Yndetech Builds Fast-Growing Dental Implant Business in Italy with 3D Systems’

Additive Manufacturing

Today we are printing a complete portfolio of dental devices with this laser melting technology using 3D Systems’ cobalt-chrome material, including bridges, abutments, and implant bars,” explained Emidio.

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Why Our Low Carbon Future Depends on Mining

3D Perspectives

Storage batteries: Lithium, Manganese, Lead, Aluminum, Nickel, Steel, Cobalt. Metals and Minerals needs for Green Technologies.

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3D Systems: Changing the Game in Healthcare

3D Printing Review

Today, the production of titanium, titanium alloy and cobalt-chromium implants, focussed mostly around porous geometries, represents only a small percentage of the overall 3D printing medical market, but is rising quickly.

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Find the Right Technology for Your Application


Pros: DMLS is a 3D printing technology that builds fully dense metal designs in titanium, aluminum, Inconel, stainless steel and cobalt chrome alloys. There’s more than one way to build an idea.

Concept Laser and RSC Engineering GmbH Announce a Strategic Partnership for Engineering of Laser-Fused Components

Additive Manufacturing

Tim Richter: “The key words here are design or redesign and simulation.” Physical functions then go through the various levels of simulation using DMU (digital mock-up), FEM (mechanical/thermal simulation) and CFD (thermal simulation).

Renishaw’s Enhanced Engineering at Euromold 2014

Additive Manufacturing

Renishaw’s laser melting technology is capable of producing fully dense, complex parts from metal powders, including titanium, cobalt chrome, aluminium, stainless steel and inconel alloys.

Medical Machining Tightens Up

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Typical tolerances are ±0.227 mm and as tight as ±0.0127 mm, and materials include stainless steels, titanium, cobalt chrome, PEEK and others. Tight Simulations. Boston, MA, and Paris), a developer of NC simulation and verification software for optimizing CNC machines.