The Future of 3D Printing In Education

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It also energizes the learning process, allowing for students and teachers alike to interact more directly with what they are learning. . More and more guides, tutorials and project ideas for educators are being put in place online and accompanying specific machines.

What is Metrology Part 20 – Processing

This is a brief overview of the coding language Processing. It has great intersection within the 3D printing and image processing realms of knowledge. 3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Scanning 3D Software Education Science & Technology 2D images 3D image art coding design digital media Generative design image processing metrology OpenGL Processing software sketchbook technology

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3D Academy: Educate to Innovate

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Teachers can use problem-finding as part of a more significant problem process that can include problem-shaping and problem-solving all together. Interested in a personalized hands-on approach to STEM education in your classroom or school?

What is Metrology Part 21 – Getting Started with Processing

This is a brief explanation of some basic concepts in Processing. 3D Design 3D Software Education Science & Technology 2D 3d coding computer digital Image Restoration pixelation Processing tutorialIt is important to lay down the foundation before one moves to the 3D realm. The post What is Metrology Part 21 – Getting. View the entire article via our website.

The Digital Revolution’s Impact on Education

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Educators and institutions are rethinking their approaches , enhancing how they teach and redefining educational paths. Through these 23 pieces you’ll discover topics including: How processes borrowed from business help educators to serve students better. Education

3D Academy: Your STEM Education Partner

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3D Academy, a division of 3D Innovations, specializes in developing and integrating industry technologies with STEM education and custom programs. Using the virtual design and simulation process, students see first-hand how their design will perform under certain conditions.

Makers Empire – A revolution in 3dprinting education

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The process is simple, you draw a shape, extrude the shape, then resize and alter the design through the easily usable interface that anyone of any age can use. 3dprinting with no experience? No cad modelling skills required? Anyone can create a 3dprintable design in under 5 minutes?

Myminifactory Interview – My Views on 3dprinting and education

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I then went on to gain a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) from the University of Manchester in Design and Technology. I don’t really agree with downloading and printing parts from file repositories as there is no real educational value in this. 3dprinting education

Place matters in education

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Those who’ve seen my presentations about educational holodecks have seen the following picture – a painting of a classroom c. Education 1350 by Laurentius de Voltolina. Classroom circa 1350.

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Product Showcase Preview: See Education Users in Action

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In our first preview, we introduced the robotics users and now we’ll take a look at our users in Education. Over the past 14 years, the DPEA has grown from one classroom of 32 students to 400 students in the state-of-the-art Elings Center for Engineering Education.

GE Additive Education Program Open for Entries From Primary and Secondary Schools

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Cincinnati, OH, March 4, 2019 – GE Additive has announced it is now accepting applications from primary and secondary schools for the 2019/2020 cycle of its Additive Education Program (AEP). This year’s education program will focus only on primary and secondary schools.

How Educators and Students create realistic full-colour multi-material 3D models

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Ask anyone in education what their top objectives are, and they’ll probably say it’s to enable students and faculty to achieve more, faster than what’s possible now, while saving money in the process. 3D Printing Education White Paper

Stratasys Introduces New 3D Printing Curriculum for Educators

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Stratasys, a leading provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, has introduced a new 3D printing curriculum for educators. Learning materials are free to educators and include a curriculum guide, supporting presentations, 3D models (STL files) and grading tools. Focused on academia community engagement, the content may be continuously refreshed with the help of participating educators. “We

3D Printed Heart Models Help Educate Patients and Physicians

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It also focuses on outreach education. In addition, the website provides educational tutorials, MRI and CT DICOM files and 3D models. The result is an educational tool second to none for identifying and understanding cardiac structures. Education Medical

MyStemKits & 3DPrinterOS to Bring Educational 3D Printables Library to Schools

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After an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign for a solid product, has returned to the crowdfunding site with an even more modest funding goal to launch their huge collection of 3D printable STEM education kits for grades K-12. And, in the process, they’ve picked up more partners along the way, 3DPrinterOS and HipScience. 3D Content 3D Printing EducationBy Michael Molitch-Hou.

STEM Education: Keeping Your Child Engaged During Summer Break

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The Junior Ranger program provides activities and educational booklets to help your child learn about what they see within the park. Monthly STEM Education Subscription Boxes. STEM education teaches valuable life skills that carry over into all aspects of daily life.

Shapeways Education Grant Stories: Edu Fiorin’s Bespoke Guardian Jacket

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Edu Fiorin is another one of our $1000 Education Grant winners from the Fall 2016 grant cycle. Read on to learn how Shapeways helped expand Edu’s product development process behind the Guardian Jacket.

AR and VR Technology Enhancing Medical Practices and Education

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The augmented and virtual reality technology has been around for years and has undergone several developments owing to the advancements in computational power, high-resolution displays, graphics processing, and storage.

Shapeways Discounts & Scholarships to Aid 3D Printing Education

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3D printing service bureau Shapeways is big into education and they’ve just published a blog post detailing exactly how so. The company’s education program is dedicated to aiding students and teachers to take advantage of 3D printing in a variety of ways, ranging from discounts to scholarships to in-depth tutorials. Needless to say, if you’re a-learnin’ or a-teachin’, you can use Shapeways as a tool in the process. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

How 3D Printing Fuels STEAM Education

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Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) education has been a focus of development worldwide in recent years. A big part of the fifth grade science standard is how landforms are made through different processes,” says Erickson. Education

@3DSystemscorp Partners With @Teach_Design For UK Education Initiative

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3D Systems UK Education Co-ordinator Iain Major said, This partnership with Teach Design is very exciting as training is the key to ensuring that both staff and students can get the most from this cutting edge technology. 3D printing is a wonderful medium to allow students to understand the processes of designing for production and discover their innovation potential as we live in the time of the circular economy. Learn more about 3D Systems commitment to education today.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Educational Event in Mississauga, ON.

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Please join us for a complimentary educational seminar on Thursday May 26, 2016, 11:00 AM — 4:00 PM, in Mississauga, ON. , You will experience how early design insight creates better, more innovative designs in a shorter amount of time, saving money and improving the process.

Why the Maker Movement is Meaningful in Education

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While formal Maker Faires are a fairly recent phenomenon, the educational application of “making” dates back to the dawn of the previous century when John Dewey said that what a child knew was not as important as what he did with what he knew.

People, Process, Pinterest — and Other Places to Find Design Inspiration

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Dhemerae Watches Propmakers and Process. Much of my inspiration comes from processes and watching how people make things. They provided engaging documentation of process on both macro and micro levels. Products and Design 3D design Education Inspiration TheLaserGirls

Educational Technology???s Wild Card

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In a 2012 piece in THE Journal ( [link] ), Therese Mageau argued that the race to buy iPads (for example) largely came without thinking about the deeper educational shifts implied by every child having his or her own connected device. Like tablets, Chromebooks have long battery life (8 hours or more), virtually no boot time (8 seconds from a cold start), a low price (under $300) and the ability to run some applications (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tools, watch videos, etc.)

New 3D Printing Process Rides on Ultrasonic Waves

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Although 3D printing technology has, in one way or another, found a way to conquer the production of many material goods, 3D printing industrial-quality composite materials is not the easiest process. By Tyler Koslow.

MakerBot's Helpful Post-Processing Guides Offer Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions on Painting, Vacuum Forming, and More

3D Printing 3D printing educational programs 3d printing finish techniques 3D printing molding 3D printing post processing desktop 3d printing gluing 3D printed pieces grabcad makerbot painting post processing sanding silicone thingiverse vacuum forming videosDesktop 3D printing has had a big impact on what and how students can learn in school, and also how professionals work. However, many people simply don’t realize what is possible with 3D.

Additive Manufacturing Education Is Helping To Bridge The Workforce Development Gap

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Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa has been working to improve their students’ education within additive manufacturing starting with their CAD/ MET (Mechanical Engineering Training) program. Without 3D printing, the design process would stop at the initial design.”

Solar Storms and science education

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The point is to ask questions of the students and then provide them with the freedom to explore the answers themselves – a far more effective educational model than having them read a textbook chapter on the Sun, or to hear a lecture on the topic. In Education

ExOne Announces Innovent: A Binder Jet 3D Printing System for Education & Research

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ExOne has some of the most sophisticated industrial 3D printers on the market, and,to give universities and researchers access to the company’s proprietary processes and materials, they’ve released a new 3D printing system called Innovent.… … The original post ExOne Announces Innovent: A Binder Jet 3D Printing System for Education & Research appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. 3D Printers 3D Printing Education Industry news By Andrew Wheeler.

What is Metrology Part 15: Inverse Filtering

Within this image processing method there are two distinct methods to deblur images. 3D Printing 3D Scanning 3D Software Business Education Science & Technology algorithms binary computer science engineering filter grayscale image image processing Image Transforms inverse filtering metrology physics pixel intensity signal processing thresholding time-invariantThis is an article on the essence of Inverse Filtering.

Carnegie Mellon University Leads the Way With 3D Printing Education

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The center recently added the ExOne Innovent Research and Education 3D printer. The device makes the process of printing 3D models from industrial-grade materials far more economical than would be possible with any other printer.

What is Metrology Part 17: Antialiasing

3D Design 3D Scanning 3D Software Education Science & Technology 3d Photogrammetry camera digital signal processing frame rate image processing metrology resolution sampling Spatial temporal thresholdingThis is an article doing a deep dive into the techniques of antialiasing. In this field, there are many nuances that can be reveal to us that we are not aware of. The post What is Metrology Part. View the entire article via our website.

GE Additive Education Program Accepting Applications from Schools for 3D Printers

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CINCINNATI — January 06, 2017– ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — GE is now accepting applications from schools for the GE Additive Education Program ( AEP ). GE has actively supported education for more than 100 years.

Stratasys and Creaform Offer Educators Streamlined 3D ‘Scan-to-Print’ Workflow

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Stratasys is demonstrating its joint collaboration with Creaform , the worldwide leader in portable 3D scanning technology, at trade shows across the country—including The American Society for Engineering Education Conference and Exposition and most recently, AM3D Conference and Exposition.

3D Academy: Bridging The Gap Between Education & Industry

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As an engineering and product development firm we understand the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and want to help students actively engage with these subjects while fostering a love of learning. Our 3D Academy is a division of 3D Innovations and specializes in developing and integrating industry technologies with STEM education. Education Programs We Provide. The programs we offer bridge the gap between education and industry.

Celebrating Student Innovation and the Design Process With AET Labs And GrabCAD

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Educators agree that students exposed to PBL tend to be more engaged, have improved attendance and test scores, heightened social and emotional skills and develop essential soft skills which will help them to succeed in a rapidly-changing world. Education Fab Lab

What is Metrology Part 24: Conclusion

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Scanning 3D Software Business Education Science & Technology 3D point clouds Bits coding computer vision Coordinate Systems Data Arrays filtering image processing Image Restoration laser scanning machine vision mathematics Measurement Systems metrology optics perception photogrammetry pixelation signal processing Translation and Rotation visual effectsThis is the conclusion of our 25 part metrology series.

Enhancing Education and Culminating Creations: 3D Printing at Margaret Bell Middle School


Primarily, it helps students with the design process and computer drawing. 3D Printers and Printing Education News Testimonials & Reviews 3D printer Afinia Curriculum School Mark Willis is the Tech Ed/Pre Engineering Teacher at Margaret Bell Middle School in Waynesburg, PA.

Stratasys Introduces 3D Printing Curriculum for Vocational, College and University Educators

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Shelly Linor, Director of Education, Stratasys. In my travels across the world with Stratasys, I have been fortunate to speak with many professors, educators and thought leaders on the importance of formal and non-formal 3D printing education. Education

What is Metrology Part 8: Complex Analysis, Optics, and Metrology

3D Design 3D Scanning Education Science & Technology 3d metrology 3d Photogrammetry algorithms complex analysis complex plane data processing digital photogrammetry imaginary numbers information theory metrology noise nyquist-shannon sampling perception photography physics signal processingThis is a brief summary on the physics behind metrology, optics, and the math behind it - complex analysis. This is a fun introduction to complex physics interactions within technology.

Blueprint Launches Technology Enablement Program—Brings Greater Knowledge to 3D Printing Users

3D Printing 3d printing education AM education AM processes Blueprint stratasysKnowledge is power, and within the 3D printing industry, users as a whole feel like they need more of it. As Blueprint, a Stratasys consulting firm, launches their technology enablement. The post. View the entire article via our website.

3D Academy: Fostering a Growth Mindset for STEM Education Success

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STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects can be a challenge for students, however, as educators and parents we can help prepare our students for these challenges by equipping them with a growth mindset. What does a growth mindset mean for STEM education?