Carbon Design Engine Generates Conformal Lattices for 3D Printing

On March 2, Carbon released its new Carbon Design Engine, with a lattice design generator that can automate the creation of conformal, single-zone lattices.

The Future of Design and Manufacturing

The Solidworks Blog

We have talked lots about how designers benefit from an integrated environment. However, manufacturing can also work from this same common platform as designers do. Design engineers and manufacturing have a history of poor or strained relationships.


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What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE Design Roles 2021

The Solidworks Blog

The browser-based design and engineering capabilities on the 3D EXPERIENCE® platform have been recently updated with the R2021x FD04 release on January 23, 2021. Drag and Drop Components from Design to Other 3DEXPERIENCE apps. Design Assistant – Mate Helper.

Carbon Democratizes Design Engine Software to Accelerate Product Development Lifecycles

Manufactur3D Mag

Carbon, the leading 3D printing technology company, announced that all Carbon subscribers have been given access to the company’s Design Engine software to gain design control within the product development lifecycle.

Rapid Prototyping and On Demand Manufacturing

Our blog is focus on rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing information for global product designer, engineers, purchase officer and entrepreneur.

Explore Simulation-Driven Design

The Solidworks Blog

Designing products for real-world applications, big and small, requires testing and validation. With 3D EXPERIENCE WORKS you can design, simulate, adjust, and validate all on one platform. Twitter Facebook The post Explore Simulation-Driven Design appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

The Power of Design Patent Protection for Inventors

3D Innovations

Design patent protection should be part of your intellectual property strategy. However, there is much to be said for design patents. A design patent focuses on the exterior design, features and overall aesthetics of the product. How does a Design Patent work?

Designing for Additive Manufacturing = DfAM + MfAM

3D Design 3D Printing Barnes Global Advisors Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) DfAM MfAM modifying for AM TBGAWhat images pop into your mind when we use the term “DfAM”?

Understand Generative Design – 1 minute read

And, with enough practice, you can model just about anything you want, as long as you know what the best design will look like. To make you even more comfortable: Generative Design is super easy to use, AND it does not care if you dont know what the best design should look like. You tell it the problem you need to solve, and then Generative Design will provide you with a number of design solutions so you can explorer different and better options.

Design 118

Designing Complicated 3D Printable Objects in Blender

DIY 3D Printing

How to design a 3D printable key with LOOP CUT tool: How to design 3D printable pipes with SPIN tool: blender

Coding for 3D Part 2: Generative Design

This is a quick excerpt that is talking about what we will be focusing on within this coding series: generative design. 3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3D Software Science & Technology 3D objects coding design process designers Generative design iterative design simplicity simulationsWe want to define our direction before we plung into the deep ocean of coding. View the entire article via our website.

Better Large Assembly Design Tools for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

The Solidworks Blog

Industrial equipment manufacturers face distinctive design and development challenges when building conveyer systems, industrial robots, construction equipment, and other large-assembly projects. Interference Detection is a powerful tool to help you quickly find issues within your design.

Tools 76

6 Planet-Friendly 3D-Printed Designs


From 3D printing products used for eco-friendly purposes to designs comprised of recycled materials, here are six designs created with environmental impacts in mind. Although this model isn’t intended for public driving, it proved to be a successful design when Agoria Solar Team was the first to cross the finish line during the 3,000 km Bridgestone World Solar Challenge across Australia. James Novak designed this 3D-printed concept bike to fit his proportions perfectly.

Designer 3D Prints Assistive Tech for Blind Dog

3D Design 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d printed assistive device 3d printing helps animal animals assistive device assistive devices blind creality printer Cura desktop 3d printing dog ENDER 3D printer pets thingiverse

Revolutionary Fashion Designers who use 3D Printing in their Designs

Many designers are turning into 3D printing to produce less waste and save more energy in comparison to conventional techniques. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed clothing 3d printing fashion fashion designerThe fashion industry is changing into an eco-friendly environment. View the entire article via our website.

Biomimetic Design and Additive Manufacturing – Fraunhofer IAPT Webinar Series

The need to design existing products more efficiently as well as to optimize them in terms of function and weight are driving the use of additive manufacturing in product design.

Coming to 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021: American Chopper Star Designer Jason Pohl Joins SOLIDWORKS as an “Industrial Design Champion”

The Solidworks Blog

A few years ago a prominent industrial designer told me that SOLIDWORKS is to Industrial Design what a chainsaw is to ice sculpting, “ everyone knows that a chainsaw can cut a tree, but very few know that is an effective tool for ice sculpting.”

Satori Announces 3D Printing Partnership with Mahdi Naim Design Lab

Manufactur3D Mag

Satori, the London-based manufacturer of professional 3D printers, recently announced their partnership with Mahdi Naim Design Lab, following the recent launch of their desktop-sized industrial 3D printer, the ST1600.

SF Design Week // FATHOM Designer

Studio Fathom

FATHOM Industrial Designer Ava DeCapri is up for any design challenge, having worked on various projects spanning industries from consumer electronics to automotive to medical. The post SF Design Week // FATHOM Designer appeared first on FATHOM // 3D Printer Sales, Advanced Prototype Fabrication, Bridge-To-Production Low Volume Manufacturing. blog DeCapri design Design Week engineering san francisco SF Tech

Building the Design Platform of the Future

The Solidworks Blog

As most of you are probably aware, we have introduced a new cloud-based, design-to-manufacturing portfolio called 3D EXPERIENCE WORKS. Design your way. The post Building the Design Platform of the Future appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

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Celebrating Innovative Design

3D Perspectives

Our Vice President, Design Experience Anne Asensio recently had the honor of being the first woman to serve as the Honorary Chairman of the 30 th annual EyesOn Design Automotive Design Exhibition. We sat down with Anne to learn more about what was shared at this annual event, which pulls together the global design community to celebrate great transportation design and the designers behind it while supporting the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology.

Design Rules for AM

Wohlers Talk

Little by little, companies are learning that it can be very different to design for additive manufacturing (DfAM). Just as important are design rules and guidelines to reduce trial ‘n error among engineers and designers. The previous guitar stand was designed by Olaf Diegel, an associate consultant and DfAM instructor at Wohlers Associates. The stand is cleverly designed to fold and unfold, as shown.

Designing on the Cloud Discussion with Siemens (podcast)

Tech Clarity

How is the cloud playing a role in engineers’ design processes? read more » The post Designing on the Cloud Discussion with Siemens (podcast) appeared first on Tech-Clarity.

Top Ten SOLIDWORKS Design-to-Manufacturing Enhancements

The Solidworks Blog

Dassault Systèmes has launched SOLIDWORKS® 2021, the latest release of its portfolio of 3D design and manufacturing applications. This allows you to quickly toggle between your fully detailed and defeatured designs at any time. Improved Electrical Design.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Design Enhancements “Live” and in Action

The Solidworks Blog

This release includes performance enhancements and expanded functionalities that improve workflows for design, documentation, data management, validation, and manufacturing. Below is a video preview of many of the top design enhancements in 2021.

Understanding Plastic Part Design

The Solidworks Blog

Plastic parts are now commonplace in consumer product design, and for good reason. For the engineering and design team at URB-E, it was a no brainier to utilize plastic components for the fenders and battery hub in order to ramp up its production. But does this mean you have to be an expert in plastics parts to be able to design one in SOLIDWORKS? The need to have drafted walls on injection molded plastics parts are simply an unavoidable design feature.

Coding for 3D Part 5: Parametric Design

This is an article focused on my choice of learning parametric design through this series. The post Coding for 3D Part 5: Parametric Design appeared first on | The Voice of 3D Printing. 3D Design 3D Printing Editorials / Opinions Education Science & Technology 3d design 3d printing constraints design thinking ingenuity innovation parametric design prototyping

3D Printing for Product Design


Not just because the freedom of design it enables is limitless, but because it’s a good way to test out our ideas and designs in the real world. This is especially useful for product designers like Elia Furgiuele. Elia Furgiuele is a Swiss Industrial Designer who uses i.materialise to 3D print prototypes for his designs, and he can tell us a thing or two about how to use 3D printing to improve the design of his products to perfection.

Creo 67

CAD Design in Teams (survey invite)

Tech Clarity

What do leading companies do to support engineering teams while they design in CAD? We are conducting new research on the challenges of engineers face when they design in teams and. read more » The post CAD Design in Teams (survey invite) appeared first on Tech-Clarity. Active Research Slideshow 3D Design CAD CAE collaboration Design Engineer engineering change Product Development Simulation Survey Survey Monkey

Webinar Alert: Learn More About Cloud-Based Design Tools

The Solidworks Blog

Now more than ever, people are seeing first-hand the benefits of cloud-based design. What is different about cloud-based design? Want to explore the latest cloud-based design tools have to offer and boost your team’s productivity?

Tools 75

3D Printed Designer Furniture


Goulding and Peter Favata find that the idea of 3D printing sits comfortably for designer furniture. The post 3D Printed Designer Furniture appeared on Fabbaloo. usage design furniture vaseCharles R.

What’s New in Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS

The Solidworks Blog

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS® connects the SOLIDWORKS application to the cloud-based 3D EXPERIENCE® platform , enabling you to securely view, edit, share, and save SOLIDWORKS data to the platform. Design reviews are a snap.

Data 78

Design of the Week: Battle Droid


The post Design of the Week: Battle Droid appeared on Fabbaloo. design designoftheweek figurine star warsThis week’s selection is the life-size Battle Droid by Droid Division.

The Element of (No) Surprise in Product Design

The Solidworks Blog

Surprises can be fun, unless they throw a wrench into your product design process. Tough Design Questions. Learn more about how they are increasing design confidence, reducing the number of design iterations and physical prototypes, and more.

Design metamorphosis

3D Perspectives

The posture of design has changed. With the world around us being “artificial” (as we have examined in our two recent posts “ Re-generating our world ” and “ Engaging our world with Re-generative design ,” art and design must now contribute to our re-foundation, our re-generation. Design, as the art applied to industry, is an industry also. The difference is not the opposition to science it is the way design questions the world and its attitude towards nature.

Buyer’s Guide for Electrical Design (buyer’s guide)

Tech Clarity

What software capabilities will help you improve how you integrate mechanical, electronics, and electrical designs? Tech-Clarity’s buyer’s guide, How to Select the Ideal Solution for Today’s Smart Products: Buyer’s Guide for Electrical Design, explores this question.

Design of the Week: Tourbillon Mechanica


The post Design of the Week: Tourbillon Mechanica appeared on Fabbaloo. design designoftheweekThis week’s selection is the Tourbillon Mechanica by Dan / @Mechanistic.

MIT Software for Drone Design

DIY 3D Printing

MITCSAIL developed an interactive system for computational design, optimization, and fabrication of multicopters. The computational approach allows non-experts to design, explore, and evaluate a wide range of different multicopters Project paper in PDF: [link] Hopefully this software will be open sourced one day. 3d printed robot design drone MIT quadcopter software

3D Printable Hinges Design Tutorial

DIY 3D Printing

Angus published this great tutorial on how to design and 3D print movable hinges. cool things to 3d print design how to tutorialYou can find the files from the tutorial here:

Design 145

Flex Your Design Muscles and Bend the Rules of Design with 3D Sculptor

The Solidworks Blog

And by turning on Symmetry , any edit or manipulation you perform on the subdivision surface will be mirrored to the other side, ensuring that your design is symmetric and accurate about a plane of symmetry. Trying to keep a subdivision design symmetric without such a function would be pretty much impossible.

What is 3D Digital Design? A Closer Look at the Technology

3D Innovations

3D digital design is where we start in terms of the product development timeline. After the initial product idea is brought to us by the inventor, we then take their idea and transform it into a 3D digital design. This 3D design allows us to refine and develop a manufacturable design.

Agorize Challenge: Design Affordable 3D Printed Houses in Canada

3D Design 3D Printing Construction 3D Printing 3D construction printing 3D Innovation Challenge 3d print housing 3d printed sustainable housing 3d printing in construction Canada Horizon Legacy Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge online challenge

Take Our Summer 3D Printing Design Courses and Enter Our Design Contest!

Our summer courses are just a couple of months away and we are excited that attendees of our Advanced Design for 3D Printing crash course get to have their design entered into our design. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d modeling courses 3d printing classes 3d printing courses Advanced Design for 3D Printing beginner cokreeate courses design contest SelfCAD