WATCH: This 3D Printed Jet Engine Is Hypnotizing

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But, thanks to the skills of one individual, he has used 3D printing to print a functioning jet engine. A guy from the RC Groups forum has used a 3D printer to make a fully functional scale model of a Boeing 787 GE-built turbofan jet engine.

Introducing Simulation Engineer

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At SOLIDWORKS World we announced the imminent launch of Simulation Engineer, a new structural analysis solution from our sister brand SIMULIA. This is where the new Simulation Engineer solution comes in. This focus has not dimmed with the introduction of Simulation Engineer.

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Javelin and SOLIDWORKS Celebrate Women in Engineering

Javelin Tech Tips

The 23 rd of June marks an important day for the support of women in engineering. Women in Engineering. As of 2011, only 39% of STEM graduates and 23% of engineering graduates were female (Statistics Canada). Javelin Women in Engineering. SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering.

Engineering 4.0

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Engineering 4.0. What is Engineering 4.0? Are you prepared for Engineering 4.0? What is the next wave of best practices in engineering? Engineering 1.0 – 1760 to 1970. Engineering 2.0 – 1970’s-1995. Engineering 3.0 – 1995-2015.

The History of Engineering Design Tools: Engineering 4.0

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There have been four great stages of engineering and design tools leveraged over the past 250 years to account for all mechanisms, inventions and designs that we have used to simplify our lives. This post will take a look at the next phase, Engineering 4.0 Engineering 4.0

3D Printed Rocket Engine Space Race Continues

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Race for space is getting more heated and 3d printed parts are becoming present in every major project from rocket engines to 3d printed satellites. We have even seen 3d printed open source liquid fuel rocket engine. china engine metal 3d printing NASA rocket satellite space

The History of Engineering Design Tools: Engineering 3.0

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There have been four great stages of engineering and design tools leveraged over the past 250 years to account for all mechanisms, inventions and designs that we have used to simplify our lives. This post will take a look back at the third phase, Engineering 3.0 and Engineering 2.0.

SOLIDWORKS and the F1 Engineers of Tomorrow

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So if your dream is to be an F1 engineer, it makes good sense to start designing and building race cars. Every year the Institution of Mechanical Engineers runs a competition called Formula Student. Today’s uni students, tomorrow’s F1 engineers.

3D printed airplane engine unveiled at Romanian university


A Romanian engineer is making serious headway in the rapidly intersecting fields of 3D printing and aerospace. Valentin Stamate, a leading researcher at the Transilvania University in Brasov, Romania, has officially unveiled his latest innovation. 3D Printing Applications

Women in Engineering

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The SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering program was created to help recognize theoutstanding achievements that women are accomplishing day to day in the engineeringfield and community. One honoree will be chosen per month by theSOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Board.The

The next Engineering revolution includes automated Inspection

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Using data and automation to streamline processes is central to Engineering 4.0. This next level of engineering technology takes CAD and extends its benefits downstream. Inspection automation is one great example demonstrating Engineering 4.0’s Read more about Engineering 4.0

What’s The Recipe For A Great Engineer?

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Great marketers know how to capture the imagination, but what’s the recipe for a great engineer? If you are considering a career in engineering, here are some of the skills you should hone up on and personality traits you should polish. Well engineering is incredibly technical.

6 Things You May Not Know About Engineering

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Engineering isn’t just physics and mathematics. So reach for your set-rulers as we present to you six tasty engineering nuggets of truth. Engineers are ingenious devisors. Ever wondered where the word engineering comes from? Star Wars wouldn’t exist without engineers.

Why Women Hold the Key to Engineering’s Future

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Sadly the employment rate in the engineering and, by extension, entire scientific community doesn’t reflect that. It’s embarrassingly low, at just six percent for female engineers. But to claim that pot the industry requires 200,000 engineering trainees or graduates per year.

Encouraging Our Future Engineers & Innovators

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National Engineers Week is just around the corner —February 21st to 27th—this is a time to celebrate engineers and encourage our future generations of engineers and innovators. Engineering is a fantastic disciple that opens doors to a variety of career paths. Exploration and efficiency are reinforced mindsets in engineering classes and these principals help shape many of the top CEOs and inventors of today. Help change the perception of engineering.

Aerojet Rocketdyne Completes Critical Design Review for AR1 Engine with 3D Printed Rocket Engine Injectors

In early 2016, rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne was the recipient of a $6 million contract from the US Air Force to define 3D printed rocket engine component. 3D Printing Aerospace 3D Printing 3d printed rocket engine 3d printed rocket engines Aerojet Rocketdyne AR1 Booster Atlas V rocket Congress Department of Defense RD-180 rd-180 rocket engine rocket engines Russian-built RD-180 US Department of Defense

Homemade Jet Engine with 3D Printed Parts

DIY 3D Printing

This guy made a desktop jet engine made with many 3d printed parts and burning chamber made from refractory cement molded with PLA 3d printed mold. 3d printing in cement jet engine

SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Engineers Interview


Check out this video of Tim (Mechanical Engineer) & Matt (Electrical Engineer) as they are interviewed on their thoughts about SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Here's just a few of the points that our two engineers cover: Why customers consider SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Catherine Wagner

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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering: When Catherine was a junior in high school, her dad challenged her to consider her strengths and hobbies and asked the age-old question: “What kind of work do you see yourself doing?” SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering WIE

National Engineers Week 2017: Dream Big

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This year’s theme for National Engineers Week is ‘ Dream Big ’, and it really embodies what the engineering profession is all about. Engineering is about taking a small idea, building upon it and transforming it into a reality. Introduce Students to Engineering.

3D Printing for Space Engineers

3D Systems

3D Printing for Space Engineers Monday, February 2, 2015 - 11:16 A good video game draws its players in, so why not allow players to reverse roles and pull digital elements into the physical world?

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Lauren Lee

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How did you get started in engineering, specifically industrial design? I went to the University of Kansas (KU), where initially, I was enrolled as a mechanical engineer. It was a very well-rounded program so I switched over to industrial design with a concentration in engineering. .

SOLIDWORKS Short: SOLIDWORKS MBD and Engineering 4.0

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In the era of Engineering 4.0, SOLIDWORKS MBD was created to eliminate the error-prone, manual conversion of 3D data to 2D documents, perhaps one of the most notable pain points for engineers and designers, saving them valuable time and cutting down on errors that can lead to rework.

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GE Aviation Conducts First Test of 3D Printed Advanced Turboprop Engine Components

3D Printing Aerospace 3D Printing Business Metal 3D Printing 3d printed aerospace components 3d printed airplane components 3D printed aviation components 3d printed engine 3d printed engine parts 3D printed GE engine 3d printed jet engine 3d printed jet engine parts a-CT7 Advanced Turboprop Engine ATP engine Cessna Denali ge ge aviation GE LEAP Engine leap engineGE has been in the news quite a bit lately for business reasons.

Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Brings Information-Based Approach to Civil Engineering Projects

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Click to Tweet: “Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group. brings info-based approach to #CivilEngineering” Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group has implemented “advanced construction process simulation methods” with the Optimized Planning Industry Process Experience.

The Underestimated Role of Simulation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

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In fact, the original charter of the Institution of Civil Engineers describes the civil engineering profession as “the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man”, and herein underlies the role of product, nature and life.

Survey: Material Trends for Engineering and Production

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Material Trends for Engineering and Production How are new materials impacting your design and production processes? Research Slideshow CAD carbon fiber Composites Design Engineer fuel economy laminate light weighting PLM Production Survey Survey Monkey

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Kristen Railey

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While focusing on her main role as an engineer at Lincoln Labs, Kristen has also found time to turn her passion for girls in engineering into a program aimed at increasing the amount of women in STEM. How did you first become interested in engineering?

SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) and Engineering 4.0

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SOLIDWORKS MBD ties into the overall “Engineering 4.0″ Read our article and infographic to learn how building a more efficient product development process with Engineering 4.0 Engineering 4.0

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GE Jet Engines Will Power the Next Air Force One

Additive Manufacturing

Air Force has announced that Boeing’s next-generation 747-8 passenger jet, powered by GE engines , will replace the existing version of presidential plane popularly known as Air Force One. Image credit: Dave Subelack Top: A GEnx-1B engine at the Dubai Airshow. Future U.S.

Chinese Company 3D Prints An Entire Engine

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed engine 3D printed motor dragone (s) engine winboIf there was one 3D printer manufacturer in China who has really taken its technology to grand heights, it would probably be a company called Winbo Smart Tech Co.,Ltd. Not only do they manufacture... View the entire article via our website.

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SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Michelle Sherman

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All in the family: It’s no surprise that Michelle is doing exceptionally well as a Mechanical Engineering student, as both her Father and Grand Dad have worked as Engineers. Because the school had offered engineering I got excited about it” Michelle recalls.

The Whirlwind Engineering History of the Bicycle

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In winning the poll – emphatically – the humble bike also batted away competition from the computer, radio, the internet, communications satellites, internal combustion engines and the germ theory of infection. Stridewalkers, Boneshakers, Penny Farthings.

PRS Guitars: Engineered for Musicians

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After all, music appeals to both the technical and creative instincts that drove many of us to become designers and engineers. I’ve balanced being an engineer and a part-time professional musician for most of my life. As an engineer, I appreciate the elegance of a guitar’s design.

21 of the BEST Mechanical Engineering Groups Online in 2016


Today we share the 21 BEST Mechanical Engineering & […]. The post 21 of the BEST Mechanical Engineering Groups Online in 2016 appeared first on Sculpteo Blog - 3D Printing News and Trends. & More engineer Groups LinkedIn mechanical

How Product Line Engineering (PLE) Creates a Competitive Advantage

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How Product Line Engineering (PLE) Creates a Competitive Advantage: Removing Time, Cost, and Complexity from the Systems Lifecycle discusses the growing importance of embedded software in today’s products and the resulting complexity.

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series – Carmen Graves

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Carmen Graves was introduced to the world of engineering through her high school FIRST Robotics program. When it came time to apply to college, Carmen chose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) because she wanted to pursue a career in engineering and learn more about the field.

Offsite Construction and Prefabrication in Civil Engineering

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In civil engineering, prefabrication plays a key role in the construction of bridges, roads, tunnels, and more. Contributing Factors to the Prefabrication Trend in Civil Engineering. Click to Tweet: “Offsite Construction & Prefabrication in.

DIY Stirling heat difference engine with 3d printed parts

DIY 3D Printing

Doug Conner developed a 3d printable homemade Stirling engine , a type of motor that creates mechanical motion from temperature differential of a medium which is air in this case. The engine is made in ABS on a Stratasys FDM printer.

GE unveils 35% 3D printed ATP engine: more additive parts than any engine in aviation history


General Electric (GE) has tested a demonstrator engine with 35% additive manufactured parts. The engine was made to validate 3D printed parts for the clean-sheet design Advanced Turboprop (ATP) engine, which will power the new Cessna Denali single-engine turboprop aircraft. 3D Printing Application