The ultimate finish: From 3D printed to final product look


It may cost a few extra bucks but your lungs and eyes will definitely thank you! Of course this was nothing else than our fault but perhaps with only 5 extra minutes the result would have been perfect.

Definition of a 3D Model Maker

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Definition of a Model Maker For thousands of years people have been creating models to translate and improve their ideas into three dimensional reality. The parts can be printed in a variety of finishes, colors and textures.

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You Can Clean Up with 3D Views in SOLIDWORKS 2015

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One of the common challenges, however, is to organize all the 3D dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes and so on in a clean and structured way. That being said, of course, 3D Views are visual.

CNC Machining Industry Trends 2019

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The rise in CAGR is attributed to the need for intricate solid parts with defined finishes. With nearly two-thirds of the market being captured by Bosch, Mitsubishi and Siemens, there is a definite sense of these companies as major players.

6 Incredible Materials You Can 3D Print in Now

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Since launching in 2007, we’ve added over a dozen different materials and finishes. We use a multi-jet process, printing and curing each layer one at a time to create high-definition designs that are perfect for model trains, miniature figures, and other small objects.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – The Future is Bright!!

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The future is definitely bright for SOLIDWORKS Electrical and with the help of you, the user, we can continue to push the limits of electrical design. Friday March 29 th at 1:00 PM EST. Session 3 – Finishing our Project by Creating Valuable Content.

How to Make Scary glow-in-the-dark Ghost Fridge Magnets for Halloween

3D Printing for Beginners

Of course, more experienced users are welcome to try it out too. Cura is the slicing software which comes with Ultimaker and is most definitely our first choice in slicing software, because it is very user-friendly, very quick and easy to use.

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Come Visit Us at The World???s Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth: Maker Faire Bay Area 2014


Of course we wont let the opportunity pass by to be present, and neither should you. All our materials and finishes (including metals) are also set to travel all the way to the festival and delight participants. A meet up will definitely take place.

Preparing for the Part 107 Knowledge Test

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Fortunately, several online training courses have become available since the inception of the Part 107 set of regulations. These online training courses can offer a combination of reading materials, instructional videos, knowledge checks, and sample questions. We have gathered below a list of the top online courses being offered for the Part 107 knowledge test. FAA Online Course. Finishing the course will take approximately 2 hours.

3D Knitting the Future of Customizable, Sustainable Textiles

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3D knitting itself has different definitions. Shima Seiki’s Wholegarment machine , which has four needlebeds, is capable of knitting entire garments without any seams or need for finishing. Take a look at the finished product , as sold by Ministry of Supply.

This Vintage Car Gets a 3D Printed Upgrade


From an early age, he’s been passionate about hunting, fishing, camping and of course football, and now he can definitely add 3D printing to that list.

The 3D Print Dossier & FinalProof


Well to name a few – hollowing, thickening, cutaway view, batch control, scaling, high definition rendering, wireframe view (I could go on), but for now we’re focused on FinalProof. FinalProof is a high definition rendering of your 3D object. Typically an SLS layer is 100 microns thick but that can be reduced to 60 microns on the 3D viewing page on Sculpteo (and it can even polished for a finish similar to injection molding).

A Collage of 3D Printing Possibilities


The first time I used 3D was in 2004, in a course at university, but the quality back in those days was so horrible that I didn’t use it further. Of course, the materials are very different, especially in terms of weight. Which are your favorite polyamide finishes?

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Review of the Pirx 3D Printer – A Great Value for Money Option

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We have tested the Pirx 3D printer over several weeks now and it turns out that it is a machine that definitely deserves a closer look. Of course, the testing of the Pirx did not stop at the Make probes.

SME RAPID 2015-Day 3 Highlights and Notables

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And of course, the AMazing team is on the ground at RAPID. The front end was then finished and painted. Mcor is introducing the Mcor IRIS HD , which provides 360° high-definition color, sharpens details, and reduces the industry’s already lowest operating costs by 20 percent.

Keep On (Monster) Truckin’: Meet the Team

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Rob Jost: I’m a Senior Product Definition Specialist at SOLIDWORKS. Annie Cheung: I work for the SOLIDOWRKS Product Definition team. Sal Lama: I’m the Director of Product Definition for 3D EXPERIENCE Apps. Chinloo: I think the finishing artwork. Annie: Yeah, of course.

Afinia H480 Review – Get Results Without Worrying About Technology

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I quickly grew tired of this since it requires you to add a raft to your 3D models that you need to remove once the print has finished. Of course, the testing of the Afinia H480 did not stop at the Make probes.

3D Printer Test

Tales of a 3D Printer

If you want a mid-ranged consumer 3-D printer, I would definitely recommend one of these. One downside to the Form 1 is that its post processing takes an extra 30 minutes to finish the job. Of course, our experiment was not perfect.

Drawingless or Paperless?

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With the launch of SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) 2015, I’ve heard lots of enthusiastic feedback from multiple job functions across the entire production cycle. So, of course, we can print out our designs for different jobs if needed.

Keep On (Monster) Truckin’: Smoothing Bumps in the Road

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Right: The finished truck body parts. The biggest challenge with this project is, of course, the timeline. Product Definition Senior Manager Rob Jost was out for a week on a pre-planned vacation, and throughout he was in contact with the team, going over his body designs.

Tinkercad 3D Printing Tutorial: How to Create Your First 3D Print


Of course, the object is still too high. So go tinkering and create a 3D printable model – Tinkercad is definitely a great app to start with. Upload it here and order your print in any of 100+ materials and finishes !

WhateverBots and the 3d printing vaporware

Chopmeister's 3D Printing Stuff

Because I like that term I would add to that definition the following: "A product which promises to do things it is not realistically capable of doing, or a product which neglects to mention the additional requirements necessary for it to do what is advertised, as seen with most desktop 3d printers." Nowadays that clause is removed (I think) because the old UM truly became a finished product after several revisions.

11 Tips for Passing the Part 107 Test

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If you have some cash to spare, then you can take a paid training course that can cost as much as $500. This means you should definitely pay attention to learning how to read aeronautical charts and maps. The other topics are also important and you should definitely not skip them, but the top topics we mentioned should help you allocate your study time wisely. The test will require you to consult specific figures, charts, and maps over the course of the questions.

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chopmeister's 3d printing stuff: WhateverBots and the 3d printing.

Chopmeister's 3D Printing Stuff

Because I like that term I would add to that definition the following: "A product which promises to do things it is not realistically capable of doing, or a product which neglects to mention the additional requirements necessary for it to do what is advertised, as seen with most desktop 3d printers.". Nowadays that clause is removed (I think) because the old UM truly became a finished product after several revisions. chopmeisters 3d printing stuff.

Best Dual Extruder 3D Printers

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So definitely don’t expect to see one of those cheap 3D printers that you can buy for less than $500. (If It’s not unbearably slow, but expect print jobs to take longer than usual to finish. The Sigma is definitely worth every penny. It’s not completely silent, of course.

DJI Mavic Pro vs DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

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We break down this clash piece by piece to give you the definitive answer. The Mavic Pro Platinum comes with a sleek, chrome-like, platinum finish which works perfectly with the gold accents in its propeller arms.

Review: what materials can be 3D printed?


Of course it require a trickier printer setup. PLA post-processing Finishing a PLA object is definitely more difficult than with ABS plastic for example, where acetone almost does it all ;) Speaking of petroleum derivatives, almost none will impact the organic PLA.

Drone 3D Printed with Embedded Electronics Flies Where Others Can’t

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Of course, as we are using small propellers and motors, the drone itself could never actually generate so much thrust as to lift that weight, but it’s still nice to know that our drone is rugged! So there is definitely interest in this area of research.

Material for artists: 3D printing wood, chalk, and eventually metal with bronze


Of course, a stringy or bumpy surface does not mean the part will not work: you can get a visibly ugly part that still works well enough as a mechanical connector for example. First, let me make it clear first: this is of course NOT metal 3D printing!

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The NOVA Open Insider’s Guide: Wargames, Charity, and Lemons

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It’s a place for everyone to relax and chill with some of their favorite board games (with a focus on strategic gameplay, of course). The battle is epic, the mat is small, so there’s no escape, and the fur will definitely fly.

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10 Best Glues for Glass

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Thus, you need to establish a definite intention before you decide on which glass glue to buy. This entry is more of a play on versatility, as the Cyanoacrylate Glue from GlueMasters can work across a huge range of materials: wood, ceramics, plastic, rubber, and of course, glass.

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Convection, Conduction, and Radiation: The Different Heat Transfer Mechanism

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This simple flow of energy from a hotter object to a colder object is the simplest definition of heat transfer. This same atomic-level definition is what distinguishes between materials that are conductors and insulators. With a heat gun, you might be able to heat a very thin layer of plastic material, resulting in a uniform finish. Of course, there are certain exceptions, like the sun emitting huge amounts of radiation due to its sheer size and temperature.

3D Printing for Fashion: Interview with Alexis Walsh

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Fashion Week may be wrapping up here in New York City, but that doesn’t mean that we’re finished exploring all the great work our fashion-driven community members are producing here at Shapeways. “The idea of learning CAD modeling from scratch was definitely intimidating.

The 7 Coolest Portal® Creations on Shapeways — For SCIENCE!

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Like Sandman, Nique has made this piece available in several different metal finishes, but the stainless steel pictured here really gives it the most character, looking like it does at the end of Portal® 2. They are sentient, of course.

Stefaan at Materialise Malaysia: An Update of the Prince Albert Fund Award Winner


Most Malaysians seem to have a different definition of private and public life compared to what we generally have in Belgium. Of course, there are many other professional skills that I have been developing.

Tinkercad 3D Printing Tutorial: How to Create Your First 3D Print


Of course, the object is still too high. So go tinkering and create a 3D printable model – Tinkercad is definitely a great app to start with. Upload it here and order your print in any of 100+ materials and finishes !

Designer Spotlight: The Moiré Magic of Lynne MacLachlan

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Though she relies on Shapeways for prototyping and production, Lynne does not maintain a Shapeways shop since she finishes and packages her work at her studio in Glasgow. How much do customers care about the process, or are they just into the finished product?

How a Shapie Took Over New York Fashion Week 2017

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During my time at RISD, I loved taking interdisciplinary courses (e.g., ” and “Boy is one letter away from body” over and over again, the gendered definition of boy is stripped and it is rendered just a word without all the societal baggage.

Solving Aerospace Manufacturing’s Complex Riddle

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Effective case depth, according to ASM International, is “the distance between the finished tooth surface to a specific subsurface hardness value.” Of course, the technology on the machines has really come along, too,” he said.

A Guide to Thermoforming Heavy-Gauge, Complex Parts…

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He describes pressure forming as similar to the vacuum forming process, but with specific tooling that can produce parts with much greater definition. Those could include the finish, impact resistance, fire resistance or scratch resistance, and many others.”. Start-to-finish Feedback.

10 Best Resin Printers of 2019

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The overall quality of finish you get with a resin printer is considerably better than that produced with FDM technology. Missing out on a few minor details will have a negative impact on the finished part. Arduous prep and finishing. Quick and easy to remove finished parts.

Clark Barnett – 3D-Printed Bugs


As a young adult, I had a lot of interests and couldn’t settle on a major so I thought education would be a great course of study, where I could continue to learn about many different subjects.” “As It’s definitely different than what my colleagues do. One student, in particular, was having problems finishing projects. He had the first bug done and he just glowed when it finished printing.

The Mars Ring: Physicist Turns NASA’s Data from Outer Space into a Metal 3D Print


It was such a fiddly project it took months to finish when I should have been studying the Aviation Regulations! I have designed lots of models specifically for i.materialise’s high-definition stainless steel.

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