Simusolar and Sculpteo Use 3D Printing to Bring Solar Energy to Tanzania

Between three countries – Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania – is Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. 3D Design 3D Printing sculpteo Simusolar solar solar energy solar power TanzaniaOn its shores, the people of Tanzania depend on the fish that come from its waters. View the entire article via our website.

The art of making do

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People who design solutions using simple materials are often called MacGyvers , named after the TV secret agent who would extricate himself from dangerous situations using only the materials to hand. Written by Catherine Bolgar.

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Open-source Thinking is Revolutionizing Medical Device Development

3D Perspectives

There are still very challenging design and engineering problems,” says Josh Kornfeld, president of Tactile Inc., a Seattle product and interaction design firm. So it requires different design for use in those areas.”. Written by Catherine Bolgar.