10 Best Glues for Glass

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Glass can be a simultaneously wonderful and frustrating material to work with. There is also a lot of drama involved when glass breaks. In this article we have compiled a list of the best glass glue brands, so all you have to do is pick one (or several). Compatibility: Glass.

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New eLearning Course Gets Users Up to Speed in 3D Printing

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Back then, most printers featured an acrylic build plate, which most people quickly discovered was better replaced by a piece of tempered glass that was much flatter and allowed for better printed parts. Post printing finishing.

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Behind the Product: Glass Vase Mold

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Tim’s creativity and capacity to bring together 3D printing and glassblowing has proven to be a success and this can be seen in his newest work of 3D printed steel molds used to create hand blown glass vases. Are others in the glass community using 3D printing?

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CNC Machining For Ceramics

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With the aid of the abrasive wheel, the machine can achieve a polished surface finish. Of course, there are many different types of ceramics and they all have their own characteristics. Macor is a machinable glass ceramic owned and produced by Corning Inc.

3D printing produces a perfect replica of a sixth-century sword

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Of course, the destruction of something so vast could only be achieved by a perfect storm of exacerbating factors — but one of the largest was the Germanic unrest. Museums, of course, have some of these swords: greatly dilapidated, in many cases, but valuable artefacts of the time.

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This Eyewear Is Set to Change How You See: Yuniku


If you wear glasses, you know that finding the right frames can be a challenge, to say the least. They have to have the right style, right color, and of course, a comfortable fit. However, did you know that the frames you choose could potentially affect your vision?

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15 Best Tools and Accessories for Your 3D Printer

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Some of these are optional, but most of the items on this list are essential if you want to be able to work with different filaments or if you want to produce high-quality 3D prints with a professional-grade finish. Signstek borosilicate glass plate.

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Material science and 3D printing methods explained

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It’s an evolving science and two alloys that are almost the same can differ radically in the finished product, which is exciting and frustrating in equal measure. ALM PA 650 is another option that is a good general purpose PA, while PA 615-GS is loaded with glass filler.

A Collage of 3D Printing Possibilities


Mixing 3D-printed parts in polyamide (SLS) and glass beads. The first time I used 3D was in 2004, in a course at university, but the quality back in those days was so horrible that I didn’t use it further. Which are your favorite polyamide finishes?

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Which 3D-Printed Jewelry is Best for Her? Valentine’s Day Style Guide


At the restaurant, why not propose ordering a glass of champagne? Choose white gold or silver (gloss or high gloss finish). Of course you will wait for her there with a rose in your hand and your jewelry. But of course, you are the chef tonight!

Designer Spotlight: Allan Scharff

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I create most types of shapes in silver, from flat sheet with different hammers on wood and iron to finished unique artpieces. I have been designing in glass for holmegaard in 12 years. I have worked with designing in glass for holmegaard for 12 years.

Day 315 - Mini prints to the edge!


I know how to level the platform, and I''ve even gotten a glass build plate, but prints are still unreliable for me except for the center region, about 150mm across and 80mm front to back - about 120 square centimeters. Every printer has its good and bad points.

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Case study: How SOLIDWORKS Laid a Solid Base for Baser

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The 3D CAD program was used exclusively to design, test and craft the finished product. Baser’s time in the sun is only just starting – and we will raise a glass to their success. In the shade, of course. It’s hard to believe during the depths of winter.

VR vs FPV Headset for Drones: What’s the difference?

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Epson Moverio FPV Smart Glasses for DJI. Folks who wear glasses can use the VIPER HD FPV Goggles with comfort. The detachable 5” LCD screen has an 85% non-reflective finish. Some even say they’re ugly and embarrassing to wear, but that’s subjective of course.

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20 Best Accessories for 3D Printers

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Getting a really good finish in your 3D models sometimes takes more than relying solely on your 3D printer. Much like carving knives, having a set of sandpapers of different grits can be very useful if you want your 3D printed products to have a smooth finish.

High fashion meets 3D printing

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Totally bespoke finishes made a difference. Tosheva used the professional-grade Zortrax M200, which gave her the option of creating plastics or a glass-like finish. Of course it saved so much time liaising with suppliers that she could plough the time back in to her collection.

5 Best Cheap Smartwatch of 2019

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This doesn’t mean that you don’t want the device to look good, of course, but it is fairly safe to assume that features take priority for you over styling and rightly so, as these are smartwatches after all, and at the very least they should be smart. Casing: plastic & glass.

Metallic Filaments: Properties, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

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We are, of course, talking about metal printing that can be done at home using your desktop 3D printers and composite metal filaments. The number one reason that most people go into using metallic filaments is the superior aesthetics of the finished product.

Honda Team Awarded a 3D Printed Trophy as Champions of the Inaugural FabCafe Mini 4WD Cup


The way these 3D Printed cars rotated on a fancy glass stand even looked like a mini-motor show! These 3D Printed bumpers placed in the middle of the course made the race dramatic by kicking the fastest cars out of the track.

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11 Tips for Passing the Part 107 Test

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If you have some cash to spare, then you can take a paid training course that can cost as much as $500. Some questions require you to consult charts and maps, and you are allowed to bring a visual aid (such as a magnifying glass) to allow you to inspect the figures in higher detail. The test will require you to consult specific figures, charts, and maps over the course of the questions.

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RepRap: Blog: Vapor Treating ABS RP parts

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To do this process you will need your RepRaps Heated Build Plate (must be able to reach 110C), a Glass Jar, Some Aluminum Foil, and a hanger to bend into a hook to get the parts out with. we ever dreaming have a high gloss finishing by 3D printing. RepRap: Blog.

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8 Best VR Headsets for iPhones

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The lenses of a VR headset are essentially two magnifying glasses. Pansonite 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset. Pansonite 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset.

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Review: what materials can be 3D printed?


Of course it require a trickier printer setup. PLA post-processing Finishing a PLA object is definitely more difficult than with ABS plastic for example, where acetone almost does it all ;) Speaking of petroleum derivatives, almost none will impact the organic PLA.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing 2017 Day #4 Faberdashery Translucent PLA's


For a frosted/translucent finish, you can use acrylic (PMMA) but that’s considerable more tricky to use. In the course of fixing those errors I decided to modify the model to have more stepped layers that could be coloured in a rainbow set of translucent colours.

Best Large 3D Printers of 2018

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It’s one of those 3D printers that you can leave running all night and rely on to finish projects by the time you wake up in the morning. It’s sturdy and looks absolutely gorgeous with that all-black finish. But the MakerGear M2 isn’t just about appearances, of course.

ITAMCO Celebrates 60th Anniversary

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“We’re one of the few US facilities that can do it all, from cutting to finishing,” said David Neidig, Business Development for ITAMCO. Plymouth, Indiana—September 2, 2015— Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies ( ITAMCO ) celebrated its 60th anniversary in August.

The Engineer Of 2045

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Today, on-demand education is absorbed through web-based video courses, interactive activities and quizzes. In 2045, as instructional design continues to develop and its tools evolve, on demand education could be delivered through Google glass, microchips or technology not yet imagined. (Re)joining

Top 12 Posts of 2015: 3D Printing Flies Higher, Drives Manufacturing Innovation and Shapes Lives

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These assembly tools are used to precisely attach different components to the car, such as the rocker molding and roof spoilers; align the iconic ‘Adam’ lettering on the rear-side window; and assemble the glass and retractable roofs.

All About SLS Printing: Advantages, Disadvantages, History, and more

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The same concept has since been modified to work with various materials including metals, glass, and ceramics. The build chamber has to be removed and cleaned to separate the finished print from the rest of the unused powder. Of course, speed has to be quantified in the context of print resolution, as even an FDM printer can print incredibly fast if the software was set to print very thick layer lines.

Best Delta 3D Printers of 2018

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Of course, a delta 3D printer has benefits, too, such as a faster print speed on average and less tinkering once calibrated. It has a heated print bed, with a glass build plate out of the box.

LulzBot Mini 2 Review

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It has a removable print bed with dual print surfaces: one side is coated in PEI and one side is bare glass. Some materials are best printed on a PEI-coated surface while others are best printed on Borosilicate glass. Of course, the Mini 2’s print quality is not always the same for all third-party filaments; the material’s quality is also big a factor. The Mini 2 produces smooth and detailed 3D models that don’t need a significant amount of post-print finishing touches.

6 Best Smart Kettles of 2019

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Of course, you’ll have to remember to fill the iKettle with water. Its slender spout, small handle, and burnished black finish make it look equally at home in your kitchen or in a modern industrial art gallery.

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Of course there are the tape join marks. The logic being that 100°C seems to be enough to prevent warping, but 120°C is needed to get a perfectly smooth finish. 120°C for the first layer gives a better aesthetic finish, perhaps with a small negative z-offset.

10 Best Monitor Stands and Arm Mounts

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Of course, monitor stands with full adjustment are not automatically the best options for everyone. A sturdy mount with an all-black finish, the MF002 has cable management in both arms, which comes in the form of small loops, and an integrated tool holder in the main pole.

Dremel Digilab 3D40 Review

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The removable print bed is made of glass and easily snaps out of the build platform. The 3D40-EDU, on the other hand, comes with all of those items, along with three extra rolls of filaments, an extra build plate, a bunch of extra build tapes, a set of 3D printing lesson plans, and a 4-hour professional development course. It can produce clean and detailed 3D models that don’t need a lot of finishing touches.

Qidi Tech X-one 2 Review

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If you want to print with PLA , all you have to do is attach the spool holder, load the filament, and you’re good to go as soon as you finish installing the software, which only takes a few minutes. It’s nowhere near the Ultimaker 3, of course, but it’s definitely better than some 3D printers that go for double the price. For a long-term solution, you can replace the stock build plate with a glass bed. The X-one 2 is the upgraded version of the X-one.

No compromise extruder


However, the sheet I bought was etched on the back to allow it to be glued, so I stuck it on with RTV silicone adhesive sold for gluing hinges onto glass oven doors. I didn''t think that was going to work with a PTFE cylindrical slice that is only a little bigger than the finished item.

Best Workhorse 3D Printers: The Most Reliable 3D Printers

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It’s got an open structure with a side-mounted spool holder, with the rigid metal frame featuring an all-black finish. In addition, the glass print bed takes care of warping issues, which an aluminum print bed is susceptible to. Of course, the Ultimaker 2+ is not without flaws.

Euro PM2015 International Powder Metallurgy Congress & Exhibition-Call for Papers

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critical study of a process, or a product in the course of development. Reims has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Notre Dame Cathedral, the location of 25 royal coronations and a masterpiece of Gothic art, adorned with over 2300 statues and exceptional stained glass windows.

Fastest Racing Drones of 2018

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A tough build is something that everyone wants, of course. The EV800 glasses from Eachine should work fine, but there are others. In other words, it has that polished, finished look.

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Best Fixed Wing Drones

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Every pilot has different skill levels of course. It looks great and has a kind of polished finish that you don’t often see with fixed wing RC models. Parrot cockpit glasses included. Everyone knows about drones today.

MakerHome: Day 216 - Tiling space with a weird squiggle


In the second video, Mike and his kids show that two very odd shapes can be used to fill 3-space because pairs of them can combine to make a cube, which of course fills space. MakerHome. One 3D print every day from home, for a year. Welcome to MakerHome.

MakerHome: Day 201 - Saturday guest: owens and the.


mm PLA and a heated glass bed. To solve that, I first tried trimming the fillet cube with a much larger cube turned on its corner, but of course that wasnt exactly right. The finished model looks pretty good even in the OpenSCAD rendering, with the fillets just barely apparent.