Shapeways Updates their Terms and Conditions and Content Policy

It is a pretty universally accepted fact that most people don’t actually read the terms and conditions and policies for the products and services that they use, they generally just click accept and. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing Business Michael Weinberg Payment conditions Policy updates shapeways Shapeways Content Policy Shapeways Terms and Conditions terms and conditions

Updating Our Terms & Conditions and Content Policy

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I know – what could be more exciting than a blog post about an update to Terms & Conditions and Content Policies? Shapeways is a place for designers and we take the fact that you trust us with your designs very seriously. Content Policy Changes.

Spring Policy Updates

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Spring is in the air, and that means that it is time for a few policy updates here at Shapeways. As a reminder, if you want to go deeper you can always check out the archived versions of specific policies in order to compare them to the current one. In addition to the Shop Terms update, this update includes much smaller fixes to the general Terms and Conditions, the API Terms and Conditions, and the Content Policy. Content Policy.

Policy Updates from Shapeways

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Today we’re excited to roll out a batch of updates to our policies. As a reminder, you can always find links to archived versions of policies on that policy’s page. For those of you looking for a quick summary of the changes, here it is: - We’ve revised our content policy. The result is increased transparency around what we will and will not print, opening up a number of new possibilities for models. - We’ve updated our privacy policy.

SPAM and Comment Policy Explanation

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I have been blogging long enough to spot a comment pretending to praise the writing; but, is actually nothing more than a ploy designed to cover the real goal of dropping a SPAM link having nothing to do with 3D printing. I have deleted hundreds of them, if not thousands. I''ve lost count. Spammers, I moderate theses forums as closely and as timely as I can and delete those comments that contain links.

Risk-Takers Can Use Sculpteo’s Tools and “Print it Anyway” Policy for 3D Printable Models

So your 3D design is done and you are ready to have Sculpteo 3D print it. But the design does not pass Sculpteo’s immediate solidity check process, which means that the company. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3D model thickening tool 3d printable content 3d printable designs 3d printable files Immediate solidity check process sculpteo thickening thickening tool

ESA initiates Design4AM with Siemens and Sonaca for metal 3D printing

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The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded a contract to Europe’s largest industrial automation specialist, Siemens, in order to develop an aerospace design and production software for metal 3D printing. 3D Software Belgian Federal Science Policy Office Belspo Design4AM Didier Granville Digital Innovation Platform EDAG Group ESA european space agency Pedro Romero Fernandez SFM-AT800S Siemens Siemens NX Simcenter Solid Edge Solukon Maschinenbau Sonaca

UNYQ Collaborates with Studio Bitonti for 3D Printed Align Scoliosis Brace—Attractive, Lightweight & Smart

3D Design 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d printed orthotics 3D printed prosthetic covers 3D printed scoliosis brace Francis Bitonti Office of Science and Technology Policy Studio Bitonti The White House unyq UNYQ Align scoliosis brace UNYQ Peformance White House Office of Public EngagementWhen I hear the name Bitonti, I immediately see 3D printing and high fashion intersecting. A name that continues to grow in terms of fashion and materials innovation, we’ve long been.

MakerBot Updates Terms of Use to Cover New Thingiverse Developer Portal

3D Design 3D Printing Business intellectual property makerbot MakerBot Developer Program MakerBot Terms of Use MakerBot Thingiverse Policy updates privacy terms of use thingiverse Thingiverse Developer Portal Thingiverse Developer ProgramA few weeks ago, Thingiverse reached out to developers with their new Thingiverse Developer Portal. Along with a series of new apps, the portal provides even more opportunities for interaction with a. View the entire article via our website.

Card Holder Design Challenge

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You’ll get $15 towards prototyping — and we’ll pick our favorite designs to be part of the 2017 gift guide. Design a card holder. Using your favorite 3D modeling software, design an accessory for a new gift card holder in the material of your choosing.

How Design is Reimagining Transport in a Clogged World

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Musk’s design was originally set up to accommodate personal cars carrying just a single passenger. It’s a policy that aims to drive the public to shared transportation systems, but as yet doesn’t have the infrastructure to cope with the demand. People.

ORLAS CREATOR Wins Red Dot Award for High Quality Design

Additive Manufacturing

With ORLAS CREATOR, OR LASER has created an outstanding design that the expert committee for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 has recognised with the internationally sought-after seal of quality. They have recognised that good design and economic success go hand in hand.

Stratasys Promotes New Pathway – Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution

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At the International Paris Air Show this past summer, Stratasys Ltd. announced a new pathway to help aircraft manufacturers achieve certification of additively manufactured airline interior parts faster and in a more cost effective manner.

Announcing the 2017 Shapeways Transparency Report

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As with previous reports , this year’s report is designed to give the Shapeways community insight into how we handle requests to remove, modify, or disclose information. Shapeways IP policy Transparency Report What's HotToday we are releasing our Transparency Report covering 2017. The largest portion of the report covers how we handle accusations of infringement of intellectual property. We received 1,622 such accusations in 2017, up slightly from 2016.

Announcing the 2016 Shapeways Transparency Report

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This report is designed to give everyone in the Shapeways community insight into how our systems governing intellectual property disputes and third party access to Shapeways user information work. While the entire Shapeways community is impacted by our policies covering things like copyright disputes and privacy, in most cases individual disputes over those issues happen behind closed doors. Community Shapeways What's Hot IP policy Transparency Report

The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Production Manufacturing

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More than a quarter, 27%, said they have fully deployed an AR/VR solution and are looking to scale further.” ( Design News ). Design News ). 3D Innovations is a Product Development Company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

Still Waiting to Re-take Your Certification Exam? Wait No Longer

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As of January 1, 2019, we have changed our re-take policy on all our customer-facing and academic certification exams. All other exams that had a 30-day waiting policy, such as the CSWA , has been changed to 14 days and now coincides with the same retake policy as the CSWP exam segments.

White House Welcomes Makers to Participate in Design…

Design 2 Part News

“White House Welcomes Makers to Participate in Design Challenge for 3D Printed Ornaments” By Rebecca Carnes, Design-2-Part Magazine. Manufacturers, designers, engineers, artists, and anyone interested in 3D printing are currently invited to enter the White House’s first-ever 3D Printed Ornament Challenge for the holiday season. With submissions due on November 10, 2014, the challenge, in partnership with the Smithsonian, is to design a winter, holiday-inspired ornament.

Event: Going for Gold: 3D Printing, Jewellery and the Future of Intellectual Property

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This challenge, which extends to the lucrative jewellery sectorraises further questions in relation to creativity, design, copyright and licensing. Date: Friday 24 March 2017. Time: 10.00am – 5pm. Venue: EB708, Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University. Register here. Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing as it is more commonly known, continues to push the boundaries of Intellectual Property (IP) law whilst raising questions relating to the protection and exploitation of IP.

11 Things to Check Before Sending Your 3D Model for Printing

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It took a bit of tinkering and adjusting but you’re finally happy with your design and you’re ready to send it to the printer. To ensure your model isn’t hampered by any weak walls, muddied details, or fused parts, review our 11 checklist items below to learn more about what makes a successful print, and don’t forget to follow the design guidelines for your specific material. Design for your material. A model must be designed for real-world physics.

RECODE Network Launch Event – 3rd June, London

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Combined with this is the cross-disciplinary requirement for radically new methods of engaging end-users, empowering customer interaction, facilitating ad-hoc supply chains, re-capturing and re-deploying valuable materials, optimising manufacturing processes, informing new user-driven design of customised goods and services, developing novel business models and implementing data-driven open innovation.

Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: A feasibility study of mass customisation governance

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Yet in so doing RDM decentralises design and manufacture and localises unprecedented risks throughout the ‘mass customisation’ production chain as well as blurring the lines in standardisation and classification in the regulatory landscape.

Inside 3D Printing Expands to Entire 3D Printing Week in New York City

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On Friday, attention will turn to HCx3DP – Effective Public Policy in the Age of Disruption. Panelists include Andrew O’Shaughnessy, Project Manager, Health Tech, Center for Economic Transformation, New York City Economic Development Corporation, Jonathan Askin, Technology Law Professor, Brooklyn Law School, and David Solomonoff, President, New York Chapter, Internet Society.

printrbot GO – suitcase belts and signature panel


I got held up for some time on the idea of finding straps that were actually designed for such a thing but with little luck, so I eventually just starting looking for belt makers and custom leather suppliers to see if I could have something made up to order without breaking the bank.

Three Things Successful Hardware Startup Founders Understand

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People like to share their experiences with companies (both the good and bad)—bad policies, practices and products can be broadcast around the world in seconds. If you have excellent sales skills, then focus your energy on that area and leave the product design aspect to your engineer.

Helping to grow 3dprinting, DesignBox3D leads the way.

Philip Cotton

Preets’ views on the direction of 3dprinting lie with education and schools and pushing the ‘design’ aspect of 3dprinting. Realistically, without the investment of our students, the future design engineer generation will struggle to materialise and advancement long term will slow.

The Emergence of Additive Manufacturing – special issue of TFSC published

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Government policy. What types of public policy are effective at supporting the emergence of AM? What policies are necessary to ensure that sufficient AM skills are acquired within the workforce? Design. What is design for AM and how can it be integrated with other design principles? What types of applications are being redesigned to take advantage of AM design freedoms and why? How are designers’ attitudes to AM changing?

Top 5 Challenges for Civil Infrastructure Projects in Emerging Markets

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trillion), as policy makers seek to shore up growth. A 7.5-million square-foot hub designed for the still-under-construction Beijing Daxing International Airport is set to become the largest airport terminal in the world.

China 110

World Cities Summit Hosts Government Leaders & Innovators Solving City Planning Challenges

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Under the theme Livable & Sustainable Cities: Innovative Cities of Opportunity , the event is a platform for discussions of how cities can perform long-term planning in a way that better serves their residents, and improves resilience, through policy, new technology and social innovation.

Reason TV report on 3d printing: From Guns to Pastries

DIY 3D Printing

Aleph Objects'' Harris Kenny (a former Reason Foundation policy analyst), who discussed the power of open source design and how 3D printing is allowing scientists to create cheap prosthetics and lab equipment. How 3D Printing Will Change the Way We Make Practically Everything.

Report 179

Plantscrapers and Robotic Bees: Is This the Future of Food?

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Plantagon has even designed a production line that rotates crops from floor to ceiling as they grow, timed so that crops are ready to harvest by the time they reach the bottom of the building. Our software was an essential tool during the design and engineering process of the Leafy Green Machine , allowing the team to rapidly move from the concept phase, through rapid prototyping and design validation.

Food 81

3DP-RDM Scoping Workshop – Discussion Activity 2 Outputs

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Who owns/shares designs in 3DP-RDM hubs? To inform: policy, investment; To identify: weaknesses, security issues, opportunity. Title Design a testing chain to proof product verification. Design for AM. Business models; Do consumers monetise designs?

Next Generation Refrigerants – A Step Toward Zero Ozone Depletion and Carbon Footprint Reduction!

BIS Research

Considering the increased demand in the market, and the stringent government policies related to environmental impact, more and more companies are adopting new and improved refrigerants.

10 movers and shakers to watch in 3D printing (orginally posted on 17/12/2014)

Philip Cotton

to explore 3D printing, scanning, and design. He is the founder of the , an online community that downloads and shares 3D printing designs. Lewis was also recently named one of Foreign Policy ‘s 100 Leading Global Thinkers – not too shabby

SOLIDWORKS in Rwanda – Part Four: Touring Around

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I can only hope that our team inspired some young people while there, and they will take the knowledge they gained and will go design products that will continue to develop Rwanda into the future, and contribute to President Kagame’s Made-in-Rwanda campaign. Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

What Your Future Manufacturing Partner Wants You To Know

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Honesty is the best policy when it comes to production volumes. 3D Innovations is a Product Development Company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product. Manufacturing Startups 3D Innovations contract manufacturer design cycle design for manufacturability manufacturing Product Design Product Development

3D/DC 2016 Roundup

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3D/DC is an event held by the nonprofit advocacy organization Public Knowledge (full disclosure: I used to work there) designed to connect 3D printing with policymakers in Washington, DC. Last week Shapeways participated in the fifth annual 3D/DC conference.

Canada Makes announces new partnership with Javelin Technologies

Javelin Tech Tips

‘May 28, 2015 – Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ (CME) Canada Makes is proud to announce its new partnership with Canadian 3D design company, Javelin Technologies.

Not all Clouds Are the Same

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The cloud experience requires that any software or applications used in the SaaS environment must be designed and developed with this in mind – developed for being deployed and used in the cloud environment.

Spotlight on Impararia: Reducing the Gap Between Aerospace Optimization and AEC Inefficiency

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Interested in exploring how aerospace technologies and a PLM approach could help improve the productivity of the design and construction industries, El Hani founded Impararia Solutions Inc. They came up with a solution using a 3D modeling tool with a capability for advanced relational design.

Developing AST Inspection Systems with Data and Lifecycle Management Solutions in the Cloud

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Additionally the founders had implemented a no-local-server policy to reduce IT overhead. Square Robot figured the best move was to try the cloud-based offering, specifically 3D Component Designer and Project Planner directly from SOLIDWORKS. Square Robot, Inc.

A Chronicle of Futures Foretold

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People love them while they’re inflating, and policy makers don’t want to declare an end to the party. To remedy this, contingent convertible bonds were designed so that, when things go bad for a bank, they turn into shares or equity.

At 3D/DC, Gauging Trump’s Impact on the Maker Movement

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The new administration has so far been less vocal in its support, but, if this week’s 3D/DC policy conference is any indication, there’s reason to have hope that support will continue in the new administration. Shapeways Design Evangelist Lauren Slowik took part in the panel The Maker Movement and the New Administration , joined by a group that included members of governmental organizations that actively support Makers. “Making is important.”