carried a Grim Prognosis – 3D Printing from Stratasys Changed Her Life

Additive Manufacturing

Miami’s Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Used 3D Printed, Life-Like Anatomical Heart Model to Study Complexity, Set Strategy for Repair. A 3D printed model of Mia’s heart enhanced the planning phase so the surgical team could optimally visualize Mia’s specific heart structure.

VHM Fonderie Employs Stratasys 3D Printing Across Various Production Processes to Speed up Customer Turnaround Times and Improve Capacity

Additive Manufacturing

French foundry and machining company sees lead times cut from up to five weeks to a few hours when producing master models for sand casting molds. VHM Fonderie uses 3D printing to produce ‘master models’ that are then used to create sand molds (Photo: Business Wire). “To

The things we’ve seen, in 2019

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Fifteen new startups from Belgium, China, France, India, South Africa and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to leverage virtual patients based on computational modeling and simulation to improve efficiency of clinical trials for new device designs.

New Stratasys 3D Printing Solution for Eyewear Aims to Get Frames to Market One Year Faster

Additive Manufacturing

From initial concept iterations to complex multi-color and advanced texture models, to precise functional models for performance testing, VeroFlex offers a more durable and flexible material for demanding internal tests prior to tooling and production.

SABIC Announces Global Application Development Focus to Advance Additive Manufacturing Technology

Additive Manufacturing

SABIC’s investment in several industrial and desktop printers, including the Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) printer used to print the world’s first 3D-printed car, will help to facilitate process improvements in fused deposition modeling (FDM®) and other extrusion-based printing processes.

Engineered. Bespoke. – The R160

Additive Manufacturing

HiETA’s Customisation and Parametric Modelling Tool (Photo courtesy of HiETA Technologies). Simulation specialists, Altair, was made responsible for the optimisation of the bike’s additively manufactured connecters.

Stratasys Expands Its 3D Printing Gamut with Two New Material Advances: FDM Carbon Fiber-Filled Nylon Capable of Replacing Metal, and Extra-Flexible, Tear Resistant PolyJet Family

Additive Manufacturing

The Agilus30 family of materials, consisting of Agilus30 and Agilus30 Black, is created for designers and engineers that need to simulate flexible or rubber materials. Asia Pacific and Greater China.

12 Best Uses of Drones

3D Printing Hub

China uses drones for quicker actions in earthquake-hit regions hoping to reach more survivors in time. The orthophotos and surface models obtained through drones can help the surveyors save time and quickly complete the survey for a region. Construction projects and building managers are using drones to check the progress of buildings and to construct 3D models of projects. Surveying rivers, checking erosion and water flow simulation for rivers.