Rappy 3d printer powered with DC motors by Stellamove

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Rappy is very stable since it has position feedback: Rappy has auto leveling built in: It can also plot in 2d, which is good for making PCBs: RAPPY (Rapid Advanced Precision Print sYstem) is a 3d printer which is powered by DC motors instead the usual stepper motors.

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The Cube Tour Should be in DC Tomorrow

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

At Artists for Humanity, Boston And, of course, matching Cube & Shoes. Hopefully, I will get to meet the other team members tomorrow when they arrive in DC.

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RepRap: Blog: Print any colour you like.

RepRap Blog

The mixer is now active - it has a small DC motor turning a stirrer in the brass hot end to churn the melt up, and that seems to do the trick. "DC motor turning a stirrer in the hot-end" Wow!, Of course the full design will be on the wiki as soon as we can get organized.

MakerHome: Day 266 - 3D Printed Conformations of Knots


The final project for this semesters MATH 297 - Knot Theory Research and 3D Printing course was to research and print a set of interesting knot conformations for the first fifteen knots in the Rolfsen knot table. MakerHome. One 3D print every day from home, for a year. Welcome to MakerHome.

RepRap: Blog: 3D/DC

RepRap Blog

I had a great time down at the 3D DC event last week. He had mentioned via email that his RepRap could use a little tuning up before the 3D DC event, so we arranged to have a little meet up in the garage of my dads old college room mate Dick, at whose house I was staying in while in DC.

Road to a fanless printhead - DIY radial blower cooling

Chopmeister's 3D Printing Stuff

I tested it then with a Dremel 300 and it was blowing like crazy, but of course, no sane person would cool their prints with a Dremel. It is of course unbearably loud, due to the cheap motor, but now I'm on the lookout for a brushless motor, with a bit more power.

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Shapeways at National Maker Faire

Shapeways Blog

Last week, the second-ever National Maker Faire was held at the White House in Washington DC. The cast metals are, of course, captivating (being shiny and all). Of course, 3D printing isn’t just for adults.

Integrating 3D Printing into K-8th Grade at CHUSD


After taking my position with the district, I took a graduate-level course, where Rodney Batschelet—who loves the Afinia brand 3D printers—became my mentor. Students 3D printed Washington D.C.

The NOVA Open Insider’s Guide: Wargames, Charity, and Lemons

Shapeways Blog

From August 31 to September 3, wargaming enthusiasts from all over the country will drop into the Washington, D.C. It’s a place for everyone to relax and chill with some of their favorite board games (with a focus on strategic gameplay, of course).

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3D-Printed Action Figures: How to Make Your Own Action Figure


Big brands like DC Comics have even signed deals with 3D printing companies to print some of their figurines. Of course you can also import 3D files from the web or 3D scans. Getting scanned: Of course many people want themselves to be the main hero.

Welcome Michael Weinberg: Shapeways General Counsel and IP Expert

Shapeways Blog

I also helped to organize 3D/DC , an annual 3D printing policy conference in Washington, DC. Of course, part of trying new things is sometimes getting things wrong. Of course, you can also send me emails and tweets if we are doing something right. Hi Shapeways!

Local Motors Rolls Out Mobifactory In Crystal City

Additive Manufacturing

Phoenix-based technology company brings innovation & #CoCreationNation to DC area. Each month, visitors are invited to participate in drag race slalom courses or join a trike group to tour the best places to ride drift trikes in the area.

3D printing: 3 stats everyone should know?

Leslie's Blog

If that were the case, then we wouldn’t need both ac and dc motors, in brush and brushless versions, with different types of windings. Be cautious when you simplify. You can make a concept or an idea so simple that you lose context.

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3D Printed Action Figures: How to Make Your Own Action Figure


Big brands like DC Comics have even signed deals with 3D printing companies to print some of their figurines. Official 3D printed merchandise from DC comics. Of course you can also import 3D files from the web or 3D scans.

From Want to NEED in an Instant

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Of course, the reality is that I WANTED one. From the first time I saw the Cube 3D printer I was convinced that I NEEDED one. a LOT! :) Now, for the first time, I TRULY NEED a Cube 3D Printer!

List of electric skateboard parts

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Of course, there are branded e-boards available for sale in the market that you can purchase if you do not want to spend time and effort making your own. Motor – A brushless DC motor is used for electric skateboards.

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Javelin sponsors students dedicated to changing the future of transportation

Javelin Tech Tips

Since the first round of competition in California – Design Weekend in January 2016 – the Waterloo team (called Waterloop of course!) High-speed, brushless DC motors allow for control over the pod, even at high speeds.

Dr. Williams is Bringing Education Back to Life with 3D Printing


Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. Keith Williams is a visiting professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Virginia and a program manager for a research division of Leidos, based at the U.S.

Auto shutoff at end of print


These are electrically operated switches, that work just like regular relays, by letting big AC current through a pair of contacts when a small DC current is applied to another pair of contacts. Cut one power wire (not the green/yellow earth wire of course!),

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7 Best RC Cars Under $200

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It comes with dual built-in DC motors that add an extra boost to this beast and its capabilities. Best feature 1: Dual built-in DC motors. The LOW speed is ideal for learning and navigating around smaller obstacle courses. Dual built-in DC motors.

3D Chickens vs. 3D Eggs

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Here one of of my favorites that I created from some photos of a tree in the Georgetown are of Washington, DC. Of course, we can''t expect the Cube to produce this level of detail. The age old question. which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Recently in…Transportation

The Solidworks Blog

Of course, the finish will last about five minutes before it’s covered in pollen. Attendees at the “Future is Here” festival in Washington D.C. This week, the “ Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas ” exhibit debuted at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia.

EKOCYCLE Cube - What does it mean?

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Back in the 1960''s to 1970''s my grandfather and uncle owned a restricted landfill dump designed to fill a deep ravine in the "country" outside of Washington, DC. Of course, we grandchildren instantly decided to "rescue" some of these treasures. There is something very different about the blog posts that I''ve been reading that talk about the EKOCYCLE. In general 90% of what passes for reporting on blogs consists of 100% cut & paste from company press releases.

BPC's Day at the White House Maker Faire

Tales of a 3D Printer

And of course, an honor to hear the President speak! Here is a list of all the makers who were invited and an InformationWeek article highlighting 10 of the coolest inventions there! :) Of course, a major highlight of the day was being able to hear President Obama speak.

DIMENSIONEXT: The Art Of 3D Printing: From STEM to STEAM.


This transition from muscle to mind is one of the biggest overall trends in human culture over the course of the history of civilisation. An example of how STEAM and 3D printing are coming together will be witnessed at now less that the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C.

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How Fast Do RC Cars Go? 100+ MPH

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Radio controlled cars use either DC brushed or brushless (BLDC) motors. These include the chassis, drivetrain, center of gravity (COG), weight, runtime, and of course the upkeep. How fast do RC cars go? It’s a common question asked by enthusiasts, and there’s no single answer.

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GM17 stepper hack


An alternative idea was to replace the DC motor in a gear motor with a small stepper. It has very little torque at that speed, but it gets multiplied by the gear ratio of course.

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Day 280 - USAMO champion prints


Today I had the pleasure of meeting the 2014 USA Mathematical Olympiad champions at their awards celebration at the headquarters of the Mathematical Association of America in DC.

[Podcast] How One Teacher is Changing mindsets, One Student at a Time, with STEM

The Solidworks Blog

I know I remember going to my eighth grade washington dc trip you know, it was a very excited about that. So we have other students now, taking a couple of course works. When passion and purpose meet the world’s needs, great things happen.

3D Printed Drone Parts Made Easy

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And accidents are all par for the course when it comes to racing quads. Motor: Drone motors come in DC brushed or brushless varieties. It’s now possible to 3D print just about anything, including human body pieces.

7 Best RC Monster Trucks

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The thick anti-skid rubber wheels help to keep the truck on course—most of the time. DC Fast Charger (included). Fast charger, 2-amp DC peak detecting. There’s something special about RC Monster Trucks, and it’s not so easy to explain.

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Hot bed


Since the temperature is controlled there is no real point in using a regulated DC supply. The inductance disappears and then the only thing limiting the current is the DC resistance of the primary, about 3.3? Of course mains on a moving table is not the safest design.

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7 Night Flying Drones with Lights

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That allows users to control the course of the quad by moving a smartphone. The working voltage is 10-13V DC. Read this guide if you want a drone with lights. LEDs are the new cool fashion accessory for all kinds of RC aircraft. There are also practical reasons to light up your bird.

How to Build a 3D Printer

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Compared to a regular DC motor, a stepper motor moves in increments or steps, making it more ideal for precise movements. You can’t start on a Cartesian 3D printer and then suddenly decide to switch to a delta 3D printer halfway through the assembly – unless you have the time and money for it, of course. The best way to learn about 3D printing is to build a 3D printer from scratch.

Fastest Racing Drones of 2018

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A tough build is something that everyone wants, of course. Four brushless motors (better than brushed DC motors). Perhaps you’re reading here because you’ve got the bug and the desire to find the fastest racing drone for your budget and ambition? Welcome to the club.

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Best Small, Micro, and Nano Drones

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Flyaways, crashes, and collisions are all par for the course. These give more power and last longer compared to standard brushed DC motors found on a lot of drones. Consumer drones come in all shapes and sizes. At one end there are the big and heavy crafts.

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Is it Time to Think Differently about 3D Printing?

Design 2 Part News

In his keynote presentation at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C., So that’s of course where additive manufacturing comes into play.”. By Mark Shortt, Design-2-Part Magazine. The ‘Wow!’