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But, a surprising CES announcement brought news that 3D Systems is bringing the CubeX to the marketplace. CubeX 3D Printer from 3D Systems I have never seen a CubeX printer. Again, I expect that of the CubeX. And, as you can see, the CubeX is exactly that.

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Putting a CubeX 3D printer through its paces

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Coming up soon I will be running a training day together with the Iain from 3D Systems, showing the guys from TeachDesign how to set up and use the Cube and CubeX 3D printers. Even in this short time I have been really impressed by the CubeX. Uncategorized 3D Printing CubeX hardware

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A Bit More Detail About the CubeX

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While I have not yet been able to see the CubeX in person, I have found some additional information about the specs that may be of interest to those considering it. Obviously, the 3D Touch is a part of the lineage of the CubeX. But, a lot of thought went into designing the CubeX to ensure major improvements for the user. The CubeX Uses 1.75mm Filament For me, one of the most significant changes is that the CubeX utilizes 1.75mm filament instead of 3mm.

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MakerHome: Day 221 - Friday Fail: CubeX Trio edition


Day 221 - Friday Fail: CubeX Trio edition. This week the CubeX Trio in the JMU 3-SPACE classroom printed something! Specifically, the giant hand model that comes as a demo with the CubeX software: Settings: CubeX Trio in draft/fastest mode, in one color PLA. MakerHome.

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3D printing for “proof of concept”

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Of course the set has to be easy to assemble, take down and transport, so she has investigated using lightweight materials and a bespoke system for assembling a framework. One of our A Level students has a very interesting project for her coursework.

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Lathon multifeatures 3d printer

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dual extruder fff kickstarter multi materials new diy 3d printer open source support material ultem 2300

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New Cube 3D Printer - 2nd Generation

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faster speed with more material choices, and more colors and print modes available. The print head detects which materials are in the cartridge automatically. This probably means that the print jet temperature can now be varied to match the different characteristics of the material.

Cube Game Changers Announced at CES

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Cube 3 3D Printer At the consumer end of the spectrum, the Cube3 adds the ability to print 2 different colors or materials at the same time. CubePro 3D Printer Last year, the CubeX 3D printer won the Best of CES Award for 2013. CES is here again!

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106 Labs utilizing Fisher/Unitech LLC 3D Printing Build Services to Prototype


I tried printing a prototype on a Cubex Trio, but the detail requirements exceeded its capabilities. We would supply free Hyper-B materials, which they could assemble and sell locally to support themselves”. As a mechanical engineer and the father of four sons, one can imagine that for Zac Coon, it would only be a matter of time before some pretty innovative ideas for toys would come to fruition.

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RS Components To Distribute 3D Systems Printers In. - dimensionext


The design and manufacturing products now distributed by RS include the company’s desktop 3D printer range, 3D printing materials as well as cloud sourced on-demand custom parts. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT.

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3D Printing Industry in India: The Current Scenario

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125,000.00) and 3Digi CubeX (base price Rs. CAD-based dental parts have substantially reduced the material and labor costs of dental restorations while maintaining superior clinical quality.

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3D Systems Repeats Fortune???s 100 Fastest Growing Companies List

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As we continue to invest in these technologies, processes and materials for both commercial and home use, we are enabling our customers to transform how they deliver new products to market, selecting from a powerful combination of traditional and additive manufacturing.

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The Vexing Issue of FDM Edge Accuracy

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At some point, I will be visiting 3D Systems again to get a hands on look at the CubeX printer. Remember, the material is being melted. I opened my email this morning to find this plea from a Cube owner. "

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