Technical University of Denmark: Integrated Process Chain for Production of Molds in LPBF Additive Manufacturing

Mandaná Moshiri recently presented a thesis, ‘Integrated process chain for first-time-right mold components production using laser powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing’, to Technical.

COBOD supplies Technical University of Denmark with construction 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has purchased a BOD2 concrete 3D printer from COBOD International to research and develop new manufacturing processes for the construction industry.

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Technical University of Denmark: Researchers Assess 3D Printed Micro-Surfaces

In ‘Fabrication of micro-structured surfaces by additive manufacturing, with simulation of dynamic contact angle,’ researchers explore the uses of 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes in. 3D Printing 3D printed micro surfaces dlp 3d printer DTU micro-holes micro-structured surfaces Technical University of Denmark Technical University of Denmark (DTU

Denmark: Researchers Improving on 3D Printing with Microstructure Control in DLP

In the recently published ‘Microstructure Control in 3D Printing with Digital Light Processing,’ researchers from the Technical University of Denmark are exploring control issues in 3D printing, to. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Featured Stories 3D Printing with Microstructure Control dlp 3d printing

Researchers Optimize Robust, Lightweight, Bone-Inspired 3D Printing Infill

To those unfamiliar with how the process works, it looks like simple magic – but there are a lot of factors that. Featured Stories 3d printing infill 3d printing Infill pattern biomimicry bone cancellous bone Delft University of Technology infill Technical University of Denmark Technical University of Munich trabecular bone tu delftThere’s so much more that goes into a 3D print than many people realize.

From drum and bass to tables and chairs

3D Printing Industry

Jon Christie has adopted 3D printing as part of his design process in a bid to reduce the overall cost of expensive parts that take a large amount of intricate woodworking. DJ goes to Denmark. Then a trip to his new wife’s home country of Denmark had a profound impact on his life.

DIY 3D Printing: Maersk wants to 3d print replacement parts on their.

DIY 3D Printing

Maersk is huge shipping and industrial conglomerate from Denmark. Click here for more posts in category: 3d printed parts , cost reduction , denmark , europe , replacement parts , sea , ship. How to remove support material from complex 3d printed part - video of the process.

No shape is too complex for 3D printing Austrian construction firm Overtec

3D Printing Industry

3D printing buildings in Europe has seen a steady process this year. Denmark’s 3D Printhuset has only just laid the foundations for its project, and BatiPrint3D is completing its first 3D printed social housing unit for the City of Nantes. Russia’s Apis Cor 3D, which has successfully 3D printed a number of structures, is currently dealing […]. 3D Printers 3D printhuset apis cor Attnang-Puchheim Austria Overtec Sebastian Hilscher

Blueprinter M3 — Powerful & Quiet Selective Heat Sintering 3D Printer is Unveiled

The Blueprinter development process began in 2008 when Frederik Tjellesen and Anders Hartmann, as engineering students at the Technical University of Denmark, wrote a thesis which attempted to demonstrate that it would be possible... View the entire article via our website.

The Sustainable Cooperation of Ecoparks

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The Kalundborg ecopark in Denmark, for example, evolved gradually through the cooperation of neighboring industries. Whatever their make-up, EIPs involve a complex network of interrelated value chains and processes. Eco-industrial parks: 5 steps to optimize sustainability.

Blueprinter Update


The Denmark-based company did not yet market its products last year when we first encountered them, but since January of this year the company is selling 3D printers. Blueprinter uses a patented powder-based heat process to create 3D prints, used by no other company.

Design in the Age of Experience, day 1: focus on materials in sustainable design

3D Perspectives

Jouin stressed his collaborative exploration process with Dassault Systèmes’ Design Studio tocreate his foldable, recyclable TAMU chair prototype using generative technology; attendees are able to see this at our 3 DEXPERIENCE playground.

Shaping Dutch Design: (in)Somnia Jewelry by Adnohia

Shapeways Blog

The accessories are influenced by nature, both conceptually and literally — she invites us to embrace the rusting process of the metals, believing that the rusting turns the 3D-printed object into a personalized journey.

Exploring 3D Printing in Furniture Design: Jon Christie’s State-of-the-Art Furniture


When I took my first trip to Denmark with my wife I couldn’t believe the furniture I was seeing in people’s houses,” Jon told us. This means fewer complicated wooden components will be needed for the construction process in both large and small-scale manufacturing.

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Bling! Bling! The ‘Bling’ 3D Printer is Much More than a Pretty Machine

3D Printing Review

For one sociologist, named Lina Bergstrom, from Denmark, 3D printing represented much more than simply a new technology. Building the printer was definitely a learning process where I learned about technology, but it was also a process where I worked with my own inferiority towards technology, which I considered to be foreign and ‘dangerous’. Technology is what has led us to become the race that we are today: the human race.

PostNord Enters Into 3D Printing Collaboration With Stratasys

Additive Manufacturing

We’re particularly excited to put the new J750 to use – it is the only 3D printer on the market with the capability to create full color, multi-material parts in a single print, enabling us to rapidly produce complex parts and ultimately accelerate the delivery process for our customers.

This Brand Creates Tribal Jewelry with Titanium, Steel and Silver 3D Printing


Growing up in Denmark, he developed a natural interest in Scandinavian minimal design traditions. In addition to this, the design DNA of Primal Crafts is tightly intertwined with 3D printing as it embraces the raw surfaces and finishes of the manufacturing process.

DIY 3D Printing: D3D ONE-EVO high speed 3d printer made by.

DIY 3D Printing

Click here for more posts in category: denmark , europe , fff , italy , new diy 3d printer. How to remove support material from complex 3d printed part - video of the process. DIY 3D Printing. Manufacturing revolution on your desktop. Pages. My projects. 3D design and printing software.

Printing in PolyProlylene

Talpadk's Blog

Here in Denmark PVC based warps have fallen out of favour and been replaced by PE based products (Assumed to be LDPE as it is soft). Plastic wrap may be promising but I quickly stopped playing with it as it would probably have to be glued to the glass which would complicate the process.

How MOEF is Bringing Us Images of an Alien Landscape…

The Solidworks Blog

Developed by MOEF – Denmark’s premier ideas and products company – the Paralenz action camera for divers is a 4k high-definition camera with a number of enhanced features that pushes the next wave of innovation in underwater photography.

Why I’m a Maker: Peter Heldal

Shapeways Blog

I’m a young guy from Denmark. I love the process of making models on the computer. I am not very familiar with the actual 3D printing process, but I’m sure I would find that just as fascinating.

Announcing the Winner of the SMK Design Contest

Shapeways Blog

In May we announced an exciting new design contest in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK). We were so impressed that we sent out a survey to the participating designers to learn more about their process.

Orbex Builds World’s Largest Single-Piece Rocket Engine 3D Printed on the SLM®800 Selective Laser Melting Machine

Additive Manufacturing

Our aim during the process was to fulfill the quality expectations of the Orbex team, keep the functionality of the part and make it suitable for additive manufacturing. Orbex is a UK-based spaceflight company, with subsidiaries and production facilities in Denmark and Germany.

Rewriting the Rules of Making Metal Parts

Wohlers Talk

The process involves many steps, including the casting of a coping, which serves as the basis for the crown or bridge. Much of the expense is tied to skilled labor that occurs at the dental lab, so streamlining the process can dramatically impact time andcost. EOS employs an experienced dental lab technician that has helped the company develop a start-to-finish process using its cobalt-chrome material for the copings.

Designer Spotlight: Anders Thøstesen

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I’m a 15 year old boy living in Denmark, doing ground-school. My designs are not under a long process. This weeks designer spotlight is highlighting Danish student Anders Thostesen.

The State Of Manufacturing Reshoring Today

Design 2 Part News

Jobs are also pouring back in from Canada, Switzerland, Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. manufacturers grow, generating more job opportunities — and revenue —in the process. By Team Thomas of Over the past several years, many U.S.

New apartment building in Denmark to make use of 3D printed concrete elements


The huge flexibility in terms of design and the cheapness of materials, as well as the speed of the production process, means that many examples can be found of 3D printing methods used in the construction of buildings.

DJI Shipping FAQ and How to Get Free Shipping

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This process is a lot faster than you might think because they expedite it with air travel. Additionally, the huge order quantity tends to slow down the shipping process in general. If you want to get a new product as soon as possible, order it as soon as it is released and use DJI Select to prioritize the shipping process. We answer the most common questions that people have about shipping when they order from

Robotic Innovations Automating the Future Factory

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As manufacturers aim at improving factory process efficiencies, new robotics present perhaps the best and fastest payback for furthering lean goals and boosting plant-floor productivity. . By Patrick Waurzyniak, Manufacturing Engineering.

For U.S. Manufacturing, Opportunities and Challenges

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He is also a director of Flextronics International , a Singapore-based global manufacturer, and advises the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark. By James R. Hagerty, Wall Street Journal.

12 Best Uses of Drones

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The whole process is completed in less time making it more viable for farmers. Maersk Tankers used a drone to send supplies to a ship off the coast of Denmark. From real estate to mining, drones are capturing the attention of every industry. People who have used these drones will know how easily some operations can be carried out with the help of these brilliant machines.