Buzz Technology Changes IR3 3D Printing Robot’s Course

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… The original post Buzz Technology Changes IR3 3D Printing Robot’s Course appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. 3D Printers Crowd Funding Europe Kickstarter Makers NewsBy Davide Sher. One great thing about rapid prototyping, and the new streamlined nature of many companies working in – and with – 3D printing, is the possibility to just hit restart.

3D Printing News Briefs: February 16, 2019

MELD has introduced a new operator training course, and Protolabs is launching a range. We’ve got business, events, software, and materials news for you in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs. View the entire article via our website.

Port of Rotterdam Charting a Course to Digitization with 3D Printing, IBM's IoT Technologies, Digital Twin

The largest port in all of Europe, the Port of Rotterdam, View the entire article via our website. Ports are an important part of the local and global economy, as over 85% of all globally traded goods have traveled on a ship at least once.

How will Europe tackle the IP problem in 3D printing

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Europe has at least one answer. Of course most of the copyright infringements will simply never come to light if technology follows its current path. The post How will Europe tackle the IP problem in 3D printing appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

DfAM in Germany

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That’s why we have been offering DfAM courses since 2015. We have since conducted courses in other parts of the U.S., Our most recent course was held with Protolabs 2.5 Already, people from many countries in Europe and North America have registered to attend.


Wohlers Talk

That’s why we have been offering DfAM courses since 2015. We have since conducted courses in other locations in the U.S., Our most recent course was held with Protolabs 2.5 Already, people from many countries in Europe and North America have registered to attend.

Sharebot Opens Branded 3D Printing Store in Florence

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Active in the low-cost 3D printing scene since mid-2013, PaLEoS was born as a laboratory offering courses and lab sessions for the general public, finalised at learning about science and technology. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business Europe FDM/FFF Makers News Retail SLSBy Davide Sher.

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November Trends Report Sees 3D Hubs Is Moving Closer to the 10,000 3D Printer Mark

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Once again though, the biggest news in 3D Hubs 3D Printing Trends for November 2014 is… 3D Hubs itself, which as the company’s co-founder, Bram De Zwart revealed to me last week in New York, is on course to hit 10,000 registered Hubs by the end of this year.… By Davide Sher.

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MX3D 3D Prints Complete Steel Bike for Student Design Team

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The concept for the Arc Bicycle comes from a student team participating in a six-month Advanced Prototyping course at the Delft University of Technology, before being 3D printed from steel by MX3D. 3D Printing Architecture Europe Metal 3D Printing NewsBy Michael Molitch-Hou.

Spain’s BCN3D Unveils Not One but Two New 3D Printers: Sigma & Lux

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Previously named RepRapBCN, the Barcelona based company was the result of an on-going 3D printing project between Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and Fundacio CIM (FabLabs) where they developed custom rapid prototyping equipment for 3D design and manufacturing courses.… 3D Printers 3D Printing DLP Education Europe FDM/FFFBy Tarun Tampi.

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Shapeways Globalizes Their 3D Printing Marketplace With New Currency Conversion Feature

As I’ve been travelling Europe over the last week or so I have come to realize just how confusing currency conversion can be. Of course I had to choose three countries to visit, all... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business aud cad dollar euro shapeways shapeways currency

The Future of Golf: How Technology is Changing the Game

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In golf courses all over the world, golfing tech is instigating transformation. Golfers are realising that new technologies like drones can be put to great use on (or over) the golf course. Away from the course, home simulation technologies are becoming better and more affordable.

This Weekend, We’re RC Crawling Across the World

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Both in Europe and USA we’ll be at RC crawling events to… well. In Europe, Tijs and I will drive to Belgium for the Recon G6 (yup, the huge traveling RC crawling event is making its way from the U.S. to Europe). That’s right!

3D printing produces a perfect replica of a sixth-century sword

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Of course, the destruction of something so vast could only be achieved by a perfect storm of exacerbating factors — but one of the largest was the Germanic unrest. Museums, of course, have some of these swords: greatly dilapidated, in many cases, but valuable artefacts of the time.

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CNC Machining Industry Trends 2019

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The data shows increasing interest in Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) tools and solid carbide tools over the course of the past few years. Europe is also expected to grow as it is considered a major market for advanced technologies.

How to Win Friends & Two Ultimaker 2 3D Printers

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The latest 3D Hubs Trend Report has the Ultimaker 2 listed as the most popular printer in Europe and, while the company prepares for the launch of three new desktop 3D printers this year, they continue to expand distribution around the world. None of this matters, of course, unless you’ve got the Facebook friends to back it up and the company has just reached 100,000 likes on Facebook, possibly the first 3D printer manufacturer to do so. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

A Cathedral of 3D-Printed Transparent Resin


An architectural landmark of Europe. The Cathedral in Šibenik is the most significant Croatian architectural achievement from the 15th and 16th century and one of the most important monumental cathedrals of Europe.

Formlabs’ new 3D printer uses a Blu-ray laser to cut objects out of resin

3D Printing Review

Of course, the real challenge with 3D printers is the need to constantly deliver cheaper, bigger, faster machines.

Polyamide 3D Printing at Its Best: Solving David Pitcher’s 3D-Printed Puzzles


Of course, this was already in the works in Europe at the time, but it was the first example of a design I created from scratch. Of course, it was the advent of readily available SLS 3D printing through web-based services such as i.materialise that really let my creativity take flight.

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How Technology is Shaping the Future of Rugby

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Knowing the elements that can change the course of a kick gives teams the chance to tailor their efforts accordingly. >> Tech in football: how Yamabiko Europe scored with SOLIDWORKS. >> Rugby: possibly the most physically demanding of all team contact sports.

CNC Machining Industry Trends 2019

3E Rapid Prototyping

The data shows increasing interest in Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) tools and solid carbide tools over the course of the past few years. Europe is also expected to grow as it is considered a major market for advanced technologies. CNC machining is still going strong within the world of manufacturing, showing precipitous growth even amidst the slew of competing technologies and new entrants. Even so, CNC machining is a wide ocean with many varying interests and trends within it.

Generative 3d modeling for 3d printing workshop by parametric | art at Budapest 3D Printing Days

Algorithmic Art

It’s going to be the most prominent 3d printing event in Central Eastern Europe, the 3-day-long event provides talks, workshops, roundtable discussions by industry experts, a pitch event and exhibition of 30 Central-Eastern Europe-based 3D printing related companies.

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SKÔDA France 3D prints little Fabias!


Of course, every car is produced at our manufacturing premises: every time someone makes a reservation and orders their 3D printed Fabia, we 3D print it and ship it to the car dealer. The campaign is initially launching in France and is planned to be spread through Europe.

Stratasys Introduces New 3D Printing Curriculum for Vocational, College and University Educators

Additive Manufacturing

Full-semester courses help prepare students worldwide for careers being transformed by 3D printing. The full-semester, 14-week course is aimed to help prepare secondary and post-secondary students worldwide for careers being transformed by 3D printing. Europe.

BAE Systems Air Selects Simufact Additive for the Simulation of Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing

Of course, this change drives the need to manufacture components for aircraft differently, and explains that additive manufacturing will be a key technology enabler to meet customer demands.

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Nico Rappoli

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Her physics teacher also taught the engineering class and they pushed her to take the course. She would love to hike Mount Washington again and she also would like to travel more throughout Europe. “I I got a little taste, but I want to travel more of Europe.” .

How to flip a SOLIDWORKS Section View Direction

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For North American designers, the third angle projection is used, whereas, the first angle projection is mostly used in Europe and Asia. Attend a SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course online or in a Canadian classroom near you.

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ASTM International Selects UK-based Manufacturing Technology Centre as New Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence Partner

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founding partner and is supported by leading research organizations across Europe. In addition, Wimpenny says that MTC is interested in supporting the development of training courses to foster a workforce pipeline that will, in turn, support rapid industry growth.

China's 3D printing revenues to reach $1.6bn by 2016

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According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, China is on course to surpass the US in three years, which means Barack Obama could well be the last President to rule the US as the world''s biggest economy.

China 52

Headlines again. 3D printing guns, a passion?


Europe has a long tradition on relying exclusively on the authorities to ensure both the freedom and protection of citizens. in the USA of course! Of course, there are fundamentally different views at play here. Headlines again: 3D printing yet another part of a gun. So what?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Jacek Koczmierowski

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A: I’m Jacek Koczmierowski and I work at DPS Software – the biggest Value Add Reseller of SOLIDWORKS in Europe. Of course my favorite training class is SOLIDWORKS Visualize! The Visualize Featured User spotlight has now launched!

Discover 3D Printing Near You


You can find different kinda of makerspaces in almost every major city across America and Europe. They are demoing the technology and they will tell you about what you can and of course can not do with it. And of course, if you’re into 3D printing, nothing’s better than old-fashioned face-to-face talking. Wether you’ve been lurking on 3D printers all week long or you have a 3D printing project in mind.

AB3DLabs Launches 2D to 3D Printing App

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Mohamed has begun talks with various schools across Europe to design a curriculum around 3D printing and design with Fab Labs, working with children as young as 5 beginning in 2017. AB3DLabs also develops educational 3D STEM-based Curricula for K-12 and Training courses for the public.

World Premiere for Additive Manufacturing: STELIA Aerospace Presents a Demonstrator for Metallic Self-Reinforced Fuselage Pannels Manufactured by 3D Impression

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The company’s engineering and technical teams participate in the most innovative industrial programmes in Europe.

Javelin is a Proud Sponsor of the University of Victoria Submarine Racing Club

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eISR race course outline. The race is an out-and-back course that consists of straights, corners and slaloms. The entire course stretches a total of 175m. International free-flooded submarine races take place biennially in both the US and in Europe. The rules are simple: design a one or two-person free-flooded submarine that can navigate a course.

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10 Surprising 3D Prints That Were Designed With SketchUp


We’ve seen pendants and cufflinks, but of course SketchUp can also be used for other types of jewelry. And of course, SketchUp can also turn crazy art project ideas into 3D printed reality. SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software for all things geometrical.

Answer These Questions to Maximize SOLIDWORKS 2016 Workstation Performance

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Of course in cases where the software is run concurrently with analysis and rendering software, it can make sense to move to more than four cores, but you’ll still want the highest speed and cache size you can afford. SOLIDWORKS 2016 is here!