Michigan Tech’s Joshua Pearce launches free open-source 3D printing course

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One of the most popular open-source 3D printing courses, taught by Dr. Joshua Pearce at the Michigan Technological University is now available online for free. Raymond FreeCAD Joshua Pearce Michigan Technological University MOST Delta MY4777 OpenSCAD pellet chopper recyclebot RepRap The Cathedral and the Bazaar

How to Fly RC Helicopters

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It’s good to be eager, of course. Toy choppers are not as impressive or as capable as hobby-grade models. They do make the craft less agile, but they’re a lot more stable in the air than single-rotor choppers. Practice in an indoor space if you’re new to RC choppers.

Drones vs. Helicopters

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Yes, drones have attractions that choppers with two or more props don’t, but the opposite is also true. RC choppers generally have longer flight times , particularly at the higher end. Toy-grade RC helicopters can’t provide the ultimate experience of course.

A Beginner’s Guide to Flying RC Helis – What You Need to Know

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All radio-controlled drones, planes, choppers, and blimps can take to the air of course. And RC choppers at the beginner level are child’s play. Even so, a 3CH model chopper is the perfect place to start for those with no previous flying experience.

Best Kohl’s Black Friday Deals

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Of course, you’re going to need a nice TV to go with. each: The 15-oz Mini Personal Blender, the Mini Electric Chopper, the 15-quart Slow Cooker, the 2-slice Toaster, the 5-cup Coffee Maker, and the Hand Mixer. The Kohl’s Black Friday deals will be available starting 5pm on Thanksgiving until 1pm on Black Friday. However, all these deals are subject to availability so it’s best to do your shopping early.

Mixed decay, mixed blessing


When the chopper switches off it can do it two ways. times greater of course. Having set the correct off time to suit my motor I can now micro step it with equal spaced steps, but only if I disable the mixed decay mode. It can turn on both low side transistors.