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Women in 3D Printing

Wohlers Talk

Women in 3D Printing , a non-profit organization, was formed in 2014 by Nora Toure of Fast Radius. In just five years, she helped build it into a community of more than 10,000 women worldwide.

Pearce’s Latest Open Source 3D Printer Handles PEKK, PEI for Less than $1,000

In an effort to address, among other things, the need to sterilize 3D-printed personal protection equipment made to fight COVID-19, the lab of Michigan Technological University’s Professor Joshua. View the entire article via our website.

Getting Started with Metal 3D Printing: Introduction

Manufactur3D Mag

This article series will talk about Metal 3D Printing (Metal Additive Manufacturing) Technologies, Materials, Software, Post-processing and Education. The post Getting Started with Metal 3D Printing: Introduction appeared first on MANUFACTUR3D.

Metal 86

The Importance of Prototyping During Product Development

3D Innovations

Prototyping during product development is a critical step that should never be skipped or glossed over. A prototype is a tangible representation of your idea and it is a necessary step in the product development process.

Rapid Prototyping and On Demand Manufacturing

Our blog is focus on rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing information for global product designer, engineers, purchase officer and entrepreneur.

Leveraging Rapid Prototyping – from Concept to Final Product

Shapeways Blog

All manufacturing companies have prototyping needs. Whether demonstrating product use, creating a proof of concept model or refining products through iterations, the prototype phase has long played an important role in the path to finished goods.

3D Systems’ New CEO Jeff Graves Discusses His Vision for 3D Printing

As discussed in a recent PRO article, 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) has changed CEOs and performed significant reorganization twice in the past four years. With an eagerness to. View the entire article via our website.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 Enhanced Blended Curvature-Based Mesher

Javelin Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides three different types of meshers. The Standard and Curvature-Based meshers have been available for a long time. The Blended Curvature-Based mesher was introduced in Simulation 2016 with improved algorithms that can assist where the other two meshers may fail.

A Brief History of Additive Manufacturing

Shapeways Blog

3D printing technology has quickly advanced in the last few decades, facilitating a vast range of innovative projects and new manufacturing and prototyping processes. Additive Manufacturing is known as the process of adding material to form three dimensional objects.

Bioprinting in Microgravity: Where Do We Stand?

A crucial part of translating biomedical research and technology into space health means space crew will have to create their own functional cells, tissues, and even organs. Although the. View the entire article via our website.

Filling Digital Transformation Gaps (survey invite)

Tech Clarity

How do leading companies develop software applications to fill digital transformation gaps?

Your CSWA Exam Prep Guide

This CSWA exam prep guide includes 30+ insider tips that will help you prepare, practice for, and pass the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate exam.

Top 10 SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021 Enhancements

The Solidworks Blog

Dassault Systèmes has launched SOLIDWORKS® 2021, the latest release of its portfolio of 3D design and manufacturing applications. The SOLIDWORKS Design portfolio contains both mechanical and electrical products.

Benefits of Translucent 3D Printing for Team Penske Were Clear

Modern Tech

This week's Product Story showcases Team Penske and how they utilize PolyJet materials to create a custom solution for expensive light replacements on racing cars. Motorsport racing, as well as other professional sports, are no match for Team Penske who has a long standing tradition of winning.

Carbon Opens Up: Henkel Brings Loctite Materials to Carbon’s DLS 3D Printing

Hype machine Carbon has made a lot of waves in 3D printing with high-speed systems and innovative materials. Formerly, the company was one of the exponents of a closed materials. The post Carbon. View the entire article via our website.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 now includes Accelerated Zoom!

Javelin Tech Tips

3D Medical Applications

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, this event will bring together thought leaders, experts, engineers, doctors, researchers, and regulators in the many medical methods for 3D technology.The 3D Medical Applications conference is the most comprehensive, game-changing, meeting of minds for the future of 3D in healthcare.

AM-Flow raises $4 Million for scaling its 3D Printing Automation Solutions

Manufactur3D Mag

AM-Flow announced that it has raised $4 Million in Series A funding to scale up its 3D printing automation & Industry 4.0 solutions. The post AM-Flow raises $4 Million for scaling its 3D Printing Automation Solutions appeared first on MANUFACTUR3D.

3D Printing Business Ideas: 3 Essential Tips


Learn how to turn a 3D printing business idea into reality: start with an idea that adds value, keep your costs low, and learn from successful 3D printing start-ups. Read on to see which 3D printing business models generate profit. Come up with a 3D printing business idea that adds value.

3DPOD Episode 40: EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani

Al Siblani is a 3D printing pioneer who got his start over 19 years ago. He worked with layered object manufacturing—the paper, and laser technology—which is a leitmotiv of our. The post 3DPOD. View the entire article via our website.

The Element of (No) Surprise in Product Design

The Solidworks Blog

The element of surprise works great in advertising or theme park rides. Storytelling and entertainment often rely on surprise to make you laugh or cry or to keep you on the edge of your seat. Surprises can be fun, unless they throw a wrench into your product design process.

How to Exclude a Manufacturer Part from a SOLIDWORKS Electrical BOM

Javelin Tech Tips

Now in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021 , you can use the “Exclude from bill of materials” property in the Manufacturer part properties dialog box to show or hide components in a BOM.

VELO3D Announces New Large Format, Extra Capacity 3D Metal Printer

Manufactur3D Mag

VELO3D, an innovator in digital manufacturing, announced the expansion of its systems portfolio to include Sapphire XC, an “Extra Capacity” large-format 3D printer that will increase production throughput by 5X and reduce cost-per-part by up to 75%, when compared to the existing Sapphire system.

Lockheed Martin Hires Relativity Space for NASA 3D Printing Project

Relativity Space has to be among the busiest new space startups out there, signing a number of partnerships as it continues to develop an automated method for 3D printing metal. The post Lockheed. View the entire article via our website.

The Latest Updates to 3D Creator

The Solidworks Blog

3D Creator offers 3D parametric modeling on the cloud that complements SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD with flexible design workflows and a seamless interchange of design data.

Virtual SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (SWUGN) Meetings via Meetup

Javelin Tech Tips

Are you suffering from SWUGN withdrawal? The leaders of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network feel your pain and want to invite you to join a virtual SOLIDWORKS User Group Network meeting that suits your schedule, via Meetup. There are many to choose from, regardless of your geographical location.

MTC Invests in XJet Carmel 1400C to Boost UK Industry’s Ceramic AM Capability

Manufactur3D Mag

XJet Ltd. has announced that the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), will add XJet NanoParticle Jetting™ technology to its portfolio of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies at its facility in Coventry, UK.

Overfunding: REGEMAT 3D Quickly Raises Over €300,000 for Bioprinting Tech

Spanish bioprinter manufacturer REGEMAT 3D has successfully secured its initial €300,000 funding target from more than 390 investors through a crowdfunding platform campaign on Crowdcube. The funding. View the entire article via our website.

Smart Manufacturing Experience – The Best of SMX

Additive Manufacturing

This year’s The Best of SMX , hosted by SME and AMT , will be held October 29 th , 2020.

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021 Delete Empty Groups at Import

Javelin Tech Tips

Ever imported models into SOLIDWORKS Composer only to find that some of the assembly structure is empty? You might then be tempted to go through the assembly tree and manually delete those empty groups. Fortunately, this cleanup just got easier!

The Importance of Proper 3D Printer Maintenance

Manufactur3D Mag

Have you ever wondered whether how to conduct your 3D printer maintenance? How often to do the maintenance and what should we actually do in the maintenance activity? It is a well-known fact that all equipment’s need maintenance.

NAMIC Global AM Summit 2020: Sustainability, Food 3D Printing, and More

Singapore has been positioning itself as a 3D printing hub for a number of years now. Through the National Additive Manufacturing – Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), it has coordinated investment, View the entire article via our website.

Food 80

Top 5 Ways to Reduce 3D Printing Costs: FDM

Modern Tech

It is a well-known fact that bringing in additive manufacturing (AM) can help save companies time and (arguably most importantly) money! AM has been used in a variety of applications like jigs, fixtures, concept designs and end-use parts just to name a few.

Datum Targets now available in SOLIDWORKS MBD 2021

Javelin Tech Tips

In SOLIDWORKS MBD 2021 , Datum Targets are now available. Previously only Datums were available, but now in MBD 2021, Datum Targets can be added to a Datum. The Datum Target command is available from the MBD Dimensions tab but is greyed out if no Datums are defined. SOLIDWORKS Datum Target Command.

PostProcess Launches the DEMI 4000™, Automated and Intelligent SLA Post-Printing Solution

Manufactur3D Mag

PostProcess Technologies today unveiled the DEMI 4000™, an automated and intelligent SLA post-printing solution to remove the residual resin. The post PostProcess Launches the DEMI 4000™, Automated and Intelligent SLA Post-Printing Solution appeared first on MANUFACTUR3D.

UK Firm Showcases Chameleon 3D Printed Car

One of the pioneers of 3D printing cars, Local Motors, may have shifted toward autonomous public transportation, but that doesn’t mean other companies aren’t still exploring the additive production. View the entire article via our website.

VELO3D Announces Sapphire XC, Large Format 3D Metal Printer

3D Printing Progress

VELO3D announced the expansion of its systems portfolio to include Sapphire XC, an "Extra Capacity" large-format printer that will increase production throughput by 5X and reduce cost-per-part by up to 75%, when compared to the existing Sapphire system