Tap Takeover: Columbus Community Comes Together Over 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Craft Beer


Bringing together 3D scanning, 3D printing, a local artist, and craft beer, last night Columbus, Ohio hosted a Tap Takeover — and the easiest decision I’ve made to accept an invitation in. Featured Stories 3D printed beer tap handles 3d printed beer taps Brandon Gell Brooks Myers Columbus craft beer IC3D IC3D Printers Jacob Kuttothara Kendric Tonn Knockout Concepts KS1 Michael Cao Ohio

Columbus Company Installs Two GE Additive Metal 3D Printers on OSU Campus


3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Education Metal 3D Printing additive manufacturing laboratory Arcam Q10plus collaboration college of engineering concept laser exone GE Additive GE Additive Education Program industrial 3d printers metal 3d printers Ohio state university OSU partnership Proto Precision Manufacturing Solutions

NASA-Born BeeHex Makes 3D Printed Pizza Palatable, Brings R&D Operations to Ohio


Ohio may be the heart of it all, but it’s the stomach that BeeHex is focusing on with its 3D printing technology. Having recently moved its R&D operations to Columbus, Ohio, the. View the entire article via our website.

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Around the World in 3D Printing: First Half 2017


As the 3D printing industry heats up, so do the jet and car engines as we continue to travel around the US and the world to check in on the latest developments directly. 2016 kept us busy, from trade. View the entire article via our website.

Creativity and Pragmatism in 3D Printing Come Together at IC3D


3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business Education Exclusive Interviews Science & Technology 3d printed cosplay 3d printing partnerships Columbus cosplay cosplayers defense hirocreations IC3D IC3D Printers Kim Gibson Michael Cao Ohio Ohio state university Yasu Tano“A lot of people get 3D printers now, but not the applications for them,” Michael Cao, CEO of IC3D, told me this week.

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Farsoon, WASP, BIOLIFE4D, Siemens, Weerg, GEFERTEC

3D Printing Industry

In this latest edition of the 3D Printing Industry news digest Sliced, 3D printing is providing care to the afflicted in Syria; the latest iteration of a premier motorsport racing car is realized with additive manufacturing; and further strides are made towards developing standards in the aerospace industry.

Syria 48

Why the uPrint is one of the world’s top-selling 3D printers

3D Printing for Business 101

It’s the 3D printer that UPS Stores chose to put into its stores to print parts for the public. Most of the incoming inquiries these days are some version of the same question: “How can I apply this 3D printing technology to my own business and make a profit from it?”

Ohio 65

New Exotic Wool and Aluminum 3D Printing Filaments by TreeD and Ira3D

3D Printing Industry

Italians are a strange lot: sometimes they are the first to discover something (see Christopher Columbus, Volta, or Meucci), but either they need to go abroad to find investors or someone comes along and capitalizes on the same intuitions.… By Davide Sher.

$4.1 Billion Industry Forecast In Crazy 3D Printing Stock Market

3D Printing Review

The market for 3D printing, more technically called additive manufacturing (AM), grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.2 Other 3D printing companies will report on Q2 earnings in the coming two weeks, including, 3D Systems (DDD), Exone (XONE), and Voxeljet (VJET).

The data you need to understand the 3D printing world and build your 3D printing strategy


The first edition of our State of 3D Printing report is live! Discover the results of the biggest statistical survey on how 3D Printing is improving business with geographical and sectorial insights. The data is summarized in the first edition of our State of 3D Printing report.

Penn State to Lead $1.4M Grant to Probe Flaws in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing

The project, which began on June 13 at the Maturation of Advanced Manufacturing for Low-Cost Sustainment program Phase 3 Project Call Kickoff Meeting in Columbus, Ohio, is designed to develop a better understanding of the formation of flaws and to quantify the impact they have on fatigue properties.

Top 6 Reasons Universities Are Buying 3D Printers


3D printing has become important in the technology landscape, so much so that anyone in the educational field, such as researchers in many different disciplines, are buying 3D printers so they don’t get left behind in the development of new products. . Columbus, Louis. 3D Printing

Fabrisonic Receives Second Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Additive Manufacturing

Columbus, Ohio, USA, July 23, 2015 – Fabrisonic LLC , a manufacturer of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing machines and 3D metal printing announced that it has received a Boeing 2014 Performance Excellence Award.

7 Ways 3D Printing Is Making Manufacturing More Competitive

Design 2 Part News

By Louis Columbus, Forbes. of manufacturers have currently adopted 3D Printing. 52% of manufacturers expect 3D Printing will be used for high-volume production in the next 3-5 years. 22% of manufacturers predict 3D Printing will have a disruptive effect on supply chains.

Getting to the Heart of Surgical Planning: A Doctor’s Perspective on the Future of 3D Printing in Hospitals

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Q: What has been your first-hand experience using 3D printed models for surgical planning? What information or advancement does using a 3D printed model offer over CT/MRI renderings on a computer screen? Q: What advice would you give to a hospital considering adopting 3D printing?

Nasa and Made In Space, Inc. Make History by Successfully 3D Printing First Object in Space

Additive Manufacturing

This ‘First Print’ serves to demonstrate the potential of the technology to produce replacement parts on demand if a critical component fails in space,” said Jason Dunn, Chief Technical Officer for Made In Space. The ‘First Print’ in space is a part of the printer itself.

Top Ten Emerging Technologies For 2015 Include 3D Printing…

Design 2 Part News

“Top Ten Emerging Technologies For 2015 Include 3D Printing, Distributed Manufacturing” By Louis Columbus, Forbes. The World Economic Forum’s Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies has released their Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015 and their findings support the importance of additive manufacturing, 3D printing and distributed manufacturing to global economic growth. Additive manufacturing (3D Printing).

Study 54

Aurora Flight Sciences and Stratasys Deliver World’s First Jet-Powered, 3D Printed UAV in Record Time

Additive Manufacturing

Leading provider of advanced unmanned systems and aerospace vehicles leverages the power of 3D printing to reduce design and build time by 50 percent. 3m wingspan UAV is 80% 3D printed, with lightweight Stratasys materials key to breaking speeds of 150mph.

Fabrisonic-Patented Solid-State Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Welding Technology Bonds Layers

Additive Manufacturing

Fabrisonic LLC , based in Columbus, Ohio, is a manufacturing technology company that utilizes additive and traditional subtractive manufacturing to provide a full range of 3D metal printing services. This will allow us to print axially for parts such as pipes, cones, and spheres.

DIMENSIONEXT: New Dimension for Fabrisonic


New Dimension for Fabrisonics Ultrasonic Printing. This means SonicLayer users can now ‘3D print’ metal to a cylindrical part, enabling cladding and other applications. This new rotary module allows 3D printing of metal features on the OD of a shaft, cylinder, or pipe.

Eclipse predicts additional $1M revenue within three years with new Massivit 1800 3D printer


Columbus (OH)-based creative design company, Eclipse Corp. has invested in a Massivit 1800 3D Printing Solution to drive new business and differentiate its service offering against traditional print company competitors. 3D Printing Company

BeeHex partners with Cali flour for 3D printed vegan pizza crust


BeeHex, a 3D printed pizza specialist that was once affiliated with NASA, is collaborating with cauliflower pizza crust company Cali’Flour to develop a 3D printed vegan pizza crust. The companies recently demonstrated the 3D printing process at a sold-out event in Columbus, Ohio. You might think BeeHex and its 3D printed pizzas are the future of food. 3D Printing Application

David, not just a pellet 3D printer, it could even extrude a plastic bag


Back in Columbus, Ohio based Sculptify announces the development of an innovative personal 3D printer, which allows users to "print with limitless material options."

MEPs are Essential to Rebuilding American Manufacturing…

Design 2 Part News

A few great examples of this are the work MEP’s are doing in regards to Cyber Security as it relates to manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing, Data Analytics, and System Integration (Industrial Internet of Things, IIOT).” By Michele Nash-Hoff, Savingusmanufacturing.com. Last month, President Trump submitted a “Skinny Budget” with the goal of removing some of the “fat” within Washington DC.