Importance of Design for AM

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Lasertech, a metal additive manufacturing (AM) company in northern Sweden, asked me to design something that showcased metal AM, so I chose a small still. I designed the barrels of the still to measure 117 x 58 mm (4.6 The design resulted in no support structures whatsoever.

Design Refinement in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

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But designs may require more detail to fully convey design intent and ensure manufacturability. In this post, we will see how SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer takes your concepts to the next level. Using SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer you can free-hand sketch right on the model!

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Celebrating Innovative Design

3D Perspectives

Our Vice President, Design Experience Anne Asensio recently had the honor of being the first woman to serve as the Honorary Chairman of the 30 th annual EyesOn Design Automotive Design Exhibition. What is unique about EyesOn Design?

Intelligent 3D Curtain Wall Design

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Tweet: Intelligent 3D Curtain Wall Design | @Desktop_Eng @3DSAEC #3DEXPERIENCE [link]. In other words, engineers push the envelope in design, making things bigger or lighter until they fail and then seeking out what went wrong. Façade Design for Fabrication Industry Solution Experience.

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Learn the Essentials of PCB Design

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The SOLIDWORKS PCB eCourse provides an easy introduction to the tools essential to the successful development of a unified design project from inception of schematic logic drawings to outputting of manufacturer files. The SOLIDWORKS PCB Essentials eCourse is now available at MySolidWorks.

Designer Portrait: How Industrial Designer Elise Luttik Uses 3D Printing for Interior Design Objects


Industrial Designer Elise Luttik from Amsterdam, founder of design studio eli5e , creates stunning interior design objects, product designs, and furniture. With her design studio eli5e, she turned her dream into reality and is now working as a full-time product designer.

Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

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Can SOLIDWORKS handle Architectural Design? Yes, SOLIDWORKS has tools that can be applied to an architectural design process, and will give you more control over your architectural model: 2D-3D conversion. The post Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

Intelligent 3D Façade Templated Design

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If you think back to your first days in a design office, in a new industry, fresh from college, you’ll remember that there was always a designer who’d been there many years. taking a templated approach to design. Click to Tweet: With templates, #AEC designers can.

Fogg Filler Designs Complex Machines with SOLIDWORKS

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With less time spent on the day-to-day tasks, you can focus more on inventing new technologies and creating better designs. According to Fogg Filler Owner, Ben Fogg, “We believed that SOLIDWORKS represented the best available design solution.”

How to Design Plastic Parts with Intent

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Communication between the part designer and mold designer is crucial to keep the tool design and build on schedule. See picture below showing the new design methods using SOLIDWORKS. This information can be found at the earliest stages of design using SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

Top 20: Most Popular 3D Modeling & Design Software for 3D Printing (2017 Update)


Creating a printable design is the crucial first step in the 3D printing process – and everyone seems to have a different opinion on which software is the most suitable for getting this job done. The results: the 20 most popular 3D design programs.

Connect Design to Machining— Once Difficult, Now Easy

Could you imagine the design and manufacturing team work in a connected, collaborate environment? Be on the same page as the design goes through design changes, and you would not have to worry when CNC toolpaths need updates?

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Improving Concept Design

Tech Clarity

Improving Concept Design: Innovating at the Front End to Drive Revenue Opportunities examines the importance of the concept phase. The post Improving Concept Design appeared first on Tech-Clarity.

SOLIDWORKS 2018: How Great Designs Get Built

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 is an exciting release that has been designed to address customer needs, including: New innovations to address the flexibility, changing, and evolving nature of product design. SOLIDWORKS is the best design tool to enable the design of connected things.

Collaborative, Efficient Design Processes with “Civil Design for Fabrication”

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Civil Design for Fabrication does just that: Click here to view the embedded video. Click to Tweet: Collaborative and Efficient Design. Processes with “Civil Design for Fabrication” [VIDEO]. Flexible Design Change. Design for Fabrication.

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Top 10 design tips for direct metal laser sintering

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Each additive manufacturing technology has a number of best design practices to take advantage of that technology’s capabilities. Here are top design practices for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). A design should meet two goals: –Reduce the number of components.

2015 SOLIDWORKS Designer Challenge


So you think you've designed some pretty neat stuff? SOLIDWORKS Ultimate Designer Challenge. This year at our C2D Foxwood event we are running our 2015 SOLIDWORKS Designer Challenge. Just create a short video that explains and shows what you've designed.

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5th Grader Designs His 3D Printed Arm

Studio Fathom

FATHOM Design and Engineering Teams Help Fifth Grader Create Custom Prosthetic for Kayaking, Swimming, and Horseback Riding KIDmob is a mobile, kid-oriented design firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. blog 3dprinting design KIDmob prosthetic

New Tab and Slot Feature Streamlines Manufacturing of Fabricated Designs

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A costly part of manufacturing fabricated designs (designs made up of components that are welded, glued and even put together with fasteners) is creating the fixtures that are used to hold the parts in positioning during fabrication.

Designer Spotlight: Daniel Kamp of

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The entrepreneur and experimental designer Daniel Kamp does it all. His design expertise stretches from lighting to jewelry to furniture. With his passion for modern manufacturing methods, he turned to Shapeways to produce his designs. Most people call me an industrial designer.

Is Your Design Solution Running You Ragged?

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Global research has shown that many electrical designers and engineers are using old technology to draw their projects. In many cases, common systems used in design today have their origins in the 1980s or early 90s. How do you know that your designs are functionally correct?

Using SOLIDWORKS for Plant Layout Design

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SOLIDWORKS Plant Layout design is a breeze! Reposition models easily by un-snapping and re-snapping to new locations according to design needs. Take a look at the SOLIDWORKS 2017 demonstration video below to learn more: Plant Design Layouts.

AEC and the Future of Design

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DESIGN IN THE AGE OF EXPERIENCE ™ is happening April 4-5, 2017 in Milan. This gathering of members of the global design community is an exciting opportunity to exchange best practices and explore industry trends. Trends in Design. Design is Tribes. AEC Design Hackathon.

4 Badass Female Designers Using Coding to Create

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It’s been A WEEK, so we thought it would be nice, at this particular moment, to introduce you to some female designers who use 3D printing to combine a sophisticated use of coding with a stunning artistic aesthetic. Ashley Zelinskie , Artist and Jewelry Designer.

3D Printed Enclosures : Learn the Basic Design Guidelines


The post 3D Printed Enclosures : Learn the Basic Design Guidelines appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. Tutorials design guidelines enclosure tutorialCreating electronic products involves a lot of effort b […].

F123 Story // Complex Designs, Fast

Studio Fathom

At the Center for Advanced Design (CAD), a product development firm in Minnesota, a team of design engineers specialize in creating complex surface geometry for the plastics industry.

‘Inverse Kinematics’ – Mechanisms That Design Themselves

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It seems that there is an unspoken rule in product development that the later the design change, the bigger the headache. And when the design change involves altering a mechanical linkage, then it is very common for the mechanism to no longer behave as before.

Unveiling the SOLIDWORKS Path to the Future of Design

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At SOLIDWORKS our mission continues to be to provide our customers with the tools they need to make great design happen. The nature of mechanical design is going decidedly in the direction of integrated mechatronics and connected products.

Designer Spotlight: Mani Zamani

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I am Mani Zamani a digital artist, product and toy designer. What’s the story behind your designs? How did you learn how to design in 3D? Via social medias and design blogs, and of course you guys are important. Who are your favorite designers or artists?

Designer Spotlight: Gavin Bain of Celtic3d

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Today we’re highlighting Gavin Bain of Celtic3d , a designer who creates gorgeous keychains inspired by the deep traditional heritage of Scotland. Most of Gavin’s designs are customizable, reflecting his (and our!) What’s the story behind your designs?

Retro designed 3d printer in post-WW2 table saw frame

DIY 3D Printing

I LOVE the design of this 3d printer made by Chad Bridgewater ! This custom combines modern technology and vintage design as he developed his 3d printer based on a frame of old p ost-WWII Craftsman table saw. art design engraver new diy 3d printer retro USA

Chad 76

Innovative Child Safety Product design with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

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Javelin customer Inertia Engineering + Design, Inc. (IE+D) IE+D) is a leading supplier of fast-tracked, streamlined product design and engineering services to the medical, defense, and consumer product industries. Child Safety Product Handle Design.

Moving Industrial Design In House

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While Pellenc used 60 licenses of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation for product development, most of the cosmetic and ergonomic design was outsourced. Moving the industrial design work in house would also allow the company to more easily innovative and respond to market needs.

Tutorial Tuesday 27: Design for Complexity With Structure Synth

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What would you make if designing complex objects were actually easy? Start by trying to construct something very simple by following along with the design in the excellent introductory video 3D Printing impossible geometries with Structure Synth , by Maker’s Muse: .

Aztech Scenic Design: Taking 3D Printing To The Limit

3D Printing for Beginners

To prove our point, we will show you the amazing works of a US-based company called Aztec Scenic Designs. Aztec is comprised of a team of designers, fabricators and artists, all from various backgrounds. The designs on the media ceiling are actually quite complex.

Behind the Designs with Matthijs Kok

3D Systems

Behind the Designs with Matthijs Kok Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 09:00 Matthijs Kok is a product design student in his final year of study at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We snagged a few minutes with Matthijs to get some more insights on his design process.

An Introduction to Designing for Metal 3D Printing

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Rather, it’s a manufacturing tool that opens up new possibilities for product designers. Common uses of metal 3D printing include reducing multi-component assemblies into a single part and lightweighting designs with hollow features and internal channels.

Designer Spotlight: Tim Eyes

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This week we’re excited to highlight Tim Eyes, designer behind fabMOL. What’s the story behind your designs? There are some amazing functional designs in molecular biology but it is invisible to us down there at the atomic scale. How did you learn how to design in 3D?

Skateboard Design Challenge Winners


The winners of the Solid Concepts Skateboard Design Challenge are Brian Hamilton, Sebastian Ayau and Tas Oszkay. Thanks to all who participated; it was a tough competition against many evocative and engaging designs. Which design was your favorite?

VECTARY and Shapeways Are Making 3D Design a Lot Easier

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But what if you could cut it short — by building on others’ designs, and using a simple, intuitive interface to create 3D printable objects? The post VECTARY and Shapeways Are Making 3D Design a Lot Easier appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.