Robust 3D Mold Design on the Cloud

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Once the mold design has been completed and manufacturing begins, making design part changes can become very expensive. Mold and tooling designers and plastic and metal cast part designers benefit the most from 3D Mold Creator. Improve Mold Design and Communication.

The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 11: Mold Design

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Developing a tooling split can be an arduous process using lesser design tools. When using 3DEXPERIENCE , the workflow is very direct.

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Great Product Design Has These Two Things

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When it comes to product design no wants to design a mediocre product—we all strive for excellence. However, great product design isn’t as quick or easy as it may seem. Apple is one company we can all admire for great product design. User-Centered Design.

Designing Complicated 3D Printable Objects in Blender

DIY 3D Printing

How to design a 3D printable key with LOOP CUT tool: How to design 3D printable pipes with SPIN tool: blender

Rapid Prototyping and On Demand Manufacturing

Our blog is focus on rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing information for global product designer, engineers, purchase officer and entrepreneur.

3D Printed Furniture and Design, The Time is Now.

A decade ago, many designers were making chairs, couches and all manner of furniture using 3D printing. Star designers planting their 3D printed tree to showcase. These were statement pieces. View the entire article via our website.

6 Planet-Friendly 3D-Printed Designs


From 3D printing products used for eco-friendly purposes to designs comprised of recycled materials, here are six designs created with environmental impacts in mind. James Novak designed this 3D-printed concept bike to fit his proportions perfectly. What are your design plans?

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Tutorial Part 11: Mold Design

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In this tutorial we are going to show how the mold design tools can be easily utilized for functionality on this updated geometry. Developing a tooling split can be an arduous process using lesser design tools.

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Explore Simulation-Driven Design

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Designing products for real-world applications, big and small, requires testing and validation. With 3D EXPERIENCE WORKS you can design, simulate, adjust, and validate all on one platform. Twitter Facebook The post Explore Simulation-Driven Design appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 6: Design Changes in xShape

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The 3D EXPERIENCE platform brings you a better design experience and improves cross-functional communication with your different teams. Often we must revise our designs.

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Learn How to Minimize Design Planning and Increase Flexibility

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The biggest challenges when facing these distractions are the design tasks that you don’t like or don’t add value. For me, design planning was one of those tasks. Make Design Planning Less Cumbersome. Then along came the 3D EXPERIENCE® platform and the SOLIDWORKS ® Design Roles.

Design of the Week: MANHATTAN


The post Design of the Week: MANHATTAN appeared on Fabbaloo. design news designoftheweek landscapeThis week’s selection is the huge MANHATTAN city 3D print by Luca Liguori of 3DCityFrames.

P&ID Designs with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical DesignProcess and instrumentation diagrams are comprised of various mechanical and electrical components. A total P&ID schematic will show the association of the operation hardware and the entirety of the instrumentation used to control it.

The Future of Design and Manufacturing

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We have talked lots about how designers benefit from an integrated environment. However, manufacturing can also work from this same common platform as designers do. Design engineers and manufacturing have a history of poor or strained relationships.

Kitty Olive’s New 3D Printed Limb Features Unique Design

3D Printing Education Medical 3D Printing 3d printed limbs 3d printed pet prosthetic 3d printed prosthetics 3d printed student design projects 3d printing helps animal animals cat desktop 3d printing pet prosthetic University of Nebraska

The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 13: Project Wrap-Up

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With this project, we’ve used tools available in the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform to process a design change of a carving knife from a corded version to a cordless version. We’ve come to the end of the carving knife project on the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform.

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The Power of Design Patent Protection for Inventors

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Design patent protection should be part of your intellectual property strategy. However, there is much to be said for design patents. A design patent focuses on the exterior design, features and overall aesthetics of the product. How does a Design Patent work?

Learn how to Design for Additive Manufacturing

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Since then, advances in technology enabled designers and engineers to use a variety of processes and materials to produce complex shapes or geometries at scale, while cutting down on costs.

Using AM for Design and Production

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When designing a product that will go into production using the same AM process and material, one can “prototype” not only the design, but also the production process. By Noah Mostow. The additive manufacturing industry has progressed well beyond prototyping only.

CAD Design in Teams (survey invite)

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What do leading companies do to support engineering teams while they design in CAD? We are conducting new research on the challenges of engineers face when they design in teams and. read more » The post CAD Design in Teams (survey invite) appeared first on Tech-Clarity.

How SOLIDWORKS Helped Design a Belly Racer: Part Two

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Paul is an artist, a fabricator, furniture designer, creator of wooden bucks and just an all-around good guy. I highly recommend you explore his website to see all the cool things Paul has designed and built. Designing a buck requires a 3D CAD model of the car body.

Carbon Design Engine Generates Conformal Lattices for 3D Printing

On March 2, Carbon released its new Carbon Design Engine, with a lattice design generator that can automate the creation of conformal, single-zone lattices.

Rawlings, Carbon and Fast Radius Use 3D Printing to Revolutionize Baseball Glove Design

Since the 2021 Major League Baseball season began, New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor has been seen sporting Rawlings next-generation glove in stylish, eye-catching neon green and black design.

Overcoming Design Challenges with 3DEXPERIENCE Works- Part One

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Working for SOLIDWORKS has to be one of the coolest jobs out there, especially for any design or engineering geek like myself. Not only does it allow me to work with really fun, cutting-edge technology, but more importantly I get to see some really impressive designs.

SF Design Week // FATHOM Designer

Studio Fathom

FATHOM Industrial Designer Ava DeCapri is up for any design challenge, having worked on various projects spanning industries from consumer electronics to automotive to medical. The post SF Design Week // FATHOM Designer appeared first on FATHOM // 3D Printer Sales, Advanced Prototype Fabrication, Bridge-To-Production Low Volume Manufacturing. blog DeCapri design Design Week engineering san francisco SF Tech

What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE Design Roles 2021

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The browser-based design and engineering capabilities on the 3D EXPERIENCE® platform have been recently updated with the R2021x FD04 release on January 23, 2021. Drag and Drop Components from Design to Other 3DEXPERIENCE apps. Design Assistant – Mate Helper.

Celebrating Innovative Design

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Our Vice President, Design Experience Anne Asensio recently had the honor of being the first woman to serve as the Honorary Chairman of the 30 th annual EyesOn Design Automotive Design Exhibition. We sat down with Anne to learn more about what was shared at this annual event, which pulls together the global design community to celebrate great transportation design and the designers behind it while supporting the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology.

The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 10: Plastic Injection Engineer

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This will allow us to make any design changes before starting the mold design or cutting any tooling. Plastic Injection Engineer is a role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that allows the performing of fill analysis on plastic injection molded components.

Exceptional and repeatable coloration for toy design

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In this use case, learn how Stratasys® VeroUltra materials helped to create accurate coloration for toy design and validation. As a result, it was only done on a small amount of design iterations used for final approvals. Solution for toy design.

Design Rules for AM

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Little by little, companies are learning that it can be very different to design for additive manufacturing (DfAM). Just as important are design rules and guidelines to reduce trial ‘n error among engineers and designers. The previous guitar stand was designed by Olaf Diegel, an associate consultant and DfAM instructor at Wohlers Associates. The stand is cleverly designed to fold and unfold, as shown.

Engineer Spent Over 900 Hours Designing and 3D Printing Miniature Roller Coaster

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed miniature 3d printed rollercoaster Arduino Creality CR-10 Cura dc motor diy project Fusion 360 proof of concept rollercoaster sanding servo motors simulation YouTube channel

New design strategies to inspire sustainable living

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Design is ultimately the art of the possible. As Etienne Souriau says: Design “is a state of mind seeking to harmonize human environment.” It also offers broad human-centered methods for bottom-up, participative design collaborations. Instead, design can resolve the conflict.

Feature Drop 05: What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE Design Roles

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The browser-based design and engineering capabilities on the 3D EXPERIENCE® platform have been recently updated with the R2021x FD05 release on March 13, 2021 (FD stands for “functional delivery”). More Realistic Design Environments [NEW].

The Cutting Edge of Design - Complete Project Series

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In this multi-part video series, we will be walking you through the concept, design, simulation and production of real product prototypes using SOLIDWORKS and the 3D EXPERIENCE platform. The idea of using cloud computing for product development is not a new idea.

May 2021 Feature Drop: What’s New 3DEXPERIENCE Works Design Roles

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The browser-based design and engineering capabilities of 3D EXPERIENCE® Works have been recently updated with the R2021x FD06 release on May 29, 2021. Design Better Looking Models with Realistic Materials and Appearance Settings [New!]. That’s the beauty of maintaining design intent.

Designing on the Cloud Discussion with Siemens (podcast)

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How is the cloud playing a role in engineers’ design processes? read more » The post Designing on the Cloud Discussion with Siemens (podcast) appeared first on Tech-Clarity.

Coding for 3D Part 2: Generative Design

This is a quick excerpt that is talking about what we will be focusing on within this coding series: generative design. 3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3D Software Science & Technology 3D objects coding design process designers Generative design iterative design simplicity simulationsWe want to define our direction before we plung into the deep ocean of coding. View the entire article via our website.

Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Analysts

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This often meant that designers would have to wait days, weeks, and sometimes months to get back simulation results for their CAD designs. This led to CAD designers doing more simulation work on their own. And it works for both the design data as well as simulation data.

Flex Your Design Muscles and Bend the Rules of Design with 3D Sculptor

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And by turning on Symmetry , any edit or manipulation you perform on the subdivision surface will be mirrored to the other side, ensuring that your design is symmetric and accurate about a plane of symmetry.

Revolutionary Fashion Designers who use 3D Printing in their Designs

Many designers are turning into 3D printing to produce less waste and save more energy in comparison to conventional techniques. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed clothing 3d printing fashion fashion designerThe fashion industry is changing into an eco-friendly environment. View the entire article via our website.

Design metamorphosis

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The posture of design has changed. With the world around us being “artificial” (as we have examined in our two recent posts “ Re-generating our world ” and “ Engaging our world with Re-generative design ,” art and design must now contribute to our re-foundation, our re-generation. Design, as the art applied to industry, is an industry also. The difference is not the opposition to science it is the way design questions the world and its attitude towards nature.

The Cutting Edge of Design - Part 7: Handling xShape Changes

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SOLIDWORKS xShape is an excellent modeling tool on the SOLIDWORKS 3D EXPERIENCE that is wonderful for creating designs that require organic shapes with very smooth transitions. In our last session ,we updated the handle design using xShape.

Skinny Guy Campers Designs Products that Enable Exploration Anywhere with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS

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Bontrager recruited Robert Miles III, with whom he worked closely at Jayco, to become his engineering design and technical documentation lead. Bontrager had led Jayco’s transition to the Autodesk® Inventor® 3D design package, so both men were trained in Inventor. Automated Design Tools.