Army Eyes 3-D Printed Food for Soldiers

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Army researchers will try to find ways to 3-D print nutritious food with less heavy packaging than the current military meals. Yes, food that comes fresh out of a printer, for our troops. In the food world, 3-D printing is just getting started – and it’s a sweet start, literally!

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MIT Graduate Course Challenges Students to Completely Reinvent 3D Printing Technology

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Blockchain Technology Transforming the Agriculture and Food Supply Chain

BIS Research

BIS Research presented an emerging tech webinar on blockchain technology transforming the agriculture and food supply chain. Answer: To begin with, our team worked with blockchain technology almost as a standalone part of the tech stack, which of course, it isn’t.

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Columbia Professor Hod Lipson Leads the Food 3D Printing Revolution with New Printer Prototype

There are numerous types of 3D printing technologies that are sure to make your eyes wide and mind wonder, but none of them will get your stomach rumbling like food 3D printing. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed edibles 3d printing course 3d printing food Columbia Engineering Columbia University Creative Machines Lab Delft University of Technology food 3d printer food 3d printing hod lipson International Culinary Center SUNY Maritime

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Is Silicone Safe? Toxicity Information and Food Safety

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What is food-grade silicone? Not all types of silicone are appropriate for food applications. The matter of determining whether a particular piece of silicone is food-grade or not depends on its purity. Food-grade silicone does not contain any chemical fillers or byproducts, making it completely non-toxic and safe for direct food contact. Each manufacturer must demonstrate compliance with standards set by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). Of course not.

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Barilla and Desall Announce Winners of Second 3D Printed Pasta Competition

As a lover of Italian food, I can’t think of many things better than pasta…except for 3D printed pasta, of course. Well-known Italian food company Barilla has been busy developing its own. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d design challenge 3d design competion 3d design contest 3D food design 3d food printing 3d printed food 3d printed pasta 3d printed pasta contest 3d printing food Barilla Desall pasta Smart Pasta Competition

Let's Cut to the Cheese: Researchers Publish Study on How 3D Printing Affects the Structure and Texture of Processed Cheese

Sometimes, nothing can make a bad day better than a glass of wine at the end of it, paired with a plate of good cheese and crackers, of course; if I had my way, I’d eat Havarti all the. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 3d food printer 3d printed cheese 3d printed food 3D printed nutrition 3d printing food cheese 3d printer cheese printer ireland Journal of Food Engineering microstructures pla filament research paper scientific study University College Cork

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Could Your 3D Printed Pizza Infringe a Patent?

Law in the Making

NASA recently funded a 3D food printer project – the prototype version of which is intended to make pizzas. After all, although replicators on Star Trek could make just about anything, most of what we saw was people using them to conjure up food items. Main Copyright food Patent

The Week in 3D Printing: Big Toy Gets Threatened, Veggies Get Printed, and 3D Printed Fashion Goes ‘Buy Now’

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” Of course, that could mean spending several hours to print a single Lego block, and kids do go preeeeetty crazy for That One Branded Franchise Toy every year. No news on whether or not the food was delivered on airplane-shaped spoons.

3D Metal Printing Improves Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

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Frank Reinauer: “We have of course long had our eye on the additive approach. In addition, DIN Standard 13485 and the guidelines of the United States Food and Drug Administration have to be complied with. By Concept Laser GmbH.

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DfAM at Materialise

Wohlers Talk

What does a major German car manufacturer, surgeon from Brazil, producer of food-making equipment, and large toy maker have in common? All are interested in methods of design for additive manufacturing (DfAM).

Put Your Game Day Face On at Two Super SWW17 Parties

The Solidworks Blog

Of course, I’m talking about the Puppy Bowl. The Partner Pavilion halls will be open with multiple viewing areas, more food, and, of course, more beer (this is a Big Game party after all).

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Why the SOLIDWORKS Community is So Passionate

The Solidworks Blog

Free food and of course, giveaways (SWAG)! The SOLIDWORKS community consists of users, partners, resellers and employees, but no one is more spirited than our User Groups. Why are they so exciting, and why might you want to join one? To learn about all the cool tools SOLIDWORKS offers.

How SOLIDWORKS Turned Ernesto Mosqueda’s Life Around

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Ernesto’s first experience with 3D design started when he was working as a self-employed designer for food processing equipment. Ernesto would finally be introduced to CAD software when he started working for Day-Lee Foods. “I Ernesto Mosqueda.

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Modernist Cuisine Gets In On 3D Printed Edibles

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Modernist Cuisine Gets In On 3D Printed Edibles Friday, August 22, 2014 - 10:32 Though it can be easy to think of food in terms of fuel or comfort, in its highest (and sometimes simplest) form, it is also a work of art.

6 Best Smart Pet Feeders in 2018

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Unlike regular automatic feeders that dispense a fixed amount of food at certain intervals, smart ones allow you to monitor your pet’s food intake, schedule different portions for different parts of the day, and even say hello to them via video link. Food Size & Type.

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How SOLIDWORKS Turned Ernesto Mosqueda’s Life Around

The Solidworks Blog

Ernesto worked as a self-employed designer of food processing equipment. Ernesto was introduced to CAD software when he started working for Day-Lee Foods. “I Ernesto continued to progress his skills in SOLIDWORKS, as he would constantly look at training courses in SolidProfessor.

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Fields, Yields and Smart Farming: The Techy Future of Agriculture

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Food produced locally reduces waste and returns agriculture back to its roots: smaller scale produce that’s grown to local demand. Automated production is nothing new to the food industry. Of course, environmental conditions are a crucial factor in successful farming.

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Things to consider when developing medical devices

3E Rapid Prototyping

In the United States, for example, medical devices must go through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which works to ensure that medication, foods and even physical medical devices are fit for purpose. Creating a medical device is an enticing prospect.

XYZ Printing’s New Machine Belongs in Your Kitchen


XYZ Printing demonstrated a tasty new product concept: a 3D food printer. The prototype device is similar to many existing plastic 3D printers, but it includes syringe-like extruders capable of accurately squirting food paste according to a 3D model. Then they’re eaten, of course.

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Why the SOLIDWORKS Community is So Passionate

The Solidworks Blog

Free food and of course, giveaways (SWAG)! The SOLIDWORKS community consists of users, partners, resellers and employees, but no one is more spirited than our User Groups. Why are they so exciting, and why might you want to join one? To learn about all the cool tools SOLIDWORKS offers.

CES 2016 3D printer wrap-up: New models, new tech, new markets

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Food, glorious food! In addition to printed food products and decorative items, there was an intriguing concept prototype of a gesture-based modeling tool that could be a lot better for budding chefs than struggling through Solidworks to design the look of their next dessert.

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Virtual Medicine for Real Patients

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Tina Morrison, deputy director of the Division of Applied Mechanics at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A typical clinical study of this nature would likely need 450 patients to test the lead over the course of three years,” says Morrison.

The Formnext Start-up Challenge: Recognizing and Supporting Innovative Start-Ups in Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

The Formnext Start-up Challenge has helped numerous young companies to accelerate their business development and successfully set course for the future. The wide range of services includes renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel and food services.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Our Booth at Formnext


Of course we don’t expect you to come just because it’s the place to be for Additive Manufacturing enthusiasts. And of course we don’t rest on our laurels. There will also be food, and an opening address by Materialise CEO Fried Vancraen.

Top 10 Applications for 3D Printing in 2014

3D Systems

Because of course it was! The extreme customization of 3D printing makes it a technology suitable to any tastes, and this year, we took that literally with the first ever food 3D printers, the ChefJet series.

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Even More Design Excellence Forum Adventures


They said the venue, food, and presentations were all on point. Of course, all of this can't be a success without our attendees. The away team has continued on with their adventures for Design Excellence Forum, ranging from Cincinnati to Ft. Wayne!

The Engineering of Paralympic Sports Technology

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Of course, when you swap the basketball court for the race track, speed matters more than strength. Image Courtesy of The Food Champions. The challenge of course with an implant that breaks the skin is keeping the site free from infection. Here’s a question for you.

Significantly Reduced File Sizes – A New Feature of SOLIDWORKS 2015


Of course there is a caveat to this. There’s some food for thought. One of the new things you may notice in SOLIDWORKS 2015 3D CAD software is that your files open faster. Before I dig too deeply into this, I’m going to back up for a second and put an asterisk next to my last statement.

SOLIDWORKS at the SCCA Run-offs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Day 2

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We share parts, tools, food, drinks and old racing stories. This party was started over 25 years ago at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to bring together all of the Production car drivers and team members to celebrate another Run-off.

Sustainable Innovation for Business and the Planet

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Along with growing appetite for fuel, food, and inputs into the products we depend on in our daily lives, there is of course also a price to pay – the impact on the environment. The world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion people in 2050. There are already 7.3

World Maker Faire 2014

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Attendees can expect to see a wide range of different makers including those who work with robotics, rockets, drones, food, gadgets, bicycles, and of course 3D printing! World Maker Faire 2014 Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 17:31.

UC Davis Veterinarians Successfully Perform Nearly Complete Lower Jaw Reconstruction in a Dog

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DOSS had recently performed the first front arch mandible reconstruction with success, and the two dozen other bone regrowth surgeries were enough to convince Katy that bringing Hoshi to UC Davis was the right course of action. . By Rob Warren, UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

Tutorial Tuesday 21: 3D Design Made Simple With Morphi and an iPad

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For example, see this Star Wars inspired droid animation : With the iPad version, you can even use the camera to incorporate your 3D models as augmented reality elements using Morphi’s AR tool : And of course, students can print out their 3D designs to enjoy and use.

The New York Comic Con Survival Guide, 2017 Edition

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As long as it’s activated, you’ve got a way to get another badge made for you (at a small cost, of course). And of Course, There’s An Afterparty… And it has a name: NYCC Presents.

A CES 2015 Technology Recap

3D Innovations

We have rounded up a few of our favorite news articles from the event to share with you (with an emphasis on 3D printing technology of course)… Enjoy! For the first time, there are also food printers and 3D-printed outfits being demoed at the show.” CES 2015 came to an end on Friday but the buzz surrounding the event lives on.

Registration is Now Open for DraftSight LIVE at SOLIDWORKS World

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Of course, there’s plenty of opportunities to network and chill with fellow attendees over cold beer and great food. Welcome to DraftSight LIVE on February 6-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.

See the Newest SOLIDWORKS-Inspired Products in the SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase

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Well, Freight Farms is addressing the needs of the world’s changing food landscape by providing physical and digital solutions for creating local produce ecosystems on a global scale. The SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase is the place to be in L.A.

Formnext Continues at Record Speed

Additive Manufacturing

This is aimed at medium-sized companies wishing to enter additive manufacturing, and is organized in cooperation with ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing, for example at the international exhibitions IFFA, PCIM, SPS, and of course Formnext.

3D Printing Dinners


We are not talking about 3D printed food! And training course. The dinners are produced by Laura Winger of Mesa, Arizona, who happens to be experienced in teaching professional certification courses. No, no, no! We are talking about 3D printing dinners, though. Let us explain.

USC Wants to Colonize Mars with 3D Printers

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How can they survive on a barren wasteland of a planet with no oxygen, water, or food in sight? Of course, there are still kinks that need to be worked out. Space is known as the final frontier, and humans have long dreamed of conquering it.

Ready, Set, GO! Slot Car Racing at Euromold 2014


Over the course of 2014, Materialise organized a series of slot car races where participants could let their imagination run wild and 3D print their slot cars which they made with a whole range of Additive Manufacturing technologies. Materialise CEO Fried Vancraen enjoying the finger food.

Praxair Announces TruForm™ AMbition Grant Supporting Additive Manufacturing for Universities in North America

Additive Manufacturing

The grant recipients will receive material and engineering assistance to support metal additive manufacturing courses and projects from Praxair Surface Technologies ( PST ). Each day, more and more universities are incorporating metal additive manufacturing courses into their curricula,” said Andy Shives, business manager for Additive Manufacturing at PST. “We DANBURY, Conn., November 2, 2017 – Praxair, Inc.