The Week in 3D Printing: Print-a-Sub, Detroit’s Revival, A High School Scientist, and Daimler’s 3D Play

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Navy’s majestic 3D prowess, Detroit’s surprisingly 3D printing-enabled revival, a high schooler way beyond her time, and Daimler finally figuring out the whole “replacement part” thing, all this week in 3D printing. We gawked at the U.S.

3D Printing News Briefs: October 24, 2017

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SME will Introduce iRAMP at RAPID + TCT to Accelerate Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Well known for producing prototypes and models from plastic and resins, AM has advanced to printing with metal, using different processes, printing at increased speeds, and is capable of larger parts. This year, RAPID + TCT returns to its birthplace: Detroit. By SME.

DigiFabCon to Feature Interactive Digital Fabrication Demos

3D Printer

No plastic badge holders for this innovative group! Blair Evans, Executive Director of Incite Focus in Detroit, will show just how a Fab Lab program can be central to inner city community-building.

3D Printing Upholds Fiat Chrysler’s Powertrain Strategy

3D Printing Industry

The Chrysler Technology Center is showing off its latest tech advances at this week’s SAE World Congress in Detroit. By Andrew Wheeler.

Magna Puts a New Twist on Welding

Design 2 Part News

The torsional welding process, developed by Magna ( ) for automotive applications at its exteriors plant in Liberec, Czech Republic, presents a new way to join plastics. Featured in Design-2-Part Magazine. TROY, Mich.—Magna

The NRC32 Project: A Micro-Scale Replica of the Team Associated RC10

Shapeways Blog

The RC10 had some of the most iconic race winners during that time, cars like Masami Hirosaka’s Detroit Stealth car, Jay Halsey’s ’85 Worlds-winning car, through to Craig Drescher’s European championship-winning buggy.

Executives Attending Stratasys’ Big M Networking Breakfast Learn About Integration of Additive Manufacturing in Key Industries

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

SME’s The Big M Conference returned to America’s manufacturing hub - Detroit, Michigan - for a two-day event illustrating the future of manufacturing. Stratasys networking breakfast attendees experienced the design advantages and durability of 3D printed parts.

The Future for WAAM

Additive Manufacturing

A recent major additive manufacturing conference in Detroit included 150 sector experts on processes, applications, materials and research. By Dr Michael J Fletcher of Delta Consultants for Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®.

SOLIDWORKS and the Tucker Torpedo Part 2

The Solidworks Blog

This is a typical scale used for most plastic and die cast car models. Team Tucker will be utilizing web-based collaboration tools provided by the 3D Experience platform to interface with Rob Ida in New Jersey, Bob Cuneo in Connecticut, Sean Tucker and myself in PA and Dre Clemons in Detroit.

How Warrior Racing Uses 3D Printing for Formula SAE

Shapeways Blog

Brandon is also an engineering student at Wayne State University in Detroit, and an active member of the school’s Warrior Racing team. Grips are printed in Elasto Plastic so that they have some flexibility and squish slightly when gripped, but still provide firm support. Intake restrictor printed in White Strong & Flexible plastic. Recently we told you about how Brandon Horsch (a.k.a. AgentArrow ) makes customized models for the T’au Empire in Warhammer 40,000.

Chicago Leads in 3-D Manufacturing Tech

Design 2 Part News

Micah Maidenberg, Crain’s Chicago: Lots of 3-D printing has started off working with plastics and plastic polymers but a lot of folks think the real holy grail, is how do you do 3-D printing with metals. By Eddie Arruza, Chicago Tonight.

How A National Network Can Spur Manufacturing Innovation

Design 2 Part News

Take Thogus , a provider of engineering, 3D printing and plastic injection molding solutions in Avon Lake, Ohio. By Rebecca O. Bagley, Forbes.

U.S.- Made, Custom Molded Cases Are Engineered for…

Design 2 Part News

Krause calls these special materials “Tactile Composites,” which he describes as a “relatively rare form of thermoformed product, based on infinite possible combinations of foams, plastics, textiles, and even selectively-placed carbon fiber.” “U.S.-

Is it Time to Think Differently about 3D Printing?

Design 2 Part News

And when you look at the cost of metals machines, they are higher priced today than some of the plastics technology. By Mark Shortt, Design-2-Part Magazine. The ‘Wow!’

Technology Merges with Automotive in New Era of Efficient…

Design 2 Part News

And we’re finding increased usage of CFRP—carbon fiber reinforced plastic—and some thermoplastics. “Technology Merges with Automotive in New Era of Efficient, User-Centric Mobility” By Mark Shortt, Design-2-Part Magazine. Image Courtesy of Faraday Furture.