SOLIDWORKS in Rwanda: Part One

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The FabLab has several computers with SOLIDWORKS installed, as well as facilities to do 3D printing, precision CNC milling, circuit production, laser printing, and vinyl cutting.

Designer Spotlight: Jady Swinkels – Swinks

Shapeways Blog

Jady Swinkels’ shop Swinks is a perfect example of how a designer is using 3D printing in innovative ways to do just that — creating accessories and modifications for pinball machines. Congo Pinball Hippo (Schleich 14681) Mount by Swinks.

Congo 67

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Sued & Sacked: Has The 3D Printing IP Storm Begun?


Sued & Sacked: Has The 3D Printing IP Storm Begun? The main outcry you will read is that large companies will soon be fighting battles for Intellectual Property to the order of billions of dollars with the common man via desktop 3D printing.

Congo 82

Crowd4Africa raising €23K to bring 3D printers and 3D printed prostheses to African hospitals


Crowd4Africa, a charitable organization based in Rome, Italy, is looking to raise €22,900 ($25,800) to provide 3D printing “mini factories” for two hospitals in Africa, one in Uganda and one in Congo. The mini factories will include equipment for turning plastic waste into 3D printing filament. 3D Printing Applications