Materials Explainer: Black High Definition Acrylate (BHDA)

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Shapeways Black High Definition Acrylate is a great material for making extremely detailed objects, from tech accessories to jewelry to wargaming miniatures. “My High definition acrylate is printed one 50-micron layer at a time. What have you made in Black High Definition Acrylate?

Adidas Made an Ocean-Plastic Shoe You Can Actually Buy

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Environmentalism is a great cause and Adidas took it to a whole new level with their newly designed shoe that is made of recycled ocean plastic. The main difference here, however, is that the Parley version features a soft Primeknit upper built with 95 percent ocean plastic.

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Waters Model-Based Definition – A Cultural and Technological Challenge

The Solidworks Blog

The story of Model-Based Definition (MBD) at Waters actually began 20 years ago, long before we had SOLIDWORKS. There will certainly be challenges as the culture adapts to this new technology, but I am certain that Model-Based Definition will be a success at Waters.

How safe is 3D printed plastic for children?


Could you offer a toy made with 3D printed plastic? Definitely not. Polyamide 2200 is the real name of plastic material that we 3d print at Sculpteo. The post How safe is 3D printed plastic for children? Additive manufacturing Sculpteo News safety plastic children toy

Definition of a 3D Model Maker

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Definition of a Model Maker For thousands of years people have been creating models to translate and improve their ideas into three dimensional reality. Most people equate model making with plastic model cars and airplanes or scale models of satellites and miniature sets used in filmmaking.

How to make PLA plastics flexible with Carburetor Cleaner

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Definitely do not give the parts to kids as I don''t reckon putting these parts in your mouth afterwards is a good idea at all. Another interesting video by Jaidyn Edwars.

Recycled Content of Filamentive’s 3D Printing Filaments in Accordance with ISO 14021 Standard

According to UK-based 3D printing material startup Filamentive, 90% of all the plastic used in the world comes from non-renewable sources, which means there’s definitely a major environmental. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d print recycled plastic 3d printer filament 3D printing recycled plastic filament Filamentive International Standards Organization ISO recycle standards

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Installation Guide Part4 – Composer, Plastics, and Simulation Installation

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What do I need to know to install my Composer, Plastics, Inspection, MBD, or Simulation package? SOLIDWORKS Plastics. SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a powerful injection molding simulation tool that helps you optimize the design and manufacturability of your plastic parts and injection molds.

Get Your Black Hi-Def Acrylate Prints 3 Days Faster

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A little over a year ago, we launched Black High Definition Acrylate (BHDA), a high-detail acrylic material with added strength over our Frosted Detail Plastics. Shapeways BHDA Black High Definition Acrylate Faster Lead Times Shapeway NewsSince then, it has been enthusiastically adopted by our scale modelers and miniatures communities as a popular choice for wargaming, vehicles, trains and sci-fi.

6 Incredible Materials You Can 3D Print in Now

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When most people think of 3D printing they picture simple, mono-colored pieces of plastic, but with Shapeways there’s way more you can do. Everything from multi-colored sandstone to nylon plastic to gold is available now for your 3D-printing pleasure.

PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM May Just be the 3D Printing Thermoplastics You Need in Your Life

There was definitely life before plastics, but today we can’t imagine living without them. Before they were even invented (the first synthetic polymer was developed in 1869 by John. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Aerospace 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3D printing thermoplastics Abraham Avalos AON3D AON3D-M2 Canada FDM printers high performance materials PAEK PEEK PEKK Ultem

Gantri Designers Continue Elevating Style with 3D Printed Lamps

While you may not think that a technology so often used by hobbyists to make small plastic toys could be responsible for the creation of elegant housewares, you would definitely be wrong. In 2017, View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d printable lighting 3d printed lamps 3d printed lighting augmented reality colorfabb corn based filament Gantri pla unique lamps

The Full List of 3D Printing Materials Available at Sculpteo


Here comes the list : Plastics. Charged Plastics. Plastics. When it comes to 3D printing materials, plastic is the most common among consumer-level printers. This is a result of plastics low cost and low melting points, among other things. Charged plastics.

Now You Can Have Custom 3D Printed Gummy Candy

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However, instead of using plastic to print, it uses gum to print one-of-a-kind, personalized designs. She stresses that although the candies use all natural ingredients, they are definitely not a healthy snack.

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SOLIDWORKS Education Edition 2015-2016 – The Innovation Revolution

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There are new features that reduce geometry creation steps and the release includes our new software application, SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD).

CES2015 Shows How 3D Printing is Maturing

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These are improvements in product performance, not disruptive technologies, as in the pure Clayton Christensen definition set forth in The Innovator’s Dilemma.

ASTM International-New Powder Bed Fusion Specification Approved by ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Committee

Additive Manufacturing

August 27, 2014— A new ASTM International standard for powder bed fusion of plastic materials will provide a common set of terms and definitions, best practices and practices to facilitate ordering and delivery of parts. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.,

What’s Really Going on With the 3D Printed Toy Market Today?

One of the many industries being disrupted by 3D printing is toys; as most mass-produced playthings are already made of plastic, which is definitely in the 3D printing wheelhouse, it just makes sense. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D modeling 3d print toys 3d printable toys 3d printed games and toys 3d printed toys 3d printed toys and games aniwaa proto buildbar thingiverse toy 3d printing

3D Printing with Human Waste: Astroplastic Takes Raw Materials from Colon to Mars Colony

While many people may still think that plastic is the only 3D printable material out there, that’s definitely not the case. Obviously there’s metal 3D printing, and biomaterials, flexible. View the entire article via our website.

A focus on ABS and a new printer hood (with video clips)

Number Six's 3D Printing Blog

ABS is a tough, impact and temperature resistant plastic. I will definitely try lowering the temperature as you suggest once I have a print hood as well as using a "brim" in Slic3r or else adding a brim in the CAD file when slicing with my preferred slicer, Skeinforge.

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7 news ways you’ll 3D print parts in 2017

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Researchers in 3D printing are definitely thinking outside the box. uses chemicals to control thermal properties of plastics for parts. At the two major 3D printing conferences this year, AMUG and RAPID, companies introduced new ways to additively make parts.

Not for Everyone

Wohlers Talk

It may be easy to buy one, but it’s definitely not easy to create the 3D model data needed to produce a unique design. I like the poles, but the plastic parts near the tips (called baskets, as shown in the following) are ripping apart.

Build Anything with UberBlox, Including a 3D Printer

3D Printing Industry

It was a set of plastic components with little battery powered gears and motors that allowed you to build some pretty cool stuff. It’s not really like Legos; it’s definitely more like Construx. By Andrew Wheeler. Remember the Construx “Power Creations” Series?

7 news ways you’ll 3D print parts in 2017

Leslie's Blog

Researchers in 3D printing are definitely thinking outside the box. uses chemicals to control thermal properties of plastics for parts. At the two major 3D printing conferences this year, AMUG and RAPID, companies introduced new ways to additively make parts.

TRiBOT will give you 3d printing, CNC milling and injection molding in one machine

DIY 3D Printing

The price is in the 8000 USD range so it will definitely not be in everyone''s garage. Capable of printing multiple plastics at temperatures up to 400 degrees C. pounds) spool of plastic plastic weld rod or printer filament.

The Best Materials for Miniatures? A Community Member Weighs In

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While we’ve generally suggested our Frosted Detail (FUD) Plastic or our Black High Definition Acrylate , we know that there’s sometimes confusion when miniatures are also offered for sale in White Strong & Flexible (WSF).

What is selective deposition lamination?

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The ASTM standards organization has a definition for sheet lamination– an additive manufacturing process in which sheets of material are bonded to form an object. Like sheet lamination, it uses layers of a material, such as paper for plastic.

The Plasticbank Cleans Up Your Neighborhood


A new venture is purchasing scrap plastic for eventual use in 3D printers. Plasticbank, based in Vancouver, operates a recycling service for scrap plastic in the lower British Columbia mainland. These pellets can be sold to manufacturers for use in various plastic products.

A look at additive manufacturing on display at IMTS

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High speed, high capacity printing for durable plastic parts– The ProJet 3500 HD Max , along with the corresponding VisiJet ® line of plastic materials will be on display.

3D Print vs Airport Security


I tried explaining that it was made out of plastic and not metal and hence couldn’t be used to tighten or loosen a real nut, which I knew was a lie. “So Today I had a tough time convincing airport security to let me carry this 3D printed adjustable spanner in my hand baggage.

5.5 designstudio is hacking your everyday objects with 3D printing


Definitely, using our plastic material is the best choice. Our plastic material is a strong material (as in hard to break) but it remains flexible on thin sections of the design. designstudio picked the plastic in its polished and colored version.

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From Earphones to Jet Engines, 3D Printing Takes Off

3D Printing Review

” After three decades in relative obscurity, 3D printing, which employs lasers to “print” objects from metals or plastics according to a digital design, has suddenly become one of the hottest areas of technology.

What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing? – Advanced Materials Review #2 – Taulman 618 and Taulman 645 Nylon

3D Printing for Beginners

But, those are most definitely not the only applications for Taulman 645 nylon. an airtight container or sealed plastic bag, together with some silica gel bags) or even better, in a vacuum bag. Welcome to another post in our Advanced 3D printing materials review series.

HUGE Savings on SOLIDWORKS! Get a Second Product at No Cost


2 Monster Sized SOLIDWORKS Offers: Limited Time Only. From now through May 31, 2015 extend your design capabilities by including one additional product license at no cost. Select the best add on product for your designing needs.

With 3D printing materials, knowledge is power

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But this development is definitely more true of the metals side.. You cant get the same thinness in injection molding because the plastic wont flow properly. Exposure to temperature in a build alters a plastics properties, reducing material predictability.

BuildTak Review – The Ideal 3D Printing Surface?

3D Printing for Beginners

According the the manufacturer, BuildTak is: a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed of FFF 3D printers. But, as long as you pay heed to the tips described in this article, the material can definitely help to make your 3D prints stick. .

Manufacturing Technologies Growth Trends and Forecasts

3E Rapid Prototyping

However, aerospace and defense are definitely among the most prominent users. While plastics are still the most common printing material, the rate of growth had been stagnating up until 2017, where there was a sudden growth in industrial strength polymers.

How to Design Parts Using CNC Machines?

3E Rapid Prototyping

In some instances, plastics might make more sense, which CNC machines can also handle with ease. For most people, the knowledge about manufacturing and prototyping technologies of today consists mostly of what they learn in school or what they stumble upon on the internet.

Using 3D printing to land a spacecraft on a comet


Having a physical object in our hands, to hold, observe and show definitely helped us make our decision. Thanks to our plastic material , it was also possible to color it afterward. In fact, any Sculpteo’s white plastic printed object can be colored.

Società Gomma Antivibrante SRL Slashes Prototypes with SIMULIAworks FEA

The Solidworks Blog

Explains Quality System/Test Laboratory Manager Stefano Meli, “Analysis and definition of the overall product dimensions/footprint and laboratory development of the related load-failure diagrams, and subsequent prototype testing, are the most challenging portions of our product development process.”.

To Create Next-Level Designs, Architects Turn to Adaptive Tools and Strategies

3D Perspectives

For example: Innovations in material usages: The firm is pushing façades further with new applications like glass fiber reinforced plastics and complex combinations of metal panels. For Morphosis Architects in Los Angeles, the flexibility to innovate is at the heart of their work.

New 3D Printer Start-ups

3D Printer Users

PRINTXEL This little 3D printer, from Adjunct Engineering, LLC, is one that I DEFINITELY want to follow. B9CREATOR All of the other 3D printers in this post use extruded plastic to build 3D objects. This is the year for 3D printers.

Top Spinning Challenge with Batch Control


Sculpteo offers two different layer precisions when it comes to our plastic material. Before we get started, I’ll let you know the different layer precisions available and how to activate high definition. High definition prints (60?m

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